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Integration Engineer Resume


  • Certified professional in IBM Message Broker v7.0, IBM MQ v7.0, IBM Data Power v5.0.
  • Experience in design, develop and deliver custom packaged integration solutions in Enterprise Architecture Integration(EAI)/Service Oriented Architecture(SOA), Web Services (JAX - WS/JAX-RS standards), Messaging and Integration using IIB, Data Power, MQ and Java J2EE technologies.
  • Event driven architecture implementation using business rules in IBM ODM, message based pub-sub integration using IBM MQ and change data capture(CDC) events using Oracle Golden Gate.
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)/EAI patterns: Publish Subscribe, Aggregated Request Reply, Routing (content based, Filter), Message Transformation (involving MRM, JASON, FML, COBOL Copybook DFDL, CSV text etc.), File Transfer, logging, Orchestration.
  • Experience with ESQL/Compute, Java, FILE I/O (FTP/SFTP), Aggregation, web services, Mapping, Routing, Database, WTX/ITX, Timer, Filter, HTTP, SOAP, Java Compute nodes in IIB, XSLT transformations in Data Power.
  • DevOps/Continuous integration using GIT, Jenkins and IBM UCD for IIB services.
  • Implementation and design experience in Core Java SE 6/7, Spring 2.5 web services. Frameworks like JMS (Internal to WebSphere and external like IBM MQ), JAXB, Web service standards of SOAP/REST using JAX-WS, JAX-RS and apache axis-2.
  • Experience migrating application from IBM WAS 6.1 to WAS 8.5 and IBM Message Broker v7 to IIB v9.
  • Experience using data structures, Java Collections, RMI, xml parsing using DOM, SAX parsers in Java.
  • Experience with database integration with Java using ODBC connections, prepared statements, stored procedures for RDBMS and Hibernate for ORM.
  • Implementation and design experience with IBM ILog/ODM exposing rule as MTDS services and creating XOM, BOM objects.
  • WS Security implementation - Encryption/decryption, XML threat protection in DMZ, X.509 Binary token, SAML, Basic HTTP Auth, LDAP authentication & authorization, AAA in Data Power, IIB and Java along with transport level SSL (mutual and one way).
  • Securing web application with IAM tool like Oracle Access Manager for authentication and authorization.
  • Data Modelling experience in Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g using concepts of ODS (Operational Data Source).
  • Experience interacting with business/product teams to finalize solutions and business rules per the requirements and coordinating with integration partners.
  • Experience with development of applications managing as high as 400 TPS real time volume.
  • Experience in designing batch/ETL application strategies to perform one time and ongoing data migrations/load from vendor systems to ODS.
  • Experience working in Agile Scrum, Waterfall, V-shaped SDLC models.
  • Hands on creating oAuth, file conversion proxy API’s using APIGEE, integration services using Apache Camel.
  • Good understanding on IBM Bluemix PaaS services and deployment models, Docker containerization, Cloud Foundry.
  • IBM Tivoli, JProfiler, JMeter, Heap Dump Analyzer monitoring and performance tools.



Integration Engineer

Technology: WebSphere Message Broker/IIB, Data Power (XI50, XB60), MQ v7/8, Java SE 6, Spring2.5, JMS, ILog JRules, Oracle 9i, IBM WSRR, Golden Gate, Cruise Control, Apache Ant, WAS 6.1, Tortoise SVN.


  • Design and develop Integration/Mediation MQ/SOAP/REST services in IIB, Data Power.
  • Design and develop Spring web services (provider and client) using JAX-WS and JAX-RS standards.
  • Create business rule component using ILog JRules and expose them as web service to be integrated with Java and IIB.
  • Create WS-security framework and policies using AAA in Data Power.
  • Create unit test scripts using Junit for java components.
  • Coordinate with test teams to create end to end test strategies and test cases for functional testing and jMeter scripts for performance testing.
  • Participate in the defect management process using HP QC/ALM.
  • Perform peer reviews of deliverables and track deliverable process using tools like Atlassian JIRA, IBM RTC.
  • Experience in working with multiple development and infrastructure teams and third party vendors across SDLC.
  • Automate build and deployment tasks for IIB and Java web services using Ant scripts and cruise control.


Integration Lead /Architect

Chicago, US

Technology Stack: IIB, Data Power (XI50, XB60), MQ v8, IBM WTX/ITX, Java SE 7, Spring 2.5, IBM ODM, Oracle 11g, IBM WSRR, IBM Unica, Apache Ant, Cruise Control, WAS 8.5, Tortoise SVN, GIT.

  • Lead a team of 8-10 people at offshore. Supervise daily tasks and hand offs.
  • Coordinate with business teams to understand the requirements and translate the functional requirements into technical designs.
  • Design and develop mediation flows in IIB and Data Power, backend web services in Java Spring using JAX-WS, JAX-RS.
  • Migrated J2EE application from WAS 6.1 to WAS 8.5.
  • Implemented rule services and Event scheduler using IBM ODM 8.1 to fire events based on business rules.
  • Create deployment strategies and validation plans for release deployments. Review the same with higher management and implementation partners.
  • Coordinate with multiple integration partners to understand data requirements, infrastructure partners to come up with infrastructure scaling requirements.
  • Perform lead reviews of the application code, defect management using ALM.
  • Triage and troubleshoot issues and defects involving multiple partners.
  • Work with infrastructure team to implement monitoring for all technology layers.
  • Generate post production business reports from database to present numbers and statistics to business.
  • Performance tuning of the application at the application and infrastructure layer.
  • Work with DBA’s to come up with data models considering current and future scope of requirements.
  • Manage web service artifacts and achieve service governance using WSRR.


Integration Lead


Technology Stack: IIB, Data Power (XI50, XB60), MQ v8, IBM WTX/ITX, IBM WSRR, Apache Ant, Jenkins, IBM UCD, Splunk, Apigee, GIT HUB.

  • Work with architects to come up with designs and solutions in IIB, Data Power and Apigee and develop the same.
  • Implement proxy services in Data Power providing authorization and authentication using LDAP.
  • Create API’s using Apigee to be integrated with Data Power and front end clients.
  • Continuous Integration for IIB components using GIT, Jenkins and IBM UCD.
  • Create groovy scripts to manage the repository versioning and deployment of Data Power code..

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