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Java Developer Resume

Bellevue, WA


  • Over 8 years of experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) including requirement gathering, analysis, applications design, development, integration, maintenance, installation, implementation, and testing of various client/server and web applications using MVC architecture, Object Oriented Programming Concepts and Java related technologies.
  • Extensive knowledge in Object Oriented concepts like Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Serialization, Exception Handling, and Multithreading.
  • Areas of expertise include JAVA, JEE technologies like Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, JNDI, Java Beans, JMS, JSTL, Java RMI, SOAP and REST web services, BPM, BPMN .
  • Experience in developing Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Expertise in developing applications using open source frameworks like Spring, JSF and Object - Relational Mapping (ORM) using Hibernate and Spring JPA.
  • Experience in various Spring components like Spring IOC (Inversion of Control), AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), MVC, JDBC, JPA, Securities, Batch and Boot .
  • Extensive expertise with Web sphere, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat & HTTP Server .
  • Experience in working with a BPM (Business Process Management) tool Camunda.
  • Designed and developed workflow of the project using Camunda BPM.
  • Strong knowledge on Hibernate and in using Connection Pooling, HQL, Collections, Caching, Transactions, Optimistic Locking.
  • Worked with XML Suite technologies - XML, XSL, XSLT, DTD, XML Schema, WSDL, SAX, and DOM, Beans parsers for parsing XML to java object.
  • Proficient in deploying the applications using application servers like Apache Tomcat, JBoss, and WebLogic.
  • Expertise in relational databases MySQL, SQLite and non-relational databases (NoSQL) like MongoDB .
  • Experience in developing and consuming REST Webservices.
  • Experience in Maven for build automation.
  • Experienced in web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, frameworks like Bootstrap, Semantic-UI, Node.js, Express.js and Angular2.0
  • Experience in using IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ, Microsoft VS Code and Sublime.
  • Experienced in application maintenance by prioritizing bugs, handling change requests and enhancements.
  • Experience in using version control tools like SVN, CVS, and GIT .
  • Experience working in software development methodologies such as Agile and waterfall.
  • Good working knowledge of database tools like TOAD.
  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills with the ability to work both as an individual contributor and a team member, with an ability to adapt to modern technologies.
  • Self-motivated, positive, upbeat, energetic team player with a high degree of integrity and makes best contribution to the organization.


Java Technologies: Core Java, JEE, Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, JDBC, Collections, jQuery

Web Technologies: JSP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, WebServices (SOAP, REST)

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Angular2, Node, Express

Database: MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB

Modeling Tools: Microsoft Visio

Application Servers: WebLogic, Apache Tomcat

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Microsoft VS Code

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Version Control: SVN, CVS, GIT



Confidential - Bellevue, WA

Java Developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Involved in complete development of Agile ( SCRUM ) Development Methodology' and tested the application in each iteration.
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) such as requirements gathering, modeling, analysis, design, development and testing.
  • Used Java 8 Lambda expressions along with Streams for creating internal iteration and performing chain operations such as Filter, Map, Collect on a collection Objects.
  • Developed the front-end using HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, JavaScript (jQuery), Bootstrap, Angular and NodeJS .
  • Implemented routing logic and navigation from page to page and implemented login functionality on the client side in Angular.
  • Implemented core features such as dependency Injection, Data-binding, Filters, Directives, Templates and Services of Angular framework.
  • Developed UI content using JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Angular .
  • Use Angular and AJAX to handle RESTful calls to enable communication between view components and servers.
  • Developed REST webservices for transmission of data in JSON format.
  • Used MongoDB as a data storage and utilized aspects like replica sets, sharing and clever document design to make service extensible scale feature wise.
  • Designed and developed dashboard menu section, home page, admin home page, user module using Spring MVC framework, Hibernate ORM module, Spring Core Module, XML, JSP, and XSLT .
  • Developed the application with various Spring framework modules like I OC, AOP, Spring Boot, Spring Security and Spring Batch .
  • Used Spring MVC to isolate each layer of application to reduce the complexity of integration and maintenance.
  • Used Spring AOC for solving crosscutting concerns like keeping customer log data and transactions.
  • Used Spring Batch to deal with large number of chunks of data.
  • Designed and developed the application with Spring and REST webservices using Camunda tool.
  • Involved in establishment of CAMUNDA BPM and set up of Tomcat Server.
  • Implemented CAMUNDA workflow services for managing client transfer process.
  • Identified tables needed and implemented POC to configure CAMUNDA to use data base tables.
  • Using Hibernate framework to develop the persistence layer by configuring various mappings in hibernate files and created DAO layer.
  • Developed test cases using JUnit and the build scripts using Maven.
  • Designed JMS listeners to connect to JMS queues for producing and consuming JMS messages.
  • To deploy the project Maven was used as a build automation tool.
  • Secured the APIs by Oauth2 token based authentication scheme using Spring Security.
  • Used GIT to maintain the version of files and took the responsibility to do the code merging’s and creating a new branch when new feature implementations starts.

Environment: Java 1.8. JE, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, Node.js, JavaScript, Angular, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, OAuth, GIT, JSP, JUnit, REST webservices, MongoDB, Spring Tool Suite, BPM Camunda.

Confidential - Windsor, CT

Java/JEE Developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Involved in design and development using Core Java and JEE . Understanding the Business Process and developing logic and software stack based on business flow.
  • Implemented application level persistence using Hibernate and Spring.
  • Designed rich UI application using AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Developed Webpages by using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular2, & Bootstrap.
  • Used XML and JSON for transferring/retrieving data between different applications.
  • Developed several controller classes as required for the design such as Abstract Wizard form controller, Simple Form controller, Multi Action controller in Spring MVC .
  • Design and development of PL/SQL batches using Java with connectivity to Oracle for data maintenance and handling. Used SVN subversion for software version control.
  • Extensively used Webservices for communication between the different internal applications.
  • Involved in design and development of workflow using Camunda BPM tool.
  • Involved in process engine bootstrapping for CAMUNDA BPM process engine architecture.
  • Involved in CAMUNDA TASKLIST for workflow management and CAMUNDA COCKPIT for process monitoring in web applications.
  • Used BPM to model the combination of business processes with business rules and complex event processing.
  • Used Apache Axis as the Webservices framework for creating and deploying Webservices clients using SOAP and WSDL.
  • Developed the presentation layer and GUI framework based on Spring framework involving JSP, HTML, JavaScript, Angular .
  • Used various Core Java concepts such as Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, Collection API’s to implement various features and enhancements.
  • Developed the XML schema and Web Services for the data maintenance and structures.
  • Handled JSON / XML data by parsing for form submissions and DOM manipulations.
  • Data Operations were performed using Spring ORM wiring with Hibernate .
  • Used SOAP for the communication between the different internal applications.
  • Involved in producing necessary WSDL to deploy as a Web Service .
  • Involved in developing the Controller Servlets to handle the request and responses.
  • Involved in the design of the Referential Data Service module to interface with various databases using JDBC.
  • Used Spring, Hibernate module as an Object Relational mapping tool for back end operations over SQL database.

Environment: Java 1.8, JEE, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, Node.js, JavaScript, Angular2, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, OAuth, GIT, JSP, JUnit, REST and SOAP webservices, MySQL, Spring Tool Suite.

Confidential - Minneapolis, MN

JavaUI Developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Developed the J2EE application based on the Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Used Design Patterns like Singleton, Factory, Session Facade and DAO.
  • Developed using new features of Java 1.7 Annotations, Generics, enhanced for loop and Enums. Used Spring and Hibernate for implementing IOC, AOP and ORM for back end tiers.
  • Developed various generic JavaScript functions used for validations.
  • Developed screens using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX.
  • Developing and editing user Interface Screens using JSP, HTML3.0, HTML5.0, JavaScript and node.js.
  • Creating custom, general use modules and components which extend the elements and modules of core AngularJS
  • Created and injected Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection and to wire objects of business classes.
  • Used Spring Inheritance to develop beans from already developed parent beans.
  • Worked on Spring Quartz functionality for scheduling tasks such as generating monthly reports for customers and sending them mails about different policies.
  • Extensively used various Spring Framework modules like MVC, DI(IOC), Auto Wiring, JDBC Templates, Spring Security, AOP.
  • Implemented SOA to develop REST Based Web services using Apache Axis.
  • Developed REST Web Services clients to consume those Web Services as well other enterprise wide Web Services.
  • Exposed the Web Services to the client applications by sharing the WSDL's.
  • Used DAO pattern to fetch data from database using Hibernate to carry out various database.
  • Used Hibernate Transaction Management, Hibernate Batch Transactions, cache concepts.
  • Modified the Spring Controllers and Services classes to support the introduction of Spring framework.
  • Developed various generic JavaScript functions used for validations.
  • Developed screens using jQuery, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX and Ext JS.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM tool and defined the mapping and relationship of each table in database.
  • Created logical and physical data models putting to practice, concepts of normalization and RDBMS.
  • Used Hibernate framework for back end development and Spring dependency injection for middle layer development
  • Developed the application using industry standard design patterns like Singleton, Business Delegate Factory Pattern for better maintenance of code and re-usability.
  • Experience with basic WebSphere Administration- like JMS, Data Source Configurations, Listener port configurations, JVM Property Configuration, Certificates Configuration,
  • Thorough understanding of the responsibilities of the platform, database, API, caching layer, proxies, and other web services used in the system.
  • Validating user actions on the client side and providing responsive feedback.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures, triggers, cursors and views.
  • Worked with Web services components JAX-RS services and worked with Restful Web services interact with external systems.
  • Developed and consumed Apache CXF based Web Services as part of Payments Application.
  • Used AJAX extensively to implement front end /user interface features in the application.
  • Developed the presentation layer and GUI framework in JSP and Client-Side validations were done.
  • Database development required creation of new tables, PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, views, indexes and constraints, triggers and required SQL tuning to reduce the response time in the application.
  • Worked closely with QA team and fixed QA bugs as well as production issues with a quick turnaround time.
  • Created user-friendly GUI interface and Web pages using HTML, Angular JS, jQuery and Java script.
  • Used Log4j utility to generate run-time logs.
  • Involved in a full life cycle Object Oriented application development - Object Modeling, Database Mapping, GUI Design.
  • GIT was used for project management and version management.
  • Deployed the application on WebSphere 7.0 application server.
  • Developed Functional Requirement Document based on users' requirement.

Environment: J2EE, Spring framework, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Angular, jQuery, JSON, JSF, JDBC, AJAX, Web services, SOAP, XML, Java Beans, Apache POI, Ext JS, jQuery, JavaScript, Oracle 10g, IBM RAD, WebSphere, Agile Methodology, Design Patterns, SVN, Apache Maven, JUnit, HTML Unit, XSLT, HTML/DHTML.


Java Developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance and performance improvement of existing applications and designed and developed new applications.
  • Experience in both Client side and Server-side programming.
  • Worked in an Agile environment while having Daily standup and Bi-weekly sprint meeting and planning with the team.
  • Worked on complete life cycle of the project from Initiation, design, development, testing and production support.
  • Worked with the Lead Systems Analyst to prepare a Mapping document between UI and Java Request and Responses for each Web Service call.
  • Prepared Technical Design Document and presented to the entire technical team, worked with the Lead to review the code and get the approvals.
  • Performed both Low level and High-level application design documents by Sequence Diagrams, Class, Diagrams, using Microsoft Visio tool.
  • Used Struts Framework to define Controller, action mappings, forms, and View pages.
  • Involved in using Core Java concepts - Collections, Exception Handling, Multi-Threading, Serialization.
  • Designed UI pages using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Implemented business logic components using POJO’s.
  • Developed distributed java components using EJB and JPA for persistence.
  • Involved in writing Oracle SQL, Pl/SQL - Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Sequences, Indexes, and Views.
  • Application development and deployment and server maintenance.
  • Production server issues investigation and providing solutions (Common and reusable) for technically challenged problems.
  • Application code investigation, code clean up and repository maintenance.
  • Deconstructed client requirements into user stories to be implemented in sprints of two weeks.
  • Created a custom, Single Page Application representing an online account setup form using Angular.js.
  • Used Bootstrap tables and grids for displaying data on the UI.
  • Incorporated jQuery UI widgets such as select menu, accordion and date picker on plans selection page to deliver a more interactive user experience.
  • Configured and deployed Message Driven Bean to handle automatic payments and notifications via JMS.
  • Prepared Change Request business documents and participated in testing.
  • Onsite Coordination with customer, business partners of RTA and project team.
  • Performed Change and release management and supporting business users of the application.
  • Used Eclipse IDE to develop the application.
  • Adopted Test Driven Development (TDD) process.
  • Created Test Cases and performed unit test using the JavaScript testing framework Jasmine and karma.
  • Used SVN for Version Control.

Environment: Core Java, Struts, J2EE, JSP, JBoss, Oracle, Eclipse, EJB-Session beans, Entity Beans, JMS, XML, XSD, DOM, SAX, JAXP, JAXB, Web Sphere, Oracle-SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, JavaSrcipt, CSS, AJAX.


Java Web Developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Involved in various phases of SDLC, such as requirements gathering, modelling, analysis, design and development.
  • Ensured clear understanding of customer’s requirements in validating the business process analysis of customer before developing final proposal.
  • Generated Use case diagrams, Activity flow diagrams, Class diagrams, and Object diagrams in design phase. Used Java Design Patterns like DAO, Singleton etc.
  • Written SQL queries for retrieving and updating data with varied complexity.
  • Involved in implementing multithreaded environment to generate messages.
  • Used JDBC Connections and WebSphere Connection pool for databases.
  • Used Struts tag libraries (like HTML, Logic, tab, Bean etc.) and JSTL tags in the JSP pages.
  • Involved in design and implementation of document based Web Services.
  • Implemented authentication and authorization mechanisms.
  • Used prepared and callable statements to implement batch insertions and access stored procedures.
  • Involved in bug fixing and for the new enhancements.
  • Responsible for handling the production issues and provides immediate solution.
  • Configured connection pooling using WebLogic application server.
  • Developed and deployed application on WebLogic using ANT build.xml script.
  • Developed SQL queries and stored procedures to execute the backend processes using Oracle .
  • A Test-Driven Development (TDD) Agile Methodology has been followed.
  • Deployed application on WebLogic Application Server and development using Eclipse.

Environment:: Java1.4, Servlets, JSP, JMS, Struts, Validation Framework, tag Libraries, JSTL, JDBC, PL/SQL, XML, DOM, SAX, JAXB, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle 9, AJAX, Eclipse 3.0, Apache Tomcat, CVS.

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