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Senior Ios Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 5 years of experience in mobile app development, creating apps for iOS devices using Xcode and iOS SDK with Swift, Objective - C, and Cocoa frameworks.
  • 4 iOS mobile apps for iPhone/iPad published in the App Store.
  • 6 years of experience in technology, automation, and software development.
  • Experience in iOS mobile app development using both Swift and Objective-C; particularly advanced in programmatic development using Swift 1 - Swift 4.
  • Expert coder who consistently produces high quality, reliable, consistent, and stable mobile app code.
  • Looks for ways to apply new iOS technologies to current projects in ways that enable improvement, efficiencies, and marketable design.
  • Have a keen analytical ability and enjoy the challenges of problem-solving; particularly as applied to the challenges of iOS mobile app architecture, development and performance.
  • Plan solutions by testing ideas prior to making a decision or beginning implementation in any iOS development project.
  • Eager to keep learning more in my field of iOS app development, and enjoy following trends and new technologies.
  • Works with iOS mobile app product owners and stakeholders to develop products that support business needs.
  • Excellent personal presence with proven ability to work with all levels of management.
  • Works with iOS creative team and UX designers to develop interfaces according to specification, and following best practices.
  • Works with testing and QA, defining processes and designing tests to ensure quality.
  • Have led Agile/Scrum iOS app development teams, facilitating daily scrums and weekly or bi-weekly sprints.
  • Team player who participates with other developers and assists through mentoring and coaching.
  • As a consultant, contributed problem-solving analysis and recommended solutions within the guidelines of the project and advice on following best practices.
  • Leads and manages iterative development process employing continuous integration, test driven development and scrum practices.


PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: Swift, Objective C, C, C++, C#.NET, Java, SQL, Python, R, Scala, HTML, UML, CSS, JavaScript

Web Scripting: HTML/CSS, PHP, CMS, XML, jQuery, XML, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile



TESTING: TDD, Unit Testing, XCTest, TestFlight, Automated Testing


IDE: XCode, Eclipse, Visual Studio

DATABASES: SQLite, SQL. mySQL and MS SQL Server, Queries, tables, forms, design and development


MODELING: UML, Diagrams, ERD iOS: Cocoa Touch, CocoaPods, UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Core Bluetooth, MapKit, TextKit Core Location, EventKit, Social FrameworkLocationKit: GCD, Interface Builder

Adaptive Layout: Auto Layout

Apple Push Notification Service: Local Notifications


Desktop Software: Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Access

Architecture & Design Patterns: MVC, MVP, MVVM, OOP/OOD, Builder, Abstract Factory, Visitor, Singleton, Key Value Observing, Observer, Decorator, Delegation, Proxy, Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator

PROJECT TOOLS: JIRA, Confluence, KanBan, Trello, Slack


Confidential, Atlanta, GA



  • Helped manage the team in a full audit of the code base and planned the changes we wanted to make going forward.
  • Recommended methods, tools, frameworks, and technologies to best achieve the desired result.
  • Set-up and managed version control and continuous integration with GitHub and Jenkins.
  • Responsible for issue tracking and project management in JIRA.
  • Developed and architected the application based on the MVVM architectural pattern.
  • Suggested different ways to improve work processes by implementing new features in the Agile system.
  • Developed improvements using Core Animation and Core Graphics.
  • Responsible for enhancing various modules such as the different views and user interfaces.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
  • Worked on bug fixing and improving application performance.
  • Researched and evaluated new technologies to make the development process and workflow more efficient.
  • Served as client liaison on design, development, quality, and submission.
  • Provided regular update reports on overall application development status and tasks.
  • Documented project tasks and application functions and features.
  • Analyzed customer requirements and created a project plan and functional analysis for the design of the application.
  • Performed security audit to ensure that no confidential information was persisted on the device or transmitted insecurely, and that log-in credentials were securely stored with Keychain.

Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, MVVM, Core Graphics, Core Animation, TDD, Testflight,, Auto Layout,, Keychain, CocoaPods, Git, Instruments

Confidential, Omaha, NE



  • Provided advice/consultancy regarding team development and strategies.
  • Improved developer communication amongst the team.
  • Found the best workflows for source control, task management, and continuous integration.
  • Heavily revised an refactored an older app in Objective-C and transitioned the codebase to Swift
  • Designed custom iOS user interface classes to be used in the application using IBDesignables.
  • Added support for Apple Watch
  • Designed and developed remote data layer using protocols and dependency injection
  • Use of MVVM design pattern as a preferred architecture.
  • Implemented new menu design and functionality for an improved user experience
  • Followed Apple UI guidelines throughout the iOS mobile app project.
  • Involved in getting requirements from the engineering team and analyzed the feasibility with the existing system design.
  • Implemented SiteCatalyst to track all user behaviors.
  • Utilized Instruments, Crash Logs, LLDB statements, NSLog statements, and Breakpoints to resolve various issues and bugs brought to attention by QA team.
  • Discovered memory leaks and subsequently tracked down the root cause and resolved the issue using Leaks and Allocations.
  • Added Localization to the iOS app to enable content tailored to a user’s language settings.
  • Used AVFoundation to handle audio play back and video streaming in iOS. I made some changes to the interactions for a smoother user experience.

Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, SiteCatalyst, Cocoa Touch, Localytics, Instruments, Time profiler, Allocations, Keychain

Confidential, Purchase, NY



  • Developed app entirely in Objective-C, and started making some POC’s and prototypes in Swift towards the end of the project.
  • Worked with server team on integration of web services and authentication
  • Updated location finder functioning with MapKit for iOS.
  • Communicated with RESTful API to fetch information, such as nearby ATMs.
  • Used JSON parser to parse fetched REST data from server to the iOS mobile app.
  • Implemented Unit Testing of the iOS mobile app, and helped move the app to production.
  • Participated in testing for app submission and ensuring app store guidelines were met.
  • Implemented advanced animation techniques to provide a user-friendly interface.
  • Reviewed entire iOS code base and participated in peer-to-peer code reviews.
  • Worked closely with various departments to ensure that our iOS mobile app delivers the greatest experience to the end user.
  • Created a framework for reusable components that can be applied to iOS applications developed throughout the organization.

Technologies: Cocoa Touch, Cocoa Pods, Xcode, Swift, Objective-C, MapKit, Core Animation, JSON, AFNetworking

Confidential, Boston, MA



  • Worked on RESTful web services technologies to support the iOS mobile app.
  • Used Git extensively as the versioning tool for the iOS mobile apps development team.
  • Worked in Agile environment with active scrum participation, and assisted in documenting progress on backlog, bug fixes, and tasks.
  • Utilized MVC design pattern for modular and scalable development in iOS mobile apps.
  • Integrated third-party libraries to iOS projects, using Cocoa Pods.
  • Responsible for managing the backlog in JIRA.
  • Created views and linked outlets using Storyboard, based on wireframes.
  • Developed code for different views for portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Developed 3 different visualization approaches tied to the work order date segregated by timeframes.
  • Tested fixes using XCTest to ensure success.

Technologies: iOS, Xcode, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa Pods, Objective-C, MVC, AFNetworking

Confidential, Houston, TX



  • Coding with Java and C++
  • Developed an extract-transform-load process in C# to anonymize personally identifiable information within the database.
  • Automated workflows that generate monthly reports using Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Maintained the company website and updated the website content as needed.
  • Created documentation to provide instructions to set up a Scala development environment.
  • Assisted other junior software developers.
  • Worked on projects to create Address Book using Java and Payment Processing using C++
  • Designed software utilizing Use Case Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Life Cycle Model, and Critical Path Analysis
  • Worked on web development using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL
  • Created algorithms to output specific sequences
  • Debugged scripts
  • Worked on projects to fix errors in existing scripts.
  • Worked on a project utilizing Java and C++ connected with Raspberry Pi

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