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Java Cloud Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Skilled IT Professional with 8+ years of experience in designing, implementing and deploying commercial enterprise applications for multi - tiered-distributed software products and distributed applications using Java/ J2EE technologies,
  • 3+ years of strong experience in Cloud computing infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Excellent knowledge on Application Development using Software Development Life Cycle using various methodologies like Waterfall, Agile/Scrum.
  • Extensive experience of working in Test-driven development (TDD) and Agile development environment.
  • Expertise in OOAD Technologies developing use cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams using case tools like Microsoft Visio and Rational Rose.
  • Expertise in Core Java with a strong understanding of Garbage collector, SWING, Collections, Multithreading, Event handling, Exception handling and Generics.
  • Expert in developing and debugging Enterprise based applications and professional web applications using various Java-based frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Struts and front end technologies JavaScript, JSP, DHTML, DOM, XHTML, jQuery, Angular JS, CSS3, and Ajax.
  • Experience in developing web applications on MVC based frameworks like spring, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring AOP and Spring Batch.
  • Experience in working with RESTFUL Web Services and implementing RESTFUL API’s.
  • Experience on installing the Mongo DB in Windows environment with adding arbiter to replica sets as well with development.
  • Hands-on experience on various AWS Cloud services like EC2, Route53, EBS, Auto Scaling, VPC, Cloud Formation, S3, RDS, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, IAM, Cloud Watch and other services of the AWS infrastructure like Dynamo DB, SQS and EMR, focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.
  • Strong knowledge on Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Web services. Performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Good experience with automation tools like Selenium with browser compatibility testing across Firefox, IE & Safari and operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac etc. Have worked both black box and white box testing.


Languages: Programming C, C++, Java

Web Technologies: HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, CSS, JSON

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX (Sun Solaris), Linux

IDE Tools: Eclipse, InteliJ, Net Beans

Modeling Tools: Rational Software Architect, Rational Rose, and Visio

Testing Tools/Framework: JUnit, Selenium

Architecture: J2EE

Frameworks: Struts, Hibernate, spring, SOAP, REST Web Services, JMS, JAXB, Maven, ANT, Gradle

Databases/Tools: Oracle 9i/10i, DB2, SQL Server, Mongo DB, MySQL

Version Control Tools: CVS, Git, Clear case, SVN

Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere 6.x/5.x, Apache Tomcat 8, 9


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Java Cloud Engineer


  • Involved in Design and develop enhancements to existing web-based financial applications and back-end components with J2EE web technologies, using Java, JSP, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JBoss, RESTFUL, Maven, etc.
  • Better Understanding the existing application, Business processes and Security Module.
  • Security module is designed to support implemented custom.
  • Involved in developing components on Reporting Dashboard with Spring MVC, Spring Framework and Hibernate.
  • Worked with Spring MVC and integrated the business service layer with the front-end.
  • Designed and developed Micro services business components using Spring Boot.
  • Implementing ORM using Hibernate 4 framework. Using Hibernate to communicate with PostgreSQL database and queries using HQL.
  • Implemented Restful web service using JAX-RS (Jersey) and consumed SOAP web service using JAX-WS.
  • Produced as well as consumed Restful web services using Jersey API's.
  • Used Maven tool to build and packaged, deploy an application project and integrated with Jenkins.
  • Used Java Message Service (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of valuable information for status report.
  • Worked on integration with Elastic search in any of the programming languages like Java and JavaScript.
  • Performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services.
  • Used AWS (Amazon Web Services) Deploying, managing and operating scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems.
  • Implemented and managed continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS.
  • Strategic and practical implementation of cloud-specific AWS technologies including Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2), Simple Storage Services (S3), Route 53, Cloud Formation, Elastic Bean Stalk, Virtual Private Cloud(VPC), RDS and Cloud Watch.
  • Maintained the user accounts (IAM), RDS, Route 53 services in AWS Cloud.
  • Created Snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMI's) of EC2 Instance for snapshots and creating clone instances.
  • Developed UI pages with JSP, Spring MVC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, and used Boot Strap for creating Responsive Web pages.
  • Used jQuery and Angular JS to provide dynamic User Interface and for the client side validations.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using AngularJS, ExpressJS and JQuery.
  • Used Git as the version control management system, and Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUNIT Test cases.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, XML, Ajax, Angular JS, Restful Services, Spring MVC, Spring 3.x, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Core, Multi-Threading, Hibernate3.x, Chef, My SQL, Mongo DB, Shell Scripting, Maven3.x, Jenkins, Docker, Messaging System, SVN, AWS

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Design and Implementation/translation of Business User requirements.
  • Worked with business analysts to decompose the capabilities into discrete Micro services.
  • Designed and developed various modules of the application with J2EE design architecture.
  • Developed Reporting framework using JAVA/ J2EE which will generate daily, monthly and yearly reports and prepared different framework design documents.
  • Developed the service layer using the Spring IOC. Integrated DAO layer using Hibernate Framework.
  • Developed Restful API's, which takes in an HTTP request and produces the HTTP response in JSON Format using play.
  • Experienced in React JS and working with React Flux architecture
  • Designed and developed key external User features of the PAS system. Used Groovy/Grails and Spring Batch admin for notification feature.
  • Used Spring Boot which is faster in building Micro services and developed spring based applications with very less configuration.
  • Extensively using Java 8 features such as stream, filters, lambdas, Collectors.
  • Responsible for creating and consuming Restful Web services using JAX-RS.
  • Developed front-end using HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, AngularJS
  • Employed popular design patterns like DTO, DAO and Singleton.
  • Created tables, views, Types, triggers, complex join queries, stored procedures, functions and modifications to existing database structure as required for addition of new features using SQL developer.
  • Developed application using JMS for sending and receiving Point-to-Point JMS Queue messages.
  • Used Angular 2.0 as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Participated in the design and development of almost all the modules of the project.
  • Wrote Python Scripts to parse XML document and load the data into Database.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management.
  • Used Git as a version control tools.
  • Worked with ES6 features, used babble, web pack with ES5, ReactJS.
  • Automate build process by writing Maven build scripts.
  • Used AWS SNS/SQS for implement asynchronous workflow.
  • Designed and implemented CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations of MongoDB database.
  • Developed fully automated continuous integrated system using Git, Jenkins and custom designed tools developed in Python.

Environment: Java 1.7, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Micro Services, Spring Boot, Tomcat, HTML, CSS, AJAX, AngularJS, JMS, Linux, Eclipse IDE, Clear Case, Jenkins, JUnit, SVN, Agile, SOUP UI

Confidential, NYC, NY

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Effectively interacted with clients to analyze the requirements and making enhancements to system.
  • Involved in the system analysis, design, and development.
  • Involved in estimation, Project planning and design documentations.
  • Used Spring framework to inject BO and DAO beans into Struts layer.
  • Implemented DAO using Hibernate ORM framework.
  • Responsible for the implementation of Web Design based on CSS3, HTML, and JQuery
  • Consumed the Web Services and accessed the functions to implement stock look up based on stock symbol, company name and advanced search with date ranges and price limits.
  • Implemented Auto Complete/Auto Suggest functionality using Ajax, web Service call and JSON
  • Involved in code reviewing and Review Code Documentation process.

Environment: Java 1.7, Servlets, JSP, Struts 1.2, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, REST, Apache, HTML5.0,CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular.JS Oracle11g, PL/SQL, Tomcat Apache, Eclipse 4.0, Junit

Confidential, NYC, NY

Java/J2EE Consultant


  • Designed architecture in Java of the solution for electronic accounting.
  • Analysis of the technical legal requirement for electronic accounting.
  • Review of all accounting process in the 4 insurance companies in the group.
  • Project manager identifying all risk and managing the project plan.
  • Analysis of the existing architecture to fir the solution.
  • Coordinate the process owners in the insurance company (Treasury, tax accounting, fixed assets, investments, payments, trust, etc.)
  • Development of the technical design of the solution.
  • Design the integration solution with Oracle SOA & RedHat JBoss Fuse
  • Technical contact for the government agency for tax proposes
  • Create the test cases for the solution.
  • Monitor the application performance in production environment using App dynamics tool and identify the hotspots.
  • Wrote unit test cases using JUnit to test the application.
  • Used Coherence query language to query the cache and validated the contents published through Restful web service.
  • Involved in Task break down, task assignment, monitoring the task progress of offshore development team.
  • Wrote a java tool to extract information from log files and presented the aggregated result to Manager through a graphical representation.
  • Improved the application performance from 100 milliseconds to less than 1ms by introducing the appropriate collection data structure.
  • Modify and update the release notes and work with QA deployment team and address any issues. Wrote design document and created Use diagrams, Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams.

Environment: Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Java 2 (J2EE), Servlets, JDBC, JSP, Struts, Spring. JavaScript, HTML, C, C++, XML, Jakarta Ant, toad, SQL Developer, Eclipse, CVS, WebLogic, JBoss, Erwin, Oracle BRM, SOA


Web UI Developer


  • Analyzed the requirements and developed enhancements that will mostly benefit users.
  • Used HTML to develop websites.
  • Modified the existing website by adding suitable naming conventions and coding standards.
  • Worked with user interfaces and applied usability principle to portals.
  • Primary role was to improve GUI, solve the navigational issues and provide support to the senior web developers.
  • Worked extensively with the File management and image libraries.
  • To control the usability, aesthetics, speed and communication of the websites.
  • Created an inline-edit and widget-collapse feature for the web page.
  • Used Wireframes to draw the user requirements.
  • Developed clickable prototypes in HTML, DHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Tested web sites and fixed any existing bugs using Firebug.
  • Provide maintenance to several websites.

Environment: HTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, XPATH, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, JSON, AJAX, DOM, Eclipse, Sub Version, SVN Version Control


Java Developer


  • Extensively worked on Struts Framework.
  • Created used interfaces using JSP.
  • Developed the Web Interface using Servlets, Java Server Pages, HTML and CSS.
  • Developed the DAO objects using JDBC.
  • Business Services using the Servlets and Java.
  • Developed and modified Servlets to accept and process request from the clients.
  • Developed various objects using java and HTML and DHTML to maintain well-structured GUI and to interact with Controllers to get data from Oracle database.
  • Used JDBC to connect the J2EEserver with the relational database.
  • User input validations done using JavaScript and developed use cases using UML.
  • Extreme programming methodologies for replacing the existing code and testing in J2EE environment.
  • Developed java classes for business layer.
  • Developed database objects like tables, views, stored procedures, and indexes.
  • Involved in testing and fixing the bugs.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts, HTML, DHTML, Custom Tags, ANT, Java Script, XML, JDBC, Oracle (PL/SQL),DAO, Linux, Web Logic, JUnit, Log4j, Eclipse


Java/ J2EE Developer


  • Designed and developed a web site application using J2EE, XML, EJB, Servlets, and JSP under the Apache
  • Designed and developed the presentation layer which includes the development of standards-browser compliant - user interactive web pages using CSS, Struts (MVC) tag and JSTL tag libraries with Client side validation.
  • Developed the business layer logic and implemented EJBs beans.
  • Developed JavaScript validation functions for the client side validations.
  • Used spring framework for implemented Java Servlets
  • Implemented MVC architecture by using Struts to send and receive data from Front-end to business layer.
  • Used Restful Web Services and received JSON/XML as the data files as a response.
  • Used Hibernate to communicate with the Database, mapping the entities to the tables and corresponding columns in the database by using Hibernate.
  • Worked with Oracle PL/SQL queries, Triggers and Stored Procedures.

Environment: Core Java/J2EE, JDBC, OOD, REST Web Services, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle 10g, XML, SOA, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tomcat, Eclipse, JAXB

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