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Java Developer & Production Support Resume

Malvern, PA


  • Full Stack developer and Technical support with around 10+ years experience in UI Development, Web design, Web Development, Maintain applications and testing web pages with Usability standards.
  • Expert in Java enterprise application architecture analysis and design.
  • Highly Skilled in Java/J2EE Technologies with extensive experience using Core Java 5/6/7, JSP, Servlets, RMI, JNDI, JMS, JSF, EJB 2.0, Apache Struts 2.5, Spring 3.2.5/4.2 (IOC, MVC, AOP, DAO, Security, integration and Transactions), Hibernate ORM 4.3.0 using IDE tools like IBM WebSphere RAD, IntelliJ, Spring Suite & Eclipse versions.
  • Current experience involves working with Angular JS, Restful WebServices, Spring Framework, Hibernate O/R Mapping tool
  • Strong experience in Security - System development for Web Applications, Involved and developed all phases of Security implementation using Spring Security system against all types of authentications: LDAP authentication, OAuth 2.0, Database authentication and Pre-Authentication.
  • Developed AD authentication mechanism for users to authenticate and authorize users from active directory.
  • Used Spring ORM to integrate Spring Framework with hibernate and JSR 317 Java Persistence API (JPA 2).
  • Used Spring Hibernate and DAO layers to offer abstraction for the business from the database related code (CRUD).
  • Good working experience on in develop and consume Web Services using SOA, SOAP (JAX-WS), Jersey Restful (JAX-RS) with practical experience in using tools like Soap Monitor, WSDL2JAVA, JAVA2WSDL Tools during Webservice development.
  • Expertise using design patterns like Creational, Behavioral and Structural patterns (like: MVC, Singleton, DAO, DTO, Factory, Abstract Factory and Proxy).
  • Solid working knowledge of application servers like WebLogic, WebSphere 7.0, Apache Tomcat 6.0 and JBoss Server 5.0.
  • Integration and deployment of applications done using tools like ANT, MAVEN debugging through logging frameworks like Commons Logging, Log4j, SLF4J and also used continuous Integration tool Jenkins.
  • Proficiency in Database Management and Design using Oracle 9i/10g, MySQL Server 5/6, PostgreSQL 8/9, Microsoft SQL Server, Apache Derby, Squirrel-sql-3.7, DB2.
  • Worked on other technologies such as Business Objects SDKs and having adequate knowledge to provide support on these technologies.
  • Proficient in Java Multi-Threading using executor framework.
  • Proficiency in Rich Web Application Development using jQuery, jQuery UI, Angular.js, Node.js and other lightweight JavaScript frameworks and libraries
  • Designed and implemented the User Interface using OO JavaScript, HTML5, XHTML, XML, CSS3, JSP and AJAX
  • Extensively used/modified JQUERY to perform AJAX calls for creating interactive web pages on JSON response
  • Skilled in solving complex issues related to browser and network performance, cross-browser and legacy IE compatibility, client-side scaling, data modeling, usability and testability.
  • Experience in working waterfall, Agile and TDD environments with good hands on JUnit, TestNG, and Mockito.
  • Worked on creating uniform look and feel across various media like laptop, mobile, tablet & desktop.
  • Production Support - Managing production deployments in terms of software deliveries and overnight activates.
  • Having expertise in using tools HP Quality Centre, Espresso 6.9, Radar, Jira, Confluence, Sonar, Ramedy, AppDynamics, and various tools.
  • Strong knowledge in cross browser compatibility issues and W3C standards.
  • Strong knowledge of technologies such as Java 8, C, C++, Groovy, Non-SQL (mongoDB), AWS, Hadoop (Map Reduce), Sales force, Android, UNIX and Shell Scripting (.ksh files).
  • Interact with Business Analysts to retrieve requirements, interacted with users for production support on site and remotely.
  • Performed troubleshooting in the event of an issue with the applications and updated findings and fix to clients


Languages/Technologies: Java SE 1.5/6/7, Multithreading, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB 3.0, SQL, JavaScript, Groovy, XML, CSS, SASS, JSON and HTML

Web Technologies: AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS 3, HTML 5, Flex and Adobe (AEM 6.1).

JavaScript Web Application Frameworks: Angular JS 2.0, Node.js, d3.js, backbone.js, React.js

Application Development Frameworks: Spring 4.2.0 (Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Boot, Spring AOP, Spring integration, Spring batch, OAUTH2.0, Spring Security, Transactions)

Persistence API Frameworks: Hibernate 4.2, JPA 1.2/2.1

Web Development Frameworks: Apache Struts, Spring MVC, JSF (Apache MyFaces, Facelets, JBoss RichFaces)

Web Services: REST with Java (JAX-RS) using Jersey, RESTful Web Services with spring (using Spring MVC with Model & View and using HTTP message converters), Apache Axis SOAP Protocol Implementation, JAX-WS (Java API for XML Web-Services), Apache Synapse Enterprise Service Bus, JAXB and Xpath XML parsers, Jackson JSON parser

Network Protocols/Technologies: TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP

TestDriven Development: JUnit, JMock, Mockito, TestNG

Enterprise Integration and Messaging Systems: Apache Camel Integration Patterns Framework, ActiveMQ JMS provider

Spring Security Authentication and Access: Control Framework, Spring Security OAuth Authorization, SAML 2.0 for Single Sign-On Web Applications

Relational Database Management Systems: Oracle 9i/10g, MySQL Server 5/6, PostgreSQL 8/9, Microsoft SQL Server, Apache Derby, Squirrel-sql-3.7, DB2

Distributed/Web Environments: Apache Tomcat Web Server 5/6/7, Jboss Application Server 3.2.7, IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0, Web Logic

Cruise: Control, Jenkins (ex Hudson)

Project Build Management and Automation: Apache Maven 2.0/3.0, Ant and Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager logging frameworks and tools:

Commons Logging, Log4j, SLF4J.

Design Patterns: MVC, Creational patterns (like: Abstract Factory, Builder, Factory Method, Prototype, and Singleton), Structural patterns (like: Decorator, Facade, and Proxy), Behavioral patterns (like: Iterator, Observer, Template method).

Testing Tools: Mozilla Firebug, Fiddler, Yourkit Java Profiler and Sonar

Version Control Systems: CVS,SVN, GIT Extension

Code Review Tools: Atlassian Crucible, Stash

Task Management: Bugzilla, JIRA, Confluence

Production Support tools: HP Quality Centre, Espresso 6.9, Radar, Ramedy, AppDynamics, mTail, Total Commander, beyond compare, Notepad ++ and various tools.

Enterprise Development and Modeling Tools: Eclipse IDE 3.4.2, IntelliJ IDEA 1.5.2, IBM Rational Application Developer, Spring Suite STS 4.6

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10, Linux (Red Hat), Mac OS X 10.


Confidential, Malvern, PA

Java developer & Production Support


  • Participated in Agile SCRUM an activity such as daily standup, sprint planning and retrospective meeting and Rally Software was used for Agile project management applications.
  • Comfortable with functional and technical follow of wealth management domain like: Free Receipt, Free Delivery, Firm Specify, Asset Transfers, CBRS process flows
  • Worked on Analysis Design, Development and unit testing for current PSI release (Potentially Shippable Increment) and involved in Production Support for earlier PSI release items using service now tool.
  • Involved in code to pull data from backend system to JSP using Java Script, Tag Libs, HTML, Ajax (Event base), and Struts forms, Actions, Delegates, EJB Beans and VO/TO classes.
  • Setting up AngularJS framework for UI development (for Pending Transfers) and developing html views with HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery 1.1.0, JSON, and Java Script.
  • Implementing pending transfer page using Java Script with AngularJs FrameWork along with JQUERY and Java Script Frameworks.
  • Used Ajax and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the Asset Transfers to fetch Taxlot data for specifyLots and other follows.
  • Implemented J2EE Design Patterns like MVC, Business Delegate, DAO, DTO and Singleton.
  • Used Open JPA as Object Relational Mapping ORM Tool for the backend data persistence (Internal Services as: ads-svcs, ea-fm-svcs, settlement-dtcc-svcs and pa-cbrs-svcs)
  • Installed and configured Weblogic 12C in local and Docker machine publish local war for application and deploy into WebLogic console and invoked related services with Transfers application.
  • Configured Domain Configuration Files (config.xml) including contents like domain-name, autodeploy, jms, jdbc, nodemanager, security, AdminServer, embedded.
  • Being Java Developer contributed as Technical Lead.
  • Helping/mentoring new team members/juniors in team.
  • Monitored and changed PL/ SQL packages and stored procedures of SeidesktopWeb application.
  • Deployed the application on WebLogic server while customizing Configuration File.
  • Used SourceTree and BitBucket for version control across common source code used by developers.
  • Involved in code review of the team members and implemented best practices using sonar.
  • Involved in warranty and production support.
  • Provided system support for department user base and data analysts.

ENVIRONMENT: JRockit JDK 1.8, Apache Ant 1.8.2, Apache Server http2.2.25, Eclipse-luna, BitBucket, SourceTree, Weblogic 12c, Structs 1.4, EJB Beans 3.0, AngularJs 2, Java Script, JSP, CSS, HTML, Ajax, JQuery, Oracle Client 11gR2 for use with SQL Developer, CA Agile Central (Rally), Jenkins and Service Now Tool.

Confidential - Mason, OH

Java J2ee developer


  • Interacted with Clients to gather business requirements and generated requirement specification documents.
  • Worked in Agile environment. Experience working with scrum team. Used HP Quality Centre to view the tasks and requirements.
  • Implementing Single Sign-on with SAML 2.0.
  • Created JKS file to interact with third party application using Public certificate and key during SSO implementation.
  • Implemented code to generate SAML response using velocity template to interact with third party application successfully.
  • Accessing DAO classes to fetch requested attributes for SAML response.
  • Developed web pages to display the account transactions and details pertaining to that account using JSP, Spring Web Flow, AJAX and CSS.
  • Used Ajax, JSON with jQuery for request data and processing SAML attributes.
  • Interacted with java controllers (JQUERY, Ajax, and JSON to write/read data from back end systems).
  • Posting hidden form Base64 encoded value to target URL using JSP and Java Script.
  • Designed properties file that has been used by many services and written code to read this properties file.
  • Used Log4j and implemented Log4j property file for logging purpose.
  • Implemented unit testing using Junit
  • Worked in all layers front-End, middleware and backend development for various modules.
  • Used GIT extension for version control across common source code used by developers.
  • Involved in code review of the team members and implemented best practices using crucible ( http://emcrucible.lenscrafters.com).
  • Involved in warranty and production support.

ENVIRONMENT: Jrockit-jdk1.6.0 45,WebLogic, Apache2.2,Session Bean, DAO, Java Script, jQuery, AJAX, JSP, Servlets, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Squirrel SQL Client 3.7, Maven 3.3.9,LDAP Server, Custom Tags, XML GIT Extensions 2.48.05, InelliJ IDE 15.0.15, Log4j, Windows 7, UNIX, UML.


Java J2ee Developer


  • Worked in Agile environment. Experience working with scrum team and used HP Quality Centre to view the tasks and requirements.
  • Creating custom, general use modules and components which extend the elements and modules of core AngularJS, Setup the Bootstrap for customizable UI design and Implemented Jasmine testing methodology.
  • Extensively involved in writing JavaScript/ jQuery Ajax call to retrieve the customer data from the back-end and then display on the screen in a well-organized way.
  • Extensively involved in coding with core Java concepts like Collections, Exception Handling, Java I/O, and Generics to implement business logic.
  • Implement REST-based web services with AngularJS.
  • Configured spring to manage objects and set their dependencies in a Spring context file and integrated middle tier with Spring application framework.
  • Implemented business layer by using Hibernate with Spring DAO and also developed mapping files and POJO java classes using ORM tool
  • Implemented caching techniques and wrote POJO classes for storing data and DAO's to retrieve the data and did other database configurations using Hibernate
  • Developed ORM mappings using Hibernate annotations and also established data integrity among all tables sitting on Oracle Database
  • Designed and implemented DAO, Singleton, Factory and DTO Design Patterns.
  • Responsible for the configuration of Spring WebApplicaitonContext in web layer and web.xml.
  • Configured the WebLogic handler for the Apache Web Server to serve static files (js, html, images and css).
  • Wrote build & deployment scripts using Maven, shell scripts to build and deploy the application in JBoss Application Server
  • Followed Agile Methodology (TDD, SCRUM) to satisfy the customers and wrote JUnit test cases for unit testing the integration layer
  • Wrote JUnit test case for back-end logic implementation development.
  • Provide Log4J for QA, and communicated with QA for further modification.
  • Used GIT for version control across common source code used by developers.
  • Designed database and normalization for databases in Oracle 10g and used the Stored Procedures and Triggers in the application.

ENVIRONMENT: Core Java 7, J2EE, JSP 2.0, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Oracle 10g, JSON, JBoss Application Server, Spring 4.1, Hibernate 4.2, Jersey Restful (JAX-RS), Log4J, GIT (Bit Bucket) and design patterns.


Java j2ee Developer & Warranty support


  • Design and developed eService application and implemented single sign-on solutions using SAML 2.0 to connect to Well-being (LV) application.
  • Designed and coded application components in an Agile environment utilizing a test driven development approach
  • Use IBM RAD/z to develop web based front end clients using Java server pages (JSP), JSF 1.2, Richfaces, XML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX web technologies, Used JQuery and JSF validation framework for front end validations.
  • Design and implementation of Spring-Security for the application for authentication process against LDAP, J2EE pre-authentication and Database.
  • Designed and developed various modules (Customer Claims) of the application with J2EE design architecture and frameworks like Spring MVC architecture and Spring Bean Factory using IOC, AOP concepts.
  • Used Hibernate ORM framework integrated with spring framework for data persistence and transaction management.
  • Integrated Spring DAO for data access using Hibernate, used HQL and SQL for querying databases
  • Designed and developed RESTFUL service interface using Spring MVC to the underlying customer event APIs.
  • Worked closely with Database administrators to resolve database and JDBC related issues in WebSphere Application Server
  • Created JKS file to interact with third party application using certificate and public key during SSO implementation.
  • Implemented code to generate SAML response to interact with third party application successfully.
  • Write Junit test scripts using Mock frameworks like (Easy Mock and Power Mock) and Logging using Log4J framework
  • Actively participated in Agile development scrums as per constantly changing requirements and tasks
  • Used Maven as a build tool with external projects and deployed it on server.
  • Used Log4j for logging errors, messages and performance logs
  • Maintained source code version in GIT Extension.

ENVIRONMENT: WINDOWS 7, Java 1.7, JSP, JSF 1.2, JQuery, Spring 3.0, MVC, Hibernate 3.2, Jersey Restful, XML, SAML 2.0, AngularJS, Java Script, Junit, log4j, WAS7.0, IBM RAD IDE, Keystore Explorer 1.5.5,GIT Extension.


Java J2ee developer & Technical Support


  • Worked in developing Spring related backend services
  • Migrated customer policies from legacy systems (DB2) to new system (PEGA, PL/SQL) environment.
  • Follow Agile software development practices like paired programming, test driven development and behavior driven development.
  • Developed Adobe CQ5 (AEM) components, Workflow and Integrating CQ with application.
  • Implemented LDAP support in application, for user authentication using JNDI login against an LDAP server.
  • Used Spring Web Module integrated with Java Server Faces (JSF) MVC framework.
  • Used Spring AOP, ORM, JDBC and DAO layers to integrate Spring Framework with hibernates to perform CURD operation for insurance customers.
  • Involved in batch processing using Spring Batch framework to extract data from database and load into corresponding Loan App tables.
  • Documented how Spring Batch is useful for the current project.
  • Developed message components to send/receive and publish/subscribe WebSphere MQ messages
  • Created Web Services for Remote calling using Axis and SOAP.
  • Design and Develop SOAP Web services generate classes from published WSDL and XSD using JAXWS using Maven.
  • Tested cross browser functionality and fixed major layout bugs for supported browsers which include IE10.
  • Taken care of complete Java multi-threading part in back end components.
  • Perform transition from regular waterfall development model to Agile - Scrum framework.
  • Implemented logging functionality using log4j and developed Oracle PL/SQL queries and stored procedures
  • Used Toad as an IDE to modify the stored procedures and querying the database
  • Write Junit test scripts using Mock frameworks like (Easy Mock and Power Mock).
  • Involved in total migration from site scope to AppDynamics for application monitoring. Created Custom dashboards in to monitor AppDynamics different metrics in the application like server usage, Heap usage etc.
  • Maintained source code version in Bit bucket.

ENVIRONMENT: Java 1.7, J2EE, Java Script, XML, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Hibernate, SOAP Services, SOAP UI, log4j, HTTP, Apache Tomcat, MAVEN, AppDynamics, JIRA, GIT Extension, IntelliJ IDEA, Shell Scripting, AdobeCQ5, Toad, UNIX, WINDOWS 7

Confidential - Cupertino, CA

Java J2ee Developer


  • Involved in requirement analysis, design, coding and unit testing.
  • Developed the BOBJ customization using Java and BO SDKs
  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data specifications for Business Objects Universes and Reports (Webi, .CSV and crystal report) in multiple dimension format.
  • Involved in Agile process, monthly Sprints, and daily Scrums to discuss the development of the application.
  • Designed, Developed and analyzed the front-end and back-end using JSP and Servlets
  • Built WebI reports Provided OLAP functionality and worked extensively with Tera data.
  • Set up groups and users for Business Objects deployment.
  • Created the Web Intelligence Report and used Events for Daily/Weekly /Monthly Scheduling of the reports
  • Developing back-end PL/SQL packages, building UNIX shell scripts for data migration & batch processing.
  • Taken care of Java multi-threading in common java classes / library.
  • Involved into BOBJ up gradation from V3.1 to V4.0 version.
  • Handled the database management using DML and DDL SQL statements.
  • Configured web.xml, struts.xml and other config files during application deployment time in to Dev, test and production environment.
  • Developed Junit test cases for regression testing and integrated with Maven build.
  • Wrote Korn Shell Scripts to automate the sequential working of Autosys jobs
  • Developed testing scripts and test cases. Extensively tested Business Objects reports, dashboards and other Business Objects Applications in new environment.
  • Involved in performance testing of all the reports, which helped in analyzing its performance before moving into production.
  • Deployed the application and tested on JBoss 5.0 Application Server.
  • Performed client side and server side validations.
  • Working in onshore and offshore model
  • Implemented Logging framework using Log4J for debugging and testing the applications.
  • Used WIN CVS for Version Controlling system.

ENVIRONMENT: Java 1.7, Business Objects XIR3.1/4.0, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Tomcat 5/6, JBoss-portal 5.0, Oracle, JavaScript, XML, Eclipse, SVN, Maven, Crystal Reports 2008, logging framework, Junit and CVS.

Confidential - Tampa, FL

Java J2ee Developer


  • Handled Java multi-threading part in back-end component, one thread will be running for each user, which serves the user.
  • Implemented Model-View-Controller MVC architecture.
  • Followed with Agile and Scrum development methodologies.
  • Implemented JSP, java Script, JQuery and AJAX with various components like Navigation Bar, Progress Bar, and Message Box Dialogs
  • Actively involved in design and implementation of Action, View, DAO and front end development of Confidential News flow.
  • Worked on developing the backend part of the application involving spring IOC, AOP, JPA, Hibernate 3.2 and Web Services.
  • Implemented database access layer using DAO design pattern and Hibernate framework.
  • Used various feature of spring such as XML configuration extensions for Declarative Transaction Management, Java Generics support, Annotation Driven Dependency injection.
  • Used JPA and Hibernate annotations for defining object relational metadata.
  • Created Queues, Queue Managers, Clusters using MQ Series, The Java Message Service (JMS) API is used to allow application components to create, send, receive, and read messages for end clients.
  • Written fast and effective Integration test cases using Spring for Persistence layer test cases which test persistence layer concepts such as Attach/detach entity objects, Optimistic locking, Transactional behavior of methods using the real database.
  • Extensive use of JAXB to convert the xml schemas into objects to use in the application.
  • Internationalization was inherent to the design the objects that were locale to the database.
  • Hibernate has been used as a relational mapping tool and EJBs for maintaining the persistence of the data objects.
  • Deployed WebLogic 8.1 application server and Performed performance tuning for Web Application server.
  • Used SOAP UI to test the web service API calls.
  • Wrote JUnit test cases to test business logic.

ENVIRONMENT: Java 1.6, JSP, JDBC, CSS, AJAX, Spring, JPA with Hibernate, Hibernate-Annotations, Hibernate Entity Manager, HQL, Oracle 10g, weblogic 8.1, JAXB, JMS, Struts, Subversion, Eclipse, Maven, XML, JUnit, Log4j, SOAP Web Services.


Java Developer & Tech Support


  • Generated Use case diagrams, Activity flow diagrams, Class diagrams and Object diagrams in the design phase using Rational Rose.
  • Involved in AGILE methodology while implementing application.
  • Developing Client side code using Protottype.js, Java Script, Ajax, HTML, CSS and JSON
  • Extensively involved in developing Action Servlet, Action, Form Bean, Java Bean classes for implementing business logic for the Apache’s Jakarta Struts Framework.
  • Intact with Inquira knowledge Management using Action Servlet classes to improves the quality of customer interactions through application and contact centers with integrated applications for intelligent search, knowledge management, analytics and user experience.
  • Used JavaScript for Client-side validation and Struts Validator for Server-side Validations.
  • Implemented SOA Architecture with web services using SOAP, WSDL and XML.
  • Involved in Unit testing, regression testing and load testing using SoapUI.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Views and Sequences in Oracle database to update the end user data based on CR.
  • Using Espresso, Radar for defect containment and causal analysis in UAT and production environment and performed trouble shooting and debug (Eclipse memory analyzer) the application to improve the performance.
  • Followed Test First / TDD approach to create the test cases using Jmock before start the development.
  • Used GIT extension for the version control of the application and involved into code integration.
  • Prepared Unit test case using JUnit framework, used Jenkins for continuous integration testing and used Test Cases for testing service Classes.
  • Apache Maven is used as Build tool to automate the build process for the entire application.

ENVIRONMENT: Java 1.6, Protottype.js, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML 4, CSS, JSP, HTML, XML, Struts Framework 2, Proto types, apache-tomcat-6.0.18, Log4J, GIT Extension, Jenkins, Jmock Framework, Agile (JIRA), Espresso, Radar (Apple internal tools) and Maven 2.0.


Java Developer & Tech Support


  • Worked on requirement documents to understand the business requirements and functional designs and involved in preparing functional specification documents (HLD and LLD).
  • Participated in analysis of Document Management project requirements and helped implement solution that leverages enterprise Content Management infrastructure.
  • Designed and implemented rich enterprise content storage, management, search and delivery solutions using DB2 Content Manager for application.
  • Created and maintained JSP and HTML to render and display the Content and reports on UI.
  • Created HTML, CSS and JS to develop and customize the User Interface to show the reports in various dimensions.
  • Integrated Docu Corp product with II4C using Axis framework (Apache Axis) and used Docu Corp to automate indexing, archival, retrieval and viewing of electronic documents and convert AFP, FTP mainframe files to PDF format.
  • Leveraged IBM CM II4C connector APIs to interact with IBM DB2 Content Manager at various stages of the project.
  • Configured JDBC Drivers, Data Sources and Connection Pools on WebSphere Application Server to connect the J2EE components with Oracle Database and DB2
  • Securing WebSphere Admin Console, Configuring LDAP user registries and Adding LDAP groups for various roles like Administrator, Monitor, Operator etc.
  • During warranty support primary responsibilities was involved in troubleshooting and supporting the Docu corp and II4C servers.
  • Used the Defect Management tool called ASSYST for issues and the resolutions.
  • Involved in continuous optimization of Content Manager to improve performance and to make it highly available and involved into IBM Content Manager Fix Pack 4 upgrade version.
  • Resolved Production issues and enhancements needs related to IBM Content Manager.
  • Trouble shooting the requests, debugging the applications and providing bug fixes for the testing as well as the production environments
  • Used Log4J to maintain the user defined logs on system and used WIN CVS for code version control.
  • Participated in peer code reviews using Sonar command and performed the JUNIT test cases during regression and integration testing.

ENVIRONMENT: Core Java 1.6, JavaScript, CSS, JSP, HTML, XML, Docu Corp, IBM Content Management Server V7.3.1, WebSphere Application Server 7.0, Oracle 10g, LDAP, RAD 7.5, DB2, Win CVS, Sonar, Maven 2.0 and Assyt Tool.


Java Developer


  • Design & Development of technical specifications from requirements.
  • Designed class, sequence and use case diagram using Microsoft’ VISIO.
  • Designed UI using HTML, DHTML, Java Script, CSS and JSP.
  • The front-end JSP pages were developed using the Struts framework and were hosted in a J2EE environment on an Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Used Struts Framework for action mappings to implement customer’s property and life insurance and developed, refracted the Action Servlets and JSPs using Struts following MVC architecture.
  • Implemented server side programming using EJB and communicated between beans using JMS's Message Driven Beans.
  • Implemented object relational mappings using JPA Java Persistence API.
  • Developed JDBC connections to connect to the Enterprise Information Systems and Handled data management using SQL statements
  • Implemented JAXB API for XML serialization and Marshaling Unmarshaling of Java objects to show the required policy details of insurance customer on UI.
  • Used JUnit test cases to test the Modules and Involved in bug fixing and resolving issues with the QA team.
  • Built the application using Eclipse IDE and Apache Tomcat Server as a Server and CVS for version control of the code.

ENVIRONMENT: Java 1.5, HTML, DHTML, Java Script, CSS, JSP, Struts 1.3, EJB 3.0, JMS 1.1, JDBC 3.0, Apache Tomcat Server, Eclipse IDE 3.4.2, Oracle 10g, JAXB and Sonar.

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