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Technical Architect/full Stack Developer Resume


20+ years of professional technology career spanning start - ups, banking, education and government project experience with varied IT experience in Architecting, Designing, Developing, Testing and Monitoring of enterprise class business applications that includes application service providers, portals, web services, dev ops, web and mobile applications for B2B and B2C in retail, education and finance sectors.


Languages: Java (1.8), C, C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, COBOL, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Python.

Web/App Servers: Oracle Glassfish, Sun One AS, Apache Tomcat, Confidential Dynamo AS, Weblogic AS, WebSphere, Web/Proxy servers such as Apache and Nginx.

Front-end: Primefaces, Swing, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS3.

Cloud Management: AWS, Lambdas, Chef, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Automated IS pipelines using CFTs.

IDEs / Compilation Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Sublime, Atom, NetBeans, Visual Studio, JDeveloper, Ant, Maven.

Internet Technologies: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, REST, JSON, SOAP, XML, XSLT.

Services/ API Management: Web services using REST/SOAP, API Gateways - Akamai, WSO2, CA Technologies .

Security: Spring Security, LDAP, CAS, Kerberos, Vault.

Databases: Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Mongo DB, FoxPro, PowerBuilder, dbase.

Content Management: Drupal, Vignette, WordPress, Chariot, Confluence.

Scripting: Shell programming, JavaScript, Ionic, Angular JS.

Project Management: PMBOK, Scrum, Kanban, Projectmanager.com, JIRA, Replicon, Version One, Asana.

Source Code Management: CVS, Rational ClearCase, GitHub, Bitbucket.

ESB/DevOps/QA: Mule, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, ELK, Badboy, JMeter, Cucumber.

Patterns and Frameworks: GoF, Microservices, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Primefaces, Log4J

Architecture Tools: Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose, Visio, LucidChart.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows 98/XP/NT/2000/Vista/7/10, Linux, Mac OS.

Software Engineering: Data structures, Compiler Design, Algorithms, Agile, AI, ML, ER Modelling & UML

Logging: Logback, ELK, Splunk.

Collaboration: Slack, HipChat, Lync, Hangout, Zoom, WebEx, Outlook.

Incident Management: OnSolve, PagerDuty, HP Service Manage.

CRM Tools: Freshdesk, Pipedrive, ZOHO.



Technical Architect/Full Stack Developer


  • Lead project architecture decision for different internal and external APIs.
  • Consult on AWS technologies and developed Lambdas, CFTs and used Spark to run workflows to support high volume batch processing and segmentation.
  • Developed automated CI/CD pipelines for multiple environments using Jenkins/Chef/Ansible
  • Capacity planning for AWS resources and resiliency technical recovery architecture.
  • API management including onboarding, promotion and access of APIs to clients/partners.


Director of Product Development & Technical Architect /Full Stack Developer


  • Designed and delivered enterprise level web applications using JEE and Enterprise Architect.
  • Developed RESTful web services and rapid prototypes using Spring Boot and Hibernate JPA.
  • Automated build, deployment and monitoring processes using Maven, Jenkins and Puppet
  • Ensured that industry standard practices for coding and testing are followed and introduced Sonar for code check in the build pipeline and JMeter automated testing.
  • Created a core development team by recruiting and mentoring technical personnel and ensured smooth execution of client projects.
  • Practiced agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) to enable the team with addressing issues in a timely order and resolving them.
  • Implemented a cloud and hybrid deployment architecture and migrated existing legacy applications to AWS Cloud infrastructure.


Director of Innovation & Technical Architect


  • Performed as a top technical authority for opportunities and issues related to integration solutions in the higher education integration software development using Mule ESB.
  • Developed result oriented engineering team to service existing customers.
  • Evaluated different API management tools like Akana, WSO2, Mulesoft, Mashery, Apigee.
  • Supported the management and sales team with product road map and current product enhancements.
  • Mentored and coached the technical team with industry standard processes.

Confidential, State of Georgia

Technical Architect & Senior Software Developer


  • Architected and designed multiple applications like ITGR, Open Enrolment, Online felony search application using Java and implemented REST web services in Sun One Application Server 8.2.
  • Developed the DMVS Logging application in Java using JDBC and used Maven build technology for this project.
  • Evaluated technical responses for Child support payment application provided technical feedback for the Quick Hits application.
  • Compiled the functional requirements (RFP) for the natural language search engine in Portal and performed evaluation of search products.
  • Correlated with Office of Technology for providing requirements for EAI tools and LDAP server.
  • Worked with Sun Microsystems developers and IBM developers for review and deployment of a centralized logging server and Georgia Enterprise Transformation project completion.
  • Created the Mobile Strategy for State of Georgia and authored the Joining Georgia.gov guide and Portal Developer Kit document for State of Georgia Agencies.


Software Engineer


  • Managed a project team for the development of an online shopping application service provider.
  • Strictly followed the RUP standards and developed the application using open source software.
  • Mentored a team of software developers in J2EE technologies and introduced a discipline in code management using CVS.
  • Trained end users and supervised an offshore development team of 6 people while delegated work modules and managing the same.
  • Analyzed the prototype given by client to formulate the entire Application Development Plan for ViServ, an Application Service Provider Application.
  • Implemented over 30 EJBs in Weblogic, including about 20 Entity Beans & 10 Session Beans.
  • Created the entire database consisting of about 75 tables in Oracle 8.0.6.
  • Engineered the IdeaForest website, a $3.5 million project, along with a group of 32 people split into 5 teams.
  • Developed middleware using Servlets, which communicates data from Oracle database to front-end in JHTML.
  • Realized a bridge for communication of data from legacy system to server using XML format.
  • Implemented Personalization and Profiling using Confidential Dynamo Personalization Server.
  • Coordinated with 4 consultants from Confidential Inc to implement an automotive e-Commerce site for JcWhitney.
  • Utilized Confidential Commerce Station, Taxware and mail package for email messages using SMTP to conceive the site.


Member Technical Staff


  • Devised a configuration tool for Confidential AS5200/AS5300 routers that reduced overall router configuration time by 90%.
  • Ensured low learning curve for users by developing the utility entirely using Java Swing components.
  • Mentored three new hires by coaching them on a day-to-day basis and recruited four engineers into FastStep team.


Software Engineer


  • Programmed three servers in JDK 1.1 for Confidential & Confidential 's napController, a hardware used to bridge up to 90 calls.
  • Implemented Authentication, Collaboration and Database servers in Java as multi-threaded program.
  • Developed a device driver for Confidential & Confidential 's nap Controller in C++ and provided a Java API to interact with Lucent Technologies proprietary communications hardware.

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