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Lead & Sr. Software Eng Resume


  • 12+ years of Application Development & Support experience that includes Analysis, Design, Development and Enhancements of applications built on Java, J2EE Technologies.
  • Strong experience in Systems Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation in developing Web and Middleware, DB Layer using N - tier Architecture in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Extensive experience of designing and developing software applications with the Spring Frameworks (Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Core, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Spring ORM, AOP, Spring JMS, Spring Boot), Apache struts, Apache iBatis, Apache Frameworks, Hibernate, JPA, Legacy Applications.
  • Extensively developed applications in FrameWorks, Architectural Design patterns, eAPI Micro services.
  • Proficient in MiddleWare Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, Web API, DOM, JSON, XML, AJAX, RESTful services,JMS.
  • Proficient in Data Layer developed applications using Hibernate, JPA,EJB .
  • POC’s & Design for the new frameworks or new componets to integrate with the frameworks.
  • Experience in Build managent Maven, Ant and Schdulers like $universe, Chronos, Mesos.
  • Experience in Agile Methodology.
  • Experience in On-Shore and Off-Shore Lead and Application development & testing.
  • Experience building complex internal and external System Integration in Layered architecture to communicate between the Systems.
  • Experience in Web Application Development and Web to Service Integration. Test Driven like SOAP and REST eAPI Micro Services.
  • Project Tracking Management tools like JIRA and VersionOne


Languages: Java/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Spring Framework, MVC,ORM, Batch, eAPI Micro Services, Struts Framework, JavaScript, JQuery

Database: SQL Server, Oracle10g, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions.

Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JSTL, JSP, Web Services, Ajax, XML, XSLT, SOAP

Tools: Intellij, Eclipse, Git Hub, SVN, VSS, Perforce (P4V), Postman, JIRA, SoapUI, Splunk, VersionOne, SONAR, Maven, Nexus, SOAP UI, STS, Jmeter, Cucumber, selenium, DXnet, splunk, Chronos, Mesos, Version One, JIRA, LDAP,MS-VISIO, JProfile.

Web Server: Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache Tomcat

Application Servers: WebLogic, WebSphere

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista Premium, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP.



Lead & Sr. Software Eng

Project Description:

  • CV Next Generation Telematics American Honda Motor’s Connected Vehicle - Next Generation Telematics (NGT) solution is aimed to provide advanced telematics Services in connected and non-connected Vehicles (Honda and Acura) and Customers.
  • It has established a flexible SOA based core integration platform for managing integrations across various core and third-party partner systems and different channels involved effectively.
  • The NGT ecosystem consists of various applications to handle Telematics device management, Customer Profile and Subscription Management, vehicle communications, content management, conversion, remote commands, online scheduling and Back Office Integration with flexible Mobile and Web User Interfaces to provide superior Client Experience

Environment: Java/J2ee, JDK 1.8, Spring io, Spring Starters web, JPA, Web services, Batch, JBoss 7, Tomcat 7WASE 3, H2 DB, Oracle 10g, Postgres, Unix Script, Rest-API, Jercy-Client,JMS, Active MQ, JIRA,SONAR Docker images, HP Quality Center, UML, SOAP UI Automation Testing, JProfile, CVS


Lead & Sr. Software Eng.

  • COAF Loan Servicing and their customers uses Titan application. Titan is used by CSR to serve their customer.
  • The Turing Services are the signature product of Program Chameleon and are available in AWS East & West. Turing is an in-house, custom-built service which provides RESTful APIs performing Tokenization, DeTokenization Encryption, Decryption for NPI data (SSN) & PCI data (PAN), controlled within hardened security appliances.
  • Encryption algorithm is AES-256 and Tokenization algorithm is AES-FFX Program Chameleon has deployed the Turing Service into the production AWS East & West regions. Turing SDK is integrated with Titan Application.

Environment: Java/J2ee, JDK 1.8, spring io, Spring Starters web MVC, JPA, Web services, BatchWebLogic 3, H2 DB, Oracle 10g, Postgres, Unix Script, Rest-API, Jercy-Client, Splunk Version one, UMLVisio, Docker, images, HP Quality Center, SOAP UI Automation Testing, DXnet, splunk, Chronos, Mesos,GIT Hub,MAVEN,SONAR


Technical Lead

  • The Confidential Locker Management System (FLMS) is an integral part of Confidential Ship & Get (FSNG) project.
  • FSNG is an automated, self-service package retrieval, shipping and drop-off locker solution. Ship&Get (FSNG) provides services in three major areas: SHIP, DROP-OFF and GET.SHIP: Confidential customers will be able to prepare and print shipping labels by using Ship&Get touch screen kiosk interface.
  • DROP-OFF: Confidential customers who already have ready-to-ship packages can use this service as a convenient drop-off location.
  • GET: Confidential recipients can use this service, by definition, as Hold at Location or Redirect to Hold Packages. This service allows customers to have their receiving packages held at S&G location and they can visit and retrieve their packages at their convenience.
  • FLMS serves as central management tool for remotely interacting with Kiosks, central portal for reservations, customer support and reporting, user/driver admin, kiosk admin and provides controlled access to the Confidential enterprise network key interactions directly involving the kiosks.


Technical Lead.

  • This User Interface will provide the users the ability to maintain Delay codes and Delay Groups and their assignments (View/Search/Add/Update/Delete).
  • Delay Code: This view although self-contained will be eventually integrated by Confidential into a Flight Administration
  • Console. The view will therefore provide an interface for a calling program to initialize itself and show default view
  • Which in this case would be list of all delay codes in the table.
  • Delay Group: An interface similar to below will be created to manage Delay Groups.
  • The Delay code labels will be changed to Delay Group. Both these views will be contained within a tabbed view along with the view that will allow delay code assignment maintenance. The tabs will be called as Delay Code, Delay Group and Delay Assignment respectively.
  • Delay Assignment Selecting a Delay group and clicking on “Assignment” button should show the Assignment view that displays 2 tables side by side one (left) that contains the current delay code assignments to the group and the other containing the ones that are not currently assigned. Button(s) should be provided to be able to add/remove
  • Assignments and the tables should refresh the changes. When save is clicked the changes need to be saved to then Database. A service needs to be created to perform these changes to the database.


Technical Lead.

  • Responsible for development, support, maintenance and implementation of a complex project module. Works on problems of complex scope, through extensive usage of standard concepts & principles.
  • Works as a fully contributing team member, under broad guidance with independent planning & execution


Technical Lead.

  • Confidential Dash Application is One generation before what we call it as a tablet. Confidential has attempted Dash which could
  • Connect to the internet and display information, Digital timer, Photo themes, Audio, and can also view online photo albums from Flicker, Picasa and Photo bucket. Boasting a compact design. Whereas we can upload themes for the channels.
  • These channels can have multiple themes. User can have default themes and customized themes. Confidential Dash we treat it as client for web application.
  • User need to register dash device id in the web application. User can also manage his themes through Dash Web application. Web application will serve the application server the details are stored in database server. Confidential dash has Confidential admin application layer where admin can control the application and user details.


Technical Lead.

  • The B2B Partner Site and Enterprise Portal are web based applications that use SAP CRM Internet Sales, SAP Enterprise Portal, and ATG Dynamo. The Partner Site enables Confidential 's B2B Trade Customers to place orders and check order status over the web.
  • The Enterprise Portal has both external customer facing and internal Confidential employee functionality. The Confidential SAP Human Resources (HR) project will use the Enterprise Portal for employee self-serve applications. Basically, there are partner site 1 and partner sit e 2 applications for the same functionality running on two different environments.
  • Development and Application Support for Internet Sucker Application (Web publishing Tool) which communicates between Oracle Database and Lotus Notes Database. Development and Support for various Private sites (for different Business Units in Eastman Confidential Company) is part of this project.
  • Development and Application Support for Confidential 's Product Registration Module is part of this project



  • Confidential provided business and consumers worldwide with an extensive range of services for their mail and express delivery needs. Head quartered in Netherland, Confidential offers efficient network infrastructure in Europe and Asia and keeps optimizing its global network performance.
  • Confidential servers more than 200 countries. Online stores Application provides various features of Confidential business like Biller Direct (FSCM), ukonline, ukadmin. ukonline batch Applications and Track a Package, Redelivery applications The purpose of this project is to provide trading customers with the facility to pay their invoices online using a number of different Credit / Debit Card products (includes corporate cards).
  • Global Collect has been selected for the provision of the card payment processing facility following tenders from four different vendors. The Global Collect solution does include the functionality for a customer to create a BACS transfer in order to settle their invoice(s).

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