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Senior Android Sw Engineer Resume


Results oriented technical professional seeking a position in Android application development/software engineering where my experience in creating native android applications for smart and automotive devices, debugging kernel and boot loader performances, creating patches by making code changes, and product support will lead to recognition and opportunities for advancement.


  • From last four plus years, I have been working as a senior software engineer in an android echo system.
  • I have software engineering experience in both automotive and cell phone industries.
  • In android, I have experience from creating applications, building software, building boot loader, and kernel on a device level. In my recent experience, I maintained the boot loader’s performance for an infotainment system.
  • I also have working experience with all Confidential android based smart phones and tablets that are comprised of returned field failures and New Product Introduction (NPI) from a software perspective.
  • I have demonstrated technical innovation abilities by automating the process of programming the smart phones and tablets; building and compiling the software source code including kernels, running RAM tests, building android applications (apk) in java using IDE such as Eclipse, and automating the process of capturing the logs that eventually helped analyzing the units from a software perspective.
  • With the 8+ years of experience in software testing and validation, I have full understanding of software development product life cycle. I am self - motivated, eager to learn about new technologies and I strive for continued excellence.


High Level languages: JAVA, C, R, Python, SQL, MS Visual C#, Linux Shell

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, UNIX (Solaris), MS DOS

Mobile Networks: 4G-LTE, 3G, GSM, WCDMA, JTAG Debugger Lauterbach JTAG system

Lower level language: Assembly for TI TMS320C30 DSP

Version Control: Clear-case, Git repo, defect tracking systems as JIRA, bugzilla, DDTS

DSP Hardware: TI TMS320C30 floating point DSP

DSP Software: TI DSP Simulators/debuggers/C compilers/assemblers

Electronic Test Equipment: Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, HP RF Signal Generator, HP, Modulation Analyzer, HP Power Meter, Frequency Counters, Signal Generators, Power Supplies, Digital Multimeters

Simulation Packages: MATLAB, Microcap, PSpice

Design Frameworks: Android Studio, Hadoop, Eclipse, Simulink (Matlab)



Senior Android SW Engineer


  • On a regular basis, design and develop small-scale android applications (with fewer or more activities) to test the integrity of infotainment’s particular feature.
  • Currently responsible for design verification, validation, maintains, and leads FOTA ( Confidential OTA Android Application) for current and future Confidential cars.
  • Part of an infotainment software validation team working on future product’s software issues by analyzing the logs, finding a root cause, and maintaining it in Jira until the issue resolves to completion.
  • Compile and build infotainment software on a daily basis to validate the integrity of an infotainment software system. Also, study and validate all the internal and third party infotainment applications.
  • Developed Busybox, using a cross compiler, for validation and support teams for Kernel debugging purposes.
  • Lead and Support Wipro and Danlaw teams by providing them with release and special software builds for their manual and automation testing.


Android App Developer


  • Designed, developed, and tested fully grown android mobile application for a private company, as a coding challenge, to show their offices location and details on a Google Map based on user’s location.
  • Designed, developed, and tested android mobile application implementing the major android application concepts used in android echo system.
  • Currently designing and developing an android softphone application for a smart phone
  • Currently designing and developing an android application, as a coding challenge, from bodybuilding.com
  • Currently going through Big Data Science Master’s Program from Coursera


Senior Android SW Engineer


  • Designed, developed, and integrated flexible RAM memory test into our existing boot loader (u-boot), using EDMA and SDMA schemes, to investigate the performance of memory.
  • Investigated, Analyzed, integrated, and tested all the software patches released by TI frequently into our main baseline bootloader release.
  • Identified, investigated, and determined ways to optimize our bootloader (u-boot) performance by code reduction and modification of existing code. Analysis is done using time points in various stages of a bootloader.
  • Designed and developed data-source simulator with four socket interfaces to simulate the echo-cancellation environment of TI Jacinto 6.
  • Researched and investigated majority open-sourced tools to monitor android system’s performance on a kernel level. Convinced development group to integrate latest versions of libpacap, tcpdump, iftop, and top tools into our main baseline device software
  • Part of a bootloader team that reviews any code changes in our bootloader using Gitlab repository system.
  • Regularly sync, compile and build latest complete product software using Git repositories.


Android Mobile Application Developer


  • Using architectural requirements, designed, developed, and implemented a UI for a first version of mobile application, that shall be used by public safety departments (propriety information). Android sdk, eclipse, and Java were used to achieve this task.
  • Designed and developed functional part of a specific mobile application (propriety information) using android APIs developed by a fellow developer’s group.
  • Developed and implemented Kerberos Authentication system used in SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) a text-based client-server protocol in Android environment. Modified and implemented the android portion of Kerberos Authentication application to Suit Company’s protocol. To achieve this task, android sdk/ndk environment and Eclipse were used.


Senior Software Engineer


  • Supported hardware and software teams in increasing their productivity and minimizing the time of resolving hardware/software related issues by providing them with the automated tool such as a Flashing Station. The software tool was developed using Microsoft Visual C#.
  • Involved different HW/SW teams to provide a fix after Identifying, duplicating, analyzing SW/HW related issues with returned customer smart phones and tablets from different carriers.
  • Provided valuable information about the issues facing phones/tablets in the consumer market to SW development teams in the early stages of a development life cycle to avoid the similar issues in their future products.
  • Developed, in a collaborative team effort, a RAM memory test, in Linux environment, for all android based products to test the integrity of the memory. This RAM test became a standard Design Validation Tool across all product development teams.
  • Compiled and built separate kernels for different products with the necessary changes for low level debugging.
  • Automated the process of capturing and analyzing the logs and panics from all android based products. Developed batch scripts and shell script to capture logs and panics from android smart phones/tablets. For example, bugreport, logcat, dmesg(Kernel), system/bin, user data. Escalated change requests, by opening up a CR (database tracking system) and pursued to closure.
  • Developed Android apps that helped increased support productivity in the department using Eclipse and android sdk environment. For example, created android apps for testing the WiFi, Bluetooth, and Headset for all the smart products.
  • Successfully designed and developed a micro-SD card (2G - 32G) software tool using shell scripting language to test the integrity of a micro-SD card. This tool has been adopted as Confidential standard Micro-SD validation tool for all shipping products.
  • Cloned the android products, using Linux, to differentiate between the hardware and software issues of returned products.
  • Helped the hardware teams in distinguishing between hardware and software issues of a device under test by applying troubleshooting methodology and using logging tools, such as adb logs, RTA (Real-Time-Analyzer).

Confidential, L

Software Engineer


  • Was part of a software integration group in a Mobile Devices Sector, as a software engineer, testing and analyzing different 3GSM/CDMA mobile phones prior to software builds releases,
  • Flash the phones with particular software builds using special software tools such as Radio Communication, RSD Light, Mobile Phone Tools, for testing purposes.
  • Tested and validated particular software for a particular non-smart mobile phone.
  • Performed HW/SW troubleshooting and upon finding errors in a software build, I was in charge of triaging it and routing it to a designated development groups for a fix.
  • Validated the software builds after conducting series of loop testing.

Confidential, Niles, IL

Embedded Software/Firmware Test Engineer


  • Conducted Software/Firmware Testing on a Personal Monitor System (PSM) with ambient technology. The tests included unit testing, subsystem level testing, integration testing, firmware testing, and system level testing of a PSM product (propriety information).
  • Responsibilities included creating test plans and test cases in a Test Director by carefully studying testable software requirements/features of a subsequent product. Involved with software/firmware development engineers to set up software requirements/features of a new product (propriety information).
  • Conducted Software/Firmware Testing on Digital Conferencing Processor with Diversity Echo Cancellation (Audio Mixer). Software-testing tools such as Test Director and a Wireless Work Bench (GUI) were used to create test plans and test cases execution.
  • Wrote test scripts to communicate with an audio device for specific software/firmware testing. Python (dynamic object-oriented programming language) was used to communicate with the device. For unit testing CPPUnit testing tool was used.

Confidential, Vernon Hills, IL

RFID & Firmware Test Engineer


  • Conducted tests and analyzed the performances of different Transponders/Readers on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) printers, collected performances data using Excel and communicate it with RF design engineers to establish a standard placement spec for a particular Transponder/Reader. The tests war done on a PC based environment.
  • Wrote test codes in Basic/C to analyze different transponders/readers on a particular RFID printer. The goal was to test different transponders with one reader only and analyzed the performance of each transponder. The task was achieved by establishing a wireless connection between a transponder and a reader using RFID technology.
  • Performed firmware engineering tests to validate the updated firmware system used for different RFID printers. Wrote and modify the firmware test code when a bug was found in a firmware system.
  • Made spectrum/network analyzer measurements for RFID components such as antenna, coupler, etc. Construction of a prototype electronic system is desired after final test verification.

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

RF Technician (Consultant)


  • Conducted final test verification as a Customer Quality Auditor (CQA) of Mobile and Portable Radios using System Analyzer, Audio Analyzer, Version Check Software Code, Power Meter, and a Power Supply.
  • Visually inspected and tested a mobile/portable radio, hence maintained production line errors to minimum

Confidential, Lincolnshire, IL

DSP (R & D) Engineer


  • Conducted and documented literature study of an enhanced digital transmission system (propriety information), the adaptive equalizer and different algorithms for adaptive equalization.
  • Designed and implemented, in software level (floating point), the adaptive equalizer to reduce the effect of multipath such as multiple ghosts, moving, short and long ghosts caused in digital transmission and reception of an Confidential system. I used the Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm to achieve the convergence of the equalizer for a suitable byte error rate.
  • Converted an adaptive equalizer algorithm from a floating-point arithmetic to a fixed-point arithmetic using C++ to investigate the hardware performance of the system.
  • Investigated and documented literature study of Trellis Coded Modulation, Turbo Coding/Decoding schemes used in digital transmission of an Confidential system.
  • Designed and implemented a Suboptimum Soft-output Algorithm (SSA) used in VSB (Vestigial Side Band) Transmission using Matlab. In contrast to the conventional Viterbi Algorithm (VA), which generates hard outputs, a suboptimum soft-output algorithm is used for detection of digital signals in the presence of intersymbol interference and additive white Gaussian noise.
  • Conducted an investigation to improve SSA performance via system level optimizations.
  • Investigated and simulated the performance of a MAP (Maximum APosteriori Probability) algorithm in Matlab using a soft-output turbo decoder. MAP algorithm provides improved channel coding and hardware performance close to Shannon bound.

Confidential, Plantation, FL

Rf Lead Technician


  • Programmed and tested new two-way portable RF radios came off assembly line.
  • Troubleshooting of the true failures RF boards used in two-way portable radios.
  • Classified the problems in the RF boards as true board failure or Assembly line problem.
  • Documented the criteria of troubleshooting true failure RF boards (two-way portable radios) for other technicians.

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