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Sr. Java/ J2ee Developer Resume

Mooresville, NC


  • As a Java/J2EE developer with over 8 years of experience, strong back end development with front end designs. Technical strengths include Java, J2EE - Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, Java Beans, EJBs (Session beans, Entity Beans and JMS), XML, DTD, XSD, JAXP, JAXB, Web S ervices, Struts, S pring and Hibernate.
  • Solid experience in using Java Design Patterns and Unified Modeling Language ( UML ) in designing JEE applications.
  • Extensive development experience in object oriented analysis, design and programming ( OOA / OOD / OOP ) throughout complete SDLC in various models like Waterfall and Agile .
  • Excellent programming skills in JAVA, C, C++, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL and XML Technologies.
  • IT Strategy Risk Management Cloud Computing / PaaS / SaaS / IaaS Infrastructure Architecture Disaster Recovery
  • Expertise in using J2EE design patterns including Front Controller, Data Access Object, Session Façade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, MVC, Data Transfer Object and GOF patterns - Factory, Abstract Factory, Singleton, Adapter, Observer, Composite etc.
  • Worked with version controlling tools, which includes Git Hub, SVN, CVS, Harvest & Clear case.
  • Strong experience in database design using SQL, PL/SQL -Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Sequences, Packages and Views.
  • Hands on experience in creating build scripts using ANT and Maven .
  • Good communication and Interpersonal Skills.
  • Solid experience in design, development of web based applications using HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular-JS, AJAX, JSP, Java Script libraries like JQuery & DOJO and Tag Libraries.
  • Strong in design and development of SOAP & Restful Web Services using WSDL, SOAP, JAX-WS, JAX-RPC, CXF, AXIS, JAX-RS, JERSEY, JSON, CXF, and WS-Security .
  • Hands on experience with persistence layer using SQL, Hibernate, JPA, JDBC, PL/SQL-Storedprocedures, functions, triggers, Cursors etc.
  • Expertise in using JMS for Asynchronous messaging.
  • Proficient in development of enterprise business solutions using Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere and JBOSS application servers.
  • Excellent hands on experience with Servlets, JDBC, EJB 3.0-Session beans, entity beans, JMS, XML, XSLT, DTD, XSD and DOM/SAX .
  • Good expertise using various IDE tools like RAD, Eclipse & Net Beans etc.
  • Expertise in Unit testing using JUnit & Mockito, Integration testing, & System testing.
  • Good knowledge on ORM, Persistence concepts and DAO pattern and its related design patterns.


Programming Languages: Java, C++, C, PL/SQL

Core Java Concepts: Collections, Generics, Multithreading, Serialization, Exception Handling, RMI, File I/O

Java Technologies: Java, JEE, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JavaBeans, EJB-Session beans, entity beans, JMS, JNDI

Frame Works: Custom MVC, Struts, Spring and JSF.

IDEs: Eclipse, Net Beans and RAD.

Design and Modeling: UML, Rational Rose, Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD),GOF DESIGN PATTERNS& J2EE Design Patterns


Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MS-Access.

Scripting languages: Java Script, Shell Script, AJAX, JQuery


Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Web sphere, Web logic

Testing: JUnit, Mockito, SOAP UI Testing

Build tools: Ant, Maven, Jenkins

Version Control: CVS, VSS, SVN, Rational Clear case

Environment: s: Windows, Unix /Linux


Confidential, Mooresville, NC

Sr. Java/ J2ee Developer


  • Actively involved in mock screens development and project start-up phase.
  • Efficiently managed the tasks and working and delivering features in a fast paced scrum environment
  • Experience working in Agile development following SCRUM process, Sprint and daily stand-up meetings.
  • Involved in developing the UI, layout and front-end programming for web application that matches requirements of the client.
  • Prepared Technical Design documents with UML diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Developed UI Layer for the application using HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS and Bootstrap.
  • Involved in building a single page and cross browser compatible web application using Angular-JS (Angular routing) and bootstrap.
  • Worked with advanced MVC framework such as Spring-IOC, AOP, MVC and Batch which is used for implementing backend functionality.
  • Participated in coding Spring AOP components for the Logging, Exception handling and Transactional Model to handle many requests
  • Support & Enhancement to the existing implementation of correspondence components which are developed using EJBs, JPA and Web Services / JMS Technologies.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model with SQL-based schema.
  • Used Java Message Service (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information for status report.
  • Implemented Authentication & Authorization with Site Minder and spring security .
  • Working within SOA based enterprise framework to build web services for Middle Tier processing.
  • Analyzed current legacy infrastructure, established business case, and built consensus for virtualized IaaS / PaaS near term strategy with SaaS mobile cloud services end state.
  • Developed SOAP based web services using WSDL, SOAP, JAX-WS and AXIS.
  • Produced as well as consumed RESTful web services using Jersey API’s.
  • Followed Java & J2EE design patterns and the coding guidelines to design and develop the application.
  • Followed up with Tivoli Manger group to run the spring batch jobs at specific times.
  • Done with peer level code reviews.
  • Fixed defects identified during QA, UAT and Production.
  • Done with Web logic application server set up & deployed the application on it.
  • Worked with GIT which is used as a version control tool in the project.
  • Done with Unit testing using JUnit and Mockito.

Environment: Java 1.6, J2EE, Servlets, Spring-MVC, IOC, AOP, Hibernate, Eclipse, Angular-JS, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, Web logic Server, WSDL, SOAP, JAX-WS, AXIS, Jersey, Oracle 11g, Oracle SQL Developer, PaaS, GIT, JIRA.

Confidential, Hillsboro, OR

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in design, development and testing of the application.
  • Interacted with the client directly while capturing the requirements and project closure.
  • Prepared the design documents and effort estimations.
  • Used JSF UI Components and P rime F aces to develop UI pages.
  • Developed Backing beans to handle UI components state and stores that state in a scope.
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.
  • Prototyped use of JSF for presentation development and Spring for middle tier development to analyse if use would ease development.
  • Developed client side validations using JQuery and Javascript and developed composite components using JSF facets
  • Involved in writing the database integration code using Hibernate.
  • Used Java Mailing or Messaging Service (JMS) API’s for mailing detailed notifications depending upon the success and failure once the backend process is complete and also for mailing administrator of any system related problems.
  • Extensively used JSF Core and HTML tags and also FLEX for UI development. Used Spring Framework with Hibernate to map to Oracle database.
  • Coding & Unit Testing the business components which were developed using Java/JEE Technologies and also responsible for creating and unit testing.
  • Responsible for parsing XML documents using SAX parser.
  • Wrote Operations and corresponding handlers to communicate with Oracle database sitting on Linux/Unix server.
  • Actively involved in designing and implementing the application using various design patterns such as Singleton, DAO, Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Facade and Data Access Object
  • Responsible for creating SOAP and Restful Web services with WSDL, SOAP, JAX-WS, CXF and JAX-RS.
  • Continuous Integration is done using Jenkins to continuously integrate code and to do the builds.
  • Done with performance testing using Rational Performance Tester to check for response time, through put, memory consumption and thread dump.
  • Added logging and debugging capabilities using Log4j and using SVN.
  • Involved in writing the test cases for the application using JUnit.
  • Make sure the quality of code using PMD & Find Bugs and the code coverage using EMMA tool.

Environment: Java 1.5, JSP, Spring, JavaScript, JSF 2.0, Prime Faces 4.0, XHTML, CSS, Restful Web services, Eclipse, Hibernate, Web sphere serverDB2, SVN, Quality Center, Apache CXF, LOG4j.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Java/ J2ee Developer


  • Involved in each and every phase of SDLC.
  • Responsible for the finalizing the business requirements and involved in planning meetings.
  • Involved in design, development and testing of the application.
  • Implemented the object oriented programming concepts for validating the columns of the import file.
  • Developed JSP pages and client side validation by java script tags
  • Extensively used JSTL tags and Struts tag libraries. Used Struts tiles as well in the presentation tier.
  • Responsible for creating RESTful Web services using JAX-RS.
  • Responsible for changing the GET and CHANGE request according to the requirement.
  • Strong written and verbal skills from both business and technical perspectives.
  • Writing the functional and technical design documents
  • Involved in the JMS Connection Pool and the implementation of publish and subscribe using JMS. Used JMS to consume messages from the JMS provider
  • Developing the application using Struts and Hibernate based frameworks.
  • Done with Server side validations using Struts Validation framework.
  • Implemented Hibernate second level cache using EH Cache and enable the Query Cache property for cache at query level.
  • Experience using SOAP UI to test the existing services. Responsible for consuming Web Service from WSDL.
  • Developed REST/HTTP APIs, including JSON data formats
  • Coming up with the test cases for unit testing before the QA release
  • Using IaaS for Java Development.
  • Wrote shell scripts in Linux to call routines.
  • Working closely with QA team and coordinating on fixes
  • Played a very important role in resolving the defects.
  • Deployed the application on Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Used JUnit framework for unit testing of application and Log4j to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions.
  • Responsible for Checking in the code using the Rational Rose clear case explorer.
  • Played an important role writing the Junit test case scenarios for all the validations

Environment: Core Java, Java API, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Struts, Hibernate, Web sphere, SaaS, Eclipse IDE, SOAP, REST, Linux, JMS, LDAP and Clear Case.


J2ee Developer


  • Built the admin module using Struts framework for the master configuration.
  • Developed server-side common utilities for the application and the front-end dynamic web pages using JSP, JavaScript and HTML/DHTML, Developed EJB components encapsulating business logic.
  • Used Struts-config.xml file for defining Mapping Definitions and Action Forward Definitions.
  • Creating XML based configuration, property files for application and developing parsers using JAXP, SAX, DOM technologies.
  • Design and Development of business objects, data objects, view objects and helper classes.
  • Developed Log4j logs to record the application events to provide the debugging, monitoring and auditing capabilities to the application.
  • Eclipse was used for Rapid Development of the application.
  • Used IBM Rational Clear Case (software configuration management (SCM)) for version control, workspace management, parallel development support and build auditing to improve productivity
  • Written SQL/Pl/SQL queries and used DB2 stored procedure.
  • Struts MVC framework for developing J2EE based web application.
  • Interacted with the client leads directly to help them integrate their application with MNP.
  • Maintain current knowledge of relevant technology as assigned.
  • Implementation of Distributed Map using Dyna Cache for implementing the distributed cache on a clustered environment.
  • Extensively worked on presentation layer and simulators developed with Struts.

Environment: Java1.5, Servlets, JSP, Struts EJB, XML, Log4J, Web Services, Oracle9i, JBOSS Application Server, WSAD5.1, Windows, ANT, UML.


Java Programmer


  • Involved in preparing the Test Plans for testing to be carried out effectively.
  • Developed the core modules for the services by using n- tier architecture.
  • Developed Service layer classes to support the business functionality with Spring MVC.
  • Building web application using Template Toolkit, JQuery and tested transactions created electronically through message injection using JMS.
  • Used JSP, HTML, Taglibs and CSS to create UI pages.
  • Used Java script for client side validations.
  • Used JDBC to connect with DB2 data base
  • Effective execution of the prepared Test Cases.
  • Developed code for Java Multithreading.
  • Build & deployment the code using Ant
  • Wrote Java Servlets to manage an XML-based persistence layer to cut down on server round-trips during development.
  • Involved in unit testing JUNIT and in integration testing.
  • Implemented Log4j to maintain system log.

Environment: Java 1.5, JSP, Servlets, Java Script, CSS, JDBC, Oracle, Java beans, Windows/UNIX, Ant, JUNIT

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