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Sr. Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Palo Alto, CA


  • Java Developer with around 7+ years of experience in Software Design, Development, Documentation, Testing, and Implementation of information systems in web technologies.
  • Experience in design, development and implementation of software applications in Java, Servlets, Applet programming, GUI, Multithreading, JSP, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, Web services, JPA, Oracle, PL/SQL, XML, XSL,CSS and HTML
  • In - depth knowledge of JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Jersey, Metro, Apache CXF, Axis2.
  • Experience in designing and partitioning applications into layers and tiers.
  • Worked on application tools like Eclipse.
  • Extensively worked on Spring MVC, Spring JDBC and Spring Security
  • Experience in the implementation of various J2EE and other basic design patterns.
  • Development of client side programming using XML, HTML and Java Script.
  • Development of Back-End Programming with Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Worked on WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and GlassFish server
  • Exposure to Object Oriented Analysis and design using UML diagrams in Rational Rose
  • Experience in JavaScript for frontend validation and providing front end GUI using JSP, JSON, XML, AJAX, HTML, XHTML, XSL and CSS.
  • Experience in preparing the functional specifications from the project skeleton (Templates and Documents).
  • Excellent team player with good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Experienced with working in a virtual environment
  • Utilized various JavaScript and jQuery libraries bootstrap, AngularJS, AJAX for form validation and other interactive features.
  • Experienced in creative and effective front-end development using JSP, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, JQuery, Ajax and CSS.
  • Worked in various application methodologies including Agile, waterfall model.
  • Experience in working with different operating systems Windows 98/2000/XP/7.
  • Proficient experience working with Agile development environments (SCRUM), Test Driven Development (TDD) and extreme programming to deliver high quality solutions
  • Strong knowledge on SDLC process that includes translation of requirements into functional and technical specifications, Designing, Developing, Testing Implementation & Post Production support using development methodologies like Waterfall and Agile.
  • Possess excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills along with can - do attitude.
  • Experience in working with various configuration management tool Subversion(SVN) for continuous integration
  • Research-oriented, motivated, proactive, self-starter with strong technical, analytical and interpersonal skills.


Programming: Java, PL/ SQL and Oracle 10g & 11g Express

Debugging and Development Tools: Eclipse IDE

Config. Management: SVN, GIT

Frameworks: Struts 2.0, JSF, Hibernate4, Spring4, Angular JS, Bootstrap JS

Environment: Windows XP/7/8

Tools: Maven, Visual Studio.

Modeling Language: UML

SDLC Methodology: Agile (SCRUM), TDD, Waterfall

Web Technology: JSP, Servlets, Groovy, JSON, JNDI, JDBC, Java Beans, JavaScript, Web Services, AJAX, HTML,HTML5, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, Angular Js, JMS, ActiveMQ


Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed overall basic design layout, objects colors and effect using HTML5, java script and CSS3.
  • Well versed with AngularJS directives at attribute, element and class level with HTML5 and CSS3 integration.
  • Used Tomcat web container.
  • Analyzing the business requirements from the client and designing the Technical Specification for architect's review.
  • Created the packages, stored procedures, functions using Oracle PL/SQL for data storage and business reports.
  • Facilitating SCRUM ceremonies like daily Standups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Demos and Sprint Retrospectives.
  • Captured empirical data and updated SPRINT tasks in daily SCRUM to ensure the item pulled in SPRINT backlog is completed by the end of on-going SPRINT cycle.
  • Designing the front end using JSP, JQuery, CSS and Html, XHTML as per the requirements that are provided.
  • Imported the data from MySQL database to flat file and written SQL Loader scripts to load the flat file data into Oracle database.
  • Conducted SCRUM meetings and updated Burndown chart with the progress of each SPRINT.
  • Worked in Agile SDLC development model and was involved in analysis, development and testing phases.
  • Since this is a small application, I have provided scripts to DBA for database creation.
  • Creating HTML Web pages utilizing JavaScript and CSS
  • Used Explain Plan for analyzing performance for database objects, tuning and optimizing the PL/SQL code.
  • Written shell scripts for secure key generation between the 2 servers for Java to use Secure Copy Protocol through Application server to access images from different server.
  • Used Cucumber as a testing tool.
  • Involved in test case preparation along with business users.
  • Created user-friendly GUI interface and Web pages using HTML and DHTML embedded in JSP.
  • Created RESTful webservices using Restlet API.
  • Consumed SOAP services and used SOAP UI tool extensively.
  • Used Hibernate persistence framework on the backend over Oracle 10g.
  • Unit testing in development environment and close interaction with system test and user acceptance team to complete technical and functional testing.

Environment: Java, PL/SQL, JSP, SCRUM, MYSQL, angular js, spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Oracle database, Cucumber, Tomcat, Oracle 10g Express, HTML, Flash, JDK and XML, SOAP, REST, SOAP UI, WSDL, Maven

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Java/J2EE leader


  • Created combined HLD LLD design documents from the BRD and Wireframes.
  • Created Online Banking - Billpay application using FTL as frontend screens and struts2 framework.
  • Did validations using struts validation framework.
  • Used Log4J for logging.
  • Used SOAP UI and poster to test the webservices.
  • Consumed SOAP web services.
  • Implemented functionality rich user interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery and JSPs.
  • Used Spring 3.0 for Dependency injection, Spring JDBCTemplate for Oracle database operations.
  • Tested web services using SOAP UI
  • Consumed, extracted and loaded third party web services.
  • Created JUnit test cases and created set up manuals and user guides.
  • Worked with the Quality Assurance team in fixing the defects and updating the track worksheet.

Environment: Java 1.6, JSP, Freemarker Template, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Spring, SOAP Web Services, XML, SOAP UI, Log4J, Perforce, Oracle(Sql),JDK.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • As part of the infrastructure team, participated in extended SDLC process (Requirement Analysis, Design, Design Review, Development, Testing, Code Review and Continuous Integration)
  • Wrote Technical Design Documents for both High Level and Low Level Design
  • Developed features using various technologies, participated in prototypes and evaluation of emergent or unknown technologies
  • Created design for secure communication between remote clusters separated by untrusted network, incorporated various synchronous and asynchronous algorithms for connection protocols, load distribution and preemptive and non-preemptive load balancing
  • Developed common components for Asynchronous Communication with Json RPC protocol using Guice, Jersey and Jackson Json libraries.
  • Extensively used Object-Relational Mapping and wrote queries using HQL and Java Persistence Query Language
  • Used the Hibernate-Envers package for Auditing Database History, and generate on-Demand Audit Trails
  • Performed Database Migration from MySQL to Oracle
  • Developed Restful Web Services using Guice as the Servlet Context/DI engine and Jersey as the WebService provider
  • Wrote SSL hooks in Jetty AppServer for secure authentication
  • Participated in GUI development, starting from business-reviewed wireframes and development of HTML screens to integration with back-end data center using Angular JS and Restful Web Services
  • Developed deployment packages and diagnostic tools on target platforms, wrote scripts for generating RPM packages for Linux deployments
  • Developed a Rule Engine in Java for filtering consumer generated events and making a decision on which group of users need to be notified and seamlessly maintain and escalate
  • Wrote common components for seamless unit testing applicable to generalized environments, including dependency injection, data source configuration etc.
  • Used Oracle JCE libraries for generating Message Digests
  • Used Perforce and Git for Source Code Management
  • Participated in the Scrum process with quick and agile turnaround times, iterative backlog grooming, demos and retrospections

Environment: JDK 1.7, Red Hat Linux, CentOS, Shell Scripting, HTML5, AngularJS, Guice, Jersey, Jackson, Hibernate 4.1.7, Oracle 11g, MySQL, Ant, Maven, Apache Tomcat 7, Jetty, Perforce, Git

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Participated in Analysis, Design and preparation of Functional specifications
  • Documented Low-level design (LLD) and High-level design (HLD)
  • Followed Agile methodology and Scrum process for implementing the project
  • Developed web pages in the front end using JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, HTML and CSS to display the affect of Corporate Actions on the positions from various source systems
  • Performed Code Review to ensure Organization and Project level standards are met and checked for redundant code
  • Implemented different levels of logging using Log4j
  • Prepared Unit Test Cases with JUnit
  • Performed Unit Testing and Automated System Integration Testing(using Ant)

Technology and Environment: Core Java, SOAP, Web Services, JSP, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, JQuery, Subversion (SVN), JUnit, ANT

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved into analysis and design phase. Participated into discussion meetings (Scrum meetings) about the business requirements.
  • Involved in the development of Presentation layer using JSP, HTML, CSS and used Spring framework
  • Developed using Spring validation framework and JavaScript for validation at front-end or server
  • Worked in implementation of MVC design paradigm of Spring framework, object- relational mapping(ORM) using Hibernate and Oracle database at the back end
  • Involved in injecting dependencies into code using concepts like IoC of Spring Framework
  • Configured Spring ORM that provides simplified templates for accessing databases through ORM technologies, such as Hibernate in our case to access the database
  • Involved in development of presentation layer using Spring framework, and MVC design paradigm
  • Developed Web Services using SOAP, WSDL and JAX-WS programming model
  • Developed Session Beans and entity beans to implement the business logic and deployed into server
  • Used WS-Security for providing security within SOAP messages
  • Worked on Spring DAO, Spring MVC and Spring AOP Interceptors in Logging and Auditing
  • Developed Data Access Objects (DAO), Session Facade, Service Locator, Business Delegate and Value Object patterns.
  • Used Hibernate for object-relational mapping and for database operations in Oracle database.
  • Hibernate which was integrated with Spring framework helped mapping Java classes to database tables using XML files and without writing any line of code
  • Used SVN to check-in and check-out and co-ordinate among team members for Version Controlling
  • Used Spring JMS template for the asynchronous exchange of critical business data and events among J2EE components and legacy system
  • Performed unit testing using JUnit
  • Followed a RUP process for software development.
  • Worked in Agile work environment.

Environment: Solaris, JDK 1.7, Servlets, JSP, Spring 3.1, JPA, JMS, Hibernate 3.0, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Server Studio 6.5, Weblogic 10.1,SVN, Maven, iReport 2.0.2, Struts 1.3.10, Altova XML Spy, SoapUI, JAX-WS, Apache CXF, TcpMon, JQuery, JQueryUI, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Javascript, EasyMock, Junit 4.1, Jenkins, Dreamweaver, Visio, Ajax

Confidential, Boston, MA

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Responsible for development of the enhancement requests from the client
  • Developed web pages as per given wireframes using JSF and implemented business logic in service layer.
  • Developed UI, presentation layer using Struts Framework, HTML, JavaScript and CSS3UI.
  • Worked on CRM Applications
  • Responsible for debugging and fixing the defects in the existing business solution
  • Responsible for writing SQL queries for querying databases to check data consistency.
  • Used AGILE for storing database in tables.
  • Utilized Core J2EE 1.6 design patterns such as Singleton, Business Delegate, Session Façade and DAO.
  • Developed user interface based on Spring MVC framework using JSTL and JSP for Presentation layer.
  • Worked on Angular.js for web applications.
  • Worked on Drools which is used for collection of tools that allow us to separate and reason over logic and data found within business processes.
  • Used VSS for version control and RAD to compile
  • Created Scripts for graphical display of data using BIRT Reporting Tool.
  • Used JMS to receive, send create and read messages.
  • Used JQuery to implement front end validations.
  • Implemented Messaging Trigger component using JMS, ActiveMQ.
  • Responsible for the installation and Setup of Thingworx hosted on the Apache Tomcat Server
  • Developed Web Services (WSDL, SOAP) from scratch using top-down approach using Apache AXIS2.0 framework and responsible to build secure communication using HTTPS and LDAP Authentication.
  • Involved in writing stubs to consume Web Services hosted by third party web systems and integrated it using Spring-CXF.
  • Used HTML5 and CSS3 for front end web developments.
  • Used IOC for computer program to receive flow of programming from generic (resuable library).
  • Involved in writing web methods to allow this application integration with the other third party services using Android
  • Responsible in the acquaintance and transitioning Thingworx into the organization and also the new feature IOT (Internet of Things) that Thingworx framework uses effectively.
  • Extensively used Hibernate/JPA and Spring-JDBC in data access layer to access and update information from Oracle database and have written HQL, Named and Native queries.
  • Used REST architecture style for clientes and servers exchanges resources by protocol.
  • Implemented Singleton class to load Custom XMLs with Native SQLs parsed using JAXB and loaded SQL to the map
  • Experience on Spring2 Aop
  • Used dozer mapping for mapping domain object to transfer objects.
  • Used Spring Jackson API for mapping Java objects to JSON.
  • Worked closely with infrastructure team to configure the JBossserver for stress testing the performance of application.

Environment: JDK 1.6, Servlet, JSF, JSP,Extjs, Beans, XML, XSLT, Html5, JAX-WS, Spring 2.5,Hibernate 3.0,CSS3UI, Oracle 11g, JMS, ActiveMQ, Ant, SOAP, Tomcat 5.5x, HTML5, JavaScript, JUnit 4.0, Talend, Angular.Js,Android, Spring 2 AOP, IOC,Drools,BIRT,Thingworx 5.0.

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