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Sr. Software Developer Resume

New York, NY


10.5 Years of IT Experience including as Software Developer/Tech Lead and in all phases of Software Engineering such as SDLC (Analysis Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance) of Enterprise (b2b, b2c) business applications, mainly in areas of Finance (Trading, Equities, Derivatives) and Banking Systems.

  • Expertise in design and development of robust, scalable secure applications using Java/J2ee (Servlets, JSP, JDBC, EJB, SOA, XML, XSL, XQuery).
  • Good understanding of design patterns.
  • Experience with UML, modeling with Rational Rose and MS VISIO
  • Responsibilities include client interaction, requirement gathering, design, and development, planning & tracking for a small team.
  • Excellent communications skills. Adept at building strong working relationships with co - workers and management.
  • Development Team Lead, involved in managing development team, tracking various phases of development projects, work-allocation and effort-estimation.
  • Has 9 years of banking domain experience, Handled multiple projects simultaneously
  • Responsible for weekly development Projects Status Reviews.
  • Responsible for code review for the development projects.
  • Excellent database experience, writing queries using SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, DB2 UDB/Sybase & Sql Server.
  • Expertise in Agile Software Development like Scrum methodology and Feature Driven Development.
  • Expertise in Core Java 2 concepts Collections, Generics, Multi threading, etc.
  • Experience in Application/Web Servers like IBM Web Sphere, Web logic 8.1/6.x, Orion and Apache Tomcat etc.
  • Expertise in Web Service development and deployment (XSD, WSDL, UDDI, Apache CXF/Axis etc) and in Restful Web services.
  • Expertise working with Rational Clear Case, CVS, and VSS like source control systems.
  • Expertise Maven 3.0, Hudson CI and Ant
  • Experience with Struts and Spring frame works
  • Experience with ORM tools Hibernate and Toplink
  • Expertise in scripting languages like PERL, Unix Shell Script etc.
  • Around 3 years of experience in Calypso Implementation.
  • 2 years of experience in Scrittura implementation.
  • Experience with CRM based applications.
  • Have extensive experience in SEI - CMMi Level 5 processes.
  • Exposed to different areas of Liquidity Management like pooling and sweeps.
  • Good understanding of fixed income, equity, credit and interest rate derivatives products.
  • Good understanding of Derivative documentation.
  • Proven background leading teams in stressful, deadline-oriented environments.
  • Talented problem solver able to think "outside the box."

Client: Confidential

Role: Solution Architect/Tech Lead client is a chain American department stores headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Macys.com provides the online services to the customer's who wants to purchase the Macys products online.


  • As a member of the architecture team understand the existing Macys.com architecture and provide architecture solutions for enhancements and improvements.
  • Provided Architecture solution for Macys Social Shopping project. It includes.
  • To enable social login on the site did a comparison study between Social login widget providers and did the POC's.
  • Did a comparison study and POC's to use existing cloud platforms (PaaS, SaaS) to run the Social Shopping application back end.
  • Implemented Hudson CI and as part of that implemented Selenium gird for rapid test feedback to developers.
  • Involved in migration WebSphere application server 6.3 to 7.0 for Macy.com

Environment: Core Java 1.6, Coherence Cache, GIGYA and Janrain social widgets, Hadoop, GitHub, Heroku Cloud, WebSphere Application server, Hudson CI, Selenium Gird etc

Client: Confidential

Role: Sr. software Developer/ Tech Lead

Project Names: Client Dash Board, Shiraz Service, Malbec Service.

Client Dashboard is web-based tool which provides salespeople a strategic platform for client metrics and information. It is a dynamic interface to show Trade details for sales person and for desk. It has interface to display Revenue & budget for a client. It is a dynamic interface for tracking client meetings, action items, opportunities. It has integrated with outlook to create and save calendar meetings.

Shiraz service is to create and update the existing contacts and employees. It applies the visibility to show sensitive client information to sales person. It facilitates to authorize and authenticate the clients who are connecting to the service and carefully logs the information for audit purpose.

Malbec service is to Create/Update/Manage any type of list and access the list items with an API.


  • Responsible for Development, Code-Review and release process for the project.
  • Actively interacted with client throughout all phases of project.
  • Designed and implemented Client Meetings, Action Items, Opportunity, Revenue and Trade Details.
  • Implemented Revenue Reporting, Budget Entry, and Contact list management application backend using Java.
  • Wrote PL/SQL Complex Store Procs for hierarchical traversal, markers traversals etc.
  • Implemented Reference data Shared Service to provide Org Chart, Product, and Client related data to multiple teams.
  • Implemented JMS based system to interact with GSOE (Goldman Sachs Org Entity), to update the Reference Data (Client, Contact, Employee information).
  • Implemented Ajax based type ahead for various lookups, searches like clients contact, and employees.
  • Rapid summary page loading using multi-threaded builder pattern.
  • Heavily used Display tag libraries for rendering tables. Extensively used JavaScript, CSS, etc.
  • Implemented locale and time zone aware system.
  • Designed and implemented various frameworks like: Authentication and Authorization using Servlet Filter phenomenon.
  • Wrote and executed Unit Test, System Test and UAT and analyzed the results.
  • Spoke to Sales people and understand the business needs and help them to write functional specs.
  • Help Business analyst in functional testing of applications and fix any opened bugs in UAT.
  • Design and implemented Shiraz and Malbec services using internal frame work called Servicebase.
  • Define visibility rules for Sales persons and Sales Management and implement them using Java and DB2.
  • Implemented EH-based cache to store all the client contacts and employee details for real time search and to get.
  • Have Developed RESTful web services to create/update/delete contact and employee data.
  • Responsible as technical lead for the development team along with tracking the project on daily basis for team size around 10

Environment: Core Java 1.5/1.6, Servlet 2.3, JSP 1.2, Java Script, DB2 8.x/9.7, JMS, SQL, PL/SQL, JDBC, Web Service, Axis, Eclipse, Sun Solaris, Display tag lib, Tomcat 5.1.2, SVN, JUnit, HTML, DHTML,XML,UML,CSS, RESTFul Web Services, ServiceBase frame work, Shell Scripting, Hudson CI, TDD.

Client: Confidential

Role: Sr. Software Developer/Tech Lead

Project Name: Permits 03

Permits 03 is a web application for the automation of Oversize/Overweight (OS/OW) Special Hauling permits for the vehicles to use New York State highways and bridges. It facilitates to apply for the required permits through online by a Permit service company. The Central permitting office reviews the permit application with internal workflow and can issue or reject the application. The issued permit will be sent to the service company through an email. The Service company account can be pre-funded through credit card payment mechanism.


  • Responsible for Development, Code-Review and release process for the project
  • Gathered requirements designed and developed for internal permits work flow.
  • Actively interacted with client throughout all phases of project.
  • Designed and developed online credit card payment module for the permits system with Web services and SAML.
  • Designed and developed customer pages to view, apply for permits.
  • Designed and developed KIOSK interfacing for online Permits application system.
  • Designed and developed reconciliation for the credit card payments.
  • Designed and developed Carrier Enrollment module with web services.
  • Synchronized the DTF OSCAR and NYSDOT PERMTIS system data base for Carriers.
  • Developed UI for various modules using DHTML and Ajax.
  • Technical lead for the development team (Team size 8) daily activities involved are tracking the project on daily basis, assigning the tasks to the team members and monitoring the progress of each team members.

Environment: Java 1.4, Ajax, Web services, Struts 1.1, Servlet 2.3, JSP 1.2, XML, Toplink, JDeveloper 10.1.3, PL-SQL Developer, Log4J, Rational Clear Case, Clear Quest, CSS, Oracle 10, Orion App server, Windows XP, TIDAL.

Client: Confidential

Role: Sr. Software Developer/Tech Lead

Project Name: Anvil to Calypso Interface & Calypso Implementation

Anvil is a Front office system where Repo trades are booked; when the trade is booked at front office anvil system generates an XML file with all the trade details. The same Anvil XML file should be fed to the Calypso for further back office processing which includes Cash flow generation and settlement. The Products which this interface implemented are JGBRepo, Tri-Party Repo, Buy Sell back, Simple Transfer, SecurityLending, SimpleMM, and Complex Cash.


  • Gathered requirements, designed and developed interface with Core Java, Calypso 9.001 API and Sybase.
  • Created the Mapping for Trade Variables for Anvil to Calypso.
  • Have Developed the Product import classes for JGBRepo Buy Sell back, Simple Transfer, SerurityLending and SimpleMM.
  • Have Developed the XML parser to parse the Anvil XML file
  • Have developed the Mapping the Anvil variables to Calypso variables Module.
  • Have Developed the Feed File handler to Read and move the files between the directories while processing import.
  • Have Developed the Emailer/ Recovery tool utilities to report the errors occurred while importing to the business users and production support team.
  • Have done the SIT testing and fixed the bugs.
  • Involved in UAT testing and answered the questions from the business users and fixed the bugs.
  • As part of the calypso implementation created the work flow for the fixed income, Equity and Credit Derivatives, Created user defined rules.
  • Implementation message and settlement workflow for Equity and Interest rate derivatives.
  • Implemented EOD scheduled task for the reconciliation.
  • Customization of Calypso Reporting Framework as per the needs of the Shinsei Bank.

Environment: Core Java, Calypso API 9.01, XML, PERL, Sybase12.5, Eclipse3.1.

Project Name: Hedge Fund Administration System

Hedge Fund Administration services system provides essential support for a wide range of business needs to hedge funds. Seamlessly integrating processes and transactions, these services give valuable real-time insight into operations. The system provides accounting Services, tax Services, Investor Services, Risk/Attribution Reporting.

Responsibilities included:

  • Developed Static data Import/Export Utility, It is used to import data from different instances of Dataserver.
  • Involved in developing different funds.

Client: Confidential

Role: Sr. Java Developer/Tech Lead


The Scrittura suite of solutions enables customers to bring efficiency, automation, and accuracy to the document generation and management and substantially improve middle-office operations processing. The Scrittura technology suite is comprised of DocGenerator, DocManager and Workflow Manager. DocManager is a high-volume repository equipped with powerful search and retrieval capabilities. DocGenerator provides document generation and an event tracking system specifically designed to automate the documentation workflow process. It is used for Swaps & Derivatives (interest rate, FX, FX options, NDFs, equity, credit and commodity); Master Agreements (ISDA Master/CSA, IFEMA, FEOMA and ICOM); and Credit Requests. Workflow Manager smoothly integrates disparate systems and structures complex business processes into a unified framework.

Responsibilities included:

  • Analyzed and developed Calypso Tag File Engine. The engine subscribes to the trade event i.e. when a trade is saved in the system the Tag File Engine gets a notification. If the trade event qualifies the customized filter (to check current status as verified) it calls a java class that retrieves the required trade details from the database and creates a Tag File download in UNIX area. This is subsequently ftp'd to an interfacing system called Scrittura (that generates the trade confirmations to be sent to counterparties).
  • Involved in implementing the equity derivative work flow in calypso. Created user defined rules for the work flow.
  • Gathered requirements & implemented trade confirmation workflow with XML, Core Java and JDBC calls to SQL Server Database
  • Created Electronic work flow for DTCC trades with XML, Core Java and JDBC call SQL Server Database.
  • Created re-usable data base utilities with JDBC and Core java
  • Developed the templates (Derivatives confirmations) for the Credit Terminations with JSPs, Core java, JDBC and Bean Shell programming.
  • Created follow up administration mechanism with Core Java, JDBC and AJAX.
  • Developed Tracking Event mechanism for DocManager with Core Java.
  • Involved in solving the production issues and enhancements

Environment: Java 1.5, JSP, EJB, XML, AJAX, PERL, Web logic Server 8.1, MS-SQL, Sybase, Clear Case and Solaris.

Client: Confidential

Role: Sr. Software Developer/Tech Lead

Project Name: Global Notional Pooling (GBNP)

Global Notional Pooling (GBNP) system is a comprehensive Liquidity Management Product.

  • Enhance interest earnings by avoiding idle balances
  • Minimize overdraft interest charges
  • Management of funds in different currencies
  • Consolidate funds located across countries/currencies
  • Offer differential interest pricing to customers based on balances
  • Provide a normalized store for account relationships across different liquidity products

Responsibilities included:

  • Managed Development/UAT/Production support teams
  • Gathered requirements, designed and developed interface for IRAS system in Java, JDBC, PL-SQL programming and with CORBA.
  • Developed Java Interfaces and Integrating with PL-SQL reusable components for Feed File Generation
  • Gathered requirements, designed and developed interfaces with GL Canada system
  • Designed and developed Begin of Day (BOD) End of day (EOD) processing with multithreading, JDBC and Core java.
  • Developed interface from Account Server interface with CORBA.
  • Developed User Interface with JSP, Servlets and Struts API.
  • During the course of development have got good exposure the Sun Solaris packaging.
  • Have gained proficiency in Software Change management.
  • Involved in the development activities for GBNP Toronto.
  • Investigated and answered the queries from Clients of GBNP in UAT cycle.
  • Involved in getting the connectivity established with the partner systems of GBNP through Connect Direct for GBNP SIT, UAT and Production environments

Environment: Java 1.3, Oracle 9.2, Struts, JSP, CORBA (Orbit 3.3.2), IPlanet and Solaris.

Client: Confidential

Role: Java Developer

Project: RBCS

RBCS is envisaged to cater to requests from Citi Bank Fund Transfer (CitiFT) asking for balance/credit checks on remitter accounts for all the FTs that CitiFT processes. Basically RBCS provides the CORBA based services to CitiFT/FTN and TRIMS are credit approval, cancellation of pending or already approved transactions, modification of cutoff times for pending transactions and GUI.

RBCS will also have automated processes in place, which will keep monitoring transactions pending credit approval and will approve them in case balances in related accounts go up to a level such that automatic approval becomes possible. RBCS has an extensive GUI that will be used to maintain static data maintenance, User profile maintenance, Transaction monitoring, manual approvals and Report generation.

Responsibilities included:

  • Design and development of RBCS GUI
  • Setting and Developing CORBA related environment and stubs in development servers to simulate the Production Environment for internal development and testing environments
  • Involved in Construction and Regression Testing

Environment: Java 2.0, Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.1, C++, HTML, DHTML, JS, Corba, IBM - MQ Series 5.2, Oracle 9i, DCE, Site minder 4.5, Sun OS 5.8, Sun Sparc, IPlanet 6.1

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