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Java/ J2ee Developer Resume

Irving, TX


  • Around 5+ years of experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like Implementation, Testing, Planning, Analysis, Design.
  • Experienced in developing and designing software applications with Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JSP, Java Beans, Java Script, ORM, JNDI, XML, SOAP, REST, EJB, JDBC, JSF.
  • Expertise in core Java concepts like OOP’S design, Exception Handling, Java Reflection, Annotation.
  • Experience in integration of Amazon Web Services AWS.
  • Technically proficient in Oracle, SQL, MySQL.
  • Experience with XML, XSD, SAX, DOM technologies.
  • Strong technical skills in the technologies like Java, J2EE (JDBC, Servlets, JSP, AJAX, Hibernate, Spring, Web services)
  • Experience front end part of the application using Angular.JS, Backbone.JS, JQuery, Node.JS, HTML5 and CSS.
  • In - depth knowledge on Relational Database and experience on non-relational database like Mongo DB.
  • Core experience in developing Groovy Grails Restful Web Services.
  • Experience in AWS cloud platform and features like EC2, AMI, EBS Cloud watch, AWS SQS and AWS S3.
  • Expertise working on Application Servers and Web Servers like WebSphere 6.x/7.x, WebLogic 8.x/9.x/10.x, Apache Tomcat 5.x/6.x/7. x.
  • Proficient in Java/J2EE design patterns including Singleton Factory, Model view controller (MVC), Data Access Object (DAO) and Business Delegate.
  • Worked on IDE’s like Eclipse/My Eclipse and WSAD/RAD for deploying, developing and debugging the applications. Expertise in developing applications using frameworks like Struts, Hibernate and Apache CXF.
  • Expertise in design and architecture of J2EE based huge applications and hands on experience in using various modules like Spring Core Container Module, Spring Application Context Module, Spring MVC Framework Module, Spring ORM Module, Spring AOP Module, Spring Boot, Spring Batch in Spring Framework.
  • Hands on experience with the Reporting Tool Crystal Reports to create reports in various formats and tuning the performance. Experienced in a fast-paced Agile Development Environment including Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Scrum.
  • Expertise in building web applications using JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and/or Java.
  • Extensive knowledge in Security-System development for Web Applications, which was developed in all phases of security implementation using spring security system.
  • Strong expertise in browser compatible related issues by testing with web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.
  • Experience on tools like JIRA for bug tracking.
  • Experience in performing Unit testing, Integration Testing and generation of test cases using Junit.


Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Unix

Documentation tools: MS Office, Word, PowerPoint, MS Project, Visio, MS SharePoint.

Web Servers: Tomcat 7/8

Scripting Tools: Pearl, Bash, JavaScript

RDBMS: Oracle, MySQL, DB2

Markup Languages: XML, HTML, CSS, JSON, XSL, XSLT

Technologies: Java, JavaBeans, J 2EE, JSF, AngularJS, Angular2, ExtJS, Struts, Jenkins, GIT, Web Services, spring, Hibernate, Ajax, JMS, JDBC.

IDE: Eclipse, My Eclipse, RAD, IntelliJ, NetBeans


Java/ J2EE Developer

Confidential, Irving, TX


  • Worked on Snap logic integration tool. It is unified data and application integration platform as a service (iPaaS).
  • Typescript was created for the components and services to consume REST API’s by using Component based architecture provided by angular2.
  • Enhancements made for the new features involving effort estimation, impact analysis, requirement analysis and design.
  • Implied in design and development of the applications related to web by using AngularJS, Angular2, ExtJS4.x, NodeJS, Apache Camel, Spring and hibernate ORM.
  • Enhancements and major fixes were documented and prepared.
  • NoSQL and MongoDB were used.
  • Eclise IDE was used for developing the code along with SVN for dealing with the code.
  • Handled JPA (Java Persistence API) frameworks and API’s such as JDO (Java Data Objects) and hibernate.
  • Designed the front-end using HTML, CSS, JSP and JavaScript.
  • Managed, Tested and monitored Oracle fusion middleware 10g/11g components using Enterprise manager.
  • Effort estimation, impact analysis for the change requests, requirement analysis and design for the new features and enhancements.
  • Fixed bugs in the existing applications.
  • Commandable experience on selenium IDE and creating scripts in selenium - RC by using Java.
  • Experience in designing and developing back-end services, maintaining and expanding our AWS (Redshift).
  • Deployed applications on Oracle WebLogic AS.
  • Involved in production support and fixing bugs.
  • Developed server side utilities using Java Beans, XML and Apache Camel.
  • Implemented multi-threaded Java API that performed low latency databases dealt by utilizing WSDL.
  • Examining the code, making enhancements and fixing the issues.
  • JPA and Hibernate was used for defining the object relational metadata.
  • Scripts were built using Gradle to build the J2EE application.
  • Writing Thread safe blocks for multithread to make transactions valid.
  • JMSAPI was used for synchronization.
  • Applied HTTP step wise to accomplish site navigation.

Environment:: Shell Scripting, XML, JDK 7/8,PL/SQL,Junit,SVN,Maven2.x,Apache Camel, Putty, JIRA, AccuRev, Tomcat, Bootstrap, UML, Unix, Agile Scrum, Servlet, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, Snap, Logic, Spring, Maven, Web Services, AngularJS, Angular2,Log4j, Struts, Hibernate Eclipse, WebLogic, JSP, CSS, MySQL, RESTful API,EXTJS.

Java/J2EE Developer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Extensively used My Eclipse as an IDE for building, developing and integrating.
  • Involved in Design, Development and support of the application by using Agile methodology.
  • Junit test cases were provided for the application to support the Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • Manipulated DB2 for data retrieving and storing using ORM,
  • SQL scripts and PL/SQL stored procedures were used for the database query.
  • Extensively used Rally’s Agile Management tool (Rally Dev).
  • Maven and MS build tools were used for building and deploying the application.
  • System architecture and design were created using UML analysis model and design model.
  • Developed data access layer using hibernate and DAO design pattern.
  • Utilized Spring MVC framework to implement design patterns like IOC, Spring DAO, Data Transfer objects, Business objects, ORM mappings.
  • Used the spring DAO to handle exception for database transaction like open connections, no result, connection aborted, closing the connections etc.
  • Developed web services client interface with JAX-RPC from WSDL files for invoking the methods using SOAP.
  • Developed servlets and a JSP for performing CRUD operations on domain specific entities.
  • Extensively worked on SOA and Web services in Axis 2.0 to get the data from third party systems.
  • Involved in the development of the application based on backend Spring MVC architecture.
  • SOAP Web Services accessed the third-party credit card information.

Environment: Web Services, Jboss, Spring, Hibernate, JAXB, XML, SOA, SOAP, JAXRPC, Maven, PSS, TDD, SQL, HTML, RallyDev, WSD, Git, Eclipse, JQuery, J unit, XML, Selenium.

Java Developer

Confidential, Erie, PA


  • Developing the application by using spring framework and Agile Methodology.
  • Involved in Junit testing of various modules by generating the test cases.
  • Deployed the applications on Tomcat server.
  • Extensive knowledge on system and business helps data modelling for the database tables.
  • Examine and bug fixes.
  • Involved in application performance tuning activities.
  • Worked on Spring Batch frameworks.
  • Involved in analyzing the client requirements and designing the specification document based on the requirements,
  • Interacted and coordinated with different teams to get the statuses on the tasks and to get the timely and exquisite status.
  • Developed tools to improve the accuracy and efficiency in the production support environment using core Java properties like Unix, Shell scripting.
  • Developed TTA-Selenium application for testing ATAAS application, which helped for use acceptance testing and bug fixing.
  • Involved in designing and developing for web based clients using AngularJS 1.3, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery.
  • Spring Configuration XML was written for the file that contains declarations and business classes which are wired-up to the frontend managed beans using Spring Web Flow.

Environment: JSP, HTTP, XML, AngularJS, Spring Framework, Java/J2EE, Oracle, Hibernate 3.0, CSS3, HTML5, Putty, Tomcat, winSCP, Firebug, Eclipse, Linux Red Hat, Jenkins.

Java Developer



  • Developed a RESTful API that provided account management capability as well as security role lookup and management for all downstream dependencies.
  • Requirement gathering, analysis, defining scope, design analysis, impact analysis, integration and deployment.
  • The views are programmed using JSP pages.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validations.
  • The JSM API was used to allow application components to create, send, receive, and read messages.
  • Maintenance and creation of data using Oracle database, JDBC for database connectivity with Oracle. The request and response from the client is controlled using Session Tracking in JSP.
  • Used EJB for server side transactions.
  • Junit was used for testing the unit of the system and Log4J for logging.
  • For parallel process of the application multithreading was used.
  • JSP pages were programmed for the views.
  • Designed and developed UI’s using JSP by following MVC architecture and spring framework.
  • Existing project was refactored to make the project more RESTful and thread-safe.

Environment: WebSphere, Servlets, Tomcat 6.0, RESTful, Core Java, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, TestNG 6.0, IBM WebSphere 6.x, J2EE, SDLC, Selenium IDE, XHTML, JDBC, MySQL.

Jr Java Developer



  • Worked on integration methodology and strategy including interface, data flow and process flow.
  • Analyzing the business and functional requirements provided by the client.
  • Developed custom directives, factories and services in Angular JS.
  • Junit test cases were written to support the business logic and unit testing.
  • Jasmine unit tests were written using Karma to verify AngularJS modules and JavaScript utility routines.
  • Created SQL queries and used functions, procedures and triggers.
  • Performance of the database was improved by recognizing and and writing queries.
  • Spring Framework to organize middle-tier applications.
  • JSP webpages were developed for the user interface.
  • Worked on unit and integration testing of the application.
  • Existing scripts were maintained and new scripts were written to automate the existing environment using Maven.
  • Designed front-end based on Bootstrap templates and embedded forms verifications with JavaScript together with Regular Expression.

Environment: Hibernate3.0, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J2EE,Java,JDK 1.7, HTTPS, HTTP, Windows, Web services, Unix, Bootstrap, Akana SOA,SOAP,WSDL, SSO,SAML, Junit, Ant, XML/XSL, Log4J, WebLogic.

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