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Full Stack Developer Resume

New York City, NY


  • 6+ years of professional experience as a Full Stack (Web UI/Java) developer with solid Object Oriented Programming knowledge.
  • Expertise in Front - end related technologies including HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, JSP, AngularJS, Angular, SCSS/SASS, D3, Angular material.
  • Good understanding of GoF Design Patterns: Singleton, Prototype, Proxy, Facade, Factory, Builder.
  • Solid understanding of Core Java concepts including Collections framework, Exception handling, Multi-threading, Reflection, Generics, Concurrency.
  • Hands-on experience with Java 8 Lambda expression and Stream API. Knowledge of Default methods and Type Annotations.
  • Experienced in Cloud Computing Platform AWS (Amazon Web Service) including EC2(Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) and S3(Simple Storage Service).
  • Excellent experience in Java Spring framework including Spring IoC, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Quartz.
  • Skilled in establishing database connection and storing and retrieving data from database with JDBC, Hibernate.
  • Rich experience in using Oracle database and composing SQL, stored procedure, trigger and database functions.
  • Participated in the analysis, design, implementation and testing phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Experienced in Agile development methodology and JIRA, Asana as the project tracking tool.
  • Good understanding of TDD(Test Driven Development) process.
  • Extensive experience in using Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Mocha and QUnit for front-end unit testing, JUnit and Mockito for back-end unit testing.
  • Proficient in using Git, SVN as the version control tool.
  • Quick learner with problem solving skills and ability to communicate efficiently with teammates and clients.


Programming Language: Java, JavaScript, C, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, D3.js, OAuth2

Framework Tools: AngularJS, Angular 2/4, Spring 3.x, Hibernate 3.x

Web Technologies: ES6, jQuery, AJAX, Node.js, Express, JSON, Bootstrap, SCSS

J2EE Technologies: Hibernate, JSP, JDBC, Spring Security, Maven, Spring MVC, Java Mail, Servlet

Test and version control: JUnit, Mockito, Karma, Protractor, Mocha, Istanbul, QUnit, Git, SVN, Jasmine

Operating System: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows

Cloud service: AWS EC2,S3

Database: Oracle, MySQL, SQL


Confidential, New York City, NY

Full Stack Developer


  • Extensively involved in analysis, development and testing phases of SDLC.
  • Followed Agile methodology and applied Scrum method in the development phases.
  • Worked closely with the UI team to build a user-friendly application using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, and bootstrap.
  • Built a SPA(single page of application )using Angular2. Connected the model and view using two-way binding and one-way binding. Migrated from Angular2 to Angular4.
  • Wrote custom directives to extend the Angular built-in modules.
  • Developed services to implement the algorithm of the financial calculators.
  • Applied form validations to validate the inputs. Implemented pipes to make the data searchable and sortable.
  • Produced histogram, bar chart, line chart, pie chart using D3.js to display evaluation result.
  • Applied OAuth2 to provide single-sign-on service which allows users to access multiple accounts with one set of credentials.
  • Participated in designing the entity model of database and implemented the database on Oracle.
  • Applied Spring Security for authentication and validation of the user. Personal user and business user will be directed to different pages.
  • Configured Spring MVC to control the data request and response between front-end and mid-tier.
  • Worked on DAO layer with Hibernate and integrated it with JSP. Coded to make the front-end retrieve and send JSON type data to the database.
  • Implemented Rest service using Spring Restful API in back-end and returned JSON format data to front-end.
  • Applied Spring Cache to avoid repeated database access and calculation for improving user experience.
  • Implemented the email notification feature with Java Mail when users open an account online and opt in to receive alert notifications.
  • Implemented unit test with Karma and Jasmine. Performed E2E test with Protractor.
  • Used Webpack based tool to build the application.
  • Configured a server using AWS EC2 service and connected it via SSH. Uploaded files to S3 bucket to serve the contents.
  • Captured logs using Log4j and added a log file for debugging.
  • Used Git as the tool of version control and code management.

Environment: WebStorm, JIRA, AWS, Oracle 10g, Eclipse mars.2, Tomcat v7.0, Angular2/4, Spring, Hibernate, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JSP, Maven, Git, Java8

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Full Stack Developer


  • Adopted Agile methodology for development. Participated in daily stand-up Scrum meeting.
  • Followed TDD(Test Drive Development) and swiftly modified the application according to client feedback.
  • Built a responsive website with HTML and CSS features including Flexbox, Media Queries.
  • Developed Single Page Applications with AngularJS including Routing, Service and Directives. Applied filters to process the data search and sorting.
  • Applied Angular Form validation to validate the inputs using built-in validators and custom validators. Used ng-valid, ng-touched, ng-dirty to style the elements according to the state of the form.
  • Included angular-qrcode into the project to generate QR codes.
  • Adopted OAuth2 protocol to allow users to login in with their Google, Facebook and WeChat accounts.
  • Applied Google Maps API to provide auto-filling service.
  • Configured the SCSS files to define the styles of the module.
  • Implemented business logic using Core Java, including Collections Framework, Exception handling, Java I/O, Generics.
  • Applied Java 8 features Lambda Expression and Stream API.
  • Implemented Oracle function and wrote SQLs for the request of data accessing and updating.
  • Configured Spring MVC and mapped the URL and middle-tier using annotation.
  • Developed business logic in the service to calculate price and to implement tools such as order history, USPS SCAN form, bulk order upload. Implemented Spring DAO layer with Spring JPA for data retrieval from database.
  • Wrote unit test and integration test with JUnit and Mockito.
  • Used JIRA to coordinate and track the projects. Used SVN as the version control tool to maintain codes.
  • Implemented logger for debugging and testing purposes using Log4j framework.

Environment: Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, AngularJS, Oracle10g, CSS3, HTML5, Spring, Maven, Bootstrap, J2EE, JUnit, MockitoJIRA, SVN, Java 7/8.

Confidential, Addison, TX

Full Stack Developer


  • Joined an Agile team following TDD process.
  • Implemented filter API in jQuery to present corresponding result when customer search or sort the data.
  • Used Ajax API in jQuery to implement the Ajax request and response with JSON type data.
  • Wrote JavaScript logic to manipulate images. Combined JavaScript with HTML, CSS to improve the user experience.
  • Configured Spring MVC to manage URL mapping with controller for the communication between front-end and mid-tier.
  • Developed the mid-tier using Spring Framework with Hibernate Framework and Hibernate Template. Implemented services components for DAO layer.
  • Applied Spring Batch to reduce network traffic by processing requests by batch.
  • Implemented Java Mail to send email when users register successfully. Used Spring Quartz to send notification to users according to the alert preference.
  • Created test with JUnit and Mockito for backend testing, QUnit and Istanbul for frontend unit testing.
  • Built and deployed project automatically using Jenkins.
  • Used Asana as the project tracking tool.
  • Applied GoF Design pattern Factory, Proxy and Singleton for back-end design.
  • Git for code management and version control.

Environment: JavaScript, jQuery, Java 7, Spring Batch, Oracle10g, JUnit, Java Mail, Mockito, Mocha, Istanbul, Git, Sublime,Spring Quartz, HTML5.

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in UI development and developed the interface using JavaScript, JSP, HTML and CSS.
  • Adopted jQuery UI to implement a virtual mirror which allows user to select or resize the image.
  • Applied jQuery APIs including Ajax Event handlers, Browser event APIs to make AJAX calls and handle events.
  • Adopted filters in jQuery to help users to narrow down the searches.
  • Coded in JavaScript to provide functionality of editing and reading reviews.
  • Implemented the controller and logic function using Spring MVC.
  • Customized restful web service in back-end and sent JSON format data packages between front-end and the mid-tier controller.
  • Integrated Hibernate with Spring DAO support to create mapping between database tables and Java Bean classes.
  • Used Java Servlet to respond to the HTTP request and send the result to the client.
  • Maven was used to build the project and to manage dependencies between modules.
  • Deployed the application with Tomcat Server.

Environment: HTML4, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Tomcat v7.0, Oracle10g, Git, Spring MVC, Java7, Hibernate, Maven

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