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Sr. J2ee Consultant Resume

Carrollton, TX


  • Around 12 years of overall IT experience in Java Application Development, Object Oriented Programming and Internet/Intranet based Database Development, developing enterprise applications using Java, J2EEtechnologies
  • Core Java1.8, Servlets, JSP, Springs4, Hibernate5, Restful Web services, SOAP Web Services, EJB, Struts, JDBC and Oracle, Spring Micro Services, Spring Boot, Spring JPA, Spring Data, Spring Cloud,AWS EC2,IAM, Angular4,Docker,Jenkins,Ansible,Git,Maven,Gradle,Windows XP/2000/NT as well as application servers such as Websphere5.1, Web logic 10.3 technologies, Tomcat 9.
  • Worked on Banking domain ( Confidential , Confidential ), Telecom, Finance, CRM etc.
  • Core Java experience and knowledge of OOPS Principles and best practices.
  • 4 years’ experience on Agile Methodologies.
  • 1 years of experience in Angular1.5.
  • Proficient in using various IDEs like Intellij 16, Eclipse 4.5.1, and spring tool suite.
  • Good experience in developing and consuming Restful Web Services.
  • Expertise in web application development using Servlets, JSP, spring, JDBC, HTML &JavaScript.
  • Experience in testing the services using JUnit.
  • Worked extensively on build and deployment tools like Maven .
  • Experienced in AGILE methodologies and applying best practices in software development such as architecture, design patterns, peer programming, unit testing, configuration management, quality and defect tracking, deployment, etc.
  • Having experience in various databases like Oracle12c.
  • Have expertise in SQL and PL/SQL (Packages, Views, Stored procedures, Functions, Sequences,, indexes and Triggers)
  • Experience in using Log4J for logging messages like Debug and Error for better tracking and developing of application.
  • Knowledge in designing multi - tier Enterprise application with J2EE design patterns like MVC, Business Delegate, and Session Facade.
  • Experience in using Perforce CVS, SVN, GIT for source control.
  • Message Oriented Middleware experience using JMS, RabbitMQ over Tomcat.
  • Experience in implementing Web Service client using SOAP, WSDL, REST and XML standard using SOA.
  • Good experience in developing Distributed applications using EJB.
  • Extensively worked in TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development).
  • Experience in implementing persistence layer using O/R mapping tool like Hibernate and JPA.
  • Developed XML utility classes using DOM&SAX, JAXB parsers for parsing X
  • Extensive Knowledge on DevOps Tools (Git, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins).


Languages: Java, SQL, HTML

Web Technologies: J2EE, .Hibernat4,Spring4 EJB, SERVLETS, JSP, XML, HTML, DHTML (CSS), JavaBeans, RMI, JavaScript, XSLT, Angular4, JavaScript, JQuery, Micro Services, Spring Boot, Spring JPA.Spring Data JPA.

Frameworks: Spring4, Struts, Hibernate5

Application/Web servers: Apache Tomcat, IBM Web Sphere, JBoss

Databases: Oracle12c

Web services: SOAP, Restful, WSDL,Swagger

Internet Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, jQuery, Angular4, Angular1.5.Angular2 and 4.

DevOps Technologies: Ansible, Jenkins, Git,Maven,Vagrant,Docker.

AWS Technologies: EC2, Load Balancing, VPC, S3, IAM.

Version control systems: Perforce CVS, SVN, GIT

Java API s: JDBC, Servlets, Java Beans, EJB

IDE: Intellij 16,Eclipse, Spring tool suite

Operating system: Windows Family, UNIX, Linux,VIM,VI

Others: maven,Gradle, CVS,SVN, PL/SQL, Tomcat Server, Jenkins,SonarQube.


Confidential, Carrollton, TX

Sr. J2EE Consultant


  • Participated in product release meetings to from the Inception Phase onwards.
  • Participated in Sprint grooming and planning meetings.
  • Picked User Stories from Jira and developing them by J2EE plat form.
  • Developed Rest Full Web services to provide the responses to Angular UI.
  • Implemented Java1.8 api for Business requirement implementations.
  • Implemented business methods using spring transactions and spring core concepts auto wiring.
  • Used Finder methods using DSL with Spring Data to invoke data base operations.
  • Applied Java 8 features into the applications like lambda expressions, streams, and functional interfaces.
  • Used Swagger API for REST API documentation and REST client api generation.
  • Actively involved in developing business services using Spring Transactions Manager.
  • Used Query DSL integrated with Spring Data to build the dynamic queries with DSL predicates and APIs.
  • Developed Angular Components using Angular4.
  • Developed end to end flow using Angular and Rest API.
  • Developed Services using Angular4.
  • Communicated with Rest Response and Displaying data in view components.
  • Developed unit tests using JUnit and Mockito frameworks and integrated through Maven
  • Responsible for Code review and record the code review comments in Code Collaborator.
  • Implemented JUnit Test cases with 100%.
  • Developed 100% code coverage with Sonar Lint.
  • Worked with Code Collaborator tool for Code review.
  • Implemented Spring Data for in the DAO layer.
  • Running Builds on Jenkins.
  • Worked with Ansible Play Books for initiating configuration on Different servers.
  • Worked on Git for creating new branches and merging branches with master branch.

Environment: Java/JEE,Java1.8,, Spring 4,Hibernate5, Angular4.0,JPA,Restful Web services, Git, Jira,Gradle, Oracle12c,Agile.Jenkins,Docker,Ansible,SQL Developer,Agile.


Sr. J2EE Developer.


  • Attended Agile Scrum Meetings from Inception onwards.
  • Picked User Stories from Jira and implemented them
  • Used Spring Boot Auto configuration for built-in classes.
  • Added Spring Boot Starter dependencies in Maven Config file.
  • Used Embedded Tomcat Server and actuator end points.
  • Developed Model Layer using JpaRepository in Spring Data Jpa.
  • Designed and Implemented Micro services using Spring Boot. Created a separate schema per every micro service in database design.
  • Added both REST and Messaging End points to communicate microservices through HTTP and AMQP protocols using RabbitMQ Server.
  • Implemented Cloud capabilities like Centralized Configuration, Load Balancing, Service-to-Service call using Fiegn, Service Registry, Discovery using Spring Cloud CompomentsUsed Spring Boot style of configurations (poms).
  • Developed Busing classes using Spring Core concepts with auto discovery and auto configuration.
  • Developed Hibernate Tasks Using JPA Annotations.
  • Configured Spring Transactions Manager to perform db operations.
  • Developing JUnit Test cases using Mokito Frame work.
  • Developed Angular JS 1.5 controllers and services.
  • Client Interaction for requirements.
  • Code review using Cruicable tool.
  • Implementation Hibernate Configurations using JPA annotations.
  • Worked on DB related issues in lower level environments.
  • Supported SIT, UAT, Pre prod Environments.
  • Updating Release Notes.
  • Running TeamCity Build local builds.
  • Running Builds on Jenkins.

Environment: Java/JEE,Java1.8,,AJAX,Hibernate4, Angular 1.5,JPA,Restful Web services, schedulers,JMS,Maven3.x, Oracle11g,Agile.Jenkins,SQL Developer,Unix,Cron Jobs,ETLs, JDK 1.8,Maven 3.x Spring Framework 4,Spring Boot, Spring MicroServices,RabbitMQ,Git,Spring cloud, Spring Data JPA,Spring JPA, Oracle 12c, DB Visualizer.Jenkins.


Sr. J2EE Consultant


  • Once receive the PDF with Fortify Issues identifying Different issues(XSS,SQL Injections)
  • Identified the Security Issues Reported
  • Identified number of XSS issues
  • Identified number of SQL injections.
  • Configured and Integrated Apache Http Server for Static content
  • Re Engineer the existing framework with Struts, Hibernate, and Ajax.
  • Worked on automated ant build scripts with Jenkins for deployments and created standard deployment procedure the
  • Integrated Jenkins with SonarQube, Check Style,PMD and Find Bugs for code quality
  • Implemented Real-Time Message processing and load XML data into Book Fair System
  • Implemented Single Sign On feature for integrating the store front with Toolkit
  • Implemented ATDD or TDD model by using selenium and Jenkins
  • Migrated to JBoss App Server from IBM WAS 5.1
  • Worked on Spring MVC, Rest Full Web Services, EJB and JPA-Hibernate framework.
  • Worked on AJAX with JQuery
  • Worked on Struts with Hibernate
  • Worked on Junit and Selenium for test automation
  • Created SOAP UI test suits to perform unit testing for Aixs2 web services
  • Wrotescripts forOmniture variables in jsp pages
  • Used Selenium web driver to perform web testing on different browsers and versions
  • Created additional SQL layer on top of Selenium to perform web testing with dynamic data
  • Created Axis2 SOAP web services and provided security through rampart module
  • Created Aspects and advice classes for implementing logger functionality using Spring AOP
  • Created Marshaling & Un-marshaling XML using JAX-B
  • Created Ant scripts to checkout projects form CVS, make build and deploy in server
  • Configured emailsin application to remind about Book Fair Events
  • Created shell scripts for running Email Jobs
  • Configured JVM properties to make one of the App server as real time messaging server
  • Created Standalone Simulator application which imports the fair/BFC detail message in to database
  • Have run the Security Scan against Project code base.
  • Involved in Business development and implementation of business functionality
  • Worked with all Fortify Security issues (XSS,SQL Injections etc.)
  • Worked with Production Defects
  • Worked with Nonspecific Regression Defects

Environment: Struts, spring, Hibernate, Ajax,Web Sphere, JBoss, Apache Axis, Sonar Qube, Jenkins, backbone, Hibernate,Db2,JQuery. WCS,Velocity Template framework, Maven, Apache HTTP server, Selenium


Senior Analyst


  • Provided Solution Design Document for the Close Quote application
  • Provide solutions for integrating web sphere commerce and tomcat application
  • Utilized REST Full services to get the data from different systems and integrated the systems
  • Wrote Captcha functionality to avoid web attacks
  • Provide solutions to EJB Entity Beans
  • Designed new Jsp pages
  • Provided Support on Ajax Asynchronous Calls
  • Provide java mail API solutions for sending confirmation mail to the customer
  • Develop security policies for Authentication, Authorization & Auditing while calling external system.
  • Managed tasks, issues, and risk retirement.
  • Address the performance issues and provide solutions
  • Coding, Stress testing and load testing of applications.
  • Utilize JUnit testing for automating the execution of the test cases

Environment: Struts, web services, JQuery, Java Mail, AJAX, 6.0.x, Java, J2EE (Servlets, EJB, JSP, JSTL)




  • Provide Solution Design Document for the Integration with Siebel system
  • Worked on java mail API for sending confirmation mail to the customer
  • Develop security policies for Authentication, Authorization & Auditing while calling external system.
  • Wrote Struts Controllers and validated lead info
  • Integrate installation services to submit the lead to Siebel system
  • Address the performance issues and provide solutions
  • Coding, Stress testing and load testing of applications.
  • Utilize JUnit testing for automating the execution of the test cases
  • Provide documentation support and best practices.
  • Provide production deployment guidelines and execution plan.
  • Validate coding standards
  • Report bugs found during testing and monitor the testing completion status
  • Assist the client in user acceptance testing
  • Production support for the issues

Environment: Struts web services, JQuery, Java Mail, AJAX, Documentum, Java, J2EE (Servlets, EJB, JSP, JSTL)


Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed JIRA plugins with for Project Management Tool
  • Using Apache Jmeter testing tool to generate test script, performance testing and load testing.
  • Understanding and Updating Functional Specification.
  • Implementing Spring Configuration
  • Implementing Hibernate Mapping’s for data persistence.
  • Integrating Testing, Unit Testing.

Environment: Core Java, springs, Hibernate, Junit, Oracle9i, Tomcat5.1, Windows 2000.


Team Member


  • Involved in Design Documentation
  • Development/Coding of modules based on the design and requirements specification.
  • Involved in coding for Web Services,JSP, Servlets, and JavaScript
  • Understanding and Updating Functional Specification.
  • Implementing Hibernate POJO’s for data persistence.
  • Code Reviewing According Coding Standards.
  • Involved in Unit Testing.
  • Involved in Integration Testing. Functional Testing
  • Developed UI Components using HTML CSS
  • Request changes
  • Resolving the Defects
  • Responsible for reviewing other team members work

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, XMLHibernate, Oracle9i, Websphear5.1 Windows 2000.WSAD 5.1

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