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Systems Analyst Resume

Harrisburg, PA


Experienced professional with 20 years of information technology leadership experience. Skilled and experienced in all aspects of product development and SDLC - from concept design, product planning, business analysis to software development. Managed development of complex enterprise solutions for Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Banking, Financial Services, and Advertising industries.


Technologies: Java, JSP, JSF, Java EE, JavaScript, XML/XSL, AJAX, SQL, PL/SQL, UML, Spring, Struts, Hibernate

Database/App Servers: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, WebSphere 7.0/6.0, WebLogic 10.3, Apache Tomcat 6.0

Tools: Rational Enterprise Suite, Poseidon, Visio 2007, NetBeans, Eclipse, TOAD, CVS, VSS

Software Engineering: Rational Unified Process, Agile, CMMI, Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Others: SOA, Web Services, JNDI, JDBC, JMS, JUnit, jQuery, TCP/IP, SIP




Java Architect

As an Architect led design, development and maintenance of software products and services at leading broadcast monitoring company that provides marketing intelligence to Advertising, Marketing Research and Radio industries.

Principal Architect ( )

  • Aligned technology initiatives inline with business goals and drove projects to successful completion.
  • Architected and developed core framework and web services using Core Java, Java EE technologies which support various end user applications and systems.
  • Led design and development of audio recognition technology that can compare and distinguish minute differences (<2 sec.) between very similar ads.
  • Led design and development of Spring framework based application that recognizes predefined keywords that are mentioned in radio or television broadcasts. The application provides public relations insights to PR firms.
  • Led design and development of app for indie artists to chat and promote videos to fans using Java EE and SIP API.
  • Collaborated with partners and clients such as Accenture, Ad Council, Citadel Media, Kantar Media, Marketing Architects, MindShare, etc., to enhance the utility of Mediaguide technologies and data services to clients.
  • Developed customized solutions that provide competitive intelligence and advertising effectiveness analysis to clients such as Ford, Honda/Acura, Home Depot, Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull, Starcom, Walgreens, etc.
  • Through continuous process improvements, reduced development and operations budget by $540,000 over a two year period, while improving the efficiency of product delivery by 32% and client services by over 60%.
  • Confidential Sr. Architect ( )
  • Led design and development of innovative advertising intelligence products and services for marketers, resulting in new revenues of over $1.5 million/year.
  • Developed batch processes to summarize and sync multiple Oracle databases containing hundreds of millions of records.
  • Increased the speed and performance of the data access tier by 200% by refactoring and redesigning the Java framework and the Oracle PL/SQL code.
  • Developed and implemented application systems deployment process which resulted in 99.9% uptime for the production systems since inception.
  • Developed prototypes and tested design attributes prior to incorporating the new designs into application frameworks.
  • Performed code reviews and provide appropriate and timely feed back to the team to maintain integrity of code and design standards.
  • Led all aspects of product development, including hands-on programming to build design frameworks. Technologies used included Java, J2EE, Oracle, SQL and UML.


( )


Led design and development of web-based application that delivers marketing analysis and competitive insights to Advertising, Music, and Radio industries. Using the application users can monitor and analyze advertisements and music aired on over 2500 radio stations across the country.

  • Designed and developed multi-tiered application framework using design patterns.
  • Developed system using J2EE technologies and Struts framework.
  • Implemented RUP based software development process, resulting in significant improvements in systems analysis and design, scope management and on time delivery of projects.
  • Evaluated and recommended database systems, application development and UML tools to improve efficiency and productivity of software development process by 24%.



Sr. Architect

As Sr. Architect for information technology services provider, led various aspects of software systems development including business analysis, system architecture, and project management.

Client:Confidential, Newark, DE

Project: Designed and developed processes for exchange and synchronization of financial data between MBNA s Cash Management/Treasury Management system and Oracle Financials accounting application. Cash Management system provides features such as management of receivables, payments and disbursements, analysis of daily cash positions and trade positions. Designed compact and flexible data model for data related to securities, FX and Money Market instruments that are traded and settled using the Treasury system. System allows trade execution and settlement of spot, forward, and swap FX transactions in various global currencies. Processed, summarized, formatted and synchronized data with financial and accounting applications on a real-time basis using automated processes.

Client: Office of Emergency Preparedness, Montgomery County, PA

Project: As project lead, designed a multi-tier MVC architecture and developed environmental regulatory services application to replace an existing application. In addition to incorporating new features, the redesign improved the response time of the system by 300%. Application is used for Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (SARA) related emergency planning and response procedures and activities. Integrated third party weather information system with the application, to provide real-time evacuation routes in case of emergencies due to leak or spill of hazardous materials. Application also provides financial management services which include invoicing, accounts payables, receivables and reconciliation.

Technical Services ManagerconfidentialExton, PA

As Technical Services Manager for leading regional information technology consultancy, managed all technical aspects - systems analysis, design, coding and implementation of systems.

  • Designed and developed system architecture for several large-scale, distributed, mission critical systems, with focus on services such as messaging, data security, transactions and enterprise integration.
  • Conducted design and code reviews and implemented QA processes to improve the quality of software.
  • Developed and implemented CMM based iterative software development methodology resulting in 35% improvement in software developer productivity and 68% reduction in initial defects.

Client: Confidential PA.

Project: As an Architect, led a team in design and development of multi-tier, distributed portal that enables physicians and administrators to create and organize a virtual practice, manage patient eligibility and file electronic claims submissions. Architected middle-tier security services for the HMO's Physician Portal. Designed application and data security framework through use of encryption and fine grain access control mechanism for eligibility and claims management processes.

Client: Confidential, West Point, PA

Project: As an Architect, led development of marketing and consumer portal to serve the needs of physicians and consumers. Designed algorithms and data model to search and present complete, relevant and up to date information about various health related topics and company products from structured and unstructured data sources such as medical research articles, drug information databases, and clinical databases. Designed user personalization and customization framework for the portal

Client: Confidential, Conshohocken, PA

Project: As a Technical Project Manager, led a team in designing and developing an E-Commerce site and customer service application. Web based applications provide person-to-person and business-to-consumer electronic payment services, through online and offline systems. Designed and implemented system to enable real time financial transactions, credit card processing, account reconciliation with banking systems and implementation of fraud checks for online purchases. Developed state of the art technology system for the company to a great degree of satisfaction for the client, which resulted in additional business opportunities with the client.

Client: Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Project: As a Technical Project Manager, led a team that designed, developed and implemented mission critical B2B E-Commerce application. E-Commerce Gateway system processed several thousand invoices, purchase orders, payment advices, etc., a day. The system was designed to accept incoming EDI and other electronic transactions and map them to internal SAP and Oracle applications or conversely, create outgoing EDI or electronic transactions from the data in internal SAP and Oracle systems. Project was successfully delivered ahead of time and within budget, resulting in gaining additional business in the form of follow on projects for enhancements.

Systems Analyst/ProgrammerPA 7

As Systems Analyst/Programmer for leading regional information technology consultancy, led the technical design, development and implementation of information systems for Fortune 500 companies.

Client: Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Project: Led a team in design and development of an Accounts Payable and Cash Management System. Accounts Payable sub-system automated the receipt and payment of utility bills for corporate banking clients using EDI transactions. Cash Management sub-system was used to move and manage funds for the corporate banking clients and had ability to wire funds, automate clearing of checks, trade and settle FX and Money Market instruments and transfer and settle domestic and international inter-bank funds. The system provides for aggregation and reporting liquidity, FX and Money Market positions. The system consisted efficient workflow for setting up the business rules for receiving invoices and making payments, intra-day reporting of actual and projected cash flow and balances.

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