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Senior Java Developer Resume

Monroeville, PA


  • 7 Plus years of extensive experience in all phases of software development life cycle including requirements analysis, applications design, development, Integration, maintenance and testing of various client/server, N - tier and web applications.
  • Excellent Project implementation skills using J2SE (1.8/1.7/1.6), J2EE like Servlets (3.1/3.0/2.5), JSP (2.3/2.2), JDBC, Spring (4.1/3.1/3.0), Hibernate (4.3/4.1), JPA, (2.1/2.2/2.3), Web Services, AJAX, JSTL 1.2, CSS, JQUERY and XML.
  • Experienced in developing applications using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, DOM, and jQuery, Ajax, JSON and XML that follows W3C Standards.
  • Proficient in java versions: JDK and J2EE with strong background of OOPs concept.
  • Proficient in Administration, installation, configuration, and fine Tuning and Deployment procedures of Web applications with Apache Tomcat Server (8.0/7.0), Jetty Server, IBM Web Sphere (8.5/8.0/7.0) on various Operating Systems like Windows, LINUX.
  • Strong experience of developing data models by configuring Hibernate persistence layer, mapping Java classes with database using Hibernate and in Hibernate query language (HQL)
  • Expertise in implementing spring framework for Dependency Injection, Auto-wiring, support for the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern and integrated with hibernate, Struts MVC.
  • Experience in writing build automation scripts like Maven (3.1/3.0) and deploying the J2EE applications
  • Hands on experience writing web services both client side and end point using SOAP and Rest Full (JAX-RS, JAX-WS).
  • Hands on experience with Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Strong experience in designing, Creating and Managing of Schemas and coding stored procedures, functions, triggers, packages using SQL Server (2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005) and PL/SQL with tuning concepts.
  • Excellent understanding of Software Architecture and Business requirements for existing and ongoing projects.
  • Proficient in Object-Oriented, Design, Development (OOAD) and integration of complex enterprise and web based applications using IDEs like Eclipse (4.4/4.3/3.7) and Net Beans (7.0).
  • Strong experience in Unit Testing of Java applications using Junit, made code changes wherever necessary.
  • Extensive experience in performing reviews like Code reviews and peer reviews for maintaining best coding standards
  • Highly self-motivated with strong analytical, communication and problem solving skills, excellent team player and ability to deliver under critical situations.
  • Strong ability in communicating with Project development team and prioritizing workload.


Languages: Core Java (1.8/1.7/1.6), C, C++.

J2EE Technologies: JSP (2.3/2.2/2.1), Servlets (3.1/3.0), JDBC (4.2/4.1/4.0), JSTL 1.2, Custom tags, EJB (3.2/3.1), RMI, JAXB (2.2.8/2.2.3/2.0 ) DOJO, JMS 2.0, JNDI, Web Services

Web Technologies: HTML 5.0/4.0, DHTML, CSS, XML, DOM/SAX, XHTML, XSL, AJAX, JQuery, PHP, AngularJs, NodeJs BackboneJs.

Frameworks: Spring (4.0/3.2/3.1/3.0 ), Hibernate (4.2/4.1/4.0), Struts (2.3/2.2/2.1/2.0 ), JSF (2.2/2.0), Spring web flow (2.4.x/2.3.x/2.2.x/2.1.x)

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, Python, Maven (3.3.x, 3.2.x, 3.1.x, 3.0), Perl, PHP, and UNIX.

Databases: Oracle11g, PL/SQL, SQL Server, IBM DB2 7.0/8.2, MS Access, MySQL, MongoDB.

Web/Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere (8.X, 7.X, 6.X), JBOSS 5.X, Apache Tomcat (8.0.x, 7.0.x, 6.0.x), Oracle WebLogic (12c/11g/10/9)Web services SOAP, WSDL, and REST

Development Tools/IDE: Eclipse (4.4/4.3/4.2/3.8 ), sublime, brackets, Dreamweaver Net beans, Maven build script

Design Patterns: MVC, DAO Pattern, Singleton Pattern.

Design Methodologies: UML

Open Source: JUnit, log4j1.2.


Senior Java Developer

Confidential, Monroeville, PA


  • Involved in SDLC phase of requirement analysis, design and development of the web based intranet application tool using Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, Web Services, SQL and Oracle.
  • Deployed and currently maintaining the applications in JBoss application server in multiple environments.
  • Browser based client communications with server using REST web services with JSON.
  • Involved in developing single page applications, components using AngularJS 2 directives, controllers, view and routing, and service modules.
  • Implemented Rest based web services using JAX-RS annotations and consumed using HTTP services from AngularJS modules.
  • Responsible for development and consumption of Restful Web services.
  • Made use of the Swagger along with REST API to discover and understand the capability of services without access to source code, documentation
  • Developing persistence layer modules using Java Persistence API (JPA) annotations and Entity Manager .
  • Used Angular.js and Node.js for Fetching Data from the Server by giving URL to get JSON data for model and to populate model from the server.
  • Worked with Angular 2.0 to develop single page applications.
  • Extensively used Entity Class Associations, Criteria Queries, and Projections using Query DSL
  • Called multiple SQL Stored Procedures using JPA and JDBC.
  • Implemented Audit logs and Exception Handling using Spring AOP.
  • Maintaining separate build in Maven for the module for easy integration to the portal build and configure with Jenkins.
  • Involved in Unit Testing, Functional and Integration Testing for different Modules in the application using Junit.

Environment: Java1.8, JPA, Query DSL, Restful Web Services, Angular2, primeNG, NodeJs, Spring, Hibernate, Swagger, gulp, JUnit, Jetty, Maven, Jboss, SVN Oracle .

Senior Java Developer

Confidential, West Des Moines, IA


  • Involved in SDLC phase of requirement analysis, design and development of the web based intranet application tool using Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, Web Services, SQL and Oracle.
  • Develop, implement and maintain a synchronous, AJAX based rich client for improved customer experience.
  • Developed SOAP based requests for communicating with web Services.
  • Implemented DAO layers using JPA standards and Hibernate API interfaces.
  • Used Spring Batch for running batch jobs.
  • Generated the stubs from WSDL and communicated with server using SOAP protocol.
  • Responsible in development of Web Services using SOAP based Web Services.
  • Used Spring MVC framework and configured many beans and wired them as per requirement.
  • Developed/Customized Java Server Pages (JSP) for Customer User Interface (UI).
  • Worked SAML authentication security to consume 3rd party Rating Web Services
  • Developed REST web services and SOAP web services using JAX-WS.
  • Designed REST APIs that allows sophisticated, effective and low cost application integration.
  • Developed web tier using Struts CSS, HTML, XML, JSP, and Servlet.
  • Used SQL Stored procedures for application that needed to execute as apart of a scheduling mechanisms.
  • Involved in preparing design documents, developing use cases, identifying classes and Objects, drawing class diagrams, sequence diagrams.
  • Launched live chat program for site and developed a customer service and sales-related team that executed program.
  • Used Java Collections API extensively in the applications.
  • Designed various tables required for the project in Oracle 11g database and used the Stored Procedures in the application.
  • Developed PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions.
  • Involved in Setting up the build, configuration and auto-deploy using Maven Build Tool
  • Used JIRA as project Management Tool to Track work items
  • Used Agile framework for design and development and participated in scrum meetings.
  • Involved in writing test cases using JUnit.
  • Involved in production support, monitoring server and error logs and foreseeing the potential issues.

Environment: Java, JSP, JQuery, t3.js, YUI, Bootstrap, Spring, Spring Batch, Hibernate, JPA, MySQL Server, AJAX, HTML, Apache Tomcat, JUnit, Web Services, SVN, JIRA, Maven, Jenkins.

Senior Java Developer

Confidential, Charles Town, WV


  • Involved in the requirement analysis and design phases to comprehend all technical assessments, and to participate in implementation with minimal errors.
  • Utilized Waterfall Methodology (SDLC) to manage development lifecycle.
  • Used Spring MVC (Model View Controller) to handle/intercept the user requests and used various controllers to delegate the request flow to the back-end tier of the application.
  • Analysis, design and development of application based on J2EE using Struts, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Involved in developing the user interface using Struts.
  • Developed well responsive single page application using AngularJS framework, JavaScript, and jQuery in conjunction with HTML5, CSS3standards, with front-end UI team.
  • Used AngularJS framework to bind HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (models).
  • Tested SOAP web services using SOAP UI and REST web services using REST Client.
  • Responsible for the overall layout design that meet cross-device compatibility using Bootstrap, color scheme of the web site using HTML5, and CSS3 and Responsible for creating detailed wire frames and process flows.
  • Involved in implementing the Hibernate API for database connectivity
  • Used Node.js to build a scalable network application where it can handle many connections concurrently.
  • Used JDBC to invoke Stored Procedures and database connectivity to ORACLE.
  • Designed dynamic client-side JavaScript codes to build web forms and simulate process for web application, page navigation and form validation.
  • Used YUI library for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, HTML, AJAX.
  • Analyzed the Node.JS server structure in legacy project, then mimicked the REST service by using Java JAX-WS API, and did the corresponding configurations.
  • Implemented REST API using Spring framework.
  • Developed client side validation code using JavaScript and JQuery Validation Plugin.
  • Implemented database persistence layer to communicate with Oracle Database.
  • Involved in Enhancement of existing application utilizing JSP, Created HTML navigation menu that is role based menu items changes dynamically, derived from the database in the form of XML.
  • Project scope was to redevelop existing swing application to call remote EJB without using swing. Developed and deployed Portfolio application
  • Extended CSS as needed to accommodate new data and display types.
  • Responsible to maintainHTML5, CSS3 in JQuery as well as keeping the pages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Later participated in the Testing phase in accordance with QA team, to help them to come up with best testing scenarios.
  • In spite of fast paced Agile environment and aggressive timelines successfully managed to make last minute changes and delivered Release 1 deliverables
  • Extensively participated in developing the website across different browsers and performed cross-browser testing.
  • Responsible for quality assurance of finished websites including the validation of web forms and links.

Environment: Java1.7, J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON, XML, REST, SVN, Hibernate 4.2, Spring 4.0, AngularJS, JSP, MVC.

Senior Java Developer

Confidential, Lawrenceburg, TN


  • Involved in complete Agile/SDLC - Requirement Analysis, Development, System and Integration Testing.
  • Created user-centered design, keeping in view the business usability goals including meeting accessibility requirements and usability testing for participants with disabilities.
  • Create and maintain web pages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQUERY and also responsible for Designing of Web pages including Ajax controls XML.
  • Integrated the Java code (API) in JSP Pages.
  • Used Springs Framework in the application, which is based on MVC design pattern.
  • Involved in configuring Spring controllers using IOC.
  • Involved in SOAP and Restful web services testing using SOAP UI and test web services using WSDL provided by development team.
  • Configured the Spring Framework for the entire business logic layer and set dependencies in Spring Context bean file.
  • Experience with Angular Js in two way data binding.
  • Worked with Angular JS for creating own HTML elements for building a much-companied Web.
  • Developed SOAP based requests for communicating with Web Services
  • Involved in implementation of enterprise integration with Web Services and Legacy Systems using SOAP, and REST
  • Utilized various JavaScript and Angular JS frameworks, AJAX for form validation and other interactive features.
  • Extensively worked on PL/SQL to write core business logic store procedures, functions in Oracle Database
  • Integrated process into build system which auto-generates REST API documentation from source code improving API documentation quality and availability while reducing maintenance costs
  • Development of MQ Application programs for JMS environments using queues and messages.
  • Used Hibernate for data base related queries for ORM.
  • Created and modified Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers Complex SQL Commands for the application using PL/SQL.
  • Wrote DAO classes using Spring and Hibernate to interact with database for persistence.
  • Extensively used Core Java such as Exceptions, and Collections.
  • Responsible for ensuring the pattern consistency across all pages.
  • Involved to create different cross browser compatible user interactive web pages, using web technologies like HTML5, XHTML, and CSS3.
  • Working with JMS handling and managing exception conditions.
  • Used JQuery to traverse through a DOM tree and manipulated the nodes in the tree. Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using JQuery framework.
  • Involved in Requirements gathering, Requirement analysis, defining scope, Design analysis, impact analysis, Integration and deployment.
  • The scope of project involved data distribution, data quality governance, data conversions/migrations
  • Designed and implemented the User Interface using OO JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, XML, and CSS3.
  • Expertise in using Bootstrap Framework responsive design.
  • Extensively worked in defect maintenance of Front End issues.
  • Worked on Responsive Design to make website Responsive for Desktop and Tablets.
  • Created and maintained the framework and layout of each portal with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Follow up with the development team on the improvements, integration and further enhancements in the website.

Environment: HTML5, HTML, CSS2/3, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, JQUERY, JSP, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Hibernate4.1, Spring 4.0, AJAX.

Java Developer

Confidential, Lawrence, KS


  • Responsible for developing frontend UI.
  • Developed the business logic of some UIs using Java and Hibernate.
  • Worked on HTML5 elements such as form elements and attributes.
  • Worked on various CSS3 modules like box-model, fonts and animations
  • Strong experience with JavaScript and CSS libraries and frameworks such as jQuery and Bootstrap including in-depth knowledge of DOM, cross-browser support, and customization
  • Used REST API to access data from JavaScriptImplemented Spring JMS message listeners to consume messages from Apache ActiveMQ.
  • Configured JMS, MQ, EJB and Hibernate on Web sphere and Jboss
  • Implemented message and transport level WS-Security model in WCF web services
  • Experience in front-end MVC frameworks/libraries like AngularJS.
  • Involved in Various Stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) deliverables of the project using the AGILE Software development methodology.
  • Follow agile methodology for the deliverables
  • Worked on handling JSON data from back-end and using it in the front-end
  • Designed web pages with standards compliant code and emphasis on browser compatibility Accessibility, and search engine optimization.
  • Extensively worked on SQL Queries, Stored procedures and Triggers
  • Used Chrome developer toolbar, Firebug and safari developer tools for trouble shooting and Debugging.
  • Used SVN for revision control.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlet, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Hibernate4.0, AJAX, RESTful Service,, Eclipse.

Software Engineer



  • Involved in SDLC phase of requirement analysis, design and development of the web based intranet application tool using Java, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Used Struts validator framework to automatically validate user input.
  • Develop, implement and maintain a synchronous, AJAX based rich client for improved customer experience.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like DAO, Value Object, Service Locator, MVC and Business Delegate.
  • Developed/Customized Java Server Pages (JSP) for Customer User Interface (UI).
  • Developed web tier using Struts tag libraries, CSS, HTML, XML, JSP, and Servlet.
  • Developed JSP custom tag libraries.
  • Implemented web services for communicating by using SOAP hosted in the AWS
  • Prepared the REST and SOAP based service calls depending on the data passing to the web service.
  • Developed the Encryption Decryption program to secure sensitive data like user account information.
  • Involved in developing the customer form data tables, stored procedures and triggers.
  • Design and Implementation of the Encryption Algorithm
  • Meetings with the business users to finalize the scope, interpret written business requirements and technical specification documents
  • Build REST web service by building Node.js Server in the back-end to handle requests sent from the front-end jQuery Ajax calls.
  • Involved in writing test cases using JUnit.
  • Developed the database tier using JDBC 2.0.
  • Used CVS tools for version control.
  • Generate release notes for all the report deliverables.
  • Used web services in production analysis.
  • Involved in production support, monitoring server and error logs and foreseeing the potential issues.

Environment: Java 1.6, JSP 2.1, Struts 2.1, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 4.0, Servlets 2.5, JDBC 2.0, Oracle 9i, AJAX, CSS, JSP 2.2, HTML, Web Sphere 7.0, JUnit, Design patterns, Web Services.

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