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Angular 2, Java Full-stack Developer Resume

New York, NY


  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer using Java, MySQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Web Services, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP, RESTful Web - Services, Angular 2, AngularJS, Bootstrap.
  • Expertise designing and developing database with its stored Procedures, triggers, functions, views and transactions in MySQL, SQL-SERVER, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
  • Profound knowledge in managing databases using technologies like JDBC, Spring-JDBC, Hibernate and Spring-ORM with Hibernate, JPA Repository.
  • Possess knowledge of full life cycle of software development process including requirement gathering, prototyping, proof-of-concept, design, implementation, testing and support.
  • Experienced in developing apps with OOP concepts, Collections, Multithreading and Memory management using Java/J2EE.
  • Proficiency in creating unit test cases using JUnit to test for problems in the application.
  • Proficiency in testing Angular with Jasmine, Karma and Postman.
  • Proficiency in developing SOAP, RESTful Web-Services and Spring RESTful Web-Services using Jersey framework.
  • Proficiency in connecting the backend with frontend using JSP, JSTL, EL, JSON, Thyme leaf, JQuery, Angular 2, AngularJS, Node JS, Express etc.
  • Experience with services, pipes, form validation, Reactive forms in Angular 2.
  • Expertise in the application of different design patterns like Singleton, Factory and Prototype.
  • Experience in developing applications with Spring Boot, spring’s Inversion of Control (IOC), Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Spring MVC, Spring Security and spring’s integration with Hibernate.
  • Hands on experience on application build tool such as Gradle, Maven and free web debugging proxy such as Fiddler.
  • Proficiency working with Spring Boot, along with Micro-Services in software Development.
  • Expertise developing UI/UX using Angular2 in combination with Bootstrap, JQuery JavaScript.
  • Proficiency with creating UML diagrams, creating models and designing database in MySQL Workbench.
  • Ability to learn and apply new concepts and technologies in a short amount of time.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, very collaborative aiming to achieve the goal on time and the best results.


Programming Languages: JAVA, C, C++, Visual Basic, Python

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012, Oracle 10g/11g, Mongo DB and MYSQL

Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, ASP.NET, RESTful, SOAP, JSP, Thyme leaf

Frameworks: Spring, Spring-Boot, Spring-MVC, Spring Security, Spring AOP, Spring JPA, Hibernate, AngularJS, Angular 2, JUnit, Micro Services, Log4j

Tools: Java (Eclipse, Net beans, IntelliJ IDEA), Visual Studio 2010/2012/2015, VB .NET, C#, Maven

Servers: Apache Tomcat, Glass Fish, XAMPP, php MyAdmin

Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux Ubuntu/CentOS

Version Control Tools: GitHub, Bit bucket, TFS


Confidential - New York, NY

Angular 2, Java Full-Stack Developer


  • Involved in all the phases of SDLC including Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of the “Find a plan page” page specifications.
  • Created Responsive web application using Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Jpa Repository, Hibernate, Angular 2, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Node and Express.
  • Extensively used Spring Security, Spring AOP and Spring Dependency Injection (DI).
  • Developed Stored Procedures and invoked them using Spring Hibernate.
  • Developed Java j2ee design patterns like Singleton, Factory.
  • Developed components, views and directives for application and used Http Request to read data from web servers and process JSON data to render in the UI.
  • Accessed JSON formatted data from the back-end for Location-based services and used JQuery for DOM manipulations.
  • Creating Rest Web Services and working with it.
  • Used Angular 2 routing for navigations, pipes, services etc.
  • Validated forms using Angular 2 and regular expressions there by providing client side validation and server validation
  • Performed Jasmine unit tests using Karma to verify Angular 2 modules and JavaScript utility routines.
  • Testing GET and POST methods using Postman
  • Used JSP, JSTL, Angular 2 and Spring taglib to create dynamic and responsive pages
  • Create all functional for “Find a plan page”

Environment: Java 8, spring 4.2.1, JpaRepository, Hibernate 4.3.0, MySQL Server, HTMLS, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular 2, JQuery, Visual Studio, Maven, Tomcat, GitHub.

Confidential - Overland Park, KS

AngularJS and Java Developer


  • Developed AngularJS pages along with Bootstrap to give dynamic UI actions.
  • Designed and developed Single Page Application (SPA) using ngRoute and $route Provider
  • Used AngularJS Directives: ng-app, ng-model, ng-repeat, ng-show, ng-controller and ng-route.
  • Developed business level using java collections, multithreading, etc.
  • Worked on front-end validation in AngularJS along with HTML validator and ng-Required, validating them with input states such as $invalid, $valid, $touched, $untouched, $dirty.
  • Utilized the AngularJS directives, factory, service and filters. Created number of custom directives to reuse them across the controller.
  • Designed and Implemented Restful web service in JAVA with Spring Boot and Hibernate.
  • Extensively used Spring Security, Spring AOP and Spring Dependency Injection (DI).
  • Developed DAO and Service classes using JpaRepository and Hibernate frameworks.
  • Testing Angular Js code with Jasmine and Karma.
  • Developed Oracle SQL queries. Implemented the connectivity to the Oracle database using JDBC.
  • Working with Linux platforms
  • Extensively used Eclipse IDE while writing code & used GitHub for version control.
  • Used Maven plugin to build the software packages.
  • Used UML and Workbench for creating model and diagrams
  • Conduct Unit testing using Junit, Mockito and fix any defects found

Environment: Java 8, spring 4.2.1, Oracle Server, Hibernate, HTMLS, CSS3, AngularJS, GitHub, Jasmine, Karma and Postman.

Confidential, Morris Plains, NJ

Java Developer


  • Involved in all phases of the project - Analysis, Design, Development, Quality Assurance Testing and Deployment.
  • Responsible in allocating and prioritizing the work for EIT team and update the weekly status to the management.
  • Developed the application in JAVA, spring, SOAP Web Services, Hibernate and JPA.
  • Responsible for modifying database
  • Responsible in improving the performance of the application relate to hibernate, SQL.
  • Extensively used Log4j for logging.
  • Developed frontend pages using JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework
  • Extensively used Eclipse IDE while writing code & used Team Foundation Server for version control.
  • Performed the Unit testing, integration testing and system testing of the applications.
  • Developed business layer using java collections with design patterns
  • Coordinate with the QA team for the QA testing of the applications and defect fixes using the TFS defect tracking system.
  • Used Maven plugin to build the software packages.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, SQL Server, Eclipse, Windows, HTML, JavaScript.

Confidential - Brooklyn, NY

Java Developer


  • Developed the application in JAVA using collections, exceptions, multithreading;
  • Used spring boot with Hibernate.
  • Used Spring Inheritance to develop beans from already developed parent beans.
  • Used Spring AOP for logging, auditing, and transaction.
  • Used Spring Security for Authentication and Authorization of the application.
  • Developed views pages using JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Designing and developing Database using MySQL.
  • Used Tomcat server for deployed application.
  • Write Stored Procedures and Views and invoke it with Spring Hibernate.
  • Wrote Web Services using SOAP for sending and getting data from the external interface.
  • Used H2 database for invoking and testing SOAP services.
  • Used GitHub for inversion of control.
  • Conduct Unit testing, and fix any defects found
  • Verify and validate build stability

Environment: Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, JSP, Servlets, SQL Server Eclipse, Windows, GitHub.

Confidential - Brooklyn, NY

System Administrator and Java Junior Developer


  • Full service for existing servers and mining rigs
  • Build new servers and install new software
  • Installing a new cages, providing and tracing cables
  • Configure setting for network and remote control
  • Building mining rigs and install all software for mining Ethereum, Monero etc
  • 24/7 email and phone client support
  • Developed two registration forms for colocation and dedicated clients using Java Spring-MVC, JpaRepository , Spring Security, Hibernate
  • Developed Responsible Web Design using HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Environment: Java 8, Spring-MVC, Spring Security, Eclipse, Windows.

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