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Java Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • More than 7 years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements analysis, design specification, code development, code integration, testing and deployment using Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) with Java/J2EE.
  • A strong team player.
  • Expertise in Web development projects.
  • Expertise in implementing web based projects using IBM Web Sphere Application Server IDE like IBM Web Sphere RAD and Eclipse.
  • Expertise in Web page creation using HTML, JavaScript, MVC, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular 4JS, Less CSS.
  • Good experience in using the Oracle 11G/10G/9i/ databases and No SQLDB (Cassandra).
  • Experience in implementing Design Patterns & JMS for Messaging services.
  • Experienced in implementing Spring Framework, AngularJS4, WebLogic, Rabbit MQ, and Hibernate/iBatis as ORM (Object - Relational Mapping).
  • Strong Knowledge in using the tools like Log4J, JUnit, RESTful, Groovy and TOAD.
  • Experience in database design, PL/SQL, Queries, CSS, Triggers, DB2 Client, O/R Mapping and Hibernate.
  • Experience in software development/ testing using AGILE C++, and SCRUM methodologies.
  • Experienced in using CVS for version control.
  • Good Experience on AJAX for creating dynamic pages and actions.
  • Good exposure to Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), Use Cases and UML.
  • Good experience in design and development of Web-Services as Service Providers and Consumers using REST, SOAP and WSDL.
  • Experience in using XML Spy for XML editing.
  • Expertise in Production Support and monitoring the production activities and fixing the production issues and finally ensuring the Application is running stable in the Client Environments.
  • Experience in Onsite, Offshore, and Global delivery model.


Java: JDK (1.4/1.5/1.6)

J2EE Technologies: JDBC, Servlets, JSP

Frameworks: Struts (1.x, 2.0), Hibernate (2.0/3.0), Spring (2.x/3.0).

Web Services: Axis, WSDL, SOAP, REST, XML Beans, JAXB, JAXP, CCS3,JAX-RPC

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, C++,AJAX, J Query

Web / Application Servers: Tomcat (6/5/4), IBM Web Sphere 6.0, Web Logic 10.x, JBoss 5, Glassfish.

Development Tools: Eclipse, My Eclipse, Net Beans, RAD.

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN

Testing & Logging: JUnit, Log4j

Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, SQL Server 00/05/08R2, DB2, MySQL.

Version Control: CVS, SVN.

Software: UML/Rational, Rose, TOAD, XML Spy, SQL Developer


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java Developer


  • Developed Java Batch Programs using core java to retrieve data from database and to run some schedule jobs for Reporting.
  • Developed some reusable framework like building business logic blocks using Core Java.
  • Struts framework used for building the Front-End.
  • Utilized the various J2eeDesign patterns to develop the Business modules based on the required functionality.
  • Business Components are developed (model components) using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).
  • Experience in using Java Script, JS libraries for the presentation tier and developer the screens of the application.
  • Developed Session Façade with Stateless Session bean to provide a uniform coarse-grained service access layer to clients.
  • Developed DAO'S for getting data and passing data to the database
  • JavaScript used for client side validation and to control some dynamic data
  • Extensively worked with Oracle Application servers, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, 4.2.3 and Service Mix Server.
  • Used MAVEN scripts to fetch, build, and deploy application to development environment.
  • Wrote SQL queries and PL/SQL procedures for JDBC.
  • Prepared the REST and SOAP based service calls depending on the data passing to the web service.

Environment: JBoss 4.2.3, JDK 1.5, JDBC, JNDI,EJB, JSP, MVC, jQuery, Servlets, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Struts 1.2, HTML, XML, Java Script, AngularJS 4, web logic, Rabbit MQ, CSS, UNIX/Linux, ExtJS, Oracle 9i, Toad, Clear Case, MQ Series, Eclipse Helios.

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

System Engineer


  • Worked with Expere Team (Internal Doc-Gen Team) which involve in generating Documents Using Requirement Editor tool, which is Confidential Third Party tool from Wolters Kluwer, This Tool mainly uses XML and XSD schema to generate documents.
  • Wrote DTA Printing logic, which use to capture correct data from SOAP Payload received from CORE Application and convert that data into Expere logic, which use to print data onto documents.
  • Developed Capability to capture eSignature and e-Form onto documents.
  • Involved with Business in Requirement gathering and Requesting changes to Wolters Kluwer regarding Expere Schema.
  • Involved in Doc Enablement Project, in which we use to enable e-Delivery and eSignature of packages and documents for customer using Technology such us Hibernate, spring, Oracle SQL, MQ, Rest and SOAP.
  • Developed Generation of package, which contain documents using spring and hibernate.
  • Involved in distribution of package using Quartz Job, MQ’s and web services.
  • Involved with different team in Doc Enablement project to enable e-Delivery and setting Data on documents to activate e-Sign and e-Form using Oracle SQL, XML, XSD etc.
  • Involved in writing logs for Enablement project, which used to search defect using Splunk viewer
  • Worked as Production support and Integration test support in Doc Enablement Project.
  • Involved in development of CORE Velocity Project, which based on wring, 100% test coverage and refactoring current codebase.
  • Used to refactor code using groovy language.
  • Changed current expere schema, which used to create template-using Bean to use Groovy Thyme leaf to generate XML template.
  • Involved in writing 100% test coverage for our current codebase in CORE Velocity using Test NG, Mockito and power Mockito.
  • Currently working as Production Support for CORE Velocity Project.

Environment: J2EE, Oracle 12g, Spring Framework, HTML, Hibernate, Thymeleaf, Angular 4 JS, TestNG, Mockito, Quartz, MQ, XML,CCS3,MVC, XSD,SVN Repository, Log4J, AngularJS 4, web logic, Rabbit MQ Maven, Windows Command, Eclipse Neon, Restful Service and SOAP.

Confidential - Chicago, IL

Java Developer


  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using Angular 4 js, HTML, Hibernate, CSS, RESTFUL API Services, JavaScript, Bootstrap and JSON.
  • Involved in developing the Angular 4js, MVC framework for the Single Page Application development.
  • Used AngularJS 2 framework where data from backend is stored in model using http and security configurations for authentication and authorization for populated model on to UI.
  • Used Karma and Jasmine for testing and structure our project.
  • Participated in Agile Methodologies for design and development of the applications.
  • Involved in Scrum meetings for effective development.
  • Developed classes using core java (multithreading, concurrency, collections, memory management) and some spring IOC.
  • Worked on implementing directives and routing using Angular 2 for an existing webpage.
  • Wrote SQL Queries to interact with Oracle database.
  • Generated DDL statements for creation of new database objects like tables, views, sequences, functions, synonyms, indexes, triggers, packages and stored procedures.
  • Developed Database Triggers to enforce security also used ref cursors.
  • Developed SQL Queries to fetch complex data from different tables in remote databases using joins, database links.
  • Resolved Cross Browser compatibility issues for different versions of IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • Developed server-side RESTful services and called them from angular controllers.
  • Used UNIX shell scripts for running java batch components on server.
  • Developed Java concurrency concepts such as Thread and Runnable Interface to implement parallel testing.
  • Used GitHub repository to run the Jenkins job for Continues Integration.
  • Worked on Jira for User requirements and used Jira as bug tracking tools.
  • Converted data from database into JSON or XML format files and retrieve useful information using AJAX calls to display them on the browser.
  • Involved in development and testing for some of the core component using Multi-threading.
  • Created AWS Launch configurations based on customized AMI and use this launch configuration to configure auto scaling groups and Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, and MongoDB.
  • Used Amazon IAM to maintain the user credentials and involved in creating custom IAM policies to various groups defined within the organization.

Environment:, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Node.JS, Bootstrap, DOM, Java, JSP, XML, Eclipse, SVN, Apache Tomcat, MVC, Oracle, AWS,CSS, AngularJS, web logic, Rabbit MQ, Typescript, AWS Lambda, Jenkins, AWS, GIT

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

Java Developer


  • Involved in entire lifecycle activities of the project including requirement gathering, analysis, design and development and testing and participated in the daily stand-up, Preplanning and Retro meetings as a part of Agile.
  • Used Java/J2EE patterns, spring, Hibernate, EJB, SQL Server in developing Web application.
  • Implemented web based system using JSF2.1 Framework and Java script used for client side validations.
  • Developed the Presentation layer using JSF, HTML, JSP and used AJAX/ JQuery based frameworks for improved customer experience.
  • Developed the Business layer using Spring MVC, JAXB modules.
  • Worked with Oracle and DB2 servers to maintain database.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM tool and defined the mapping and relationship of each table in database.
  • Involved in creating, publishing and consuming Web Services using JAX-RS 2.0 API and other technologies like HTTP and REST.
  • Worked with defect tracking system JIRA, testing with Junit, Mockito and NUnit testing.
  • Worked with IDE as Eclipse Juno and deployed into IBM Web Sphere 8.5 Application Server& used Maven build tool to achieve more functionality for build process.
  • Used Git for source control system and Jenkins used for continuous integration.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSF 2.1,Springs AngularJS, Rabbit MQ MVC, Oracle, DB2, Mark Logic, Spring 3.x, DB2, HTML, XML, DOM, JSON, Maven, CSS, Java script, JQuery, Eclipse Juno, Junit, Mockito, RESTful Web services, MYSQL, IBM Web Sphere 8.5 Application Server, Hibernate 4.2, Groovy, LOG4J, Git.

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