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Senior Software Engineer/team Lead Resume

Los Angl, CA


  • Proficient lead full stack software engineer specialized in Object - Oriented Analysis and Design with extensive experience and skills in all aspects of the software development life cycle including particular expertise in Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts2.0, Node.js and Design patterns. Proven ability to implement technologies that decrease costs and increase performance.
  • Solid 10 years Java Development (Front-end and Server-side Enterprise Web) applications experience in the IT industry.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) using Unified Modeling Language(UML) and Design Patterns.
  • Sound knowledge and skills of developing applications in Agile encompassing Java and J2EE standards, open source frameworks such as Spring, Struts2.0, Hibernate, JSF and node.js, backbone.js, angular.js.
  • Experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of large scale mission critical, web-based internet/intranet applications using Java/JEE technologies.
  • Flexible and versatile in adapting new environment for any project with very strong problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication, analytical and interpersonal skills and highly motivated team player with ability to work independently.
  • Good exposure to Multi-Threading concept which could be utilized in handling highly concurrent traffic application.
  • Team player skilled at communicating with both internal and external clients to identify business needs and opportunities for improving solutions performance.
  • Ability to learn and adapt fast to the emerging new technologies.
  • Experience with Junit, Mockito, Easy Mock in performing unit test and determining the application s functionality.


Core Java: Collections, Generics, Multithreading, Reflection

Framework: Spring, Sprinboot, Hibernate, JSF,Struts,Groovy

JEE/Web Technologies: Jsp, Servlets, JavaScript, Json, JQuery, Ajax, NodeJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, Typescript, Infragistics, Highcharts, JMS, JNDI, JAXB, JMX

Web Services: REST, SOAP, Rest Client (Postman), JAX-WS

Web Application Server: JBoss, Web-Sphere, Tom Cat, Web-logic

IDE: Eclipse, RAD, IntelliJ, Dreamweaver, Netbeans

Databases: Sybase, DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, Mongo

OOAD (Design): UML (Rational Rose, Star UML, Visio)

Design Patterns: Core (GOF)

Version Control: SVN, Git

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle

Continuous Integration Tool: Jenkins

Caching Mechanism: Ehcache,Terracotta

Cloud Computing: Google Cloud Platform

Container Technology: Docker, Kubernetes

Operating System: Windows, Linux

Design Methodologies: SOA, Microservices

Development Methodologies: Agile, RUP

Big Data: Spark, Hortonworks

Testing: JUNIT, Mockito, EasyMock



Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead, Los Angl, CA


  • Served as a main focal point of technical support for the application products and its perating environments (End to End support for design, develop, deploy, release) for various projects simultaneously.
  • Delivered dramatic reductions in development time for projects implementing the Agile Development Methodology.
  • High-phased interaction with clients, translating needs into technical requirements, selecting the best implementation method for analysis, design, development, integration, deployment and release.
  • Involved in development of restful services using spring MVC design in micro services architecture platform with Spring Boots, docker, kubernetes.
  • Managed on-site and offshore team(Developers) providing the necessary guidelines for the accomplishment of the projects needs and demands.
  • Introduced/Implemented continuous integration for automated build using Jenkins.
  • Developed UI using AngularJS to achieve single page application paradigm.

Environment: Java, Spring, Springboot, Hibernate, NodeJS, AngularJS, Rest, Git, Eclipse, svn, Teracotta, Microservices, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, EasyMock


Project Lead, Honl, HI


  • Designed and developed the application, liaising directly with project managers throughout the product development life cycle to analyze system/functional requirements and business processes to ensure full alignment on each application.
  • Developed an intranet application to provide easy access to configure, track and manage the solution (different health plans) efficiently in the internal system.
  • Worked on multiple projects simultaneously using technologies like Java, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, GSP, Dreamweaver independently in a short duration of time to meet the business requirements and deadlines.
  • Developed rich user interface in Dreamweaver using html, CSS, javascript, jquery, Ajax, JSON.
  • Ensured long-term product expandability by migrating a poorly performing application to Groovy, Spring and Hibernate technology.
  • Implemented AJAX feature to invoke the stored procedure call for backend validation.
  • Optimized the source code and queries for performance improvement and prevent security vulnerabilities (XSS, SQL Injection)
  • Tracked the defects and came up with status; fixed.
  • Participated in deploying and promoting the application to the upper environments.

Environment: Java, Groovy, GSP, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, DOJO, JBoss, Git, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, JUnit


Project Lead


  • Invoked various Restful services exposed to send the data from the user interface to store in Mongo DB and eventually to an Oracle Database.
  • Applied single page application (AngularJS) approach to develop rich UI.
  • Involved in development of an entire new internal application (Insight3Sixty) from scratch using all the new technologies, IDE, version control to enable the associate of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to store and fetch the demographic details of all the registers, non-registered, active and in-active customers.
  • Played around with new web-based code/project hosting repositories like Bit Bucket for distributed version control Git.

Environment: Java, Spring, Restful web service, Backbone, JavaScript, Git, WebSphere, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Gradle, Mockito, Junit


Sr. Java/J2EE Developer/Lead, Camp Hill, PA


  • Lead team in the development of Integrated Logistics Solutions following Agile development methodology, taking an effective role in leading and developing several modules for Confidential project.
  • Parsed Excel files using POI and un-marshaled XML to Java object using JAXB.
  • Converted synchronous transaction to asynchronous for loading of plans using spring task executor and then Spring JMS.
  • Implemented transaction roll-back feature for atomicity of the transaction.
  • Implemented binary semaphore to prevent processes to stage the carrier concurrently to resolve lock exception.
  • Minimize the resource overhead by implementing the concepts like Spring JDBC, Hibernate Caching and Hibernate efficient fetching strategies.

Environment: Java, UML, Struts 2.0, Spring, Hibernate, POI, JAXB, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, DB2, Web Sphere, Web Services, SVN, RAD, JUnit


Sr.Java/J2EE Developer, Lansg, MI


  • Actively involved in implementing Service Oriented Architecture to develop N-Tier architecture Web based application.
  • Adhered to thread-safe approach and created user interface for job scheduling.
  • Implemented/Maintained highly concurrent traffic workflow for a large-throughput business server applying Master/Worker Architecture.
  • Developed/Consumed Web Services to in corporate security mechanism such as authentication, skill and user profile management from PRISM security system.
  • Developed new screens to enhance better performance of the application that helps in numerous functionality like determining the status of DB connection, number of active connections, thread and cache status.
  • Worked on JNDI technology to add token for security approach.
  • Applied JMX Technology to monitor and manage services to ease support and reduce cost, allowing alteration of services’ behaviors on the fly across multiple servers in the upper environment.

Environment: Java, (Company's - Internal Framework), JSP, Servlets, JSF, JavaScript, JNDI, JMX, DAO, Web Services, DB2, Websphere, Mercurial, IVY, JUnit


SR. Java/J2EE Developer, Irving, TX


  • Engaged in implementing the various features (pagination, filter, sorting, PDF, caching etc)
  • Analyzed the performance of system software code and wrote code to tune it.
  • Consumed web services and worked on translating the data (Marshalling and Unmarshalling).
  • Implemented batch processing job for user accessibility functionality, fail over web service and client's verification checklist.

Environment: Java, Struts 2.0, Spring, Hibernate, JAXB, Oracle, JavaScript, CSS, Web logic, Web Services, SVN, Ant, JSON, Mercury Center

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