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Mobile/architect Developer Resume

San Pedro, CA


Programming Languages: Perl, PHP, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript/JSON, XML, SQL/T - SQL, Shell Scripting

Databases: Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB

OS: Solaris, Linux, Windows

Server Software: Apache, Subversion/GIT, Amazon EC2, RabbitMQ

Major APIs/Frameworks: PEAR, Laravel, Zend Framework, Kohana, jQuery, Phing, PHPUnit, Facebook/Twitter, Symfony 2, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React


Fullstack Architect

Confidential, Hermosa Beach, CA


  • Smaller projects include development of Turn-API (RESTful location based backend service) and maintenance of UseMyBenefits (Wordpress, PHP)
  • Bid4Spots UK - Localizing the old US version of the Bid4Spots site for the UK (Laravel 4.2, Mysql, jQuery)

Mobile/Architect Developer

Confidential, San Pedro, CA


  • Building mobile goal management application (Android/Ruby on Rails/Heroku)
  • Built social network diet engine platform from ground up using a single page/RESTful/responsive architecture (PHP, Symfony 2, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Mysql, MongoDB and RabbitMQ hosted on Amazon EC2)
  • Lead two other developers for project initially

Confidential, Santa Monica, CA


  • Rescued the site from issues from a contractor and having it go live (Magento/PHP/Mysql/Amazon EC2)
  • Site was featured in articles both on TechCrunch and Forbes
  • Went through three iterations of the site where each iteration optimized speed and stability of the site and increased revenue as a result
  • Setup the site on Amazon EC2, handling all aspects of infrastructure including DNS (actually using DNS Made Easy), load balancing, RDS, caching, disk image management, CDN management via S3 and OnePica
  • Utilized GITHub for hosting our code in version control
  • Developed a REST based API for our mobile application
  • Managed a team of 6, with three contractors in India, an in house mobile developer and two front end developers
  • Integrated with Freshology for handling order fulfillment in Southern California

Lead Front End Developer

Confidential, Culver City, CA


  • Developed Campaign front end for Real Time Offer system (RTO) which (along with the Opportunity Machine) helped contribute in winning numerous awards and improved lift for clients by 15%
  • PHP, jQuery, Postgres, Zend Framework environment
  • Conceived, architected and developed the application platform aspect for Honeycomb Bookmarklet
  • Lead/Mentored 5 other front end developers on PHP, the Zend Framework, software design and databases
  • Handled code merges from branches from other developers
  • Helped streamline process in working with client services group for troubleshooting technical issues with RTO
  • Setup peer programming sessions
  • Working on stealth social media project presently
  • Consulted on various web projects independently
  • Taking time off to resolve personal issues

Software Engineer

Confidential, Santa Monica, CA


  • Developer on Confidential site (PHP/Mysql/Kohana/Jquery)
  • First in the company to launch the Topic Page platform from Pluck, elevating web traffic by 10%
  • Developed blog platform
  • Developed 2 nd generation recipes application
  • Integrated Facebook and Twitter into Livestrong
  • Daily duties included bug fixing, ensuring site uptime, aiding in QA of site.

Sr Engineer



  • Re-engineered local web analytics system Cross-Census (PHP, Zend, Mysql, jQuery)

Sr Java Analyst



  • Developed eBusiness application to handle life insurance illustrations for customers and send data to core policy system (Java/Hibernate/Spring/SQL Server)
  • Lead team of seven developers to create eBusiness application
  • Mentoring teammates

Associate Software Engineer

Confidential, West LA, CA


  • Developed transaction system for finance users as part of the Ticket Exchange Beta system (Perl/Mod Perl/Oracle/Mysql)
  • Worked with the product team to develop feature enhancements such as xml mail data, finance reporting tools, and site enhancements.

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