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Full Stack Developer Resume


  • 4+ years of work experience as a Java/J2EE programmer, developing applications using Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Spring, Java Beans, JDBC, JMS, Hibernate and MVC architecture.
  • Extensive work experience through all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Experience in designing application using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
  • Extensive experience and actively involved in Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Coding, Code Reviews, Unit and Integration Testing.
  • Extensive experience in using environment tools of Java - Eclipse
  • Experience in using tools like MAVEN and log4j
  • Experience in SOAP Web Services and RESTful Web Services
  • Experience in using DB tools like ORACLE, SQL, MySQL
  • Good experience in writing complex SQL queries and PL/SQL blocks
  • Very good understanding and working experience of Agile Scrum Process.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and to work independently as well as in a team, experienced in interacting with Business/Technology groups.
  • Versatile team player with good inter-personal communication skills and a quick learner
  • Preparing the cutover tasks and checks for go-live readiness and production support activity
  • Anticipating and troubleshooting critical issues in a timely and effective manner by quickly identifying or isolating the root causes of issues or problems.
  • Good Technical, Analytical, and Presentation skills.


J2EE Technology: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JPA

Client: Server, MVC, J2EE, Spring 4, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Hibernate 4, AngularJS 1.2/4

IDE: Eclipse, WebStorm, Visual Studio/Code, JasperSoft Studio, Brackets, Sublime, Matlab

Design Methodology: UML, Agile

Language / Scripts: HTML 5, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, TypeScript

MySQL, Oracle: SQL,PL/SQL, MongoDB

Design patterns: Front Controller, Database Access Object, Factory, Singleton, Fa ade, Business Delegate, Business Object, Observer, Bridge

Operating Systems: Windows 9x/NT/XP/2003/VISTA/7/8/10/11, Linux, UNIX

Programming Language: Core Java APIs, C, C++

Query Languages: SQL, PL/SQL

Web Services: SOAP, REST

Tools: Tomcat 8.0, Wamp, Xampp, ANT, Log4j, Maven, JUnit 4.0, SoapUI, POSTMan, Git, GitHub

Exposure: Android, AWS



Full Stack Developer


  • Used MVC design pattern for separating presentation logic from business layer.
  • Spring MVC framework was used for designing and developing application.
  • Hibernate Validator library was used to perform server side validation of form data send in request.
  • Bank customers, employees and management can login to the system and URL level security was provided using Spring Security for authentication and authorization of user.
  • Spring Jersey integration was done for creating REST endpoints. Added REST web services to manage customer, employee information.
  • MySQL was used as a data store for maintaining application data.
  • Hibernate was used as ORM tool for persisting application data. Spring-Hibernate integration was done and data source was created as JNDI service. Spring transaction API was used for managing customer transactions.
  • Customers were send notifications regarding password change, provided link for customer validation with expiration period, customer account acceptance emails. JavaMail API was used along with Velocity template.
  • Used Spring Scheduler to send birthday emails to employee and customers on their birthdays.
  • JasperReport was used to generate report template for customers, and employee. JasperReport Spring Integration was done for generating various report formats, like pdf, xls, etc.
  • Error handling through exception handling in different layers and generating custom exceptions and codes.
  • Created and managed the log files application.log, error.log and server.log by using Log 4j tool.
  • Performed unit testing, for the developed code, by using JUnit 4.x tool which is integrated to Eclipse
  • Design and development of presentation layers using JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Used JavaScript and jQuery for validating the input given to the user interface.
  • Implemented AJAX to speed up web application.

Technologies: Java 8, Hibernate 4, Spring MVC, Spring Security, SOAP web service, REST web service, JavaScript, HTML 5, Bootstrap, JavaMail, Velocity, SoapUI, Maven, Tomcat, JasperReport


Full Stack Developer


  • Implemented the Project structure based on Spring MVC pattern using Spring Boot.
  • Designed and developed code for maintaining customer, employee information and order details.
  • MySQL database was used as a data store. Used Hibernate as ORM tool for persisting products selected for particular user and persisting users in database, fetching products from database.
  • Static resources like images, JavaScript, CSS files were supplied to application using Spring MVC.
  • Spring’s CORS support was used to prohibit AJAX calls from resources residing outside the current origin.
  • Unit test cases were written for different layers and tested using Junit4.
  • Developed and Designed responsive web application using Angular, HTML5, CSS3.
  • Involved in the implementation of front end services through Angular and connecting them to the backend services.
  • Created page functionality with Angular, used Router for page flow and implemented custom services and directives for additional functionality.

Technologies:Java 8, Hibernate 4, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, REST web service, Angular 4, JavaScript, HTML 5, Bootstrap, Maven, Tomcat


Full Stack Developer


  • Designed and developed Customer, Employee and Administrator modules using MVC design pattern.
  • MySQL was used as a database and Hibernate was used as ORM for mapping entity to relational tables.
  • Spring MVC was used to create REST endpoints for the application.
  • Customer details stored for later sessions so returning customers can view their previous orders.
  • URL level security was provided using Spring Security so that based on role pages were returned.
  • JavaMail API was used as a messaging service for sending notifications to customers about their pizza order. Velocity template was used for creating mail template.
  • Maven was used as a project building tool.
  • Different test cases were developed for order management, ingredient management, pizza removal management, etc. Junit4 was used for testing.
  • Spring form validation was used for server side validation of userid and password.
  • Developed and designed web pages using JSP, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Custom JSP tags were designed and used in JSP page for reducing scripting elements.
  • Used jQuery framework was used for fetching pizza menu items, images, ingredients list, order details, etc.
  • Client side validation was done for user name and password using jQuery validate library.
  • Forms were created using Spring Form tags library to ease task of binding, uploading images to page.

Technologies: Java 7, Hibernate 4,Spring MVC, Spring Security, REST web service, JavaMail, JSP, Servlet, JavaScript, HTML 5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Tomcat 8.0, Maven


Full Stack Developer


  • Designed REST endpoints for managing students, faculties profile
  • Spring MVC Framework was used for developing the web application
  • For cross-cutting concerns like security management Spring Security was used.
  • Oracle was used as a data store and Hibernate was used as an ORM for persisting student, faculty, notice board, etc. data into database
  • Developed application using Eclipse IDE and deployed in Web Logic server
  • Uploading and downloading of files like image, pdf from application using Spring so that students can see academic calendar, photos, etc.
  • Developed automated email messaging using Web Logic Messaging JMS service. It was used to send email notifications to students regarding class change, registration for class confirmation, etc.
  • Used Jasper Report for generating student, faculty reports.
  • Used Junit for unit testing the web service code and other functionalities
  • Designed and developed Student login, Faculty login, Student Course Registration, etc. pages using JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Used JavaScript and jQuery for client side validation.
  • Used AJAX for communication between front end and backend services.

Technologies: Java 7, Hibernate 4,Spring MVC, Spring Security, REST web service, JSP, Servlet, JavaScript, HTML 5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Web Logic, Oracle

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