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Senior Java/j2ee Developer Resume

Geneva, NY


  • 6+ years’ experience of software development in Finance and E - commerce field
  • Expertise in Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Hibernate, REST Web Service
  • Expertise in Core Java, OOP, Multi-threading, Java Collection Framework, Exception Handling, and Java 8 Lambda Expression
  • Expertise in building RESTful Web service
  • Expertise in front-end technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AugularJS
  • Expertise in Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) including Oracle, MySQL and Document-Oriented Database MongoDB
  • 3+ years’ experience in Python using Django framework
  • Experience in Agile and Scrum methodologies using JIRA and TDD (Test Driven Development),
  • Proficient in software Development Lifecycle(SDLC) including Requirement Analysis, Design and Testing
  • Proficient in Data Processing using Python with Numpy and pandas
  • Experience in version control system tools including Git, SVN, and CVS
  • Experience in Developing unit cases and Integration test cases using Junit with Mockito
  • Proficient in Linux, Windows environments,
  • Experience in deploying Amazon AWS
  • 2+ years’ experience in using WAS (WebSphere application server) to host Java Web application
  • 2+ years’ experience in using Scala


Java 6+ years: Java 1.5-1.8, OOP, Collections, Multithreading, IO, JDBC, XML

Java Frameworks and Libraries: Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Hibernate

Java EE 6+ years: JDBC, Spring Data JPA, Servlet, Web Service(REST), Spring IOCSpring AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming)

Web Development: JavaScript, jQuery, JSP, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON

Application Server: Apache Tomcat

Python 2.7 3+ years: Data analysis

Database Management System: Oracle SQL/PLSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Development methodologies: Maven, Junit, Jasmine, Agile, Scrum, Mockito

Operating System: Windows, Linux Ubuntu

IDE tools: Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, Visual Studio, WebStrom, PyCharm

Source control: SVN, Git


Senior Java/J2EE developer

Confidential, Geneva, NY


  • Involved in all phases of software development life cycle and used Agile Methodology.
  • Developed web service for banking functionalities using RESTful API.
  • Designed and implemented UI by using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AngularJS
  • Used Log4j as logging framework to capture the log traces of applications in debugging the issues
  • Involved in writing complex PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers and Cursors in Oracle.
  • Configured beans such as User, Accounts, transactions using Spring IoC
  • Used Spring Security to provide user authentication and api authorization for allocation security
  • Involved in Data normalization and designing of Database
  • Used Hibernate for object relational mapping persistence and configured Ehcache based caching mechanisms.
  • Used Spring AOP to handle transaction management and logging.
  • Used Spring MVC and Annotation to manage URL mappings with controller for the communication between front-end and middle-tier
  • Used JPA Entity Classes based on object relationship including One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many
  • Used Java Naming/Directory interface(JNDI) and JDBC connection pooling to access Database.
  • Used Maven to automate the build and deployment process
  • Conducted integration testing for the application reproduced issues and reported through JIRA
  • Designed and implemented Unit testing using Junit Framework
  • Used multithreading to handle different types of transactions.
  • Used JMS to send messages like monthly statement, payment due.
  • Development with microservices architecture using Rest APIs, Spring boot.
  • Implemented design patterns in Scala for the application

Environment: Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring Security, Maven, JavaScript, AngularJS, Oracle, RESTful Web Service, Tomcat, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Eclipse, Scala

Senior Java/J2EE developer

Confidential, Geneva, NY


  • Used Agile methodologies in software development life cycle including Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Code development, Testing
  • Developed E/R diagram, UML Class diagrams, Use Case diagrams.
  • Cooperated with QA teams in creating and implementing test cases and bug fixing.
  • Used PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers in Oracle Database.
  • Developed User interfaces for login utility, portfolio analysis report, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, AngularJS
  • Used Spring DAO concept to interact with database using JDBC template
  • Used Spring MVC to visualize the portfolio’s state, messages, quantitative analytics ratios from web services and Database.
  • Utilized Spring annotations and XML configuration for Dependency Injection.
  • Used Spring AOP proxy and interceptor features to provide logging and transaction management.
  • Coordinating with the testing team and fixing Bugs at various stages of the application.
  • Experience in Message driven programming using JMS.
  • Participated in unit testing and functionality testing and used log4j for tracking errors and debugging the code
  • Participated in meetings of internal developer groups for the purpose of development standards.
  • Used multithreading on backend side and UI.
  • Used a microservice architure.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, HTML, Oracle, CSS, JUnit, Eclipse, XML, log4j

Senior Java/J2EE developer

Confidential, Princeton, NJ


  • Reviewed Design Document, gathered information from Business Analysts to design functional specification for user interface and back-end Java/J2EE framework
  • Used Spring IoC and Spring framework for bean management and transaction management
  • Designed and implemented UI to view account’s information of P/E, asset value and analysis of trading summary
  • Developed user interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSP
  • Integrated Spring, Hibernate for portfolio models, such as summary, securities balance, daily accruals.
  • Involved in server side Servlet to handle requests from front end such as risk analysis, risk ratio calculations, balance query, etc.
  • Implemented JavaScript to validate user’s input interface.
  • Wrote store procedures and functions in PL/SQL
  • Designed and developed Web Service using SOAP
  • Involved in developing Unit Testing using JUnit
  • Used JIRA to tack, assign and report bugs.
  • Use multithreading to handle asynchronous calls.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, AJAX, HTML, Oracle, CSS, JUnit, Eclipse, multithreading, JMS

Java developer

Confidential, Syracuse, NY


  • Implemented modules using Core Java, Java collections, Multithreads
  • Used Python to extract and load data into MySQL database.
  • Designed UI using HTML , CSS , JavaScript , JQuery and AJAX
  • Revise existing Python/Django modules to deliver data
  • Worked on Restful API to access data from third-party and used data for analysis and statistical representation
  • Used Apache Tomcat web server on Linux Platform
  • Prepared Implementation plans and reviewed with Application owner and other supporting teams.

Environment: Java, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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