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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Richmond, VirginiA


  • Strong background and interests in full stack web & mobile application development, big data technologies, and machine learning.
  • Advanced Project Lead and Development Specialist skilled in leading teams that initiate, design, and innovate solutions to technical, cultural, and operational obstacles.
  • Strong communication skills with ability to empathize with and explain complex technical concepts to key stakeholders such as management, end users, and strategic partners.
  • Strong technical competencies using innovative technical tools to solve business problems, improve budgets, and enhance overall performance.
  • Passionate about and familiar with small to medium - sized software development including writing design documentation and requirement specs.
  • Fascinated by the growth opportunities inherent in applying leading-edge technologies to overcome the continually evolving design challenges of 21st century business.
  • Patient, detail-oriented, and a strong track-record of delivering high-quality, on-time, and on-budget results.
  • Capable of quickly learning and effectively applying new techniques in advanced technologies to achieve evolving business goals.


Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C/C++, Scala, Clojure, Perl, Php;

Databases: Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL;

Web Application Frameworks: Node.js, AngularJSReactJS,Ruby on Rails, Java EE, Spring Framework;

Test Automation: Protractor and Cucumber;

Java EE Platforms: JBoss, WebLogic, Tomcat, Jetty;

OS: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD UNIX;

Revision Control Software: Git, SVN, IBM Clear Case;

Big Data: Hadoop, Spark, Apache Storm, Apache SORL, Nutch, HBase;

SOA platforms: Apache Camel and JBoss Switchyard;

Web Services: Restful API, WSDL, UDDI, SOAP, XSD, JAX-RPC;

Xml Standards: XML, XPATH, XQUERY, and XSLT;

Mobile languages: Android API, iOS API;

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans;

Web technologies: CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, Html5, JSF, Struts, MVC, Chrome development tools



Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • Have built user management for presidential budgets for specific programs.
  • Used Spring MVC, Mongo, Angular and Apache Shiro for user roles and permissions.


Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • Participated in development of developer.capitalone.com site and developed regression suite for the sit with Protractor and Cucumber. Used AngularJS, NodeJS, Bower/Gulp and Spring Framework.
  • Developed an API service virtualization framework that simulates any API with swagger specs.
  • It has truly innovative components like generic simulator, fully automation testing framework.
  • Built with Spring, Nodejs, Swagger, FSM and Graph Computing.
  • It can automate the testing of any API without any work in fully automated way and can output Cucumber test feature specs.
  • Renovated old web site with fully developed scrapping framework with Nodejs with Jquery producing JSON models, .Net Web API, AngularJS, Bootstrap/CSS.


Confidential, Richmond, Virginia


  • full stack web development on Ruby on Rails & Ruby; UI technologies (CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap and AngularJS); mobile application development (iPhone IOS 9 with xCode); Spring MVC, AOP, Hibernate, and Spring WebFlow; and data acquisition processes that pull from Oracle tables and prepare SOLR input and index it via XQUERY language.
  • A Search Engine with 15 ranking criteria for a big food retailer (via a SOLR engine and Node.js); (2) Turkish language search engine to find documents Google cannot via Nutch/SOLR/Hadoop/Node.js/Bootstrap; (3) A custom high-performance ETL that extracts and transports data between databases in use for 7+ years; (4) company websites with JBOSS, EJB3, JSF, Servlet, XML, XQUERY, XML Schema, Restful Web Services, and MDM Java API. including (1) catalog price generator application using Apache Struts 2, JSF, Restful Web Services, EJB3 and XQUERY; (2) a tool to pull Ferguson store Locations data from Microsoft SQL server and produce XML files; (3) a synchronization app for product data in MDM and Oracle for content built with XQUERY, XML, & Java running for 7 years without issue; (4) a data scrapper that pulls and transforms data from a vendor site into MDM format; (5) a web app in Java, JSP, XML, & XQUERY that takes arbitrary binary data from MDM in batch mode; (6) A Python-developed tool for power grid simulation based on OpenDSS.
  • Using .NET technologies (C#, Microsoft LINQ, WCF, MS-SQL 2005, MS-IIS Server, & Oracle 10g); these technologies protect intra-company web services; applies authentication and authorization for requests (user name/password, SSL certificates, and token authentication); allows users to create composite web services with seamless access to composite service.
  • On design team for new Navy portal with several Oracle portal products (WCI, Web Center), administered portals on Ubuntu Linux, UNIX and Windows, and set up environment to call Java Web services from PL/SQL; (2) designed & implemented automated portal generation with Oracle WCI API for Navy that can run on either Apache Tomcat or WebLogic.
  • Designed & developed business rule extraction from legacy code in COBOL and transforming data types into MS SQL SSIS table definitions on the fly; (2) Developed the rule extraction in XQUERY functional language and applied to 700K lines of COBOL code (237 files) with an extraction success rate of 99.5% (published as web application for developers to verify hand-made rules).

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