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Quantitative Analyst/python Developer Resume


A cyber security apprentice with five years of self - taught software development experience. Passionate about cyber security, data science, and software development and extremely eager to learn and explore new ways to solve technical problems. Programming and bug-testing hobbyist with inclination towards Python. Find excitement in delivering high quality work product and live to learn, work, and better myself in this fast evolving technical ecosphere.


  • Full Stack Dev (Python, Java, HTML, JavaScript, HTML)
  • Database Management (MySQL)
  • Reverse Engineering/Exploiting (Metasploit, Splunk)
  • Quantitative Analyzing, Research, and Calculation
  • Intelligence Gathering and Reconnaissance
  • Networking Architecture/Firewall Management



Quantitative Analyst/Python Developer


  • Use Python 3 programming language to create multiple applications, ranging from Stock data scrapers/analyzers to Sudoku solvers, along with scientific NumPy to perform swift analysis on big data.
  • Manage project directories via Secure Shell (SSH) in a Unix server environment.
  • Utilize various machine learning algorithms and Tensorflow to better analyze financial data.
  • Analyze political and economic market indicators to increase accuracy of project results.


Security Apprentice


  • Hardening of company software, hardware and cloud environments (AWS), firewall/network traffic monitoring, intrusion detection, incident response, forensic research, attack surface shrinking and defense in depth, resulting in a more secure, more prepared system against hackers, competitors, and other threats.
  • Penetration testing, social engineering, reconnaissance for companies and employees, vulnerability assessment, reverse-engineering, HTML cloning, and exploiting resulting in teaching companies their weak points in a controlled, harmless environment.

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