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Sr. Lead Java/architect Resume

Oaks, PA

SUMMARY: Technical Java Architect/Developer with over 13 years experience with design patterns, technical architecture, development and business process modeling. Expert knowledge in designing and developing complex, multi-threaded applications. Possesses excellent financial domain experience. Possesses outstanding communications and “soft” skills.



OAKS, PENNSYLVANIA 03/2011 – 05/2012

Sr. Developer/Architect- Core Java 1.6 - Multithreading/Spring/JMS/MQ/Weblogic 10.3

  • Redesi
  • Designed and implemented an infrastructure that was structured to allow for consistent and repeatable patterns for building components to support new and existing business functions.
  • Development work included building JMS service listeners and associated Service and Task Handlers with transactional support. Service adapters were written to bridge between existing data and event service implementation to new data structures and functional business/service requirements. Listeners were wired to Weblogic WorkManager through Spring bean configuration. Eclipselink 2.2/JPA2.0 was used as the Object to Relational mapping for persistence support.
  • Developed JUNIT/Mockito was used for integration unit testing and mocking testing for specific functions/classes.


SKILLMAN, NEW JERSEY 04/2010 – 02/2011

Sr. Lead Core Java 1.6/MQ/JMS Developer/Architect

  • Designed and developed in conjunction with other team members using Core Java, Spring Framework, MQ/JMS and Inxight Rules Engine a new implementation to support Entity Extraction from various client supplied documents.
  • The application is intended to support approximately thirty two different business areas with their specific requirements.
  • Specifically designing and implementing overall process/work flow, building multithreaded components using the Java Concurrent package(s) and assisting the various business areas in defining their entity extraction rules that were fed to the Inxight Rules Engines.
  • Technologies used were Spring Framework, Java 1.6, MQ/JMS.


WARREN, NEW JERSEY07/2009 – 03/31/2010

Lead Core Java Developer/Architect

  • Developed in Core Java Initial Margin Calculations for Credit and Rates Products
  • Redesigned and developed using Core Java, Spring Framework and Tibco EMS a new implementation of an existing application. The application was originally written to support the Credit desk only. The new design provided for flexible component based development and implementation supporting Credit, Rates and Equities desks.
  • The new application allowed for a scalable system that would support the current and new product specific business requirements, rules, calculations and XML schema.
  • Technologies used were Spring Framework, Hibernate, Java 1.6, Tibco EMS, and JSP.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK 02/2006 – 5/31/2009

Sr. Lead Java/Architect.

Supporting Structured Funds and Rates Desks

  • Using Core Java, Swing, and multithreaded clients, designed, developed and implemented, new products and application implementations for the Rates, Structured Funds and Equities trading desks. Successfully delivered multiple projects over a three plus year engagement.
  • Core Java implementations included, core Java Business Delegate classes, Java Messaging and Service Handlers and Java Database Access Objects (DAO ) were developed and implemented to support the service adapter processing.
  • In Core Java, Designed, developed and implemented a trade capture system for Derivative products. Initial project implementation was for Interest Rate Swaps to manage allocations for a large investment Fund Manager.
  • Subsequent projects involved development of core products for the Structured Funds desk within the Calypso environment using core Java, Swing and Sybase. Additional projects included development and implementation of generic valuation and risk analysis services.
  • Multithreaded Java Swing clients were designed and developed for traded financial products
  • Services adapters were developed and implemented that provided the validation, transformation and associated APIs to manage communications with the Java Calypso Trade engine.
  • Developed a messaging implementation providing communication between Java and C++ service handlers and C# clients.
  • Wrote Java service adapters that handled the messaging producers and consumers for the Java Calypso trading system service.
  • Wrote C++ service adapters that handled the messaging producers and consumers for the C++ Summit trading system service
  • Developed and implemented a common library of the Java Messaging Service 1.1 implementation that was distributed to multiple subsystems
  • Java Spring framework components used were Core, AOP, and Beans
  • C# clients were developed to capture Interest Rate Swap Allocations specified through client worksheets.
  • Swing components and core Java were used to develop the UI(s) for the products developed within Calypso
  • Core Java and Java messaging implementations included front office to middle and back offices systems communication from Trade Events generated within Calypso.
  • New and existing product workflows were developed. Associated workflow rules were implemented.
  • Technologies used were Core Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Java 1.5, JMS1.1, Swing, and Calypso Trade Engine.


MAHWAH, NJ 8/2004 – 12/31//2005

Technical Java Lead/ Architect

  • Designed the business objects and services with the implementation team. Incorporated Java, J2EE and EAI design patterns into the design and subsequent implementation.
  • Responsible for defining business and application workflows and processes. Worked with the business community and major stakeholders to identify the set of workflows for application deployment.
  • Worked with other subsystem architects to define the contractual interfaces, key integration points and web service consumers and providers..
  • Technologies used were Java, J2EE, SQLJ, Weblogic 8.1.3 App Server, Weblogic Integration, and Rational Rose Enterprise.


ALLENTOWN, PA 02/2003 -8/2004

Java Architecture Team Lead and OO Modeler

  • Responsible for technical and application architecture for the enterprise business management software.
  • Performed formal analysis and design of business object and application contract services for the various subsystems. As a liaison between the business community and the development team, provided the bridge between formal requirements and technical design and implementation.
  • Designed business object, Entity and Session Beans and supporting behavioral, creational and structural patterns
  • Designed Models using Rational Rose Enterprise suite. RUP practices were followed with embellishments..
  • Technologies used were JDK1.4, EJB 2.0, Weblogic 8.0 application server, Blaze rules engine, ORACLE 11.x DBMS.)


06/2002 – 11/2002

Senior Application Architect/Developer

Designed and developed a Pub/Sub model to support intra-day order and customer account updates received from internal and external subsystems. WWW.WALLSTREETACCESS.COM

  • Built components using Java Messaging Service integrated with MQ Series 5.3 and WebSphere 5.0. EJB 1.1 session and entity beans were developed to support management of application and client interfaces.
  • Created and implemented the topic hierarchy to support the Pub/Sub implementation. Formal analysis and design artifacts were produced using Rational Rose at various phased of the Rational Unified Process
  • Technologies used were MQ/JMS, Java, J2EE, EJB1.1, Oracle)


New York 06/2001 – 05/2002

  • Reporting directly to the firm’s SVP of International Trading, I was responsible for the technical architecture of an order management system for International Equities Trading.
  • As the liaison to the business community, my responsibilities include assisting with the analysis of the business environment and system process flows, establishing business architectures, defining key OMS components and external system integration; development/implementation efforts included using Fix4.x message protocols, JDK1.3, Tibco RV and CORBA components.
  • The technical architecture included integration with Java objects, Fix4.x and XML message structures with Reuters and Bloomberg services, CORBA components, Java Messaging Service and Tibco RV for pub-sub services.
  • Assisted in transforming a project one year behind schedule, to an alpha release in sixteen weeks.
  • Documented use cases, collaboration diagrams component design for EJB1.1 components using the Enhanced Unified Process from inception through production/transition.
  • Technologies used were Java, Tibco, Fix4.x, Javelin, CORBA, Sybase)


NEW YORK, NY 01/1998-05/2001

Technical Architect, Financial Services Practice (FSP)

As the system architect/lead developer for this pre-IPO Straight-Through-Processing (EAI/STP) solutions’ spin-off of Mitre Corp., was responsible for a technical architecture, J2EE development and collaboration with the business/user community, as well as project management/leadership. Client engagements included:



  • Project lead and architect for a $2MM component of a strategic $20MM multi-product Clearing and Settlement Hub initiative.
  • This effort involved establishing the base infrastructure, system and business architectures, building the key trade settlement management applications and the associated enterprise services (security, naming/directory, systems management, etc.) in a messaging centric architecture for a high volume clearing and settlement hub.
  • Defined and developed architecture plans, and timelines, system technical and data architecture. Worked with other members of the team to define and design enterprise services that provided interfaces to remote and legacy systems requiring information from the hub.
  • I was directly responsible for analysis, design and implementation of the J2EE implementation. I was responsible for the business process and use case analysis, worked with other technical architects to define the enterprise and technical architecture. Used the Rational Unified Process for the entire SDLC. Led a development team of ten individuals responsible for the full implementation of the business management and functional requirements of the subsystem.
  • Used TIBCO RV for messaging and pub sub services within the hub; interfaces to product specific feeds such as foreign money market trade engines using MQ series were used to feed order executions to the hub
  • First year development effort included a J2EE implementation with Weblogic 5.1-6.0 application server; Webgain Studio suite including VisualCafe and TOPLink for Weblogic was used to support persistence for Entity Beans and lightweight Java objects requiring persistence. Development was done on NT and UNIX platforms with ORACLE 8i database running on Sun Solaris as the production environment.



  • Techni
  • This effort involved understanding and documentation of business and process flows, establishing a current and future state architecture that included conceptual and logical architecture models
  • An iterative methodology approach was applied to analysis and design for the future state and architectural vision.



  • A two-phase mentoring project to a team of sixteen, covering the Rational Unified Process and J2EE/Weblogic implementations
  • Initial phase deliverables included business process models, use cases, and high level architectural overviews with key integration points identified.
  • Second phase deliverables included business object models, detail design models, sequence and collaboration diagrams and related J2EE code implementation.



  • Lead Architect for a mission critical clinical trial data initiative for a vertical B2B hub and portal startup in the Pharmaceutical industry (I was asked to provide architecture assistance to the firm’s Pharmaceutical Practice for this strategic initiative).
  • This effort involved understanding and documenting business and system process flows, establishing the conceptual business model, business operating system and architecture, technology vision, first phase of development, and first year implementation plan; designed as a major J2EE implementation with integration between mobile and asynchronous devices and commerce servers (a technical framework, in the area of Weblogic based customs portals, were used as the basis of the implementation effort)
  • The proposed J2EE implementation utilized JSP, Session and Entity Beans, java objects and a Weblogic application server integrated with an Apache Web Server and Tomcat servlet engine. The implementation included the Weblogic server running in a Sun Solaris environment with ORACLE database managing persistent storage.


BROOKLYN, NY 10/1998-9/2000

  • Reporting to the Director, IT (with dotted line responsibility to an executive steering committee), lead a project team of ten plus indirectly three business analysts; project responsibilities included the business process analysis and documentation, architecture and design of a three-tier distributed system supporting listed company management for the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Developed project plans, assigned and monitored project tasks, allocated resources and worked with users to define and refine requirements (initial implementation was a client-server application that was later moved to an intra-net Web based solution)
  • Used the Rational Unified Process to develop use cases, business domain, object models and classes used for implementation; OrbixWeb 3.1 was used to provide CORBA-compliant services for the application (including naming and event services). Two senior developers and I were responsible for the development and implementation of the CORBA components.
  • Provided Java clients with the interfaces to multi-threaded OrbixWeb and Visigenics CORBA servers that implemented services to support the required functionality; mapping of domain objects to a SYBASE database was done utilizing TOPLink for Java, an object-to-relational mapping tool; IDE tools included JBuilder Enterprise version 4.0.
  • Mentored the team in the Rational Unified Process, object-oriented design and distributed systems architecture.
  • Technologies used were Java, CORBA, SYBASE, Rational Rose)


NEW YORK, NY 12/1997-10/1998

Software Engineer/Developer

Responsible for design and implementation of a Collateral Asset mark-to-market accounting system developed for the structured finance desk (Corporate Bonds and Treasury futures).

  • Provided the analysis and detailed design of an architecture used by other desks within the firm (i.e., booking trades, profit and loss analysis and user administrative functionality).
  • Defined business requirements and subsequent functional requirements with the trading desk brokers and analysts.
  • Designed a client server system that used Java 1.1 NT clients invoking requests from Orbix 2.3 CORBA service objects running on Sun Solaris 2.5 servers.
  • Technologies used were Java, C++, CORBA, SYBASE)


Graduate Studies in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

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