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Software Designer/architect Resume

New York, NY


Software design/Architecture: Java/J2EE, servlet/JSP, Spring, Flex, RIA, Web GUI, HTML5, mobile


  • worked with Java/J2EE (15 yrs), Flex/AIR (5 yrs), SQL (15 yrs), Oracle (12 yrs), C/C++ (5 years);
  • had extensive J2EE experience: servlet/JSP, Spring, Struts1/2, JSF, EJB, Swing, XML/XSLT, Flex;
  • used enterprise Java tools: Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Apache, Eclipse/RAD/FB, web services
  • familiar with Groovy, Hibernate, JSON, Dojo, GWT/Vaadin, Jquery, portlets, Android SDK, HTML5
  • actively participated in the full project cycle (full SDLC: from specs to maintenance);
  • have a M.S.E.E. degree (specialization
  • telecom), over 24 years of programming experience;
  • came up with initiative which created $50M project.
  • Work Experience:

    08/11 03/12 Confidential (New York, NY)

    (Contract) Lead Consultant (Flex4, Parsley, Java EE, Spring, Weblogic, Linux, Android, HTML5)

    Architecture/Design/Development of Risk Management applications:

    • designed advanced Flex/Java Risk Management reporting app (Spring Blaze DS Integration, Flash Builder, Maven, Subversion, Sybase, CSS);
    • designed mobile Flex app for Android and iOS (Flex/AIR & Java, Flash Builder 4.6)

    01/11 08/11 Confidential

    (New York, NY)

    (Permanent) Sr. Developer (Flex, Java EE, Spring, JBoss, Linux; Clojure, Vaadin, LDAP, FIX)

    Design/Development of financial (FIX engine Appia) applications:

    • enhancements and design documentation to FIX engine monitoring app (Flex/Java)
    • designed single signon layer for suite of Web apps (Spring Security, ACL,CAS,LDAP)
    • designed visual GUI form builder (Vaadin/GWT, Clojure, new DSL, i18n)

    08/09 12/10 Confidential

    (New York, NY)

    (Contract) Sr. Consultant (Flex/AIR, Java EE, JMS, JBoss, Linux; Hadoop, R, Bloomberg OMS)

    Design/Development of financial (Mortgage Trading ALM) applications:

    • created JobRunner Business Calendar job scheduler & job plugins (Java, Maven)
    • and Business Calendar Flex GUI (Calendar, BlazeDS, ClearDataBuilder, SQL Server)

      • created Audit Item Approval tool (Flex/Java, Clear Data Builder, SQL Server, LDAP);
      • developed Flex dashboards with Mate and deep linking in Flex (SWFAddress, CSS);
      • created AIR/Flex utility processing Excel 2007 XLSX files (POI, Web Services), embedded Tomcat into AIR with WebService deployed (AIR2 / Flex4 / FlashBuilder4)
      • created AIR/Flex dashboard with JMS/Flex messaging (via JMS Topic or Queue);
      • created messaging J2EE components (MDB/POJO) integrated with Capital Markets Trading Asset-Liability Management Systems, Risk Analytics, Book/Records and Settlement systems with Bloomberg T/P OMS (Bloomberg AIMS) to hedge trade MBS, MBS TBA, Interest Rate Swap & Swaption asset classes via Bloomberg OMS;
      • implemented large enhancements for Struts/AJAX/XML Beans mortgage application.

      12/08 07/09 Confidential


      Newark, DE)

      (Contract) Sr. Consultant (Java/J2EE/Weblogic, Spring/Hibernate, JSF/MyFaces, i18n, YUI, Flex)

      Design/development of large financial application for US Treasury:

      • reverse engineered Struts and Visual Basic applications (UML);
      • designed app with internationalization (JSF/MyFaces, Spring, AJAX:YUI, Jquery, CSS);
      • designed app installation & packaging for Win (Wise Install Studio, Visual Build Pro);
      • investigated Forms technologies (Cocoon & XForms: Lotus Forms, Orbeon, Chiba);
      • created Flex/AIR prototype communicating with Java applet and DLL (scanner, JS);
      • integrated XML Forms with JSP/Servlets (JavaScript, Authentic/StyleVision/XMLSpy).

      09/08 12/08 Confidential

      ,p.(Jersey City, NJ)

    (Contract) Sr. Consultant (Flex, Cairngorm, LCDS, CSS, Java/J2EE/JBoss)

    Developed model-driven trading application (with streaming data via sockets):

    • converted application from Flex2 to Flex3, fixed bugs, improved performance.

    06/08 09/08 Confidential

    (Titusville, NJ)

    (Contract) Sr. Consultant (Flex3, ActionScript, AIR, Cairngorm, Spring/J2EE/Weblogic, CRM)

    Designed & developed pharma mobile sales application in Flex/AIR (Windows tablets):

    • new features design/development, enhancements, bug fixes, testing;
    • lead offshore team of 4 developers.

    09/07 06/08 Confidential

    (Bridgewater, NJ)

    (Contract) Lead Consultant (Struts2, Websphere Portal, IntelliJ IDEA, Oracle 10g, Flex/RIA,

    JBoss, Ant, Maven2, POI, AJAX, Dojo, JSON, JUnit, Subversion, RAD, Solaris)

    Architecture, design and development of large Sales Inventory B2B application:

    • new features, enhancements, optimizations, bug fixes;
    • added Struts2 and AJAX part to the existing Struts web application;
    • created large JSF/Portlets/AJAX web application prototype on WebSphere Portal;
    • created Flex3 prototype (FlexBuilder3, ActionScript, LCDS);

    01/07 09/07 Confidential

    (Hopewell, NJ)

    (Contract) Tech Lead/Architect (Struts, EJB, Web Services, Weblogic, JUnit,Eclipse, AJAX, Flex, Oracle 9i/10G, PL/SQL, IntelliJ IDEA, Documentum, Remedy, ClearCase, Linux)

    Architecture, design and development of enterprise Portal for regulatory department:

    • new features, enhancements, performance optimizations, bug fixes;
    • created lots of documentation (requirements, design, Validation);
    • created Flex2 prototype (FlexBuilder2, ActionScript, MXML, FlexDS).

    08/03 01/07 Confidential

    (New York, NY)

    (Contract) Senior Consultant (Java/J2EE, XML, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Windows & Solaris)

    Developed several financial web applications for Contracts Management

    (Cocoon, XSLT/XML, Java/J2EE, Servlet/EJB, Spring MVC, AJAX, JBoss/Tomcat, Apache, LDAP, Oracle 9i & PL/SQL, TOAD ; C# /.NET; CARS/IS);

    Developed Java application for image processing (Swing, Tomcat, Oracle);

    Developed internal & external training portal (JSP/Struts, Weblogic, Tomcat,Eclipse, JBuilder, Plumtree, Verity, Interwise, ASP, eRoom/Documentum,

    Content Management, web site management);

    Our projects went through Validation process and external audit.

    Merged 2 regulatory applications/databases (PL/SQL, Oracle Reports & packages,

    data modeling, ERWin, SQL Navigator, Global Regulatory System).

    Created real-time non-compliance reports system (Business Objects, BI, PL/SQL).

    09/02 08/03 Confidential

    (Lawrenceville, NJ)

    (Contract) Senior Java Engineer (EJB, WebLogic, WSAD, Oracle 9i, XML; Windows, Solaris)

    Reverse engineering and re-architecture of the project (optimized for performance).

    Designed / developed servlets, JSPs for e-commerce application for supply chain.

    Created components and deployed on Tomcat with its container security (Realms).

    Configured Apache for load balancing 2 Tomcat servers (with security).

    Worked on creating portals, integrating web sites, single logon, content management.

    Did DTD to XML schema to Java conversions (Castor).

    Wrote Jython scripts for automated testing of the build (Python, Ant, Perforce).

    Wrote design documentation (Rational Rose, UML, Javadoc).

    Created EDI INT bridge; Upgraded/configured Cyclone; Upgraded Weblogic 5.0 - 7.0

    Used Xerces, XML Spy, Perforce, Remedy, eRoom, Perl, Javascript, JMS, Struts.

    1997 2002 Confidential

    (Piscataway, NJ)

    (Permanent) Senior Software Engineer (Java, J2EE, CORBA, RMI; Windows, Solaris, HP-UX)

    Designed & developed JSPs and servlets (EJB, WebSphere, WSAD, J2EE, Apache)

    Created distributed application manager / performance monitor (AppCenter).

    Built JSP/servlet prototypes (VisualAge, WebSphere; WSAD, JavaScript, XML).

    Design of the Java GUI for database application (Oracle8i, PL/SQL, Unix, Perl):

    • designed and developed web client (Java, Swing, VisualAge; Perl, PVCS, iPlanet);
    • wrote architecture & design documents, created UML diagrams (Rational Rose);
    • developed Java/C++ interactions through CORBA (IDL, OrbixWeb/Orbix);
    • converted 4 applets from OrbixWeb to Visibroker;
    • VisualAge administration;
    • converted 4 applets from JDK1.1 to JDK1.3;
    • done performance improvements.

    Lead of the Java subgroup in the Common Architecture group (tech investigations).

    Lead projects on Web technologies (Java/J2EE, CORBA, security).

    Mentored, reviewed design, helped on Web technologies, gave presentations.

    Project Management: maintained schedule (MS Project), lead meetings, estimates.

    Came up with initiatives which saved millions of Dollars and created new projects.

    Projects: 1) Service activation; 2) Telephone cards managing app (distribured DBs)

    3) Local Number Portability center for Canada.

    1997 Confidential

    (Toronto, Canada)

    (Contract) Programmer (Java, AWT, CORBA, VisualAge for Java, DB2, Windows NT)

    Design of thin client GUI for bank teller (part of the large financial application).

    Tested application development cookbook.

    1996 1997 Confidential

    (Toronto, Canada)

    (Permanent) Software Engineer (Java, Windows NT, SQL Server; Pascal, real-time Unix)

    Design of the call center Web client prototype (Java, AWT, Windows NT).

    Voice messaging application (Meridian Mail; HP Unix, Pascal, ClearCase):

    • bug fixes, troubleshooting; hard/tape drives and modems qualifications (award).

    1995 Confidential

    (Toronto, Canada)

    (Contract) Programmer/Analyst (Visual C++, VB; TCP/IP, NetBIOS, X.25; Tandem)

    Design of TCP/IP (UDP) to NetBIOS gateways; TCP/IP stacks evaluation;

    Design of NetBIOS drivers for LAN (installable DLLs; encryption, compression).

    1994 Confidential

    (Toronto, Canada)

    (Contract) Programmer (C, UNIX, Sun workstations; Lex, YACC)

    Design of translator from GML (Geographic Macro Language) to Tcl/Tk:

    • Design of the prototype, all project specifications and other documentation.

    1992 1993 Confidential

    (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

    (Permanent) Software Engineer (Microsoft C/C++, MS-DOS, Windows)

    Design of LEADER compiler (language, similar to Visual Basic):

    • design and implementation of translators (Lex, YACC);
    • creation of utilities for reading and editing of data files;
    • optimization of the graphic libraries of interpreter.

    1991 Confidential

    (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

    (Contract) Programmer (Turbo-Pascal, MS-DOS, Forth embedded processors)

    Design of programs for LED displays control from PC through RS-232 (real-time):

    • with a single multilingual large LED display (for the bus terminal);
    • with up to 100 LED displays (for the supermarket);
    • with PC as a VAX terminal (for the call center).
    1988 1990 Confidential (Minsk, USSR) (Permanent) Software Engineer (Turbo-C, Turbo-Pascal, MS-DOS) Design and implementation of programs for portable IBM PC/XT:
  • system tests (C);
  • graphic demo programs with animation and sound (C). Design of PRALU compiler (simulation of concurrent logical control):
  • design of parser, user interfaces, libraries (Pascal).

    1987 1988 Confidential

    (Minsk, USSR)

    (Permanent) Software Engineer (Basic, Atari; Fortran-IV, IBM/360; DSP)

    Simulation of noise reduction units for satellite TV systems.

    Development and tuning of those units. Patent search.


    2008 Adobe: Flex3 and LiveCycle Data Services, Introduction to Cairngorm;

    2007 Introduction to Flex2 with Java (Farata Systems)

    2002 C#, .NET, VisualStudio.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET; EJB, WebLogic.

    2001 Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, J2EE; XML; .NET, MS VisualStudio.NET.

    1999 2000 Sun: Solaris power user; UML and Rational Rose; Visibroker for Java.

    1998 99 IONA: OrbixWeb; Oracle: Oracle8i, PL/SQL; IBM: VisualAge for Java.

    1996 97 Seneca college (Toronto): Advanced Java, Advanced C++.

    1994 95 Seneca college (Toronto): Windows programming with C++ (MFC, OWL).

    1992 IBM (Tel-Aviv): IBM/370, Cobol, DB2; IBM PS/1: C, Lotus 1-2-3 .

    1982 87 M.S.E.E., Belorussian State University of Informatics (Minsk, USSR)

    Communications engineer (telecommunications & telephony).

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