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Full Stack Developer Resume

Richmond, VA


  • Over 6+ years of professional experience in implementing complex systems using Java, J2EE technologies in Agile and Scrum environments.
  • Background in all phases of software engineering including Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and implementation as well as Agile Software Development using GitHub.
  • Thorough knowledge in developing applications using advanced java concepts like Web Services (SOAP/ Restful) using frameworks like HIBERNATE and Spring .
  • Expert in Object Oriented Analysis Design and Development (OOAD).
  • Participated in meetings with business operations team to understand the requirements.
  • Extensively used various Spring Framework modules like Container that applies IOC (inversion of control) and Bean container, WEB MVC (model view controller), Auto Wiring, JDBC Templates, Spring Security, Spring AOP (Aspect oriented programming), Spring ORM, JDBC, Spring Core, Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Security and Event Driven architecture.
  • Working Knowledge of relational databases such as MySQL , PostgreSQL.
  • Hands on in UI Development using AngularJS, Angular 2/4.
  • Good experience in handling web and application servers in creating Domain, configuring connection pool, JMS, deploying applications on IBM WebSphere 8.x, Oracle/BEA WebLogic 10.x/9. x.
  • Experience in Unit testing using Junit and Mockito.
  • Proficient experience in using the databases such as MS SQL Server 2005/2008, MySQL, Oracle 9i/10g/11g and MongoDB.
  • Extensively used the JavaScript frameworks, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS and Angular2/4.
  • Expertise in designing and developing SPA using Angular 4 along with other UI technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, XML.
  • Expertise in using Angular JS Directives, Controllers, Filters, Services, Templates, Events and Injectors.
  • Built Angular 2 framework including MVC architectures, different modules, specific controllers, templates, custom directives and custom filters.
  • Good knowledge in developing and deploying applications on J2EE application servers like Apache Tomcat for deployment and customizing WAR/JAR file management for web applications.
  • Experience in writing JUnit test cases, ANT, Maven building tools and code debugger using log4j tools.
  • Have good knowledge in Design Patterns like Singleton , MVC , and Business Delegate , Factory Method , Session Façade and Data Access Object (DAO) pattern.
  • Worked on AWS, High Availability Practices and deploying backup/restore infrastructure.
  • Experienced in Integrating Amazon Web Services AWS with other applications infrastructure.
  • Configured maven to create docker images and pushed them to ECR for AWS deployment.
  • Configured Cloud formation templates to create AWS infrastructure for the application.
  • Experience in working on operating systems including Windows XP/NT/2000, UNIX.
  • Demonstrated good communication and interpersonal skills, highly motivated, fast learner, good team player and very proactive in problem solving with providing best solutions.


Languages: C, C++, JAVA (J2se1.8/1,7/1.6, J2EE1.5/1.4), SQL

Development Tools: Eclipse 3.2/3.0/2.1.1, MyEclipse6.0/5.1.1, RAD7.0/6.0,WSAD5.x/4.x,NetBeans3.3, IntelliJ

Application/Web Servers: Tomcat6.x/5.x, JBoss, WebLogic 10.3/9.2/8.1/7.0, IBM WebSpher6.x

Java Technologies: Servlets, EJB, J2EE/J2SE (JSP, JSTL, JavaBeans, Servlets, Web services, RESTful API, JDBC), JPA.

Web Technologies: JSP, JDBC, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, Angular 2/4/5, HTML4/5, CSS3, DHTML, AJAX, Java Script, jQuery, Bootstrap, JSON, XML, XSL, XSLT, REST/SOAP and Java Beans.


RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g/12c, MySQL, MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000, PostgreSQL

NoSQL: MongoDB, Cassandra

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, LINUX

Frame Works: Struts, Spring, (Dependency Injection, Spring MVC, Spring Access, DAO, Factory Pattern, Core, Spring Context, Spring AOP, Spring DAO, Spring IOC, Spring JDBC, Spring with Hibernate), Mockito, Junit, Selenium.

Testing Tools: Junit 4.x, Load runner 11.0/11.5, Jasmine, Karma.

Version Control: Rational Clear Case, CVS, SVN, GIT

Methodologies: Agile Methodology, Waterfall

Build Tools: Ant 1.7, Maven 2.x, Jenkins 1.2, Docker

Other: Ant, Maven, UNIX and Windows Platforms, Toad, PL/SQL Developer, JIRA


Confidential, Richmond, VA

Full Stack Developer


  • Followed an extremely light and efficient Agile Scrum Methodology, adopted to be most easily applied.
  • Participated in sprint plans, code reviews, daily stand-ups and had continuous co-ordination with the team during different phases of application development, also involved in all phases of SDLC including requirement collection, design, analysis, development and deployment of the application.
  • Designed various Angular 2 Components (/ngModule), Services (observable/promises), Directives and Pipes.
  • Developed User interfaces and prototypes for web-based internal system using Angular 2/4, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and Bootstrap.
  • Used Angular2 Router Module for implementing routing, imperative routing and Guards.
  • Used Angular2 HTTP Module to make API calls and worked with the observables.
  • Worked on migrating Angular2 old forms to Final New forms and performed validations using Angular2 Form module.
  • Used Selectors, Events, AJAX and Dom Manipulation using Angular 2 components for updating content on DOM nodes.
  • Created reusable templates using HTML and style sheets based on UI standard guidelines and created responsive web design using CSS Bootstrap .
  • Implemented media queries to improve the responsiveness of the page to support mobile first approach.
  • Developed upon Angular2 Services that interact with the RESTful services at the backend.
  • Responsible for the overall layout design of the web Application using Angular2, ES 5&6, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS .
  • Checked for appropriate wiring of views using Routing in Angular2.
  • Responsible to create DAO CRUD methods using Hibernate and Spring framework.
  • Configured Dispatcher Servlet and View Resolver to intercept incoming requests manage Spring MVC flow and invoke view components with the help of Dispatcher Servlet.
  • Created Rest-Controllers with respect to RESTful standards in Spring MVC to connect model with view.
  • Tested REST APIs in the Spring-Controller at the backend for JSON data using Postman.
  • Used Spring Boot at the backend for easy application development including plugins, jobs, server configuration, etc.
  • Created/managed Mongo DB/NoSQL collections and handled CRUD operations on using Java libraries/API's.
  • Composed and executed Mongo DB scripts to insert and update NoSQL database; automating data changes and reporting.
  • Created functions to interact with the RESTful Web Services using AJAX.
  • Used Mockito and JUnit for unit testing of the application.
  • Used Jenkins which automates the provisioning and configuration for every continuous Integration server which includes plugins, jobs, server configuration, etc.,
  • Developed angular unit tests for testing angular components using Jasmine and Karma.
  • Used Maven for build and deployment, Jenkins for continuous integration and log4j for logging.
  • Developed test cases using TDD (Test Driven Development) approach.
  • Part of a response team that worked on Production issues while the application is deployed to Production. Responsible for compiling and submitting an error report for management each week.
  • Configured Jenkins to perform builds to AWS environment.
  • Configured Cloud formation templates to create AWS infrastructure for the application.
  • Used JIRA to handle development issues, GIT for version control, Eclipse IDE for development and Tomcat server for application deployment.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Angular2/4, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, MongoDB, JSON, Git, Restful API, Spring, Hibernate, Spring boot, Mockito, JUnit, Jasmine, Karma, log4j, Agile, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA, Eclipse.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Worked in Agile environment, having daily SCRUM meeting for progress reporting as well as task distributing.
  • Interacted with business owners and other UI developers on a regular basis to understand the desired functionalities and help them visualize the product by making suggestions.
  • Developed front-end code using JavaScript Framework, AngularJS with Ajax call and jQuery to retrieve data as JSON Object from controllers in back-end RESTful Server , then display the well-organized result in web pages by writing AngularJS controller, directive s , service s , and route provider s. Also used AngularJS filter to make the data searchable and sortable .
  • Responsible for developing RESTful API using Spring Framework. Developed different Controllers that return the responses both in JSON and XML based on the request type.
  • Designed and developed the application using Spring MVC - Implemented various Controllers, used spring’s component-scan and Auto wiring functionalities.
  • Participated in coding Spring AOP components for the Logging, Exception handling and Transactional Models. Developed Spring boot application with Microservices and deployed it into AWS using EC2 instances.
  • Used J2EE design patterns such as MVC, Data Access Objects, Business Delegate, Session Façade, Business Objects, and Transfer Objects.
  • Unit and integration test cases are designed and developed using Junit following test-driven development (TTD).
  • Created and injected Spring services, Spring controllers and DAOs to achieve dependency injection to wire objects.
  • Extensively used log4j to log regular debug and exception statements.
  • Used Maven to build, run and create JARs and WAR files.
  • Used Maven for application build and GIT for change control management.
  • Have very good experience on Unix commands to commit code to merge while getting conflicts.
  • Developed test cases using Mockito framework on Junit runner, TestNG runner.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers for efficient interaction with Oracle.
  • Currently supporting the application in production and working on parallel development for the next phase.

Environment: Java1.7/1.8, J2EE, Spring Core 4.x, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Web Services, XML, JAXB, WSDL, JavaScript Docker, Drools, Jira, Hibernate 4.x, Angular JS, HTML5, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, Oracle 12c, PL/SQL Agile Methodology, Design Patterns, GIT, WebSphere 8.0.


Sr. Java Developer


  • Developed the web pages using JSP, JSTL, jQuery, and AJAX.
  • Used Spring MVC, Dependency Injection and Aspect Oriented Programming.
  • Implemented Persistence Layer using Hibernate 3.2 integrated with Spring 3.0.
  • Developed web pages using JSP, JSTL, and JavaScript. Used AJAX for reloading a section of the web page without reloading the entire page as a performance improvement.
  • Worked on Spring model, validations and controller classes using annotations.
  • Written JSP pages using JSTL, Action tags and custom tag libraries.
  • Developed user interactive websites using web technologies like HTML, XHTML, and CSS.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM framework for mapping Java classes with database and Hibernate query language (HQL), Criteria, SQL to query.
  • Developed the code for asynchronous update to web pages using JavaScript and Ajax.
  • Participated in regular code reviews and design meetings.
  • Used MyEclipse as IDE tool to develop the Java applications.
  • Worked on Oracle as the backend database.
  • Created test cases using Junit framework.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4J.
  • Utilized Servlets to handle various requests from the client browser and send responses.
  • Created and implemented PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers. Designed and documented the stored procedures.
  • Coding Test Classes using Junit for unit testing, Performed functional integration system and validation testing.
  • Developed web services using SOAP, JAXB, XML and WSDL and web services clients in implementing SOAP architecture.
  • Java Servlets and JSP pages were deployed on the Web Logic Application Server for retrieving user information and posting related data.

Environment: Java 1.6, J2EE, Spring 3.x, Hibernate 3.2, AJAX, WebLogic 8.1 Application Server, JMS 1.0, XML, SOAP, WSDL, JavaScript, Log4J, Eclipse, Oracle 11g.


Programmer Analyst


  • Responsible for design and development of Web Application using Spring Framework.
  • Written Action Classes, Form Bean Classes and configure the Application using Spring Configuration file.
  • Developed various UML diagrams like use cases, class diagrams, sequence and activity diagrams.
  • Worked closely with QA, Business and Architects to solve various defects in quick and fast manner to meet deadlines.
  • Involved in updating existing business logic for the new ETF rules using Struts Action classes.
  • Implemented Struts MVC architecture in the application using HTML, JSP CSS, jQuery etc.
  • Created Struts action classes and defined action mappings in struts.xml. consumed soap services to retrieve data from existing applications.
  • Implemented token-based authentication for Soap based services.
  • Performed MySQL coding on Web applications that are driven by MySQL database.
  • Increased database performance by utilizing MySQL config changes, multiple instances and by upgrading hardware.
  • Involved in production support, monitoring server and error logs and foreseeing the Potential Issues, and escalating to the higher levels.
  • Deployed the application on the JBoss Application Server.
  • Configured global exception mappings in struts.xml to gracefully handle any exceptions in the application
  • Extensively used My Eclipse, Sub versioning (SVN) system for release management.
  • Developed front-end content using HTML, CSS, JavaScript client-side validations.
  • Worked with IDE as Eclipse Juno and deployed into JBoss Application Server with Maven build tool to achieve more functionality for build process.
  • Configured and deployed web application in JBoss Application Server using Maven.
  • For SSL hand shake exchange the secure certificates and install in various environments.
  • Used Spring Batch for certain scheduled jobs.
  • Used Jenkins deployed EAR in different environments.
  • Involved in unit Integration, bug fixing, Design Reviews, and Code Walk throughs.
  • Design and develop an enterprise common logging around Log4j with a centralized log support (used logger info, error and debug).
  • Involved in writing complex SQLs and fine tuning the existing queries to improve performance.
  • Created new hibernate associations between different members and beneficiaries.
  • Involved in production support to fix the night batch failures and other maintenance issues.

ENVIRONMENT: JDK 1.2, JBoss Server, SOAP Web Services, MySQL, Maven, FileZilla, WinSCP, Junit, SNMP, FTP/SFTP, Struts, Eclipse Juno, Eclipse Mars, Log4J 1.2, XML and SVN.

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