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Java /j2ee Developer Resume

Edison, NJ


  • 7+ years of experience in Design, Development and Maintenance of web based applications using JAVA/J2EE technologies.
  • Experienced in all phases of SDLC including analysis, design, coding and testing, expertise in integration using J2EE architecture.
  • Experienced in designing and developing multi - tier scalable applications using Java and JEE Design Patterns.
  • Expertise in using IDES like Eclipse / Sun Java Studio/My Eclipse /RAD.
  • Experienced in Development and Deployment of 3-Tier and n-Tier Architectures.
  • Extensive experience on Application Servers including BEA WebLogic 10.3/9.x/8.1, WebSphere /6.x/7.x/8.x and Web servers like Apache Tomcat and Sun One Server etc.
  • Expertise in developing Internet/Intranet Applications with Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, ANT, Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Struts, Hibernate, JUnit, XML, Log4j,HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Experience in developing the User Interface Screens for presentation using Java, JSP, HTML, Java Script and Ajax, Experience in Struts MVC and Spring MVC frame works.
  • Strong experience in implementation of Hibernate into frameworks like Struts, spring.
  • Expertise in creating SOAP and REST web services using Apache CXF.
  • Strong scripting experience in writing build scripts using Apache Ant and Maven. Sound knowledge in Version control systems like CVS, Subversion, Clear Case.
  • A very good understanding of Groovy and Grails.
  • Exposure to various databases such as Oracle, SQL Server. Experience in using Design Patterns like MVC, Data Access Object (DAO), Singleton, Business Delegate, Service Locator and Session Facade.
  • Hands on experience on UML design and Data Modeling usingAgroUML and other tools.
  • Good Experience with build and deployment tools including Maven, Gradle.
  • Implemented application logging and investigated for debug issuesusing SLF4J, Logback and Log4j.
  • Well versed in Test Driven Development (TDD)and implemented unit and integration testing using Spring Test, Mockito and Junit.
  • Experienced in XML technologies such as XSD, XSLT, etc. with respect to SOAP and other cases.
  • JVM performance monitoring and JVM tuning. Tuned JVM for performance optimization using JVisual VM, JConsole and VM Args.
  • Quick learner with strong problem-solving skills, good verbal and analytical skill .


Languages: Java 1.4/1.5/1.6, SQL and PL/SQL, UML, XML, XSL, XSLT, C, C++

J2EE Technologies: JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JNDI, JMS, JUnit, Java Mail API, RMI, JAXB, JAXP, Apache Axis 2, REST.

Frameworks: Struts 1.x, Spring 2/3/4, MVC architecture

Persistence layer: Hibernate 2/3/4, JPA

IDEs/tools: Eclipse, My Eclipse, Net-Beans, JBoss, WSAD/RAD, MSSQL Server, MySQL

Design Modeling: OOA/OOD, AOP, UML

Web Tools: AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, HTML, DHTML, SOAP, WSDL. JavaScript, SQL, HQL, Hibernate, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX

Version Control: VSS, CVS, Subversion, Clear Case.

Database: Oracle10g/9i, MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, DB2, Microsoft Access, and MySQL

Web/Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat.

Methodologies: Agile, SCRUM, TDD, Waterfall


Confidential, Edison, NJ

JAVA /J2EE Developer


  • Rest Call Development using Jersey Rest API and Spring Boot Handled
  • Server Side Rest Services for Distributors, Salesman and Customers.
  • Email and SMS Text using Amazon SNS. Stored Procedure to process Payments.
  • Handled JDBC Calls using Spring Data (JdbcTemplate) to execute sql queries and Stored Procedures.
  • JUnit Testing Framework for Testing the individual method calls.
  • Created Create/Update/Delete calls from Front End. Developed the Android App for Both Prodcast Customers and Prodcast Distributors.
  • Android App invokes the same Rest Calls developed for JQuery front end as well.
  • Worked in Agile software development lifecycle and used Scrum methodology in which involves Requirements gathering, designing, coding, testing, debugging and support.
  • Used spring Object relational mapping (ORM) and hibernate for persistence in Oracle.
  • Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information from the Oracle database.
  • Implemented Microservices architecture using Spring Boot for making application smaller and independent.
  • Designed and developed the REST based Microservices using the Spring Boot.
  • Expertise in coding optimized SQL queries on databases like Oracle.
  • Developed components utilizing spring framework modules (IOC, AOP, MVC).
  • Integrated Spring with Hibernate and made as Spring bean using Hibernate Template.
  • Used Spring AOP to handle transactions session aspects and to implement security.
  • Designed and created DAO using data modeling in the integration layer.
  • Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the databasewriting stored procedures, functions and queries in SQL.
  • Wrote query to obtain data using Hibernate Query Language (HQL).
  • Designed, developed a custom single page application using AngularJS, and created services, factories, models, controllers, views.
  • Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, XML and jQuery for developing the application.
  • Coordinated with the QA team in testing of the application in various environments.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in shell for Maven builds. Created and modified build configuration files.
  • Created the branches in Git to implement the parallel development process.

Environment: Java,Spring IOC, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Hibernate, REST, Spring Boot, HQL, SQL Jenkins, JIRA, Tomcat, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX, JSON, XML and jQuery.

Confidential, Newark, NJ

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed web Components using JSP, Servlet under J2EE Environment.
  • Responsible for writing Hibernate POJO classes and integrating and Hibernate with Spring for processing business needs.
  • Wrote SQL statements to store and retrieve data from Oracle and developed web pages using HTML, CSS, JSP and used JDBC for database connectivity.
  • Developed SOAP based Web Services using JAXB and published SOAP using WSDL.
  • Developed SOAP client and consumed SOAP from external producer.
  • Added Maven support to existing projects.
  • Worked in an Agile Scrum Development environment
  • Involved in Agile Methodology process which includes bi-weekly sprint and daily scrum to discuss the design and work progress
  • Developed web application for recovering missing customer orders using JSP, JPA, SQL, jQuery and Ajax.
  • Designed, Developed and analyzed the front-end and back-end using JSP, Servlets and Spring.
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.
  • Built Web pages that are more client interactive utilizing jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, AutoComplete, AJAX, JSON, JavaScript, Bootstrap.
  • WebLogic application server was used to host the Application.
  • Used Git for version control and Eclipse as IDE.
  • Log4j was used to log Messages.
  • Involved configuration and deployment of application on Tomcat Apache.
  • Involved in design, coding, unit and system testing, documentation, assisting in training and implementation of projects, applications, work flows, etc.
  • Developed components of web services (REST) end to end, using different JAX-WS standards
  • Exposed application functionalities as RESTful services to clients that want to use their own UI layer - using Spring for JSON output.
  • Implemented error handling on various RESTful services to return the right HTTP status codes and wrote Automation Tests in Java to validate the end to end business functionality for RESTful services.
  • Used DAO pattern to send input parameters and fetch data from Oracle database using Hibernate and developed persistence Layer using Hibernate to persist the data and to manage the data.
  • Used Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution, technique of mapping data representation from MVC model to Oracle Relational data model.
  • Used Tomcat (local server) to deploy the application and responsible for developing integration test for an AWS-hosted cloud application using TDD.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in Compute Cloud of Amazon web Services (AWS).
  • Hands-on experience on developing AWS cloud formation templates and setting up Auto scaling for EC2 instances and involved in the automated provisioning of AWS cloud environment using Jenkins
  • Developed unit testing frame work using JUnit test cases for continuous integration and used GIT for repository and controlling the code without any conflicts.

Environment: Java, Web Services, JSP, JPA, REST, Hibernate, JDBC, MVC, Agile, Oracle, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, Ajax, Jira, SQL, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Agile, WebLogic, Git, Log4j, SOAP, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, AWS, JSON, RESTFul Websevices, JQuery, Java Script, JUnit, GIT

Confidential, Brentwood, TN

web Developer


  • Involved in the complete SDLC for multiple applications (individual projects).
  • Designed, developed, debugged and tested the web based application using the J2EE architecture.
  • Hands on development in Java based and Oracle forms and database objects.
  • Co-ordinate activities between infrastructure, testing, development and program management.
  • Deployed jar, war files in the Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Used RAD for the Development, Testing and Debugging of the application.
  • Implemented Spring ORM with Hibernate taking advantage of Java features like annotation metadata, auto wiring, and generic collections
  • Involved in developing code for obtaining bean references in spring framework using Dependency Injection (DI) or Inversion of Control (IOC) using annotations.
  • Used Spring validation and wrote validation rules.
  • Worked on Oracle and Db2 Databases and wrote SQL queries as well as stored procedures for the application.
  • Involved in the design and development of XML presentation.
  • Created XML Schema, XML template and XSL.
  • Involved in the design and development of XML presentation using CSS & XSLT.
  • Responsible for developing use cases, class and sequence diagram for the modules using UML and MS Visio and handled all the documentation required for each of the projects from onsite perspective.
  • Active participation in process oriented tasks related to project involving change management, delivery management and implementation management.
  • Actively involved in development of XML Documents.
  • Responsible for creating Reports in Crystal Reports and to deploy and solving any issues

Environment: Java, J2EE, EJB, Spring, API, XML, SOAP, JDBC, My SQL, JavaScript, AJAX,, JNDI, CVS, Log4J, JUnit, WebLogic Oracle , Eclipse 2.1.3, Unix, Oracle, Oracle, Jboss .

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Java Developer


  • Responsible for the analysis, documenting the requirements and architecting the application based on J2EE standards. Followed test driven.
  • Participated in designing of Use Case, Class Diagram and Sequence Diagram for various Engine components and used IBM Rational Rose for generating the UML notations
  • Implemented different Design patterns like DAO, Singleton Pattern and MVC architectural design pattern of Springs.
  • Interacting with client in design and code review meetings.
  • Responsible for secure batch data flow to downstream systems using Middleware Java technologies.
  • Developing Intranet Web Application using J2EE architecture, using JSP to design the user interfaces and Hibernate for database connectivity.
  • Designed and developed Controller Servlet, which will route request to Application Controller
  • Extensively Worked with Eclipse as the IDE to develop, test and deploy the complete application
  • Development of hibernate objects for data fetching for batch and front-end processing
  • Front end screens development using JSP with tag libraries and pages.
  • Designed and developed the new features in the existing application to meet the customer's satisfaction.
  • Implementing JSP Standard Tag Libraries (JSTL) along with Expression Language (EL).
  • Designed and developed the user interface screens, data base design changes and changes to user access modules.
  • Used to simplify development and testing of web applications by providing client-side model - view - controller (MVC) capability as well as providing structure for the entire development process.
  • Active participation in Web Logic server and Oracle problems (killing instances, debugging server logs, applications logs)
  • Written SQL queries, stored procedures modifications to existing database structure as required per addition of new features.
  • Extensively developed supporting Java Beans Components.
  • Client side validations and server side validations are done according to the business needs.
  • Written test cases and done Unit testing and written executing Junit tests.
  • Used Log4J API for logging and debugging.
  • Written ANT Scripts for project build in UNIX environment.
  • Building application and deployment in servers as per request from the qa team.
  • Participated in User Acceptance Testing and issue resolution
  • Production implantation and post production support.

Environment: Java, Spring, framework, Hibernate, RestFull, SOAP,JSP, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, Ajax,JBoss,Web logic, Eclipse.


Java/J2ee Developer

Responsibilities :

  • Involved in full development life cycle of the project from analysis, designing and testing.
  • Involved in preparing class diagrams, use diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Worked on the User Interface using JSP, JavaScript and HTML.
  • Involved in gathering requirements, design and implemented the application using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Extensively involved in developing Web interface using JSP , JSP Standard Tag Libraries (JSTL) using Struts Framework .
  • Implemented presentation tier on Servlets, JSP, and DHTML for custom business requirements.
  • Played an active role in testing the application by writing test cases for different scenarios and extensively involved in bug fixing.
  • Involved in deploying the application in different environments like development, sandbox.
  • Gathered business requirements from the end users and wrote functional specifications and design documents.
  • Used Struts & JavaScript for client-side validation.
  • Wrote backend-stored procedures, functions and triggers.
  • Used and configured Struts ValidatorForms, Message Resources, ActionErrors, Validation.xml, Validator-rules.xml.
  • Deployed the Application into UNIX Server after the development and testing was finished.
  • Handled the issues that came during the Production time and resolved them.
  • Maintained Mail Communication between the users to update them regarding process enhancement.

Environment : Java /J2EE, JSP, HTML, PL/SQL Oracle, UNIX, JavaScript,Servlets,DB2, Maven, SVN, Log4j, JBoss Application Server, Tomcat, UNIX and UML.

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