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Java Developer Resume

Rochester Hills, MI


  • A Senior Java /J2EE/J2SE developer with 9+ years of IT experience.
  • Extensive & expert level of experience with Java Platform, J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Spring MVC, Struts, JSF, Hibernate (ORM Mapping), JMS (Java Message Service), JPA, JDBC, XML, and JavaScript.
  • Experience in implementing core Java concepts and strong understanding of Garbage Collector, Collections, Multithreading, File IO, Event handling, Exception handling, Generics and Serialization.
  • Expertise in implementing applications with Model - View-Controller(MVC) pattern and implementing various Java/J2EE design patterns including Singleton, Factory, MVC, Front Controller, DAO, Data Transfer Object and Session Facade.
  • Extensive experience with SDLC methodologies like Agile and Waterfall.
  • Well versed in designing, applying OOAD principles and architecture of J2EE using UML.
  • Experienced in developing web-based technologies using HTML5, DOM, XHTML, AJAX, CSS3, XML, JQuery, JSON, AngularJS, JavaScript, ReactJS and Bootstrap.
  • Vast knowledge of XML related technologies like XML, XSLT, parsers such as JAXP, JAXB and schemas like DTD, XSD (XML Schema).
  • Hands on experience in WebSphere, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic.
  • Good experience in different IDEs like Eclipse, RAD, Spring Tool Suite and IntelliJ.
  • Proficiency in webservice applications both producing and consuming REST (Rest Easy, Jersey) API and strong understanding of REST(JAX-RS), SOAP (JAX-WS) based webservices and WSDL, UDDI in XML and JSON formats.
  • Experienced with JAX-RS specification like Jersey and Rest Easy to Implement REST based applications.
  • Experienced with JAX-RPC, JAX-WS specification like Apache Axis I, Apache Axis II and Apache CXF to implement SOAP based application and tested it using Soap UI.
  • Extensively experienced in using the persistence layer for JPA, JDBC and Hibernate to persist data to the database.
  • Hands on experience in building & deployment phases and usage of continuous integration (CI/CD) tools.
  • Experience in developing automated unit testing using unit test cases using Junit, EasyMock, Mockito and PowerMock Frameworks.
  • Very well versed with different testing techniques such as integration testing, regression testing and state coverage testing.
  • Knowledge in configuring the version control systems like Git, IBM Clear Case, Bit Bucket, Source Tree, CVS, and SVN.
  • Knowledge in building Java applications using tools like ANT, MAVEN and Gradle.
  • Experience in creating documentation using Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams such as Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Class Diagrams, Deployment Diagrams.
  • Solid knowledge of Java 8, lambdas and filters to process order data.
  • Knowledge of other programming languages such as C, C++ and C# (.Net Framework)
  • Very well-versed with different RDBMS (Relational database management systems) including different versions of SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014) and Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c.
  • Experienced in writing stored procedures, functions and triggers using T-SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Experienced with creating and maintaining SSIS (ETL) packages.
  • Prior experience in Business Intelligence (BI) environments.
  • Strong experience in different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux.
  • Cohesive team worker, having strong analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent communications skills.
  • Adept at building strong working relationships with coworkers and management.
  • Talented problem solver able to think “outside the box.”


Operating Systems: Windows 10/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/7, Unix, Linux.

Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, C#, PL/SQL, T-SQL

JEE/J2EE Technologies: Servlets 2.5/2.4/2.0, JSP 2.1/2.0/1.2, JDBC 3.0/2.1, EJB 3.0/2.0, XML Processing (JAXB, JAXP,) JMS, Web Services (SOAP, REST, WSDL).

Frameworks: JSF 2.2, Struts 2, Spring 3.0/2.5/2.0/1.2, Hibernate /4.0/3.0/2.1

Database: Oracle 10g/11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 r2, 2012, 2014, 2016

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat 6.0/7.0, JBoss 4.x/5.0, WebLogic 10x.

IDEs: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Netbeans

Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, DOM, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, Angular JS.


Distributed Technologies: EJB, SOAP(JAX-RS), Restful (JAX-Ws)

Versioning Software: Git, IBM Clear Case, SVN, CVS

Tools: ANT, JUnit, Jenkins, Gradle, VisulaVm, JMock, TestNG, Maven.

Design Technologies: OOAD, UML

Bug tracking tools: ALM, Jeera, Rally, Bugzilla.


Java Developer

Confidential, Rochester Hills, MI


  • Software development using Agile software development methodology. Analysis, design, coding, code reviews, unit and integration testing during the entire duration of the project.
  • Extensively used Java Collections, Multithreading and File I/O operations.
  • Provided different services by maintaining and complying with different ISO/OBD protocols.
  • Spring Framework Controller was implemented for Request and Response paradigm was handled by Spring - MVC.
  • Extensive development using controllers, service and DAO. Working on DAO also included developing stored procedures and writing SQL queries to query the databases.
  • Worked on consuming XML web services using REST, SOAP, WSDL, JAXP, and JAXB.
  • Unit testing and support for Test Driven Development (TDD) was achieved using JUnit and JMock testing framework
  • Testing on cars and by using simulation models.
  • Involved in snapshot/iteration/release building the application in Jenkins and resolved build errors.
  • Used Log4J to monitor the error logs.
  • Used Gradle to build the project.
  • Initially used Accurev then transition to GIT to maintain source and version management and used IntelliJ as IDE.
  • Analyzed/resolved dead locks in code by using visualVm.
  • Built and deployed the applications as OSGI bundles using Gradle
  • Presentation tier developed using Java Script, AngularJS, CSS, XHTML and HTML.
  • Implemented scripting with Ajax and xml to dynamically refresh the page content.
  • Provided on call production support once the application(s) went live.
  • Provided support to the QA testing team, responsible for bug fixing, and ensuring the quality of the application
  • Extensively used design patterns like singleton, prototype, value object, data access object.
  • Maintaining code quality be using SonarQube.
  • Some part of user interface has being designed using SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit)
  • Mentored junior developers on application logic and program flow.

Environment: J2EE 7, Java1.8, IntelliJ 2016.2, GIT 2.11, Accurev 6.2, Jenkins 2.0, Gradle 2.2, Spring 6.0, Servlets 2.5, Ajax, XHTML, AngularJs 2, Git, SourceTree, Sonarqube 6, SWT, Rally defect and user story tracker, VisualVm, CSS, WSDL, REST, JAXP, JAXB, XML, Log4J, JUnit, JMock, Agile methodology, Windows 2010.

Java Developer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Worked on multiple stages of software development using Agile software development methodology.
  • Implemented spring framework controller for request, response paradigm by spring controller using Spring - MVC.
  • Extensively worked on controllers, service and DAO. Working on DAO involved developing stored procedures and writing SQL queries to query the databases.
  • Implemented modules using core Java APIs, Java collection, threads.
  • Involved in consuming XML web services using REST, SOAP, WSDL, JAXP, and JAXB.
  • Used JUnit testing framework for performing unit testing and to support Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Involved in periodically building the application in Ant Hill build tools and resolved build errors.
  • Used Log4J to monitor the error logs.
  • Used Maven to build application and developed it on web sphere server.
  • Developed the presentation tier using JSP, Java Script, JSON, YUI, CSS, XHTML and HTML.
  • Performed client side validations using JavaScript.
  • Implemented scripting with Ajax and xml to dynamically refresh the page content.
  • Provided production support 24/7.
  • Provided support to the QA testing team, responsible for bug fixing, and ensuring the quality of the application
  • Extensively used design patterns like prototype, value object, data access object.
  • Supported and helped junior developers with the application logic and program flow

Environment: J2EE 7, Java1.6, Spring 6.0, Servlets 2.5, JSP 1.2, Ajax, XHTML, CSS, JQuery 1.4, WSDL, REST, JAXP, JAXB, XML, Oracle 10g, CVS, UML, Agile, Log4J, JUnit, Maven, ALM, JIRA bug tracker, Agile methodology, AntHill build tool, RAD8.5.0, Web sphere 8.0, Windows 2008.

Java Developer

Confidential, Eden Prairie, MN


  • Developed and implemented the MVC architectural pattern using JSF Framework.
  • Coded server side in JSF application such as managed beans, converters, and validators using core java and concepts of advance java.
  • Used JSF framework in developing user interfaces using JSF UI components, validators, and events.
  • Developed Java beans, so that they can be re-used in various parts of application.
  • Developed user interfaces (GUI) using HTML and CSS, and Facelets declaration language, JSF expression language and Richfaces.
  • Involved in developing JQuery events.
  • Used AJAX for the asynchronous communication to the server.
  • Performed client side validation using JavaScript.
  • Developed JSF with custom tag libraries for control of the business processes in the middle-tier and was involved in their integration.
  • Involved in creating DAO layer using ORM mapping with Hibernate POJOs.
  • Created number of stored procedures, functions and integrated them in packages using PL/SQL.
  • Developed configuration files and classes specific to the Hibernate components.
  • Developed reusable components like page fragments, page templates, validation components, using Facelets and Richfaces.
  • Developed Restful web services.
  • Used Eclipse IDE, JBoss and Maven in order to develop and deploy the application code.
  • Used SVN as repository to control code versioning.
  • Performance tuning using manual debugging and in-built Eclipse debugging mode.
  • Used Maven to build the project into WAR and EAR files.
  • Handled and coded exception handling in application.
  • Wrote Java classes for different layers.
  • Solved issues related to multithreading.
  • Used JUnit testing tool to perform unit testing on individual classes.

Environment: J2EE, Eclipse IDE, Java, PL/SQL, JSF 2.1, JSF expression language and Facets, Richfaces, XML, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Hibernate 4.0, JBoss, Maven, REST, SVN, Junit, Agile.

Java Developer



  • Analyzed and developed the application using Spring MVC framework
  • Involved in designing, developing, bug fixing, documenting and unit testing the application. - Involved in the development of GUI screens using JSP, XML/XSLT, HTML and JavaScript. Used AJAX for client-to-server communication
  • Involved in creating DAO layer using ORM mapping with Hibernate POJO’s. Used Hibernate Query language to do the database operations.
  • Client side and server side data validations using the Java Script. - Developed several SQL queries and stored procedures to retrieve the data.
  • Used SVN, the version control tool for code commit and update.
  • Used Eclipse IDE and web logic application server in development. - Written the JUNIT test cases for unit testing.
  • Used Maven to build the project into WAR and EAR files. Environment: J2EE, Java, Spring 2.5, Struts 2, JSP 1.2, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, CSS, HTML, WebLogic 10.3, JMS1.1, Eclipse, Oracle 10g, SVN, Maven, JUnit, Linux.

Environment: J2EE, Java, Servlets2.2, JSP1.2, JSTL, Java Script, Ajax, XML, HTML, UML, Apache Tomcat, JDBC, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Windows XP.

Software Developer

Google Inc


  • Involved in various stages of enhancements in the application.
  • Involved in testing the new functionalities based on different test cases and coordinated with the development team for fixing issues.
  • Involved in release support.
  • Involved in critical bug fixes and coordinated with developers in release of bug fixes meeting tight timelines.
  • Involved in database testing using SQL. Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, J2EE, TOAD, SQL, XML, Loadrunner 8.0, Windows XP

Environment: SQL Server 2005/2000, Windows 2003/2000 Server, Microsoft Analysis Services, DTS packages.

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