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Software Engineer Resume

San Jose, CA


Programing Languages: Java, Angular JavaScript, Python, HTML, JSP, CSS, Verilog HDL, Perl HDL


Confidential, San Jose, CA

Software Engineer

  • Responsible for end to end development of the web application for automating network configurations via SDA (Software Defined App).
  • Developed REST APIs to accept inputs for user defined configurations and push to the devices connected across network.
  • Designed algorithm and developed framework for new features in Path Trace web application in DNA - C.
  • Designed the logical flow for Path Trace by gathering user inputs and developing deep learning algorithms for fetching detailed statistics of the network devices across the calculated path.
  • Improved the system overload by 7% by enhancing existing algorithm flow.
  • Gained exposure of message queues such as Rabbit MQ and Kafka, for exchanging east-west communication between micro-services running on Docker Kubernetes. Link to project workflow:

Software Engineer III

  • Collaborated with a team of 8 to develop site configurations with software defined web application through DNA- C (Digital Network Architecture- Cisco).
  • Developed REST API end points for serving details for data for over 5000 clients connected across the network.
  • Gathered insights from data collected from all connected clients across the network. Analyzed the data to produce helpful suggestions and solve potential network problems.
  • Created new frameworks for the design system and back-end services for better monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Enhanced the existing functionality of multiple modules to scale and improve the performance.

Environment: Eclipse, Java Spring MVC, APIC SDK, Kafka, Rabbit MQ, GIT, Docker.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Software Engineer

  • Developed web application portal for registering customer needs and requirements for internal IT projects.
  • Utilized full stack MVC (Angular JS framework) for programming.
  • Exposed to dynamic web application technology - Bootstrap Grid Sizing for enabling the application to run on tablet, mobile and desktop
  • Contributed in full stack REST API development for serving the front end pages developed.
  • Facilitated acceptance test driven development using Python scripts that resulted in test time reduction and faster release date.

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