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Senior Ios Developer Resume

Oak Brooke, IL


  • Exceptional Programming Skills including Swift, Objective C, C, C++, JavaScript, JQuery and JQuery Mobile, HTML, CSS, Java
  • Mentors team members assists in code reviews and provides support to junior developers.
  • Agile SCRUM developer and team lead, having taken the roles of SCRUM master and Product Owner.
  • Has worked in all development positions, back - end, front-end and design.
  • Has worked on and managed teams through full software development life cycle.
  • Able to efficiently gather and document requirements and put the team on an implementation plan.
  • Has experience with the entire Apple store application and approval process having responsibility for approval of several apps. Stays current with changes to the Apple App Store approval process and changes in any requirements.
  • Leads the design, development and implementation of complex systems.
  • Minor knowledge with creating hybrid applications using PhoneGap/Cordova, Xamarin, etc.
  • Have both utilized and created frameworks for enhanced code reusability and sharing amidst coworkers
  • Good with various architecture and design patterns such as MVC< MVP, MVVM, Decorator, Block, Builder, Façade, Visitor, Proxy, and more.
  • Understanding of current cloud development tools and methodologies.
  • Experience developing server-side applications using J2EE.
  • Strong with Swift 3 and knowledgeable of Swift 4, as well as the latest XCode / iOS versions, and beta builds.
  • Very comfortable consuming all kinds of webservices, mainly REST and SOAP based. Native experience with NSURL Connection, NSURL Session. 3rd party experience with RestKit, AF Networking, and Alamo Fire
  • Good eye for UI/UX design. Both Apple’s skeumorphic and now minimalistic design are ingrained in me, as is the H.I.G. For this I employ: CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, UIDynamics, UIView Animate with Duration, etc.
  • Stored data persistently in a plethora of ways: Core Data, SQLite, NSCoding (archiving/unarchiving), PLists, Documents/Temporary directory, NSUser Defaults, Keychain, as well as cloud based with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and others
  • Avid tester seeking to always have high code base test coverage percentages. For business logic of application XCT framework utilized for verification of model logic of an app, and for asynchronous methods expectations leveraged.
  • Good at processing crash logs / reports, using the debug console, breakpoints, instruments and similar


Confidential, Oak Brooke, IL

Senior iOS Developer

  • Developed and updated various features and functionality throughout the app specifically the order confirmation screen.
  • Designed coordination between iOS and Android Development teams to maintain consistency in mobile app design and development.
  • Debugged issues throughout the app using a combination of Instruments, LLDB statements, Breakpoints, and Log statements
  • UI developed using XIBs/Storyboard with programmatic layouts per design specs
  • Leveraged CoreLocation and MapKit frameworks to pull up and display locations nearby stores and get directions
  • Analytics tools used to track Order confirmation and payment
  • Used Git and SourceTree for version control
  • Used JIRA for ticket distribution and management
  • Involved in development and coding by adhering to the coding standards using Swift 4, and X-Code IDE.
  • Implemented architecture using MVVM pattern an incorporated various design pattern.
  • Implemented Navigation between views for the view controllers using Segues.
  • Followed the Apple UI guidelines throughout the project.
  • Involved in iOS performance testing along with Functional and regression tests.
  • Followed the Agile methodology for implementing the project.
  • Took care of Code Review, Code Fixes and bug Fixes.
  • Utilized CoreData for persistence of data and used versioning for data changes.

Technologies: Xcode 9, Charles Proxy, Hockey App, PhraseA pp, Invision, New Relic, SourceTree, JIRA, Confluence, Git

Confidential, Menomonee Falls, WI

Senior iOS Developer

  • Coupons are pushed to the device with push notifications using Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).
  • Shopping list allows users to keep track of the items you want to pick up.
  • Utilized NSURLSession and GCD for asynchronously downloading images on background thread to not lock up the UI and provide a better user experience.
  • Used NSCache to enable caching workflow for images to reduce loading time from the initial launch of iOS app onwards.
  • Responsible for code reviews and paired programming sessions while mentoring junior developers and bringing them up to speed.
  • UI developed using storyboards with auto layout constraints and size classes utilized to handle all screen sizes; priorities used to ensure no conflicts between constraints.
  • Developed IBInspectable and IBDesignable UI elements used throughout the app.
  • Worked closely with TDD, developing unit tests to validate functionality and business logic as per determined requirements documentation
  • Created the app in Swift in Xcode IDE with a variety of frameworks.
  • Built the app with MVVM architecture and employed design patterns such as Delegation, Extensions, Dependency Injection, Factory, Singleton, etc.
  • Used NSJSONSerialization to parse JSON files and displayed the information on a custom UITableView.
  • JIRA was used for bug reporting, ticket creation and ticket assignment
  • Continuous integration and module testing handled with Jenkins
  • Used GestureRecognizers to allow the user to perform different actions easily.
  • Stored user settings using NSUserDefaults.
  • Utilized MapKit and CoreLocation frameworks in conjunction with data provided via RESTful services to find nearby locations
  • Used Size Classes to optimize the app to accommodate a variety of screens.
  • Debugged code and fixed errors related to threading and memory.
  • Fixed memory issues by using Instruments, most notably using the Allocations, Leaks, and Time Profiler tools.
  • Heavily tested all code before merging, to make sure everything ran as expected.

Technologies: IOS, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, APNS, GCD, WatchOS, NSCache, IBDesignable, MVVM, JSON, Instruments, Xcode, XCTest, NSUserDefault, NSJSONSerialization, CoreLocation, MapKit

Confidential, Boston, MA

Senior iOS Engineer

  • This iOS shopping app boasts unique features. Create Pinterest style boards and place items on idea boards. See items in any space with the revolutionary View in Room feature. Purchase items fast with mobile-optimized checkout. Follow orders home with order-tracking interface. The app also offers a wedding registry, and notifications on order status and sales.
  • Main emphasis on this particular project was user interface; I worked heavily with core graphics, core animation, UIViewAnimateWithDuration, and UIDynamics to spruce up and make the app more enjoyable to use
  • Application is compatible with devices running iOS8+
  • App was originally XIB based but was migrated to a multiple storyboard setup for smarter easier setup
  • Lots of work with size classes to handle all possible screen sizes; priorities where managed to ensure no conflicts arose between constraints
  • UIImagePickerController within AVFoundation was used to capture/scan credit cards, or barcodes/QRcodes; POC’ed Scandit and RedLaser
  • Worked heavily on the shopping cart portion of the application; CoreData was used to ensure the shopping cart information was never lost regardless of user logging out, loss of internet connectivity, or any other miscellaneous occurrence
  • Knowledgeable interacting with CoreData in multithreaded environments; the practice of confinement was followed per Apple’s suggestion, so multiple managed object contexts used. Each background thread would have a child context from a parent context residing on the main thread, saving of a context would fall back to a parent
  • All multithreaded executions were managed by Grand Central Dispatch calls
  • JIRA was used for tracking and assigning of tasks
  • Lightly worked on apple pay and passbook integration; did utilize the Local authentication framework for biometric fingerprint scan usage
  • Continuous integration handled with Jenkins containing rules to push out builds every morning.

Technologies: IOS, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, XIBs, CoreData, Core Graphics, Core Animation, UIDynamics, JIRA, Git, Jenkins, Continuous integration, TDD, XCTest, UIViewAnimateWithDuration, AVFoundation, Agile, Grand Central Dispatch

Confidential, Richfield, MN

iOS Consultant

  • This shopping app helps users find store locations, find deals, research products, check reviews, and find the best products for the best price. I participated in the creation of the app from the beginning, with requirements gathering, project planning, architecture, design, implementation, testing and deployment.
  • Used Objective-C and Swift with Xcode to develop new features and bugfixes.
  • Added reminders with EventKit to remind users of upcoming events.
  • Transitioned app using Auto Layout to make the app work in multiple versions.
  • Enabled social media sharing on Facebook and Twitter using Social Framework.
  • Fixed numerous bugs from the QA backlog using Xcode debugger and Instruments
  • Improved performance by identifying bottlenecks and refactoring old code.
  • Interacted with Parse to send out push notifications.
  • Responsible for unit testing all code and occasionally performing code reviews.
  • Jenkins and Git were used for continuous integration testing
  • SDLC used for implementation cycle was Agile based
  • Connection to web service was achieved using GCD. Delegate methods implemented to handle reception of response, data, error, and load finish
  • Involved in iOS performance testing along with Functional and regression tests.
  • Coordinated with Configuration Manager for continuous integration.
  • Followed the agile methodology for implementing the project.
  • Worked on adding localization to the app to handle a plethora of different languages
  • Response from web service is XML and was parsed using TouchXML
  • Implemented logic to connect to server to download document data using GCD.
  • Extensive bug-fixing using NSLog statements, Breakpoints, and LLDB statements.
  • Enhanced UIs to present more content using Storyboards with Auto Layout constraints and Size Classes as per design team specifications.
  • Worked with services team to resolve issues regarding attraction wait times.
  • Worked with Facebook and Twitter APIs for social sharing.
  • Invoked RESTful web service data to retrieve information using AFNetworking.
  • Setup advanced filters to display attractions of interest to the user.
  • Created unit to ensure code quality and resolution of bug fixes.
  • Performed various tests and debugging tasks to identify and resolve issues.
  • Code base held in Git repository; Used SourceTree for version control functionality.

Technologies: IOS, Swift, Objective C, Xcode, Core Data, GCD, XML, TouchXML, SVN, SourceTree, EventKit, Social Framework, Jenkins, Git, LLDB Statements, GCD, TouchXML, Parse, SDLC, Agile

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

iOS Consultant

  • This was an app improvement and update project.
  • Developed and updated various pages and UI elements used throughout the app as per design team specifications and wireframes
  • Experience transitioning code from Objective-C to Swift and created POCs for app in Swift.
  • Experience transitioning MVC to MVVM.
  • Have worked with code-base Objective-C and Swift.
  • Worked with Interface Builder, Gestures, and Storyboards with Swift later in application development after code base was migrated.
  • Experience working with storyboards and segues from programmatic navigation and XIBs.
  • Worked with collection view to create navigation menus to create a UI to make transactions easily accessible.
  • Used accounts framework and Keychain for user accounts, with Core Data for data persistence.
  • Used navigation table and table view with compound views in the UI.
  • Created a POC for architecture and UI to display charts and financial data - planned to a future release.
  • Used GCD and NSOperations for threading in the background of transitional operations.
  • Used Git on a private Git server with Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • LLDB statements, breakpoints, for debugging and used profiling tools such as instruments for memory leaks and
  • Used RESTKit library to make connections to server, and handle authentication challenges, and consumedRESTful web service using NSURLSession.
  • Connection to web service was achieved using GCD. Delegate methods implemented to handle reception of response, data, error, and load finish
  • Worked with Localization to allow users to view content in a variety of languages.
  • NSOperations were used for pulling the latest information from various services with NSJSONSerialization used to parse said service JSON responses.
  • Used GCD for concurrency and Used Core Data and SQLite for Data persistence.
  • Wrote a multitude of unit tests to validate logic and ensure resolved issues were not reintroduced.
  • Completed extending testing and bug fixing using NSLog statements, Breakpoints, LLDB statements, and Instruments as per QA feedback.
  • QA unit testing with XCTest and scenario testing with TestFlight.
  • Collaborated with internal and external teams - Product Managers, Engineers, Designers, and Marketers to conceptualize, build, test, and realize new features
  • Jenkins used for continuous integration and testing.
  • Connection to web service was achieved using GCD. Delegate methods implemented to handle reception of response, data, error, and load finish.

Technologies: Swift, Objective-C, GCD, NSOperations, NSLog statements, Breakpoints, LLDB statements, Instruments, Delegates, REST, Keychain, Core Data, Git, Jenkins, XCTest

Confidential, ISan Francisco, CA

iOS Consultant

  • Worked on making updates and improvements to this shopping and pharmacy app which allows people to check on and refill prescriptions, get coupons and find savings.
  • Redesigned iOS UI for product page views using Storyboard for fresh look and feel per UX team specifications.
  • Enhanced user ratings and reviews ability using third party tools to allow and encourage more valuable info from users.
  • Using Storyboard, added views for MSDS and assembly instructions to assist users in shopping.
  • Improved scanning of barcodes and QR codes for greater speed and accuracy.
  • Implemented UI screens as demonstrated in the UI specification documents using custom UITableViews to display product details, SF Safari ViewController and QRCode scanners, QRCode generators at the point of sale (POS).
  • Enabled global choice of pick-up or ship product from catalog of over 600,000 products by using web shopping cart API.
  • Added store layout, shopping lists local store and workshop events.
  • Participated in various cross-functional teams, such as converting iOS app to ARC, and migrating off deprecated methods.
  • Implemented various OOP practices including MVC architecture and KVO and Singleton patterns.
  • Developed strategies to minimize customer impact during code releases.
  • Assisted approval of all updates to the iOS Apple App Store.
  • Performed QA, unit testing with XCTest and internal testing using TestFlight.
  • Followed continuous integration and test-driven development (TDD) principles in a strict Agile/Scrum environment.
  • SVN repository was used for version control and Terminal was used to connect and commit to repository.
  • Imported and integrated 3rd party libraries through CocoaPods tool.
  • This iOS app and all features developed to be compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod. Handled different iOS devices, screen sizes, orientation changes using Auto layout and Storyboards.
  • Developed complete client iPad login and signup module that includes UI design and backend communication with Web Services.

Technologies: iOS SDK, Objective-C, OOP, SVN, Agile/Scrum, TDD, XCTest, MVC, KVO, Singleton, Cocoa Pods, instruments., QR Code, Agile, Scrum, Storyboard

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Designed, developed, and deployed an in-house extension to an existing Python web application to gather client equipment data, mine gene sequencing instrument performance statistics, develop an overall view of real world instrument performance, and establish a customer data-based feedback loop for customer support, marketing, business intelligence, and future research and development.
  • Worked alongside the end user to design the back-end architecture to support the desired UI, UX, and functionality.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • As part of a team, designed, developed, and deployed a JavaScript, HTML, and email-based SalesForce automated customer service system that: created sales leads, nurtured existing leads, gathered current customer information, and accumulated information on lost leads.
  • Designed and developed an in-house Android mobile and tablet application to solve a department wide customer service issue.

Confidential, Twenty-Nine Palms, CA


  • Led Marines in over 125 combat missions during deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Honorable discharge with letter of appreciation from Commanding Officer for exceptional performance

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