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Software Developer Resume

Southfield, MI


  • Knowledgeable Java developer with extensive experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining software for clients in diverse sectors including automotive, health, and academia. Hands - on expertise in technologies and tools including Java/J2EE, JSP, Servlet, Oracle and frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate. Innovative problem-solver with proven ability to identify creative and cost-effective solutions to major technical challenges using Algorithmic expertise. Valued member of elite technical teams with ability to cooperate and collaborate with diverse cross-functional and cross-cultural staff. Experienced leading all phases of software development lifecycle for web based applications using AGILE methodologies.


Languages: Java, C, C++

Web: JSP, Servlet, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, JSTL, Bootstrap, AngularJS

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2

Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, Spring Tool Suite, Intellij, GIT, SVN, Maven, Postman, Visual Paradigm, XAMPP

Frameworks: Spring MVC, Hibernate, Java EE, JPA

Spring Modules: IOC, AOP, Spring MVC, Spring ORM, Spring Web Flow, Spring Secuiry, Spring Data

Web Services: REST, JSON, SOAP, XML, JMS

Web Servers: Tomcat, Glassfish, Jetty, IBM WebSphere Liberty

Continuous Integration: IBM Urban Build, Jenkins, Pivotal Concourse

Design Patterns: Factory, Abstract Factory, Facade, Template, Command, State, Proxy

SDLC: Agile, Waterfall, Iterative

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu


Confidential, Southfield, MI

Software Developer


  • Involved in design, implementation, development and testing phase of an enterprise application.
  • Applied TDD approach to write production code based on the test cases.
  • Used Pivotal Cloud Foundry as a PaaS to deploy, run and manage application in a cloud-based environment.
  • Implemented micro-service architecture with Spring Boot application.
  • Used Oauth2 with Spring Security to authenticate and authorize API to prevent it from malicious attacks.
  • Used Spring Rest to create backend web API as per the business requirement of Ford Pass.
  • Used Nexus Feign Client to call other backend services and retrieve important information as per the business needs.
  • Implemented Nexus Hystrix to control timeout and break circuit in case of multiple failing backend calls.
  • Utilized Pivotal Tracker from keeping track of the user stories and tasks along with points within each epics for all the sprints.
  • Utilized Git as a version control to push or pull the code base and created pull request to merge into master branch.
  • Applied Junit and Mockito framework to write unit test, feature test, integration test and contract test.
  • Implemented log4j framework to implement various logging levels based on the environment in which the application is deployed.
  • Used Swagger to create the API documentation for better convenience of the consumer.
  • Used Pivotal Concourse as a Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery tool.
  • Used Gradle as a build tool and to manage numerous dependencies.
  • Utilized Spring Boot in-built Tomcat server to deploy the application.
  • Wrote complex pipeline code to get the code base from GitHub, built it using Gradle script and deploy in PCF infrastructure.
  • Participated in various AGILE ceremonies including Iteration Planning Meeting (IPM), daily stand ups, Retrospectives, story writing and many more.
  • Wrote complex code in IntelliJ IDE.

Environment: Java, Spring Boot, JEE, UML, JSON, XML, REST, Gradle, Git, GitHub, Tomcat Server, PCF, Pivotal Concourse, AGILE, Pivotal Tracker, JUnit, Mockito, log4j, IntelliJ IDE, Mac OS.

Software Developer



  • Involved in design, implementation, development and testing phase of an enterprise application.
  • Worked on multi-layer architecture with cutting-edge technology to develop an industry standard application.
  • Applied TDD approach to write production code based on the test cases.
  • Used Pivotal Cloud Foundry as a PaaS to deploy, run and manage application in a cloud-based environment.
  • Followed different pair programming styles to pair with fellow colleagues.
  • Developed REST based service using JAX-RS along with Jersey framework utilizing different HTTP methods.
  • Used IMS connect framework to integrate Java with IBM IMS mainframe application.
  • Developed and modified complex SQL queries to manipulate various data from DB2 database system.
  • Wrote complex IMS Transaction Java classes to navigate legacy mainframe application written in COBOL.
  • Handled AJAX call using JavaScript promise implementing Angular.js framework.
  • Implemented MVC pattern including controller, service and template files on top of Angular.js framework.
  • Applied JUnit and Mockito frameworks to write unit test cases and JaCoCo to capture code coverage.
  • Used AccuRev/GIT as a version control tool and Gradle to build the project and perform numerous tasks.
  • Used IBM Urban Build/ Jenkins following CI/CD for continuous integration and to automate complex build scenarios.
  • Used IBM WebSphere Liberty Application Server as an application server to deploy the EAR application.
  • Used SonarQube to maintain the continuous code quality and to highlight newly generated issues.
  • Followed AGILE methodology with planning, grooming, story writing, retrospective and utilized Rally to keep track of user stories and tasks.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for development of a complex application.

Environment: Java, JEE, AngularJS, UML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, XML, REST, Gradle, DB2, AccuRev, GIT, IBM WebSphere Liberty Application Server, PCF, IBM Urban Build, Jenkins, SonarQube, AGILE, Rally, JUnit, Mockito, JaCoCo, log4j, Eclipse IDE, Windows OS.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Actively involved in design, implementation of Complex applications.
  • Designed and developed various modules of the application with OOAD.
  • Implemented JAVA/J2EE design patterns such as Factory, Template, Façade, MVC, Strategy.
  • Utilized J2SE extensively to develop business logic.
  • Developed new REST SERVICES using REST API (JAX-RS) to retrieve the data and converted JSON output into Java Object.
  • Integrated UI Screens with REST Services by making a call to created services using AngularJS.
  • Experience creating dynamic web interfaces utilizing modern JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS.
  • Configured Spring with Hibernate properties and validations for Dependency Injection.
  • Used Spring Security for authentication, authorization other security features.
  • Messages were sent to customers through JMS, sometimes point to point or just publish.
  • Wrote Hibernate mapping files for mapping the ORM objects (entities) to database tables.
  • Wrote HQL, SQL queries and stored procedures for Oracle database.
  • Used Maven to build the project, SVN and Enterprise GitHub as repositories.
  • Resolved merging issues and code conflicts with GIT.
  • Consistent logging is maintained across the code with Log4j.
  • Used Apache tomcat as a web server to deploy various components of application.
  • Debugging the code with break points on Tomcat enabled port.
  • Worked in writing the SQL queries in Oracle.
  • Following complete AGILE development methodology on which actively participated in Sprint planning/Grooming, Retrospective.
  • Used Eclipse IDE with Spring Tools Suite plugin for development.
  • Involved in UI development using JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, XML and AJAX.

Environment: Java1.8 (Generics, Concurrency, Annotations), JEE, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, JSP, JSTL, UML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, REST, Spring Tool Suite, Maven, Oracle, GIT, Tomcat, JBoss, Agile, log4j, Windows 8.

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