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Senior Java/j2ee Full Stack Developer/ Tech Lead Resume

Minneapolis, MN


  • 8 plus years of expertise in Information Technology involving all phases of SDLC that include Analysis, Application Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance on Enterprise Applications Primarily in J2EE platform across multiple business domains.
  • Very Strong Object - Oriented Developer with experience in Software Design and Product Engineering.
  • Experience developing Microservices using Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring webflux, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS.
  • Experience developing web components in Angular using Typescript, React using ES6.
  • Experience in working with various AWS services such as EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, Elastic Container Registry, API Gateway, Lambda, CloudWatch.
  • Experience developing MEAN, MERN (Mongo, Express, Angular/React JS, Node.JS) based applications
  • Experience in container based technologies such as Docker Images and orchestrating them using Docker Compose.
  • Highly experienced in designing, developing and debugging applications using Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, RxJS, Redux, Backbone, JQuery, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, SASS, Bootstrap, Lodash, Groovy, Swagger, GWT2.0, Dojo, ExtJs, Eclipse RCP, Handlebar, SEO, Servlets 2.4, JSP, Struts, JAXP, JDBC 3.0, ANT 1.6/1.5, Maven 2.1, JMS.
  • Proficient in application development using various spring modules such as Spring Core, Spring AOP, Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Web, Spring Batch.
  • Hands on experience in various JavaScript testing frameworks Jasmine, QUnit , Karma and Mocha .
  • Hands on experience in developing SOAP and RESTful Web services.
  • Proficient in developing web applications using Multithreading.
  • Expertise in JAX-WS, JAX-RS implementations using Apache Axis 2.2, Apache CXF 2.2.4, Jersey, RESTeasy.
  • Experience in distributed cache frameworks such as Coherence, Redis.
  • Experience in Asynchronous Module definition such as RequireJS, CommonJS.
  • Experience in Code quality tools such as SonarQube, JSLint, JSHint, EclEmma, JSCoverage, Checkstyle
  • Experience in modeling entity associations and proven skills in Hibernate 3.x mapping.
  • Experience in designing SOA applications using Web services, TIBCO BUS, MULE.
  • Well versed with build automation using tools such as GitLab, Jenkins, Team foundation Server, BuildForge, Hudson, Gradle, Ivy and Ant.
  • Hands on experience in programming web servers and application servers (Tomcat 6.0, BEA Weblogic 10.3, Jetty Web server, JBoss 6.1, IBM Websphere 5.1, Oracle Application Server 10.1)
  • Strong exposure to XML technologies such as XSD, XSLT 2.0, XPath 2.0, JAXP 1.1, JAXB 2.0.
  • Have strong exposure to Business Process Modeling using Workflow and Rules engine like Drools 5.0
  • Proficient software system architecture sense and expertise in applying various design patterns.
  • Experience in Publisher/Subscriber patterns such as OpenAJAX Hub.
  • Hands on experience in writing stored procedures, triggers and functions
  • Proven skills in Requirements gathering and documenting use cases
  • Devoted, smart, passionate Developer with competent multi-tasking skills and a good reputation of strong problem solving capabilities and work ethics.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of UML, Unified Process at the Enterprise level and familiarity with popular process methodologies like Agile, Waterfall
  • Legal, Insurance, Telecom, Logistics, Sales & Incentives Domain Expertise.
  • Excellent Communication and People Skills.


Languages: Java J J Java/J2EE, JavaScript, Groovy, .NET, Python

UI Libraries & Frameworks: Angular, React JS, Redux, Node JS, Express JS, ES6, Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, JQuery, BackboneJS, JavaScript, RequireJS, CommonJS, JSHint, JSCoverage, Dojo, UnderscoreJS, handlebars, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, LABJS, OpenAJAX HUB, Modernizr, Bower, SWT,EXT-JS,Ajax,UI Binder, RaphaelJS, Highcharts, D3, JSF, JSP, Velocity, JSTL, CSS, GWT, Spring data, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS, Spring Boot, Spring web flux, Spring Data JPA, Spring 2.0(Spring-ORM, Spring-IOC, Spring-AOP), Struts 2.0/1.3/1.2, Seam, WebWork, Hibernate 3.2/2.x (HQL), Log4j

J2EE: Servlets 2.4, JSP 2.0, JSTL, JDBC3.0, JMS, JNDI, RMI,Shell scripting,Web services, J2EE Design Patterns

Cloud Platform: AWS

Container Technologies: Docker, Docker Compose, Rancher Labs, Kubernetes

Web services: RESTful, SOAP, Apache CXF, Apache Axis2, Jersey, RESTeasy

BPM Technologies: Drools, Oracle Workflow Builder

DATA /Binding Technologies: JSON, XML, DTD, XSD, XSLT, XPath, JAXB

IDE/Tools: Visual Studio Code, Sublime, Atom, Visual Studio, Eclipse 3.4, Intellij, Spring Tool Suite, MyEclipse 3.2, Workflow Builder, TOAD, Caliber, NetBeans, IBM RAD, WinSCP, FileZilla, TFS, SonarQube, EclEmma, CheckStyle

IaaS: Chef, Puppet, Terraform

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat 6.x/5.x/4.x, Glassfish, BEA Weblogic 10.3, Jboss4.2 GA, Oracle Application Server, IBM Websphere 6.1,Jetty 6.0

Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase, Berkeley DB, Oracle 10g, My SQL 5.0,Oracle Times Ten database, Stored Procedures,Functions,Triggers, IBM SOLID DB

Version Control Tools: GIT, GitLab, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Serena dimensions, SVN, Perforce, CVS, Clearcase

Design Languages/Tools: ERwin, UML, MS-Visio, Visual Paradigm, Eclipse Plugins for UML

Build Tools: Jenkins, GitLab, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Grunt work flow, Build Forge, Maven 2.0, Hudson, Gradle, Ant 1.5/1.6

Testing: QUnit, Jasmine, Karma, Jest, Junit, SOATest, JMeter, SWTBot, Spock

Process: Agile, Extreme Programming, Waterfall, SDLC



Senior Java/J2EE Full Stack Developer/ Tech Lead

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Participated in Agile methodology for application development and involved in analysis, design, coding, and unit testing of business applications.
  • Greenfield project API Development in a Microservices architecture using Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Spring web flux and Netflix OSS (Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix ) stack with swagger specifications.
  • Developed participant facing contest features in user experience layer of architecture using React, Redux, ES6 and vanilla Javascript.
  • Worked on creating the API’s to be consumed by the React components using Node JS, Express JS and Middlewares.
  • Developed resuable web components on the contest admin side using Angular 2 and Typescript.
  • Used Dux file structure patterns for creating Reducers, Action Creators and Actions.
  • Performed CRUD operations like Update, Insert and Delete data in NoSQL database like MongoDB using Mongoose.
  • Containerization the Microservices using Docker to be pushed on to the Elastic Container Registry for the Elastic BeanStalk.
  • Worked on severless computing in AWS by creating Lambda functions using java for image resizing.
  • Design roles and groups for users and resources using AWS Identity Access Management (IAM).
  • Developed Restful API resources using AWS API Gateway that invokes the Lambda Function for the processing.
  • Developed ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack for the log aggregation and visualization of the Microservices.
  • Used Apache Kafka for streaming the application and gathering the metrics.
  • Worked on creating the Elasticsearch API for the hero search in the G platform.
  • Worked on creating the different Gradle tasks for the builds.
  • Used Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Chai testing libraries for testing different web components on client sides and Spock for testing the backend services.
  • Used GitLab for continuous integration and continuous development.

Environment: JavaScript using ES6, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Java 1.8, Groovy, Node JS, Express JS, React JS, Redux, NPM, Yarn, Webpack, Angular, Bootstrap, Dev tools, GIT, GitLab, RESTful Web Services, JSON, VSCode, Eclipse, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Netflix OSS, Apache Kafka, Spring Data JPA, Gradle, Hibernate, Swagger, AWS, Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernates, Rancher Labs, Terraform, GitLab, Jenkins, Jest, JUnit, Spock, JSHint, SonarQube, CheckStyle, Jenkins, Cassandra, MongoDB, Tomcat, TDD, BDD, Pair programming, Agile.

Senior Java/J2EE Full Stack Developer/Tech Lead

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Involved in Planning, Requirements gathering, Design and Development of the project and followed Agile Development Life Cycle.
  • Responsible for creating efficient design and developing User Interaction screens using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and JSON.
  • Involved in developing Web service operations in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Developing Custom AngularJS components for the participant screens
  • Worked on creating responsive website for smart devices using Responsive design and media queries.
  • Used Bootstrap 3 grid system to develop responsive web pages.
  • Used JQuery along with the various plugins such as data tables to develop the custom components.
  • Created mixins using SASS (CSS preprocessor) for styling the components wherever needed.
  • Used various NodeJS modules and Node Package Manager (NPM) for dependency management
  • Created custom shareable components that can be shared across different projects.
  • Developed client side validation code using JavaScript.
  • Implemented routing to navigate across different screens.
  • Developed Restful web services using Spring MVC to interact with other systems
  • Involved in the implementation of DAO using Spring-Hibernate ORM.
  • Used Grunt task runner for performing minification, compilation, linting, unit testing.
  • Worked on creating the Gradle scripts for dependency management.
  • Used Accurev as the source code repository
  • Involved extensively in Code Reviews, Unit testing and Process Improvements.
  • Worked on creating and scheduling Spring Batch Jobs
  • Developed DAOs using Hibernate API for the database operations to interact with Oracle Database.
  • Implemented Unit testing using Spock testing framework for backend services and Jasmine for testing the webcomponents.
  • Followed TDD and BDD process while developing the services
  • Used Jenkins for CI/CD pipeline.

Environment: JavaScript, Angular 2, JQuery, Bootstrap, Java/J2EE, Accurev, HTML, CSS, SASS, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, REST web services, JSON, XML, Sublime, Grunt, Spring Tool Suite, Activiti BPM, Agile, Responsive UI, Junit, Spock, Gradle, Hibernate, Unix, JMS, SOAP, Logback, Tomcat.

Senior Java/J2EE Full Stack Developer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Worked on different JavaScript, Java, .NET modules of the Cobalt Platform.
  • Feature developments using JavaScript, JQuery, and AMD using RequireJS/CommonJS, AngularJS, Backbone, NodeJS, Grunt, Bower, Handlebars and UnderscoreJS.
  • Understanding of SPEAD (Smart Parallel execution of activities) framework and Support Vector Machine algorithm.
  • Data visualization using RaphaelJS, Highcharts
  • Involved in migrating Practical law migration and Intellectual Property on to WestlawNext.
  • Worked on product (WestlawNext) & product view (WLNOpenWeb) specific requirements.
  • Worked on different Cobalt modules such as Search, Website, StaticContent, Document, Report, Data Orchestration, RelatedInfo, and Foldering.
  • Extensively used developer tools, JSFiddle.
  • Customizing the facets based on the Cobalt platform.
  • Worked upon different Stories and Spikes as part of the deliverables.
  • Creating IAC’s (infrastructure access controls) and FAC’s (Feature Access Controls) for the new functionality developed.
  • Application development using Python
  • Understanding the Novus content repository and its ranking behavior.
  • Worked upon spring configurations required for the new result type.
  • Fixing cross browser issues.
  • Developing the required JUnits, Mockito for the classes created and running code coverage using Eclemma.
  • Involved in creating QUnit, Karma, Jasmine test files for the JavaScript changes and running coverage tests using JSCoverage
  • Natural Language processing using JAVACC.
  • Worked on creating new REST endpoints using Groovy.
  • Developed API for using AWS Lambda to manage the servers and run the code in the AWS.
  • Utilize Cloud Watch to monitor resources such as EC2, CPU memory, Amazon RDS DB services, Dynamo DB
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups
  • Used Apache Kafka for gathering the event streams into Google Analytics engine.
  • Understanding the Berkeley database and its Tuple methods for retrieving the documents
  • Pair programming.
  • Involved in fixing the functional and performance related bugs for product (WestlawNext) & product view (WLNOpenWeb, Analytics) products.
  • Monitoring the TFS builds.
  • Learning Dojo Toolkit, React JS, Pub/Sub Model using OpenAJAX
  • Involved in creating design patterns required for application.
  • Responsible for performance, unit and integration testing. Handling change requests and doing code reviews
  • Used in version control using Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • Worked in AGILE methodology to accommodate the changing requirements.

Environment: C#, Visual Studio, Support Vector Machine, JQuery, Groovy, Natural Language Processing, JavaScript, Java, Chrome developer tools, GIT, HFS, IIS Webserver, Highcharts, REST, JSON, RequireJS, CommonJS, OpenAJAX HUB, JavaCC, Berkeley DB, Eclipse, Team Foundation Server, NodeJS, Swagger, ELK Log Monitoring, BackboneJS, AngularJS, Apache Kafka, Qunit, Jasmine, Karma, Grunt, JUnit, JSHint, LABJs, Handlebars, Dojo ToolKit, RaphaelJS, D3, EclEmma, JSCoverage, CheckStyle, Spring, Oracle Coherence, Novus, Easel. Modernizr, SPEAD

Lead Developer (Java/J2EE)

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Involved in Requirement Analysis and preparing High level design and Low level design documents required as part of deliverables.
  • Involved in translating the functional requirements into technical specifications.
  • Designed MULE based flows by defining the Inbound, Outbound endpoints.
  • Created UML diagrams such as class diagrams, sequence diagrams and state diagrams using Visio.
  • Developed Maven build scripts for the deployments.
  • Involved in creating Messaging Queues for sending the EBCIDIC message formats to POS Processing.
  • Involved in writing HQL queries to save the details in the database.
  • Worked on creating the WSDL for the SOAP based services and used SOAP UI for testing.
  • Involved in configuring the Spring AOP and IOC beans and creating CXF transformers for Java binding.
  • Worked on the Groovy based application according to the requirements.
  • Worked with private Cloud infrastructure and IBM Websphere application server for deploying the services.
  • Involved in copy book layout conversion using IBM RAD and Eclipse for development.
  • Created test cases and tested using Junit, Mockito.
  • Worked on creating the Hudson Jobs for the configuration Management.
  • Worked with WILY to monitor the application.
  • Involved in creating design patterns required for application.
  • Responsible for performance testing, unit testing and integration testing, bugs fixing, handling change requests and doing code reviews
  • Worked in AGILE methodology to accommodate the changing requirements.
  • Worked on creating the queries for DB2.

Environment: Mule ESB, Hudson, UML, IBM MQ, IBM RAD, IBM Websphere Application Server, MULE server, JAVA/J2EE, Cloud Infrastructure, Webservice, Groovy, IBM Copybook, Spring AOP, Spring IOC, Spring-ORM, Eclipse, Maven, Apache CXF, WILY, Hibernate 3.3, Oracle10g, DB2, Ant 1.5, CVS, SOAP, Log4J, JDK 1.6, Junit, Mockito, HQL,XSD, UNIX/Windows.

Senior Developer (Java/J2EE)

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Involved in Eclipse Plug-in Development coupled with the application.
  • Involved in creating spring services that could be invoked remotely from the client.
  • Involved in writing the Maven build script.
  • Involved in designing the front end pages using the views in SWT.
  • Controlled versioning of the builds and database scripts using dimensions.
  • Involved in designing new components to be integrated with open source Eclipse Plug-ins.
  • Involved in developing appropriate views/composite’s that would subscribe to the different events generated by the user.
  • Involved in Implementation of GUI controls on RCP Platform.
  • Developed Weblogic timers required for the auto correlation process.
  • Involved in translating the functional requirements into technical requirements.
  • Worked in AGILE methodology to accommodate the changing requirements.
  • Involved in configuring the Apache CXF Webservice using spring context.
  • Involved in creating BuildForge projects for the configuration Management.
  • Involved in creating Struts 2.0 action classes.
  • Involved in creating HQL queries to access the database and persist the details into it.
  • Involved in SCRUM meetings and followed the AGILE methodology.
  • Created test cases and tested using JUnit.
  • Worked on log4j API for implementing logging in the application.
  • Involved in version control management using CVS.
  • Involved in configuration and usage of Ant for generating system builds

Environment: Spring Tool Suite , Eclipse RCP & Plug-in Development, Spring remoting, Maven, Jface, SWT, Struts 2.0, Apache CXF, Hibernate 3.3, SWT, Singleton, Abstract Factory, Oracle10g, Ant 1.5, CVS, BEA Weblogic 10.3, Log4J, JDK 1.6, Junit, HQL, Jetty Web server, Weblogic Application server, and Eclipse 3.5.

Senior Developer (Java/J2EE)

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Involved in creating GWT MVP views for the application.
  • Involved in SCRUM meetings and followed the AGILE methodology.
  • Involved in designing the front end pages using the views in GWT and CSS.
  • Coding as per the requirements.
  • Involved in creating Async calls for communicating with database on the server side.
  • Involved in developing Presenters that fetch the data from the model and control the flow of the application by sending the data to appropriate view.
  • Involved in translating the functional requirements into technical requirements.
  • Involved in creating the BuildForge projects for the configuration Management.
  • Involved in creating Struts action classes.
  • Involved in creating the Hibernate ORM mappings and writing HQL queries for persisting the data into database.
  • Involved in creating test cases and tested using JUnit.
  • Worked on log4j API for implementing logging in the application.
  • Involved in source code management using CVS.
  • Configuration and usage of Ant for generating system builds

Environment: GWT2.0, Model View and Presenter, UI Binder, Struts 2.0, Apache CXF, Hibernate 3.3, Drools, Oracle10g, Ant 1.5, CVS, Apache Tomcat 6.0, Log4J, Junit, HQL, Eclipse 3.5, and JDK 1.6, SWTBot .

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