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Software Developer(java) Resume

Allentown, PA


  • Passionate Java Developer with extensive experience in Software and Enterprise application development. Actively involved in all SDLC phases, from system analysis and OOAD design to end to end development. Exposure to wide range of tools & technologies for software solutions involving frontend, backend, web and cloud integrationPROFESSIONAL PROFILE
  • Very Strong experience in web application development using JAVA, J2EE,J2SE technologies.
  • Experienced in all stages of Software development life cycle (SDLC) starting from gathering Business specifications, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of projects using various methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, and RUP.
  • Expertise in several J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlets, Web Services (SOA, WSDL and UDDI), Hibernate, spring, struts, EJB (Entity, session, Message Driven Bean), JAVA Beans, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JAVA Mail, XML.
  • Expertise in Implementing MVC design pattern using Struts 1.0 & Struts 2.0 and Spring Framework.
  • Expertise in developing UI using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS.
  • Experience in implementing various design patterns including Data Access Object, Session Facade, Business Delegate, Service Locator, MVC, Data Transfer Object and Singleton.
  • Expertise in Implementing Multithreading in diverse web applications.
  • Expertise in designing and developing J2EE compliant systems using IDE tools like Eclipse, My Eclipse, RAD, RSA, Web Logic Workbench.
  • Expertise in XML and related technologies like XSL, XSLT and parsers like JAXP (SAX, DOM), JAXB.
  • Extensive experience in working with Windows, and UNIX platforms.
  • Experience with Databases like Oracle 10g/11g, IBM DB2, MYSQL, NoSql Database.
  • Expert in using J2EE complaint application servers like BEA Web logic, IBM Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat, JBoss.
  • Experience in Working on Design Patterns like (Singleton Factory) And also familiar with observer and decorator patterns.
  • Experience in working on Ecommerce Applications and Environment.
  • Extensively worked on debugging using logging Frameworks such as Apache Log4J.
  • Implemented Unit Testing using JUNIT testing during the projects.
  • Efficient team member with excellent work/time management skills excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work under strict deadlines.
  • Migrating Applications Using Spring Boot and Spring Batch.


Languages: Java, JEE, SQL, PL/SQL, UML, Python, R, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Web/App. Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss/ Wildfly, Glassfish, Heroku, Shiny

IDEs: Eclipse, Netbeans, Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD

Operating systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux

Databases: Oracle 11g, HSQL, MYSQL, Hive, Impala

Web Services: SOAP, Spring REST, Jersey, JAX - WS

Frameworks: Struts, Spring (Dependency Injection, Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Context, Spring DAO, Spring IOC, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring JDBC), Hibernate, Log4j, Swing, AWT, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Java Beans

Design Patterns: MVC, Singleton, Service Locator, Session Facade, DTO, DAO, Factory Pattern etc…

Version Control: SVN, GIT, Bitbucket

Build Tools: Maven, Ant

Design Methodology/Tools: UML, Waterfall, Agile, JIRA, Confluence

AWS: EC2, RDS, S3, VPC, IAM, Security, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudWatch, SNS, Route53, Lambda, Step Functions, CloudTrail


Confidential, Allentown, PA

Software Developer(Java)


  • Developed a Rich Client Application using Netbeans platform for Financial Data Reporting, with the functionality to customize statement structure
  • Created the authentication and login module using OpenIDE ModuleInstall package, enabling only authenticated used to install the application
  • Used Value Objects to facilitate display of the summarized business information, Entity Objects for mapping to Oracle RDBMS and Data Access Objects to manage CRUD Operation
  • Implemented Abstract Factory Design Pattern for business services and Singleton Design Pattern for Application Context.
  • Used JAX-WS (SOAP) to produce web service from the business logic, for consumption through Excel add in editor and Web application
  • Developed web application using Java Server Faces, JSF, technology, used HTML, JavaScript and JSP and JSTL for the same
  • Created tables and worked on SQL and PL/SQL to write stored procedures and packages for complex inserts and updates in the database
  • Used Java Messaging Services, JMS, for reliable and asynchronous exchange of vital information such as payment status report
  • Used Log4j to achieve logging to help in the debugging of application and used Tortoise SVN for the Source Control and Version Management
  • Transformed business logic into technical design and implemented Enterprise Java Application using Spring Boot framework with Hibernate as an ORM tool to persist the data into Oracle database
  • Used Spring MVC to create multiple web pages, business validations based on the SRS, System Requirement Specification
  • Implemented various queries in Hibernate, consumed Stored Procedures using JDBC template and worked on various query optimization
  • Designed and implemented the security module using Spring authentication and authorization on LDAP servers
  • Designed a modular UI based on component, segregating them based on separate modules using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX. Utilized Bootstrap library to build application UI's and Angular 2 to associate HTML elements to components
  • Created a Spring Boot application with AWS Java SDK to upload or download files to or from Amazon S3 buckets. Used Amazon IAM to maintain user credentials and created custom IAM policies to various groups defined within the organization
  • Used Amazon EC2, Elastic Compute Cloud, service to host and deploy a Jenkins application in public subnet of a custom VPC, Virtual Private Cloud, and configured it to automatically spin up Jenkins build slave instances and Amazon EBS, Elastic Block Store as per the requirement
  • Configured a high-availability environment on EC2 to run a WordPress website and connected it to an RDS DB instance in a private VPC, external to AWS Elastic Beanstalk to achieve decoupling
  • Carried out configuration of Security Groups and Environment Properties of EC2 and RDS DB instance
  • Created Load Balancer to distribute incoming traffic across multiple EC2 instances in various Availability Zones to increase the fault tolerance and availability of the application. Achieved dynamic scaling of application for high availability through Auto Scaling
  • Used AWS S3 bucket for storage of source code, logs and artifacts created by Elastic Beanstalk
  • Monitored the load on instances, logs and other metrics using CloudWatch, set an alarm for trigger-based response of Auto Scaling and configured alerting of server and storage using SNS, Simple Notification Service

Software Developer Intern

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Collaborated with engineering and support teams to provide executive management with data visualizations and insights, using R programming, utilizing email metadata as a source data set
  • Carried out data preprocessing on millions of rows of data using dataframes and packages such as dplyr and tidyr
  • Architected a Predictive Model and developed an interactive web application using R Shiny, which would allow Confidential to remove bottlenecks in communication processes and understand where employees could be better positioned to provide the most impact and productivity
  • Practiced Design Driven Development to expedite the development process.
  • Created data visualization and reporting using R shiny and tableau.

Technology Research Intern

Sophire New York, NY


  • Leveraged AI and machine learning based technologies, including IBM Watson, Google api.ai and Facebook Wit.ai, to implement and integrate chatbots with various social media websites, such as Facebook, and mobile apps
  • Created a chatbot using api.ai and linked it with MySQL database of WordPress using Webhook and Webservice, created in Python Flask, to provide result of user's query seamlessly
  • Used various web services of AWS such as EC2, VPC, IAM etc. to host the application on cloud.
  • Used Wordpress CMS to build the website and managed data through PHP MySQL admin.
  • Involved in Analysis, Design and Implementation translation of Business User requirements.
  • Actively participated in the daily SCRUM meetings and paired programming to produce quality deliverable within time.
  • Interacting with QA team and Business team to resolve defects.
  • Have experience in shell scripting language to run and execute the putty which is used to get the data from various log files.

Confidential, New York, NY


  • Identified technology for Cognizant EAM (Enterprise Architecture Management) processes and ITPM (IT Portfolio) services that could be deployed over Cloud based platform, AWS, to be delivered as managed service over the cloud
  • Designed and automated the process of Gap Analysis service using BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) tool, developed user interface on top of it using front end technologies, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and Bootstrap and deployed it over the AWS cloud
  • Used Java Message Service (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information for status report.
  • Implemented Spring Batch Scheduling and Spring Boot Integration.
  • Have experience in working with developing and consuming RESTful webservices by using JAX-RS.
  • Have experience in dealing with brokerage services and funds investments.
  • Performed preparation of test cases and unit Testing using JUNIT.
  • Implemented the application using Struts Framework which is based on Model-View-Controller design pattern.
  • Developed Action Forms and Action classes using Struts Framework.
  • Involved in the development of DAO layer using Spring Framework.
  • Strong knowledge and experience in creating web based presentation for the client using HTML5, JSP, Servlets, Ajax, JQuery, JSTL and JavaScript.
  • Project deployment using Apace Tomcat Application Server.
  • Responsible for taking Java thread dump to reproduce and analyze production environment issues.
  • Analyzed the requirement specifications and designed UML diagrams.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUnit.
  • Also worked with Java, J2EE, SQL, Hibernate, XML, JavaScript, web servers.
  • Provided application based support, maintenance and modification on Struts.
  • Used Tomcat Server to develop, test and deploy all the Java components.
  • Active participation in UI development and creation
  • Participated in Maintaining and Support for the application and review Code.
  • Writing and executing SQL Queries, SQL stored procedures and functions, making the data access layer transparent from the business logic layer.
  • Involved in investigating and troubleshooting Production issues.
  • Developed User Interface using JavaScript and HTML.
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the project was developed using Rational Unified Process (RUP).
  • Implemented the application using Apache Struts 1.2 Framework which is based on Model View Controller design pattern.
  • Client side as well as server side validation was implemented by using Struts validation framework.
  • Developed user interface using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSPs.


Senior System Engineer (Java, Oracle)


  • Functioned as a liaison between AMEX business and technical team to solve business problems by architecting IT solutions
  • Coordinated with international teams across various domains to ensure minimum disruption of business service for end users
  • Analyzed/identified requirements, reviewed design, optimized code, mapped out-of-system dependencies, provided design solutions/ strategies for new business requirements/change requests
  • Developed and maintained enterprise application using Spring Framework and established its connection with different databases, Oracle and DB2, using Hibernate Framework
  • Created XML parsers (DOM, SAX, Stacks) for exchange of data among different subsystems and synced the data from two servers into a single server
  • Established parallel synchronization between multiple devices using Java threads and Java executor framework
  • Designed the security module of the Restful Web Services using OAuth2 and proxy gateway
  • Developed a front-end search page, using Oracle Application Framework and Oracle JDeveloper, for imported student’s data from multiple CSV files using SQL Loader and Oracle Apps. Used PL/SQL for data validation and generated report using Oracle Report Builder
  • Formulated complex SQL queries and PL/SQL scripts in Oracle RDBMS to extract data from datasets to facilitate in-depth analysis in lower timeframe
  • Led a team of three to integrate Oracle platform with Excel through Web ADI plugin, which in turn automated the process of validation, insertion and other manipulations of data thereby reducing manual effort by 60%
  • Spearheaded a team of five to automate regression testing suite using CA LISA QA tool for the end to end testing of Electronic Money Management domain thereby reducing the execution time from 10 hours to 2 hours
  • Supported project managers to identify requirements, develop business cases & coordinated completion of projects
  • Headed, coordinated and conducted project specific knowledge transfer sessions to ensure seamless on-boarding of new hires

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