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System Developer Senior Analyst Resume


Reginald is an 8 year developer that loves learning new technologies and developing software. He’s worked in both Agile and Waterfall development cycles. Reginald’s main focus is the ever evolving landscape of development technologies and would like to remain hands on in this space. Primarily a Java developer, Reginald has spent the last 2 years working with Oracle Portal and Reports.


O/S: Windows, Unix, and Linux

Application Servers: WebLogic, Websphere

Programming: JAVA 6, JSP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XSLT, XML, C/C++, .NET, GWT, Adobe Flex, SQL, PL/SQL, ajax

Framework/Tool: Eclipse, Visual Studio .NET, Mysql, Struts, Spring 3, Springsource Tool Suite, Hibernate, Log4J, Google API, JQuery, Junit, CVS, SVN, Maven, Toad Web Platform Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Fusion Middleware


System Developer Senior Analyst


  • Driving creation of Performance Management dashboard and Community Connector (Oracle Fusion Middleware) application for client senior executives to communicate program status and collaborate across organization units. Assist with other Portal initiatives, including but not limited to Oracle upgrades, content updates on existing Portal applications, ensuring Section 508 compliance, among other tasks.
  • Developed page templates, portlets, and html templates and integrated css and javascript to construct the portal pages needed. (Oracle Fusion Middleware)
  • Developed solution for generating dynamic reports and letters with PL/SQL using Oracle Reports Builder.
  • Assisted in the design and development of a PTO request system.
  • Migrated content from legacy server to new Oracle WebCenter Content Server.
  • Developed an updated version of the legacy portal in Oracle WebCenter.
  • Designed and built an enhancement to the IRS.gov Forms and Publications Picklist Application which included updating the application DAOs and augmenting the search functionality for a variety of tax forms and publications by excluding and using certain special characters.
  • Interfaced with clients in meetings. Present design documents and deliverables to client for approval.
  • Updated documentation
  • Helped facilitate transition of the application to the client
  • Work with User Experience team to translate the wireframe/visual design into usable code
  • Develop the HTML/CSS/Javascript templates for implementation into the Content Management System (Adobe CQ5)
  • Ensure compatibility with multiple platforms and browsers as well as Section 508 Compliance
  • Code new components and resolve aspects of the internal website Create requirements and design documents utilized to build an internal website for the postal service.
  • Implement the requirements and designs to build the internal website using MVC (Model View Controller) architecture which included Java/J2EE, Spring Framework, XML and JSP. Use JUnit for testing purposes. Site
  • Mentor new developers and testers when joining the project about how the application works and what code does what.
  • Developed a design document based in Java and PL/SQL from design specs. Peer reviewed other design documents to check for any errors. Edited design documents based on Peer and Team Lead reviews.

Java Developer


  • Implemented changes to the application based on requirements and agile stories which included changes to applications Spring controllers and model (JDBC)
  • Wrote and executed test cases to verify changes made to application
  • Corrected deficiencies found in or reported against the application
  • Updated application look and feel to mimic the legacy application more closely
  • Tested code coverage of the JUnit tests for the Spring app

Java Developer


  • Fixed various bugs on the front end (webpage) as well as back end
  • Wrote the backend (model) using Java Beans and a worker class to create the query, query the database, and store the results in the given beans
  • Wrote the middle tier (controller) as a scriptlet that took the query string, called the worker class, and passed the results to the JSP for display
  • Worked on the frontend (view) which received the results of the query from the controller and displayed them in the web browser
  • Wrote data validation methods for data parsed from documents along with Junit test cases
  • Wrote a tool that took files from various directories and re - organized them based on date and file type
  • Wrote various methods and test cases for the parser

XML Developer


  • Built user interface using VB.Net and ASP.Net
  • The interface took user input and received data from the wsdl of a partner and displayed the data on the page

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