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Sofware Developer Resume

New York New, YorK


Senior IT Professional, an innovator in the design, implementation and maintenance of wholesale banking networks, electronic payment systems, building automation, website development, search engines and database design and management. Well - versed in Java and other languages, datamarts, Web-based and other distributed technologies, business intelligence tools and complex event processing. Able to work equally well alone or as part of a larger team at any level required, quickly and efficiently solving problems and completing tasks on time. Accustomed to stress of mission-critical and time-sensitive implementations. Knowledge of hardware as well as software.


Languages: Java, C/C++, Pascal (Delphi and other compilers), Python, PHP, Javascript, PL/SQL, cscript, perl, COBOL plus a number that are archaic or extinct, e.g., Basic, Bliss, Vaxscan, MACRO-32, FORTRAN

Frameworks and ides: Swing, VCL (Delphi), Netbeans, Netbeans platform, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate Eclipse, Delphi, Visual Studio, Jbuilder

Databases and operating systems: Oracle, mySQL, Firebird, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Paradox, Windows, AIX, RHEL, Netbsd

Other stuff: Apache, Tomcat, Websphere Application Server, Websphere Message Broker, MS IIS, Subversion, Mantis, Jira, Confluence, MQ Series, Kafka, Hazelcast, Jenkins, Git, Agile. Subject Matter Expert in OFAC Screening, SWIFT Network and Fedwire.


Confidential, New York, New York

Sofware Developer

  • Helped maintain and extend a Vendor package that handled most of the SWIFT traffic for the Bank in the face of a 300% increase in volume over a five year period.
  • This system was to replace two legacy systems as the interface to SWIFT for over 100 back office systems and to that end, wrote a rule-based routing engine that decided on the disposition of messages that traversed the system, including a rules language which could express the routing rules of the two legacy systems and that compiled into XML for the engine.
  • Helped design and implement a Data Mart that stored financial messages to allow analysis of traffic patterns.
  • Spearheaded a team that extracted events in the lifecycle of messages flowing to and from SWIFT and publishing them in Kafka where they eventuallylanded in a database that customers could use to track the progress of their SWIFT messages.


Software Developer

  • Utilized PHP software and mySQL.
  • Created a subsystem to capture current data.
  • Completed project within time and budgetary parameters.

Confidential, Bethpage, New York

Chief Software Developer

  • Installed RDBMS forming the core of the product; provided multifunctions within the program.
  • Rewrote landscaping software. Components included an accounting system, as well as a scheduling system.
  • Created a web store, online.

Confidential, San Francisco, California

Software Developer

Wrote a reference package to demonstrate the use and workings of the T346 4-channel compact 32 MHz arbitrary waveform generator w/ complex modulation.

Confidential, Camarillo, California

Software Developer

Created a credit card processing and customer information program using J2EE and Oracle. Helped maintain a web site that allowed merchants to create rules for a check conversion appllication that would determine whether a check would be accepted for conversion or not.

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