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Asg Technical Lead Resume

Fairfield, CT


Communication: Excellent interpersonal skills: adept at meeting with business leaders, managing requirements and setting expectations throughout product lifecycle. Seventeen years of training individuals and groups, getting even the most novice users to learn and understand.

Project Management: Full lifecycle development from such diverse environments as CMMI Level 5 process and agile development. Proven record of delivery, even under adverse circumstances.

Presentation: Comfortable giving product demonstrations, new technology capabilities, lunch and learns to a variety of groups. Able to distill complex details into terms that are audience appropriate.

Leadership: Principled leadership by example, motivating staff to produce high quality in timely fashion. Excellent at identifying problems early and communicating honestly with business leaders to effect change.


Development Languages: Java (13 years), C#, C++, C, scripting in C - shell, Actionscript, Javascript, and PHP.

Software Platforms: NT/XP (since 3.1 beta), Windows 2003 Server, Linux, Mac OS X, VMS, Z/OS, Advanced System Administration training in both Solaris and Irix.

Network / Distributed Communications: Network, design, implementation and administration (mostly TCP/IP). Distributed architecture with SOA, CORBA, .NET, RMI and SOAP, as well as basic RPC. Web development with JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, JavaScript, XML, Web Services, applets using JFC/Swing.

J2EE Containers: Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss, and Tomcat.

Databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access and Ingres (design training).

Design and Analysis: RUP, CMMI process, and performance analysis, development and profiling, Enterprise Architect.

Authentication and Security: LDAP, Active Directory, TAM, SSL, MD5, Blowfish, Firewalls.

Performance Testing: Empirix E-load, Segue SilkPerformer, and custom developed applications.

Productivity/Communications: Acrobat, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Word, Notes.


Confidential, Fairfield, CT

ASG Technical Lead


  • Led development for major platform upgrade of a Windows 2003 Server-based appliance used for Telephony, and delivered solution on time, using Apache, Tomcat, C++/COM, Java, and TIBCO.
  • Technical lead for Swing-based Desktop application for use by Traders.
  • Re-architected administration of appliance using role based security and delivered Flex front end.
  • Used JMeter and a custom developed application (needed to gather call times) to delivery capacity report as well as discover and repair performance bottlenecks and memory leaks.
  • Developed materials for and led Knowledge Transfer workshops to disseminate information about the product to sales engineers and support personnel.

Confidential, New Haven, CT

Application Architect


  • Ensured successful launch of critical business application ($30M) by managing and providing business and technical leadership on performance testing and tuning project.
  • Technical lead on Capacity Assurance project ending in 2005 resulting in new mainframe purchase.
  • Led and managed federated SOA project to link new Policy Admin System with Medical Control Board.
  • Driving user efficiency and maintenance costs as technical lead, developing common schema and approach for common identity store and plan for migrating applications and synchronizing with employee master record (AD).
  • Developed provisioning tool to synchronize accounts between internal account repository (AD) and customer facing identity store (IBM Directory Server).
  • Project manager, technical lead for Intranet project based on Jahia, an open source Java Content Management System.
  • Member of NAC Identity Semantics Work Group to establish core identity.
  • Technical lead for Forms project to modernize input and output of data to customers.
  • Presented at Tivoli users group (twice), all IT audience to introduce Intranet, and user testing sessions.

Confidential, New Haven, CT

System Architect


  • Gathered requirements from executives on key metrics for monitoring their business activity.
  • Developed an operational datastore in Oracle with real time links to three production databases.
  • Delivered a multi-tier Swing based client application for accessing and displaying the reports with the capability of adding new reports without application code.

Confidential, Moorestown, NJ

Member Engineering Staff


  • Integrated MS Sharepoint and Office with .NET with a PDM (Windchill) using Web Services, enabling business expansion by using rapid tools to grow collaboration while leveraging strategic base.
  • Delivered a web-based Swing application - a key performance discriminator - to the Littoral Combat Ship program.
  • Drove infrastructure savings by enabling users to log on to different systems authenticating against a mixture of back end systems (Active Directory and LDAP) with different owners.
  • Provided process modification, firewall modifications and changes to Apache LDAP module in C.
  • Drove capacity planning by performance testing n-tier application. Wrote distributed application to perform tests and gather metrics when area-supplied tool proved inadequate (didn’t support JavaScript).
  • Served as web developer and co-lead on Integrated Data Environment upgrade.
  • Utilized a Product Data Management tool (Windchill), JSP, Java 1.4, XML, and Oracle 9.
  • Collaborated on Competitive Evaluation of Websphere, Weblogic, and JBoss.
  • Served as lead developer on Simulation Based Design: An IR&D project chartered with integrating and web-enabling existing and new simulations with a Product Data Model to form a virtual prototype of next generation naval surface ship (DD-21).
  • Proved successful in getting different people and programs to agree on a common data model for the specific domain (target acquisition and destruction).
  • Participated in RCONFORM, brainstorming session on reducing Manning for next generation ship.
  • Used CORBA (Visigenic), Java 1.1 and Swing 1.0 and integrated with Windchill version 2.0.
  • Prepared systems (Solaris, IRIX) and trained at-sea staff to support mission critical, data-intensive, analysis operations.
  • Wrote Java and C-shell programs to gather and display key statistics of operation.
  • Altered Database Schema (CA-Ingres) to increase performance by 300%.
  • Gained Formal Software Life Cycle experience.
  • Performed Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Rational Rose.
  • System capacity planning for local and ship-based systems.
  • Served as technical lead for nine person final project: 3-tier Product Defect Tracking System written in Java using CORBA and JDBC for persistence.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Director of Network Operations and Development


  • Enabled expansion of department to satellite locations by upgrading technical infrastructure, training users on new platform, adding new features (email, calendaring) and planning and installing network connection (T1) to remote sites.
  • Managed all departmental network functions, both operational and strategic.
  • Provided general troubleshooting at both client and network level.
  • Developed reliability and monitoring applications in Java using TCP and UDP.
  • Managed Windows NT Server, VMS, Solaris, Linux, NeXT, Ultrix, and Macintosh servers,utilizing NetBEUI, Decnet, and TCP/IP.

Confidential, New Haven, CT

Fleet Coordinator


  • Worked with Fleet Manager in the acquisition, operation maintenance planning and utilization of the UI transportation and construction fleet given a $5 million budget. Served as fleet coordinator with all other sections on budgetary, purchasing and regulatory matters including leasing, insurance and tax affairs.
  • Created several management reports for presentation to company’s Vice President of Operations.
  • Trained fleet mechanics and clerks in use of new computerized Fleet Management System, gathered feedback from users and assisted programmers in its design.

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