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Senior Software Developer Resume

Mt Laurel New, JerseY


Senior Software Developer with nineteen years of increasingly responsible positions in the design and development of software applications. AGILE CSD Certified.


Programming Languages & APIs: OOP, Java, J2EE, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Swing, iBATIS, PL/SQL, SQL, HQL, Ada, C, C#

Databases: Oracle, Postgres, Informix, MySQL

Web and Scripting: HTML, XML, Java script, JSP, Ant, Maven, Groovy

Tools: Eclipse, JIRA, Confluence, JDeveloper, NetBeans, SpringSource, Jenkins, Flyway, JUnit, J - Test, SubVersion, ClearCase, ClearQuest, RSM, DOORS, Rhapsody for Java, Jasper Reporting and various word processing, spreadsheet, database and statistics packages.


Confidential, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Senior Software Developer


  • Programmed a multi tier web application and performed database management for full suite Reinsurance system. This is a project where all new code is developed during AGILE sprints.
  • Web-based application using GWT in Client tier. During compile, GWT converts the Java UI code into Javascript code with cross browser support, receives and sends communications to the server layer.
  • The server tier of the application is written in Java to perform business logic, data access or external system access. Data access is implemented using Hibernate with an Oracle database.
  • Participated in the transformation of Waterfall Software development to AGILE software development.
  • Developed SQL and HQL queries using Oracle 12g

Confidential, Voorhees, New Jersey

Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Programmed a web application and performed database management for Sun identity and access management system.
  • Web-based applications using Java/J2EE to access Oracle database with Hibernate XML-configured objects.
  • Designed, developed and tested web application written in Java and Xpress code on time and on budget
  • Established and managed Release Management for our Project using full SDLC
  • Developed and Updated Oracle Stored Procedures using Oracle 10g
  • Lead software initiative: “Bring Software Development Lifecycle to American Water”
  • Managed external contractors during tight project deadlines

Confidential, Camden, New Jersey

Senior Member, Engineering Staff, Key Management Infrastructure


  • Programmed client software for database management of cryptographic key management system.
  • Web-based applications using Java and Spring framework to access PostgreSQL database with iBATIS XML-configured object-relational mapper.

Senior Member, Engineering Staff



  • Designed, developed and tested software written in Java.
  • Wrote many of the software requirements for the Common HAIPE Manager and insured that they were implemented properly.
  • Developed MIBS for the SNMP software layer that existed via Java GUI and the Internet Encryptor Networking Device.
  • Responsible for Database design, maintenance and interfacing to the JAVA GUI.

Member of Engineering Staff



  • Designed, coded and tested software written in ADA for the Confidential .
  • Developed PL/SQL packages contributing to the management and accounting of Confidential .
  • Developed and modified PL/SQL functions and procedures, accessed via an API used to retrieve and display data within the Graphical User Interface or update tables within the database.
  • Involved in all operational concepts meetings with Systems Engineering to develop a coherent

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