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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Greenbelt, MD


  • PTC Windchill Foundation, Info*Engine, PDMLink, ProjectLink.
  • JAVA, JSP, XML, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, Apache, Tomcat, Ant.
  • IBM Rational DOORS DXL.


Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Greenbelt, MD


  • Led the upgrade and development effort between Windchill PDMLink/ProjectLink 8 to 9.1 and versions 9.1 to 10.2.
  • As the lead developer for Windchill, worked daily with the Configuration Management Officers (CMO) and Requirements Managers to identify requirements implement customizations to Windchill, GOES - R's Configuration Management document repository and workflow engine.
  • Acted as second level support for Windchill, interacting directly with power users and general users.
  • Frequently applied updates to Apache and OpenSSL in order to address concerns identified in server security scan reports.
  • Created numerous administrative tools and reports for the web interface, including but not limited to a Replace User Tool, a Signature Modification Tool, a Problem Report and Change Request Resolution Date Modification Tool, and User Group/Team/Team Template reports.
  • Tools and reports generally met inherent application shortcomings, specific look and feel, or functionality requirements desired by the Configuration Management Officers.
  • For example: During an approval activity, when an engineer would enter a typo into a comment or approve instead of disapprove a desired change to a document, the application originally had no method of changing a signature or vote before pushing the document forward in the approval process. We implemented such functionality.
  • Replaced Windchill’s applet-based Process Manager with a pure JSP/JavaScript alternative.
  • Implemented JAVA libraries to manipulate, track, and confirm changes to Word documents.
  • Created JAVA/DXL middleware, allowing Windchill to communicate with IBM Rational DOORS requirement management software.
  • Created web interface, allowing Windchill users to browse DOORS’ Projects, Folders, Formals, and Requirements, as well as create red-lined Change Proposals against DOORS Requirements.
  • Created build scripts, allowing our System Administrators to retrieve and deploy customizations to target environments via a single command call.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Created numerous public and private web submission forms, as well as persistence mechanisms and reporting capabilities for multiple programs within the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, the Confidential organization dedicated to developing a sustained human presence on the moon, and to the future exploration of Mars.
  • Created work item and work list interface for administrators as well as general users.
  • Created user, team, project, product, and library reports.
  • Created soft type query framework.
  • Created folder and contents interface using AJAX.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Using Rational Rose, modeled several customizations for part and drawing tracking in Windchill.
  • Created workflows to meet customer business processes and requirements.
  • Created and implemented data loaders for parts.
  • Created various customizations to support tracking engineering instructions and work authorizations.

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