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Software Engineer Resume

Irving, TX


An innovative and highly analytical Software Engineer whose career consists of more than 15 years of experience in software application and real - time embedded systems. Background reflects hands-on experience in all phases of software development, maintenance and hardware integration in cutting edge software architecture and implementation. Possess a dormant Secret Clearance.


  • Strong Analytical & Research Skills
  • Full-Cycle Software Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Design, Testing & Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Coaching & Training Staff
  • Real-Time Software Techniques
  • Patterns Knowledge / Toolset
  • Achieving Cost Reductions
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Video Processing


Languages: C/C++, UML, CORBA, Java, Swing, RMI, JNI, C#, .NET Framework, XML, XHTML, Assembly, TCP/IP Protocols, PPC AltiVec intrinsic functions, UNIX utilities and shell scripting, Perl, VBA scripting, SmallTalk, Prolog, and FORTRAN

Tools: and Environments: Keil, VxWorks,Tornado IDE, BxPro X-Window GUI Builder, X-Windows/Motif, IBM DOORS, IBM Synergy, IBM Change, IBM TAU, Clearcase, Clearquest, Enterprise Architect, CPP UNIT Test, CodeSonar, Test Track Pro, WireShark, Doxygen Documentation Tool, Cygwin, Make, PVCS, CVS, MatLab, Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC, Watcom C Compiler, QNX, Photon GUI, RTX O/S, VRTX, Red Hat Linux, Integrity Embedded RTOS, OIS CORBA, Integrity Embedded RTOS, OIS CORBA, NetBeans 7.2, JUNIT,Tiny XML Parser, VectorCast/Cover, and Various hardware debugging tools

Hardware/Platforms: Curtiss Wright's: VME Compute and Display Processors, Arinc429 PMC, SCRAMNet PMC, TCP/IP, 1553MIL Bus PMC; PC104, SGI/IRIX 3400 Multiple Processor, Mercury MCJ6 Nodes, PPC, ARM, Cortex M3 Microcontroller, In Circuit Emulators (ICE) and Custom Designed Hardware


Software Engineer

Confidential, Irving, TX


  • Partnered with electrical, firmware and software engineers to select and define the electro mechanical system.
  • Co-designed software function for Reagent Vessel Loader. Involved in the design, implementation and testing of software using Google Mock as a test harness and software simulator.
  • Validated software on Operational Test Bed.
  • Utilized additional software lifecycle development tools like Sparx UML, Boost Library, Google Message Protocol “Protobuf”, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Crucible, FishEye and Bambo to aid in the completion the software project.

Principal Software Engineer

Confidential, Framingham, MA


  • Integrate communications from monitor to new USB; focusing on enabling software VMA communications between processors.
  • Spearhead investigations using UML tool and code generation, proven ability to use processes in a more efficient manner with less errors.
  • Serve as the SME and key resource for all software development for the battery monitoring function.
  • Key participant in design reviews, create design verification templates and criteria, design review formats and documentation, tests method validation requirements, and full-cycle software development.
  • Responsible for building a software unit test harness to be used in conjunction with ARM ULINK Pro JTAG, and Vectorcast test automation IDE.

Principal Software Engineer

Confidential, Clarksburg, MD


  • Characterized the position, velocity and time services to properly distribute the information across multiple processors to the needed software modules - human interface or other portions/ components of the system.
  • Researched and analyzed key technologies in prototype software defined radio system, worked with and advised project team members in transitioning the system from a prototype to production-ready.
  • Researched and clarified how the frequency hopping synchronization process operated in order to aid further development with signaling processing engineers, as well as, the data processing in the radio system.
  • Used multiple inheritance, by means of interfaces in the form of Abstract Base Classes to reduce runtime time type identification overhead.
  • Experience in projects that use layered technology architecture of POSIX drivers, Joint Tactical Radio System/Software Communications Architecture and CORBA Adapters using Greenhills Integrity RTOS and Clearcase - (source code repository tool).

Software Engineer

Confidential, Farmingdale, NY


  • Challenged with developing a system for the Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RADAR project resulting in optimized communications, implementing display of ISAR images in real-time from a satellite data downlink (a company first), and catapulting the company’s entry into the unmanned RADAR airborne market segment.
  • Consistently developed and delivered software products with an earned value of 1.0.
  • Achieved a higher level of scalability, relation and sustainability, as well as, an expanded plug-and-play architecture through the development of new software architecture policies for a Maritime RADAR.
  • Addressed complex technical issues within timeframe and budget: Successfully integrated a $1 Million forward looking optical device into the existing Maritime APS-143 RADAR product line.
  • Mentored a software engineer to spearhead overall design, implementation, release, and timely development of internal SaFire FLIR Electro-Optical Sensor Simulator to support rapid prototyping and testing of system software.
  • Developed and implemented new imaging display functionality for the Confidential ; allowing the user to display live images along with displaying grabbed/stored images simultaneously.
  • Involved in optimizing the design of 1553 Honeywell H764G inertial navigation communications to increase bandwidth to allow for successful integration of SaFire FLIR into existing RADAR.
  • Defined the approach to outline the initial software requirements for the Point to Point Indicator (PPI) radar display functionality to support several new PPI surveillance modes.
  • Wrote Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) for Core RADAR Real-Time Processor and Tactical Display Management System (TDMS), including Version Definition Document (VDD), Design Verification Test plans (DVT), and Software Release Procedures.
  • Developed software to transfer the raw RADAR video data to custom display hardware

Assistant Staff - Software Engineer

Confidential, Lexington, MA


  • Member of the Confidential - Aided in porting portions of the Confidential Open Software Architecture ( Confidential ) to Confidential
  • Member of RADAR subsystems group KMAR (Kwajalein missile range Modernization and Remoting)
  • Designed and implemented a Java desktop application, using Swing UI, Threads, and multicasting networking to automate power cycling of a SGI Origin 2000 compute cluster, by commanding intelligent power controllers through a terminal server. The application also supported flexible network configuration and command scripting via JDBC.
  • Developed a method to improve processing performance of non-coherent integration by a factor of two using PPC/AltiVec vector engine.

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