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Senior Programmer Analyst Resume

New York, NY


  • Solution - oriented and project building tech professional with proven history of prolific code writing and successful problem solving in all phases of Financial Industry (in most part) software development with emphasis on complex, large scale distributed multi-client applications for Investment Banking and Hedge Fund Industries.
  • Sixteen+ years of experience in working on mission-critical, multi-tier applications for several financial and other Fortune 500 companies using Core Java, J2EE, and Web technologies including Node.js, Angular 2, GWT, Smart GWT
  • Extensive experience on J2EE Application Servers: JBoss, Apache/Tomcat and Apache/ServletExecAS, WebSphere, WebLogic, Node.js, Shield UI
  • Expertise in developing enterprise applications using WEB Services, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Multithreading, JMS, XML, JSP, Servlets, EJB.
  • Fifteen+ years of experience in working with various databases:, Sybase, Netezza (last 2 years), Oracle: Stored Procedures, Scripts, performance tuning
  • Hands on experience in full life cycle of web development and business applications.
  • Experience in working in Agile environment


Languages: Java (including Java 8), Angular 2 (Type Script), JS, CSS, SQL, XML, HTML (Including Angular 2 tags ), C/C++, UNIX Shell Script, JavaScript, UML.

Database: Sybase, Netezza, Oracle, MS Access

O/S: Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux

Technologies/Environments: Hibernate, Spring, JDBC, RMI, JSP, EJB, Angular, CORBA, ICE, IBM Rationale Software Architect (RSA) with Eclipse and Websphere, Semantic JBuilder.

Source Code Repository / Build tools: Maven, CVS, SVN, ANT



Senior Java programmer / Analyst

  • Front End Development - using Java 8 & GWT 2.7 for NEAM GUI
  • Creating forms for onboarding, amendment and search of Nomura entities - Obligors, Counterparties, Accounts
  • Populating data objects with user entered values for saving/submitting to DB
  • Validation of with user entered values before saving/submitting to DB
  • Back End Development:
  • Writing Hibernate Code to populate the Application Cache
  • Writing Views in Sybase Adaptive Server
  • Writing code for data retrieval from Indexed Files (Apache Lucene)


Senior Java Developer

  • Creating Transaction grids based on ag-grid (currently 8.1.0). The grid Column Definitions is data driven based on Varciti Data Sources received from “back end” server.
  • Solving various problems related to infinite scrolling of the grid as well as grid communication with other instances/classes (search, edit screens etc.)
  • Creating Combo box handler based on Shield UI.
  • Dynamic rule based product calculation engine
  • Automated BC&E expense accounting
  • Allocations accruals posting to GL
  • Invoice auto - Reconciliation & Matching
  • Support for multiple charge types
  • Trade expense metrics for cost reduction & control
  • Flow optimization
  • Active Senior management decision making
  • Single handedly migrated code form Smart GWT version v8.2p 2012-07-26 to v10.0p 2015-06-03. The effort posed a major challenge as there had been about 10 new builds between the two versions. That caused multiple breaks all around the existing code as previous feature/casting/conventions were not supported or were changed in the new version.
  • Mastered & introduced to team members new SGWT debug methodology, so called Super Dev Mode, based on Source Map feature available in Chrome & EI11. The methodology allows cross language JAVA/JS debugging using a browser Development tools.
  • Developed new Product line for Commodities within the Application that provides search & retrieval of Commodity transactions as well as modification of transaction charges for them. That included creation of XML base Isomorphic Data Source as well as UI components for the screens
  • Developed a standalone JAVA Application that parses an Email box on Exchange Server using POP3 protocol for authentication. The App retrieves email attachments from CITI trading platforms and save them. The files are later converted and persisted by ETL into Varciti DB.
  • Fixing IE11 inconsistencies in the new version of SGWT.
  • Started work on migrating UI part of Varciti to Angular 2 platform. Currently applying ag-grid framework with TypeScript to build new generation Varciti grid.


Senior Java Developer

  • Creation of the Batch process capturing transactions/securities applicable according to rules of the regulation and generating relevant extracts to be sent to each client. JAVA/SYBASE/JDBC
  • QSC Front End application that represents client groups, clients, as well as client positions, letter files tree etc, generated by the Batch process above. Application allows emailing letters to the client as well as changing status, comments via popup menu in the Dashboard screen. This is a MAVEN/SPRING Application utilizing JAVA SWING with JTree, advanced JTable, MIG layouts as well as RESTful API (Rest Template enforcing RESTful principles) to provide communication with QCS Back End Application that deployed on JBoss, over HTTP. Media type is JSON.
  • QSC Back End WEB Services Application that provides JPA/DB access / manipulation on behave of the Front End Application above. This is MAVEN/SPRING Application with source code built into a .WAR file that is deployed under JBOSS and employs RESTful Web Service API (JAX-RS Annotations). For persistence, JPA with Hibernate as ORM provider is used. Both UI & Back End Apps are using TIBCO JMS to get environmental variables. TIBCO EMS Adapter is deployed on JBOSS.
  • Creating Browser Based version of UI using HTML5/AngularJS


Senior Java Developer

  • Development, support, troubleshooting and performance tuning of large scale Market Riske Service Web Application that delivers portfolios Value at Risk (VaR) for Risk Managers. The Application is part of Apache/Tomcat deployment and uses Sybase and Netezza as Back End Databases. Responsibilities include predominantly Service Side development:
  • JAVA & XML: Calculation of Risk Metrics as components of VaR (shifts) for different Risk factors. Calculation includes methodologies based on Taylor expansion as well as linear interpolation.
  • JAVA Multithreading:

    Development of Persistence & Product specific Info Caches using Concurrent Hash Map and Concurrent Future.

    Design & development of parallel persistence tasks process using CountDown Barrier

    Development of Feed Processing based on Producer - Consumer pattern using Bounded Blocking Queue.

  • Sybase: Writing Stored Procedures, Triggers and other SQL code (Scripts) that complement the calculation above as well as aggregate Risk Scenario Shifts under different Risk Factors
  • Netezza: Developing Stored Procedures that would eventually replace most of the Sybase components
  • Performance tuning for Sybase & Netezza
  • Enhancement and troubleshooting of UI WEB Application that utilizes HTML5/GWT for MRT Reference Data

Confidential,New York, NY

Senior JAVA Developer

  • Development, support and performance tuning of large scale multithreaded General Ledger Application based on J2EE Platform that is deployed on Websphere Application Server and uses Hibernate as the Persistence Framework. Responsibilities:
  • EJB classes with embedded business logic,
  • Object Relational mapping for Hibernate,
  • The application creates accounting transactions for CITCO clients (Hedge Funds) based on trades of large variety of financial instruments: Fixed Income (including Amortized Instruments), Equities, Derivatives (Swaps, Options, Futures, Forwards etc), Credit Default Swap etc.
  • Development and support of Back End Processes that provides a range of functions upon requests of End Users or scheduled services - Matching Trades, Corporate Actions, Amortized Pay downs, Fixed Income Cash Flow, Equity, IR Swaps Payment Flow, Client/User Management. The processes are JAVA SE based that are mainly called via CORBA by GUI Delphi Applications. Client/User Management tool is called via ICE by a C# Application.
  • Writing Stored Procedures, Triggers and other SQL code (Scripts) that complement Back End Processes described above; participation in performance tuning and optimization
  • Handling UNIX Shell Scripts, that call Back End Processes described above, on scheduled basis.
  • Participation in development of Trading Data Warehouse using Oracle BPM 10g

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, Multithreading, with Eclipse with Websphere, JMS, Hibernate, JDBC, Sybase, Oracle, CORBA, ICE

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior programmer Analyst

  • Participation in design and all stages of development of new generation of software behind Inform Reporting infrastructure of Confidential, which is a WEB based Information System serving worldwide.
  • Development of Java Server Pages with portal framework for GUI of the reporting scheduler component of Inform.
  • Design of Model Classes for GUI.
  • Managed application deployment on UNIX servers and Windows PC.
  • Participated in the development of the Enterprise Java Beans by providing SQL scripts combined with Java (JDBC) code.
  • Development of stored procedures and scripts for server side agents of the scheduler (Sybase)

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, Multithreading, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Sybase, Oracle, CORBA; Windows, UNIX.

Confidential, New York, NY

Programmer Analyst

  • Development and participation in design of OPTIMA applications for Oppenheimer Securities Trading department, which combined trading capabilities and tools for managing accounts. The major responsibility was development of Server Application of the OPTIMA system, as well as front-end.

Environment: Visual Basic, Sybase; Windows

Confidential, Port Washington, NY

Programmer - Programmer Analyst

  • Development, support and participation in design of a network application for medical optical providers. The system was eventually converted to a client-server system
  • Participated in development of Client-Server Application for the Marketing Department.

Environment: Borland Pascal, Visual Basic, Sybase; Windows

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