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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Sunnyvale, CA


System: Windows 8/7/2000/XP, UNIX (Solaris 2.X, HP - UX, AIX), Linux, Ubuntu, MAC OS, X Windows.

Languages: Java, Java Server Page, JavaScript, C/C++, PL/SQL, Python, PowerBuilder, UML, HTML, XML, XSL, CSS, Visual Basic, Perl, Shell, Pascal, COBOL.

Tech: J2EE/EJB, JSP, JQuery, Servlets, Ajax, REST, JSON, Struts, JMS, Junit, Hibernate, Spring, WAP, SOAP, Solr, Ant, Taglibs, OLAP, JUnit, JFCUnit, SSIS, LDAP.

Database: Cassandra, ORACLE, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, dBASE.

AppServer: Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss

Software: Eclipse, Git, Subversion, ClearCase, CVS, Perforce, WSAD, VisualAge, RUP, Dreamweaver, Forte

Network: TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, Ethernet, DECnet, SNMP, PPP.


Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Helping Continuous Delivery automation and troubleshooting production issues
  • Built GoogleKML server using Java which gets Geocoding and Reverse geocoding through Google Maps APIs, creates KML files for law firms, states and cities which are used to show maps with Placemarks in Confidential .

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

  • Developed online cloud based, RESTful service system of accounting, donor relations and donation processing software. The primary language used is Java, Spring and it integrates with 3rd parties software such as intuit, wepay and sendgrid.
  • Involved in system design and development using Collections and multithreading for the action classes.

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Menlo Park, CA

  • Improved the usability and marketability of the Confidential MD Portal which is developed using java and used for refer process from the external users.
  • Enhanced MD Portal with new features such as communicating with Cerner on referrals, images/video search for Pediatric Grand Round, daily Pediatric News, Excel reporting, etc.
  • Maintained intranet. Confidential on both front and back end, using Struts Model-View-Controller (MVC) compliant system utilizing beans (Model), JSPs (View), and servlets/action classes (Controller).
  • Created components such as Java servlet/Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) for the application/data-tier, CSS templates and tag handlers.
  • Developed OB Pre-Registration module of intranet which supports multiple languages. Added Application List, ACC Suggestion, Formulary Request, PI Request functionalities on intranet.
  • Migrating intranet from Windows to Linux Server.

Software Consultant

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

  • Implemented a centralized source which provides efficient and reliable extraction of key financial and operational data. Transcribing the business processes into Informatica mappings from Oracle and SQLServer for building data mart.
  • Delivered strategies for Extraction Transformation Loading (ETL) mechanism. Building and deployed complex transformations. Organized batches & sessions using Server Manager. Creating complex reports and analyses of key control and performance metrics needed to satisfy Regulatory and reporting requirements using Brio.
  • Designed ES project which offers energy market services such as Electric Operations Support, Forecasting, Bidding & Scheduling. Responsibility includes architecting, application configuration & deployment, EJB designing and developing. Use Eclipse, WebLogic, CVS and Oracle 9i.
  • Designed and developed a web-based reservation system. Implemented entity, stateless session, and stateful session EJBs. Created an asynchronous message-driven EJB for logging. Back-end tier generates XML, which is transformed into XHTML and WML using XSLT. Utilized a Controller Servlet in conjunction with other Servlets and JSPs for presentation.

Senior Principal Consultant

Confidential, Redwood City, CA.

  • Worked on various E-commerce/Internet/Web projects, responsible for life-cycle implementation of Confidential products, content design and management, building and deploying cross industry applications and business process consulting. Using technologies includes Java, JSP, ASP, J2EE, Struts, JavaScript and XML Technologies with Application Servers like Tomcat, WebLogic and WebSphere servers.
  • Created the Java module to use the XML input which is parsed and validated against the supplied DTD. The extracted data is then loaded to the production database.
  • Wrote an HTML tag parser for business request using Java, developed custom components and CORBA server for customer’s content dispatcher using Java.
  • Developed a Java RMI application which has JavaScript APIs to enable user to call Extensible PortalArchitecture (XPA) Search API from JSP page. The RMI server is coherent with XPA Search API of Ultraseek Server. The RMI client supports general search functions, such as parsing queries, creating searchable objects, searching, and processing results.
  • Created script to allow multiple IMs owned by different Unix users to talk to the same 1to1 server run by another Unix user. This breaks the rule/limitation set forth by BV. The script forces BV to change its behavior by manipulating BV repository ownership at CORBA level. It also automates BV start-up process and checks DB connection in real time.
  • Developed some new features of Confidential Internet Enterprise Portal by adding various new C++ classes and handling their cache issues to more effectively and automatically load sample data into databases (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server) running on both Unix and Window platforms.

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