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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Schaumburg, IL


  • I am looking for a position where my breadth of technical experience and business knowledge can be applied to achieve goals of the organization.
  • I am passionate about leading teams to achive corporate objectives.
  • Strong leader with several Team Leadership roles as well as direct Management of up to 25 people
  • Excellent communicator
  • Enthusiastic learner with a passion for keeping current with my skill - set
  • Customer-Focused approach to issue management
  • Object Oriented Design/Development
  • Design Patterns
  • Extensive GUI design/development
  • Client/Server Design/Development
  • Experience with multiple Relational Database Management Systems / SQL
  • Windows / Unix / Linux
  • Network Element Management design/development


  • C/ (13+ years) C++/ (12+ years) /PowerBuilder (3 years) /Delphi (1 year)SQL/Oracle/Ingres/Sybase/MS
  • SQL/Java/Perl/HTML/PHP Java Swing / MySQL/ javascript/JQuery/css/XML / Networking/ColdFusion
  • Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012 (C# / VB .Net / ASP.Net)
  • Windows/Unix/Linux - Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Knowledge of Agile/Scrum techniques
  • Microsoft Applications (including VBA), MS Project


Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Senior Software Engineer


  • Member of the Host Pre-Intigration team supporting global testing environment. Provided several GUI interface (Perl) additions to better facilitate user interaction with toolset. Automated Quality Metrics reports using VBA and SQL for data extraction.
  • Provided VXWorks based solution (C++) for Advanced Global Positioning System feature that provided mobile phone location assistance upon request from User Equipment (UE). This allowed company’s mobile telecommunication system to comply with government requirements for locating UEs in emergency cases.
  • Successfully constructed and maintained configuration management data constraint enforcing software solution (C++) that ensured the consistency of data for company’s Radio Network Controller (RNC) for third-generation wireless mobile telecommunication system.
  • Developed Java Swing application to create and maintain an XML configuration file that was used by configuration management data consistency application to control Java program that generated C++ code to enforce data constraints. This resulted in elimination of configuration errors in old “text based” system
  • Developed Java Swing application that dynamically built a Confidential GUI based on XML configuration file to provide a tool for Development/Test organizations to configure company’s Radio Network Controller for testing third generation mobile telecommunication system. Resulted in drastic reduction in the time it took for RNC configuration. Tool was later productized.
  • Developed group’s web site as well as my team’s web site. Both used HTML/PHP/MySQL for dynamic content presentation.
  • Co-Developed Department’s web site which also used HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL for dynamic content and efficient communication to department members.
  • Was responsible for setting up a test lab of ATM and Packet Data switches. Was recognized for my efforts and promoted to Principle Software Engineer.
  • While in Confidential team, developed SQL (Sybase) scripts to trouble-shoot and repair data inconsistencies in ATM network configuration database resulting from operator mistakes and an identified GUI bug for the Sustaining Engineering group.
  • This was the integration of data networking and the Number Five Electronic Switching System (5ESS™). Team successfully completed feature on time.
  • Lead a team that consisted of Confidential and contract employees.

Confidential , Joliet, IL

Client Server Specialist


  • Participated in budget process to address staff roles and responsibilities and planned training needs. Participated in company-wide team to evaluate and recommend automated testing tools.
  • Designed and developed facilitiy’s Client-Server Business Information System. This was a Windows-based PowerBuilder GUI front-end with ‘C’ middle tier and Oracle Database based on the 3-Tiered model using Confidential Distributed Computing Environment( Confidential ). This system allowed management to analyze orders vs shipments and projected order estimates to facilitate production staffing plans.
  • Chosen to present the BI system at company-sponsored Technology Fair in Peoria, IL.
  • Was responsible for directing the work of a contract employee that enhanced the BI system.
  • Responsible for development and support of factory shop floor applications.
  • These were VMS based ‘C’ language applications accessing various RBBMS such as RDB/INGRES/ORACLE.
  • Ported material handling system (which interfaced with Confidential PLC via Data Highway) from Digital Equipment Corporation’s RDB to Oracle (for performance/reliability).
  • Took over and provided 24x7 support for above systems. Trained for two weeks in Germany on the cell automated tool and part delivery software and then was responsible for the cost avoidance of more than $250K/year for on-site support from 3rd party German software support personnel.
  • Developed user tools in Ingres Vision 4GL to allow operators to modify the database when errors interrupted system operation. This resulted in the elimination of costly interruptions to production.

Confidential, Joliet, IL

Client Server Specialist


  • Supervisor in various assignments in the production and assembly of hydraulic control valves.
  • Supervised up to 25 people to achieve production objectives. Received high ratings.
  • Attended 2- year Management Training course which involved various classes and temporary assignments in “training stations” Also attended several Management seminars such as “Interaction Management” and “Situational Leadership” Was selected to become a manager from a pool of candidates after going through New Supervisor Selection Training/Evaluation.

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