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Software Developer Resume

Madison, WI


I am an experienced, professional developer who concentrates on enterprise applications and front - end development. I believe my experience has obligated me to both become a leader and lead efforts to explore new technologies. I look forward to challenges and am not afraid to take on projects which will ultimately augment my skill level. I positively contribute to team environments with my honesty, accountability, sense of humor, diverse experience and support for teammates.


Core Languages: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Other Languages: Python, FORTRAN, COBOL

Core Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Android

Other Operating Systems: Mac OS

Java Technologies: Java 8, Spring 5 (Boot 2, MVC, Batch, Security), JPA, Hibernate, iBatis/MyBatis, Lombok, GWT, Tomcat, WebSphere, jBoss

JavaScript Technologies: Custom MVC design, React, Backbone, jQuery (Core, UI, DataTables, Mobile)

Web Technologies: HTML5, Bootstrap 4, CSS3, NPM

Testing Technologies: jUnit, Functional (Selenium w/ Page Object Models, Spring WebTestClient, Spring Boot)

Integration: Embedded Databases, Spring Boot, Mock SOAP), Jasmine, Mocking (EasyMock, Mockito

Core Databases: Oracle, DB2, MySQL

Software Engineering: Jenkins/CI administration, Maven, Agile, RUP, Code Reviews

Other: Wordpress, SOAP, REST, JIRA, Zephyr, Confidential, Eclipse


Software Developer

Confidential, Madison, WI


  • I was hired to help finish a web application behind schedule. My contributions led to the application being delivered on-time. This experience led to other important assignments developing greenfield web applications for internal business functions. My primary duties have focused on developing web applications and research and development with new technologies.
  • Due to my expertise in Spring, I was placed on a project to develop standards for implementing and converting applications to the framework. I conducted a training course for full-time employees. My voice on the project was strong even when my opinions challenged the status quo. I used my experiences to help guide developers during the transition. My positive attitude has been well-received.
  • Recently, I have been converting our applications to Spring Boot, taking advantage of its powerful testing support and readying them for migration to AWS.
  • I designed and developed JavaScript applications using MVC (of my own design) on the front-end, and RESTful web services, Spring and Hibernate on the back-end. The JavaScript MVC design was the first of its kind at DOT. I became the first developer at DOT to unit-test JavaScript (Jasmine), develop an application employing Spring Boot and Bootstrap, and develop a Page Object Model for Selenium testing.
  • I recently initiated an effort to bring Typescript to DOT. I am actively contributing to an effort to bring JavaScript front-ends to DOT. I have created proofs-of-concept for JavaScript MVC frameworks including React and Backbone. I have delivered talks on Jasmine, Bootstrap, Spring Security and JasperReports. I currently migrate web applications to Spring Boot.
  • I participated in hiring interviews for both new contractors and full-time employees.

Skills: Java 8, Spring (MVC, Security, Boot), Hibernate, JPA, HTML5, JavaScript (MVC design), Jasmine, Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile, DB2, WebSphere, Maven, jUnit, JIRA, Zephyr, Selenium

Software Engineer

Confidential, Madison, WI


  • I furthered my knowledge and skills as a software developer. My understanding of object-oriented API design deepened. I grew into a skilled designer and developer of RESTful APIs. I was also introduced to more advanced JavaScript coding techniques and successfully applied them by authoring a new application.
  • I authored and co-authored several web applications and web services. I included Spring, RESTful endpoints and advanced JavaScript in many of these applications.
  • I served as a principal resource for interviewing candidates for contract and full-time positions.
  • I was responsible for the design and management of critical financial applications. These systems were web-based, and built on Spring and Struts 2. These applications required my skills as a requirement gatherer and communicator as I acted as the liaison between IT and end-users. I introduced Spring Security to protect sensitive functionality.
  • I successfully dissected and updated complex legacy code to meet federal standards.

Skills: Java, Spring (Core, MVC, REST, Security, Batch), iBatis/MyBatis, JavaScript, Oracle, PL/SQL, Websphere

Confidential, Middleton, WI

Java developer


  • My accomplishments contributed to decision of Confidential to buyout Confidential .
  • As the lone developer at Confidential, I was responsible for selecting and implementing technologies for Web development.
  • These technologies included Struts 2, GWT, Maven and Confidential . I gained my first experiences as a front-end developer in an Oracle-driven environment.
  • I developed several front-ends to web applications which were responsible for collecting survey data and administration of the systems. Many of these applications interfaced with back-ends developed by Oracle programmers.
  • The communication often involved use of RESTful web services and RPC.
  • This required good team communication and coordination. I also implemented creative solutions for reporting which included the use of Confidential and JasperReports.

Skills: Java, Struts 2, GWT, JavaScript, CSS, JSP, Maven, REST, OC4J, Confidential, Batik, Oracle

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