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Sr. Drools Developer Resume

Raleigh, NC


  • Software professional with 7+ years of extensive Web Application Development experience using innovative technologies implementing Traditional Iterative and Agile Development methodologies.
  • Extensive experience in Object Oriented Analysis, Design, Development and deployment of distributed, scalable and transactional applications using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Experienced in developing web - based applications using Model View Controller architecture, good exposure and experience in MVC frame works like spring and Struts.
  • IT consultant with extensive experience in design and development of distributed web applications using JSP, Servlets, JNDI, Web Services, JMS, XML, Java Beans and JDBC.
  • Responsible for implementation of java integration components for JBPM and DROOLS.
  • Proficiency in developing business processes using JBPM, Business Manager.
  • Experienced in working with ORM frameworks like Hibernates.
  • Expertise in designing and developing J2EE compliant systems using IDE tools like Eclipse, My Eclipse, RAD and using J2EE compliant application servers like BEA WebLogic, IBM Web Sphere, and JBoss.
  • Worked on setting up the WS-Security in the External USB for communicating with the secure clients
  • Highly skilled in establishing communication between distributed systems using Java Messaging Service (JMS) making use of both Point to Point and Publish-Subscribe messaging domains.
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented Analysis and Design and UML notations. Pleasant experience in using design tools like Rational Rose for creating class, use case and sequence diagrams.
  • Familiar with all phases of software product and project development life cycles.
  • Experienced working with XML in transferring data across various platforms, performing data validations, reading and writing data using XML parsers.
  • Enhanced application to prevent XSS attacks using Anti-XSS (white list validation and output encoding)
  • Team Player, quick learner and self-starter with effective communication, motivation and organizational skills combined with attention to details and business process improvements.
  • Creative and highly reliable software engineer with a focus on development to contribute my skills and help me enrich my knowledge and develop new skills in various technological fields.


Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, LINUX

Programming Languages: Java 5/6/7/8, Java Beans, SQL

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, RMI

Frameworks: Struts, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring security, Hibernate

Databases: Oracle 11g, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server

Development tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, IBM RAD, NetBeans.

Web/Application: servers JBoss, Web logic, Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere.

Web Development: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSS, XSLT, XSD, JWT, Perl.

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery

Design Patterns: Business delegate, Session Facade, Singleton, DAO, DTO, Factory Pattern

Version Controllers: SVN (Apache Sub Version), GIT, CVS, Clear Case

Build/Testing tools: ANT, Maven, JUnit

Logging Tools: Log4J, SLF4J

Web Services: SOAP, WSDL, REST

Others/Tools: Agile, RUP, JIRA, TOAD, Test Driven Development (TDD)


Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Sr. Drools Developer


  • Working in the team as JBoss-Rules Drools / Java Developer in a corporation wide modernization initiative for loans approval.
  • Migrating rules from ‘Mind-Box’ to Drools (Red-Hat JBoss BRMS) with eclipse as a mediator. Solely in charge of provide and present of a more simple and efficient design and implementation of BPM rules engine technology to handle the complexity of the new Pricing. Ticketing initiatives by using Daptiv PPM and JIRA.
  • Worked with Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts on the formalization and documentation.
  • Used Agenda Filter to distinguish between the same rules applied to distinct categories.
  • Integrated the Drools and JBPM to application framework, which involved dynamic creation of knowledgebase and Knowledge session.
  • Wrote several types of Business rules in the. drl (drools file), .ece (expectation files) Templates using Drools rule engine for business decision making; injecting beans into the rules engine and invoking using Rule Base Stateless Session
  • Implement a GUI using Google web toolkit (GWT) and integrate it with Java web services to facilitate users.
  • Implementation of the new BPM design, JPA Data Service, and harnessing from an ETL extraction of a legacy system to be incorporated as part of a decision data input for business rules processing using varies technologies as JPA (Eclipse Link, Open Jpa), development a customized JPA v.2.0 Standards Cache implementation, and a transparent communication inside of JBoss-Rules.
  • Implementation of JBPM 6.4 workflow, Business Rules Engine API, and BR results in the first phase - release 1, inside of a Web Service in a SOA fashion implement in its own JBoss-Rules Web Server container.
  • Support system integration test and end-to-end test cycles by finding, registering, and fixing defects.
  • Responsible and mentored the team in complete software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Used SQL statements and procedures to fetch the data from the database.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit test using JUnit Framework.
  • Used CVS as version control. Used ANT scripts to fetch, build, and deploy application to development environment

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Drools 6.4, Rabbit MQ, Java Script, HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, MAVEN, Intellij, Tomcat, Jenkins, Databases with MS SQL Server 2012 and MongoDB, GIT and TFS

Confidential, Coppell, TX

Sr. Drools Developer


  • Agile development (2-week sprints/Iterations), Test Driven Development (TDD), Junit, Mockito, Maven, JIRA issue navigator, Crucible Code Reviews is part of every day’s work.
  • Responsible for creation of design artifacts such as use cases and sequence diagrams .
  • Developed application on spring 3.x framework by utilizing its features like Spring Dependency injection, Spring Beans, Spring Security, Spring JDBC, Spring Web flow using Spring MVC.
  • Worked on Spring Web Flow on Spring MVC to build an application from scratch using Spring XML configurations, annotations. Wrote controllers to handle incoming requests and send output to the UI
  • Used Spring Security framework to set up authentication and authorization for the application using firm wide single sign on.
  • Developed persistence layer integrating Hibernate with Spring ORM support, also used Spring JDBC for lightweight database operations.
  • Used JPA Annotations for Mapping Objects to Tables, hibernate features such as Lazy Loading, Hibernate Query Language (HQL), Criteria and Pagination.
  • Experience with Service oriented architecture (SOA), developing SOAP web services based on JAX-WS (Document Style) using HTTP Protocol on Bottom Up style development for creating Endpoints.
  • Used Drools to handle complex business rules using Rule Sets and Rule Flows.
  • Integrated the Drools and JBPM to application framework, which involved dynamic creation of knowledgebase and Knowledge session.
  • Responsible for designing, development and delivery of the Workflow process using JBPM.
  • Developed User Interface using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) features like Data Binding, Activity classes, editing ui.xml to create UI components.
  • Used Jasper Reports and iReport tool to create PDF version of recommended plans for document generation.
  • Wrote complex SQLs, Stored Procedures PL/SQL using SQL developer & TOAD, executed on Oracle Database.
  • Created custom page templates and used ADF skinning features to design web pages.
  • Involved in configuration, data conversion and Implementation of Oracle EBS Procure-to-Pay, Inventory, warehouse management, and Order-to-Cash modules
  • Used SVN as source control tool for branching, merging and maintain code versions in the repository enabled using Maven Versioning Capability.
  • Developed, Tested and Deployed application in Apache Tomcat 7.0.
  • Implemented the interaction between applications and Mule ESB by using Message Service clients.
  • Used Java and Web services to validate the Migration Functions.
  • Used Maven for building, deploying application, creating JPA based entity objects and compiling GWT application.
  • Developed a portal application from scratch to interact with third party application token exchange model for authentication, get the data needed and Spring MVC to handle incoming requests and RESTful web services (Implementing JAX-RS API) with Jackson parser to send data on Web Service Calls in JSON format.
  • Installed patches to applications and JBoss application servers.
  • Wrote several types of Business rules in the. drl (drools file) using Drools rule engine for business decision making; injecting beans into the rules engine and invoking using Rule Base Stateful Session.
  • Implemented the task dashboard of different JBPM workflows using BPMN 2.0, business rules using business rules using Drools.
  • Worked to secure our RESTful web services using oAuth 2.0 with spring security to authenticate any third-party requests coming in.
  • Participated in front end development using Angular JS, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS 3.0 and bootstrap.
  • Worked with Single page application framework Angular JS extensively using routing, services, views and directives.
  • Used GIT as source control tool.
  • Used DB2 database and worked on creating critical pivot tables, SQL queries.
  • Developed, Tested and Deployed application in IBM WebSphere (WAS) 7.0 server
  • Created and implemented PL/SQL stored procedures and packages.
  • Work within the Autosys group to help distribute batch jobs firm wide.
  • Develop and maintain Node.js, HTTP, and RESTful server code, as well as corresponding web browser
  • Worked on Node JS Application with Express Framework. Familiar with Node Package Manager (NPM), EJS Templating Engine, Bower and Gulp.
  • Conducted manual ethical hack/ black box penetration test on Client Web Applications using tools Burp Suite, App Scan and found critical vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL injection

Environment: Java 1.6 (Java 6), Agile, TDD, Spring, JPA, JBPM, Drools, Hibernate, SOA, SOAP, JAXB, DOJO, WSDL, JAX-WS, RESTful, Jackson, Jasper Reports, Junit, Mockito, Oracle, DB2, SQLs, Apache Camel, JBoss Fuse 6.1, Fuse Fabric8, WebSphere, Node JS, IBM MQ, PL/SQL developer, SOAP-UI, GWT, XSS, SQL Injection, Ajax, Angular JS, LESS, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS 3, bootstrap, Unix, SVN, GIT, Eclipse, JIRA, Crucible, SQL Developer, Maven.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Senior Java/Drools Developer


  • Worked on complete Agile Development with two-week sprints, story grooming, estimations, retrospectives and spring planning.
  • Using Test Driven Development (TDD), Unit Tests (Junit, Mockito), Gradle, JIRA issue navigator, GIT, Stash are part of everyday tasks.
  • Developed application on spring 3.x framework by utilizing its features like Spring Dependency injection, Spring Beans, Spring JDBC, Spring Security, Spring Web flow using Spring MVC.
  • Worked on Spring MVC application with XML configurations and annotations. Used Dispatcher servlet to route incoming requests, controllers to handle requests and Model to send values to user interface.
  • Integrated spring with ORM frameworks Hibernate and Spring JDBC to do database operations with ORACLE.
  • Executing background procedures from ADF Application.
  • Onshore, offshore team to support North America instances of Oracle EBS with primary focus on Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-cash, and Inventory.
  • Defined a message store architecture necessary to support drools rule engine input processing, scalability and recovery.
  • Research about of JBPM process engine for use in the implementation of Flow Control System
  • Worked on Hibernate like mapping java objects to tables, named queries, pagination, Lazy Loading, HQL and Criteria API.
  • Implemented Generic DAO using Spring JDBC to handle database operations on Similarly Constructed Tables.
  • Worked with core java and Drool rule engine and participated in all aspects of software life cycle including analysis, design, development, production deployment and support
  • Worked to produce SOAP web services (WSDL, XML, JAXB) using Apache CXF in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Also worked in consuming the SOAP web services.
  • Installed and configured Apache Plug-ins for WebLogic. Set up Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication between JBOSS and the WebLogic Application Server.
  • Designed and Developed REST web services based on REST architecture and provided data to the front end Angular JS in JSON format. Did configuration from scratch to develop REST services.
  • Worked on REST based Web services for Mule ESB flows.
  • Developed Front End Single Page Application with data from REST services in JSON Format.
  • Used Angular.js 1.3 features including Modules, Controllers, Views and Directives.
  • Used Jenkins Continuous Integration for automatic builds and Automated Release Management (ARM) jobs to push code into QA.
  • Used common Unix/Linux commands to verify log files in the Apache Tomcat Servers.
  • Responsible for requirements analysis and carried out code migration and modification.
  • Supported Change Management Tasks to deploy code in QA Cert Testing and then into Production.
  • Worked on receiving XML messages from JMS Queue's (TIBCO EMS)
  • Parsed those XML messages using JAXB and then store the data into Oracle Database using Spring JDBC.
  • Used IBM WebSphere Application Server to test the application.
  • Wrote REST controllers to provide data to external applications in XML format.
  • Used GIT and Stash for creating branches, pull requests and merging.
  • Responsible for all aspects of e billing for assigned e-billing vendors, including submitting invoices through the e-billing hub and documenting progress within the Hub and Accounts Receivable monitoring software.
  • Assist billing coordinators, attorneys, secretaries and clients with day-to-day e-billing questions and concerns.
  • Monitor e-billing inbox daily for new invoices to e-bill.
  • Resolve aged, reduced, appealed and rejected invoices timely and within allotted client and vendor specific timeframes.
  • Work closely with supervisor and managers to resolve any e billing or client e-billing issues.

Technology Stack: Java 1.8, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, Drools, Java Messaging Service (JMS), REST web services, Gradle build, Jenkins Continuous Integration, GIT repository, Stash Code reviews, JIRA issue navigator and e-billing.

Confidential, De Pere, WI

Java Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as requirements gathering, modeling, analysis, design and development.
  • Used Rational Rose for Use case diagrams, Activity flow diagrams, Class diagrams and Object diagrams in the design phase.
  • Developed Custom Tags to simplify the JSP code. Designed UI screens using JSP, Struts tags and HTML.
  • Implemented the service using Node.js for performance, development, maintenance and deployment reasons
  • Involved in design processes in JBPM editor, use provided API'S in JBPM engine to run business functions, end-to-end workflow Implementation.
  • Knowledge session using the Spring Framework integration.
  • Communicate with the user community and co-workers to assess needs, resolve problems, and provide technical assistance using UNIX platforms like COTS.
  • Implemented complex back-end component to get the count in no time against generous size using Java multi-threading.
  • Used Java Web Start (JNLP technology); UML diagrams in Visio for design; Swing—extensively; Reflection API; Serialization; Collections API; multithreading; JClass libraries; Vim and Visual Slick Edit for editing; CVS and or version control.
  • Developed client-side application that navigated intelligence data web sites issued user defined queries and accomplished result set retrieval. Programmatically applied HTTP (headers, cookies) constructs to accomplish site navigation. Applied model-view-controller design pattern using Java Beans, Swing and conducted simultaneous queries and retrievals using Java multithreading techniques.
  • Used Struts with Spring Framework in the application, based on MVC design pattern.
  • Used Hibernate Persistence Strategy to interact with database.
  • Actively involved in designing and implementing Business Delegate, Data Access Object, and Session Façade, Service Locator and Data Transfer Object design patterns.
  • Used Java Message Service (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of valuable information, such as loan status report, between the clients and the bank.
  • Designed and developed M essage driven beans that consumed the messages from the Java message queue.
  • Used DAO pattern to retrieve the data from database.
  • Used Solr for executing Parallel SQL queries.
  • Used Web services for sending and getting data from different applications using SOAP messages.
  • Used ANT scripts to build the application and deployed on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Used JUnit framework for Unit testing of application.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4J and fixed the problems.
  • Developed the different components of application such as JSPs, Servlets, EJB’s using WebSphere Studio Application Developer and used CVS for version control.

Environment: Struts 1.1, Hibernate 2.0, Spring 1.0, JSP1.2, Servlets 2.3, JMS, Multi-Threading XML, SOAP, WSDL, JDBC, JavaScript, UML, HTML, Node JS, JNDI, CVS, Log4J, JUnit, WebSphere Application Server 5.1, WSAD 5.1.2, Rational Rose, IBM DB2 UDB.

Confidential, Beaumont, TX

Java / J2EE Developer


  • Developed web application using JSF framework
  • Used Scala JVM to reduce the code.
  • Used Node.js and Npm module
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, HTML and CSS
  • Used IBM RAD7 as IDE tool to develop the application and JIRA for bug and issue tracking.
  • Used JQuery and JSF validation framework for front-end validations.
  • Used Subversion for software configuration management and version control .
  • Involved in developing applications using Java and J2EE.
  • Used SOA (Spring WS) for implementing third party Services.
  • Deployed the application on the WebSphere Application Server.

Environment: Java, RAD7, JSP, Java Server Faces, HTML, CSS, Node JS, XML, Subversion, WebSphere Application Server 6.1, JQuery, Web services (SOAP, WSDL), JIRA, JUnit

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