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Java Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Over 4 years of experience in Design and Development of Distributed and Client - Server applications using Object Oriented Analysis, Design and JAVA, J2EE Technologies (Servlet, JDBC, EJB, Web Services).
  • Expertise in working with Core Java Concepts like Collections, Generics, Oops Concepts, Multithreading, Exception Handling.
  • Expertise in development of enterprise applications using J2EE technologies such as jsp, Jdbc, Servlets, Struts, Spring boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate ORM.
  • Strong experience in different phases of Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) including Design, Implementation and Testing during the development of software applications.
  • Expertise in Agile and Waterfall Methodologies.
  • Expertise in working with Database MySQL, Oracle and proficiency in writing complex SQL queries.
  • Expertise in working with 2 - way SSL (Secure Socket Layers) handshake for client - server authentication.
  • Expertise in working with Hibernate Bulk Operations such as HQL, Criteria API and Native SQL.
  • Used persistence frameworks, Hibernate ORM, JPA to map POJOs to a relational database.
  • Expertise in working with JDBC templates and Data Source.
  • Used MongoDB Database to store the Details.
  • Expertise in developing Web Services such as SOAP, REST, JAX-WS, JAX-RS.
  • Expertise in performing CRUD operations for Spring Boot Rest Applications using postman.
  • Expertise in working with Frontend Technologies such as JavaScript, Css3, Html5, Angular 2, Angular 4, EmberJS, JQuery, JSP, JSF, XML (SAX and DOM), AJAX and JSON.
  • Expertise in Web Service client generation and process of XML using JAXB.
  • Expertise in working extensively with ORM frameworks like Hibernate, velocity
  • Expertise in application servers like JBOSS, Apache Tomcat 6.0, 7.0, 8.5, 9.0 and Glassfish Application Server.
  • Expertise in logging of the application using Log4j Framework.
  • Expertise in using GUI/IDE tools of Eclipse and NetBeans.
  • Expertise in working with Xampp.
  • Experience in using Gira dashboard.
  • Expertise in working with Spring Tool Suite to develop Spring boot rest Applications.
  • Expertise in using Git Version Control.
  • Expertise in advanced image processing toolbox such as MATLAB.
  • Have knowledge in strong understanding of Data Structures.
  • Have strong knowledge in web session persistence and java caching.
  • Experience in working with Gaia Cloud service.
  • Knowledge in AWS Cloud Services such as EC2 and S3.
  • Experience in working with different Operating Systems such as windows, Linux.
  • Excellent Communication, interpersonal and analytical skills and a highly motivated team player with the ability to work independently.
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to the emerging new technologies and paradigms.


Core Java: Collections, Generics, Oops Concepts, Multithreading, Exception Handling.

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC

Methodologies: Agile and Waterfall

Framework/Libraries: Struts, Hibernate, Spring 3.0, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring DAO, ORM.

Web/Application Server: Apache Tomcat Server 6.0,7.0,8.5,9.0, JBoss, Glassfish

XML Technologies: XML, SAX, DOM, JAXB

Web Services: SOAP(JAX-WS), REST(JAX-RS)

Web Technologies: Html5, Css3, Javascript, Angular, Angular 2, Angular 4, NodeJs, Ember JS.

Database: SQL, MySQL, Oracle 10g/11g, MongoDB

IDE/Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ

Build Deployment: Maven, Jenkins

Cloud Computing: Gaia, AWS (Amazon Web Services) EC2 and S3

Operating Systems: Windows xp/7/10, Linux


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) using agile development methodology.
  • Involved in business requirement gathering and technical specifications.
  • Made use of java8 completable features and Asynchronous IO and implementation in java.
  • Implemented Runnable and Event handling using Java 8 Lambda expressions.
  • Made use of anonymous classes creation using Lambda expressions. Experience in writing logs using Log4j.
  • Excellent knowledge of project structure and aware of standards for application development.
  • Used Spring Boot for creating the stand-alone spring applications.
  • We have used Ember JS as a front-end scripting language.
  • Excellent implementation Persistence layer using JPA, JDBC.
  • Created Anonymous classes using Lambda expressions.
  • Microservice have been built using Spring Boot, Spring security and deployed to Gaia cloud.
  • Developed internal services using Java and Node.js
  • Used JDBC for the connection to the database which acts as an interface.
  • Used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Used HTML and JSP for the front-end side of the application.
  • Used Two-way SSL (Secure Socket Layers) handshake for client-server authentication.
  • Used SOAP web services(JAX-WS) to transfer data from client to server and vice versa.
  • Used Spring-WS for automatic creation of WSDL to java classes.
  • Consume web services for data transfer from client to server and vice versa using SOAP and WSDL.
  • Used JAXB framework for to and from conversion of java objects to XML.
  • Used Soap UI for testing web-services.
  • Wrote unit tests and the integration tests for the SOAP web services to validate their functionality.
  • Written several unit test cases using JUnit and created unit test documents.
  • Development carried out under IntelliJ Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Used Jenkins for code deployment.
  • Used Git version control.

Environment: Java 1.8, JDBC, Oracle database, Spring boot 2.0.2, Hibernate 3.0, SOAP (JAX-WS) web services, Two-way SSL, JAXB, WSDL, Ember Js, Log4j, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, XML, JPA, Soap UI, Junit, Mockito, IntelliJ, Gaia cloud, Jenkins, Git, Bitbucket.

Confidential, Carrollton, Tx

UI Developer


  • Working as a UI Developer for internal application
  • Developed application to assess JSON and XML from Restful Web Service from consumer side using javascript and AngularJS
  • Developed front-end web page by using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, taking advantages of the frameworks AngularJS
  • Working with Browser Compatibility Issues.
  • Estimated time to develop for all approved prototypes and the implementation of those prototypes using jQuery and CSS as well as showing to project leads and receiving and implementing any changes or implementation updates
  • Responsible for creating the JavaScript code, for different modules.
  • JavaScript, JQuery, Angular 4, CSS, HTML, XHTML, STS

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

J2EE Developer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Used Agile Methodology and participated in Scrum meetings.
  • Designed and developed the UI using JSP, HTML, Ajax, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Implemented the application using Struts Framework which is based on Model View Controller design pattern.
  • Developed user interface using JSP, JSP Tag libraries.
  • Developed different components of the application such as JSPs, EJB are using Rational Application Developer.
  • Developed various EJB components to fulfil the business logic.
  • Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection and integrated with the Struts Framework and Hibernate.
  • Used Web services - WSDL and SOAP for getting credit card information.
  • Used JMS for asynchronous communication.
  • Wrote SQL queries.
  • Developing Backend stored procedures using MySQL which will generate reports
  • Implemented various Design Patterns in the project such as Business Delegate, Session Façade, Data Transfer Object, Data Access Object, Service Locator and Singleton.
  • Generated Use case diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Performed unit testing using JUnit framework.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4j.
  • Used GIT for version control.

Environment: Java EE 5, Rational Application Developer 7.0, Apache Server 8.5, MySQL, JSP 2.1, HTML/DHTML, EJB 3.0, T-SQL, C# scripting, Spring 2.0, Hibernate 3.0 JavaScript, AJAX, JNDI, Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, JAXP, JAXB, XML, JUnit, Log4j, GIT, Windows XP.


Application Programmer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Involved in the development of Customer Perception module.
  • Implemented the project using JSP based tag libraries.
  • Conducted client side validations using JavaScript, angularJs.
  • Coded JDBC calls to access the Oracle database tables.
  • Generate SQL Scripts to update the parsed message into Database.
  • Worked on parsing the RSS Feeds (XML) files using SAX parsers.
  • Developed UI components using Swing, google WindowBuilder pro with eclipse RCP integration.
  • Designed UI modules interfaces using AJAX controls like paginations, Date Picker modules using Date Picker Widget.
  • Designed and coded the core java class that will handle errors and will log the errors in a file.
  • Involved in the Maintenance and Support of the System.

Environment: JDK 1.3, J2EE, JSP, HTML/CSS, XML, Angular JS, AJAX, RSS, SAX Java Beans, JDBC, MySQL, Apache, JavaScript, SAX parser, Eclipse, ANT, JUnit.


Team Lead

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Lead a team of 5 developers to improve an app for providing online feedback.
  • Worked with frontend and backend for the seamless integration and improved features.
  • Involve in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle including requirements gathering, designing the application, implementing the design, testing and maintenance support.
  • Design data models and create tables, triggers and stored procedures, constraints and SQL queries.
  • Developed User Interface using JSP, JSP Tag Libraries.
  • Coded JDBC calls to access the Oracle Database Tables.
  • Involved in the maintenance and support of the system.

Environment: JDK 1.2, J2EE, JSP, HTML/CSS, Java Beans, MDB, JDBC, Oracle, JBoss, JavaScript, SAX parser, Eclipse, JUnit 3.x.

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