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Mean Stack Developer Resume


  • Dedicated and motivated web developer with 3 years of MEAN - stack web development experience seeking a challenging position in web development that provides an opportunity to expand my web developing knowledges and abilities.
  • Experience in working on MEAN Stack applications- AngularJS/Angular 4.0/2.0, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB.
  • Extensive knowledge in Angular 2 using TypeScript- Components, Directives, Services, Observables, Subject.
  • Hands on experience with AngularJS- directives, services, factories, filters, events.
  • Extensive experience in developing applications using HTML5/4, CSS3/2, CSS3 Media Queries, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript along with advanced JavaScript concepts, such as Closure, Promises, Prototypes.
  • Multi-tasker who thrives in fast paced environment through continuous learning and teamwork.


Web Technologies: HTML5/4, CSS3/2, JavaScript, ES6/5, AJAX, JSON.

JS Framework/Libraries: Angular 4/2, AngularJS 1.5, jQuery, LESS, SASS, Angular fusion chart, Node.js, Express.js, Bootstrap 3.0

Database: MongoDB 3.2.6

IDE Tools: Eclipse, WebStorm, Sublime, Visual Studio Code

Testing: Karma, Jasmine, Chrome Development Tool, Firefox Development Tool.

Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/10/8/7 UNIX

Other: GIT, JIRA, NPM, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, TDD (Test Driven Development), Augury, Modernizr.


MEAN Stack Developer



  • Involved in designing and developing the application using Angular 4/2, Express, NodeJS, Typescript, Bootstrap 3.0, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Utilized Angular-cli to generate components, routes, pipes, services via commands to develop Single page application using Angular 4/2.
  • Created multiple components as well as Nested components and used @Input / @Output decorator for communication between components.
  • Used Http module which returns Observable for consuming RESTful Web API to fetch data in JSON format.
  • Achieved better and efficient performance by building services to share data in between component and for consuming REST APIs.
  • Designed dynamic and multi-browser compatible Web pages using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap.
  • Developed REST services using NodeJS, ExpressJS, Body-Parser and Mongoose CORS to serve the web application with JSON data.
  • Worked with NoSQL database MongoDB and used Mongoose ODM perform database operations.
  • Performed unit testing using Jasmine along with Karma in Test Driven Development environment and followed agile methodology.
  • Actively participated and provided feedback in a constructive and insightful manner during daily SCRUM meeting to the track the progress for each iterative cycle and figure out the issues.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Angular 4/2, JavaScript, Typescript, jQuery, AJAX, Restful API, JSON, Bootstrap 3, MongoDB v3.2, ExpressJS, NodeJS v8.9, Jasmine, Karma, NPM, JIRA, TDD, Agile/Scrum.

UI Developer



  • Responsible for developing UI pages using AngularJS, HTML5, CSS2, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and JSON.
  • Used AngularJS as framework to create Single Page Applications which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Worked on creating login authentication modules using AngularJS and JavaScript.
  • Used UI Router to create different hierarchy structure in single page application.
  • Created custom directives and filters using AngularJS built-in $http service from controller through dependency injection.
  • Used Angular $http to send GET/POST request to fetch data from server.
  • Worked with Karma and Jasmine, supporting QA team to debug and write tests.
  • Active participation throughout the entire SDLC from project inception, code development and elaborate testing of various modules.
  • Involved in Agile/SCRUM process, attending daily stand up and completing tasks in sprints.
  • Maintained the code using version control system like Git.

Environment: HTML5, CSS2, JavaScript, Bootstrap-3, AJAX, JSON, AngularJS 1.3 GIT, Chrome Developer Toolbar, Jasmine 2.x, Brackets, Atom.


UI Developer


  • Designed, developed and implemented MEAN stack application for posting and searching jobs according to user type and make easy job search using specific keywords.
  • Managed data using MongoDB and updated the database on a regular basis and worked on Bootstrap 3 to make it responsive for any resolution.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, Angular2, ES6, BootStrap3, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB

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