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Project Lead/senior Developer/analyst Resume



A position of Senior Java Developer/Analyst.


  • Senior Software developer with extensive experience (10+ years) in enterprise software solution using JAVA/C++/SQL/UNIX/Web2.0.
  • Enthusiastic, self - motivated, willing and fast learner, proven ability to handle multitasking.


Design: Design Pattern, OOA, OOP, AOP.

APIs: Piwik3.0, Struts 2, Spring Framework, iBatis, Hibernate, jQuery/Dojo, DisplayTag, Tiles, RIO, RESTful Web Service, JDBC, JMS, MQ Series, TIBCO, RMI, EJB, Autosys, Adobe Flex/blade Lang JAVA, JSP, Servlet, AJAX, JavaScript, Backbone, HTML/DHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, C++, C, Perl Script, SQL, stored procedure.

IDE: Eclipse, Ant, Maven 2, JBuilder, Dream Weaver.

Container: WebLogic, Tomcat, JRUN, IPlanet, Apache, Websphere.

OS: Solaris, RH Linux, UNIX.

Database: Big Data Cloudera/Sybase/SQL/Stored Procedure/Performance Turning, DB2, Oracle, Tableau

Networks: X.25/X.75/PAD, TCP/IP, IPC, RPC/XDR

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Full project development cycle management, including requirement analysis, system development, quality control, deployment and support.


Confidential, NYC

Project Lead/Senior Developer/Analyst


  • Developed Company’s SALES/Marketing Portal Usage Analytics Dashboards. The Dashboard application visually displays Marketing portal traffic for business to analyze the client usage. It is a summary of Marketing usage data. This tool empowers Marketing business teams and content providers to track performance, evaluate usage by region, asset class, device type, etc., and identify areas of growth and future development. Worked with business to design new features and analyze data. Lead offshore team for full development cycle. Worked on coding using Java/SQL/Unix Script/REST Services. Worked on Dashboard framework enhancement using Piwik/PiwikPro system. Also used Tableau for data analysis. Developed complicated Oracle SQL queries.
  • Project Lead/Senior Developer/Analyst in Trade Data Warehouse (Ocean) team. ( )
  • Worked on a Java based Message Reconciliation System, using Java, Spring Framework, Quartz, Tibco EMS, RIO, Recon. This project is to ensure all trades (RIO messages) from trading systems are received by the Data Warehouse. It is critical for Firm’s FINRA OATS report accuracy. Also worked on other system components, such as Message Subscriber, Message Parser, and Database Loader. These are for loading trades from source system to this data warehouse.
  • Designed and developed a Web application for Trading Data Analysis. Key features include dynamic query and display, dynamic drilldown to different dimensions, user entitlements, report creation, Key technologies are RESTful/Backbone, Spring Framework, Struts 2, Tiles, DHTML, iBatis, DisplayTag, Dojo/jQuery, Spring AOP annotation based database transaction management, AJAX, CSS, Weblogic 10.3, JSP. WebLogic Application Server. Also developed WebLogic deployment script for Web Application and DataSource, Ant build script, and created Hermes package for build and deployment.
  • Designed and development of various regulatory compliance reports, such as RegSHO 201, ATS reports, etc, using Java, Perl, Linux, Oracle, etc.
  • Worked on Big Data, Cloudera Manager Configuration, migration from 5.1 to 5.3, HUE setup, impala script to load and query data.
  • Developer in Firms’ Portfolio Trading Management System (PTMS) group. ( )
  • PTMS provides portfolio trading for global client. Buy or sell orders, constituting a Program Trade List, transact with an exchange, report executions that are allocated back to customer accounts. Worked on development/enhancement of various components of PTMS system, bug fix, migration and regulatory reports, market data using Java/C++/J2EE/shell script/SQL/MQ.
  • Development/Enhancement of Institution Account Management System - eSALES. ( )
  • This system is to manage firm’s institution account information to support Equity, Fixed Income and other type trading activity. Various projects/releases using Eclipse, Struts, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Tiles, JMS, JSP/Servlet, Web Service/SOAP, Java, AJAX, Java Bean, Java Script, Jrun, C/C++, Xt/Motif, Sybase/Proc/trigger, Perl, etc.

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

Senior Developer/Lead


  • Senior Developer, development of Firm’s web based Sales Force Alignment and Sample Management System, using Struts, Java, JSP, Servlet, Tag Library, Oracle, JavaScript, Java Multi-threading, HTML, Java Mail, XML, XSLT, Formular One, WSAD, Jrun and RMI.
  • Worked on system validation for regulatory purpose.

Confidential, NYC



  • Senior Developer, Development of firm’s Wealth Management brokerage service web site.
  • This site provides integrated banking and trading services to firm’s customers worldwide.
  • Worked on retail customer account management section, using JSP, Java, Java Bean, Java Script, JSP, JRUN, DB2, MQ Series, Dreamwaver, HTML, Tomcat, Apache/Jserv, etc.
  • Senior Developer, Development of web based Institution Account Management System.
  • This system is to manage firm’s institution account information to support Equity, Fixed Income and other type trading activity.
  • Allow firm’s business user to access their account information, including settlement, tax, and legal information.
  • Using JSP/Servlet, Java, Java Bean, Java Script, Jrun, C/C++, Xt/Motif, Sybase/Proc/trigger, Corba/Orbix, Perl, etc.

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