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Software Engineer Resume

Costa Mesa, CaliforniA


  • Outstanding abilities to innovate and create new features that enhance the overall user experience within the video/cable industry.
  • Extensive experience in developing complex platform for the embedded system.
  • Highly dependable and key contributor for many significant and market leading products, which were delivered on time and exceeded customer expectations.
  • A proven ability to design and implement innovative solutions to complex technical challenges.
  • Experience and skillful in both the Agile and traditional environment.


Computer Language: Java, Python, Scala, HTML5, C++, C, UML, JSON, XML, JavaScript, Android App Developer, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Spring.

Cloud Computing: OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker

Platform: STBs, PC, Mac, Mobile

SCM tools: Git, Subversion, Maven, CI/CD, Jenkins, Rally

Others: Apache server, Tomcat server, Networking, Databases (MySQL, DB2)


Confidential, Costa Mesa, California

Software Engineer


  • Integrated all the Data Plane components, deployed them in vSphere, orchestration using Kubernetes.
  • Wrote code for automated setup and deployment of all Data Plane components.

Website Developer



  • Maintained, investigated, and fixed bugs for a heavily trafficked website for one of the largest cable providers in the US.

Android Developer



  • Developed, identified, and fixed bugs for android devices with multiple versions of android.
  • Innovated, designed, and implemented new feature for deleting Series Recording, which Confidential happily accepted the software release because of this desired feature.
  • Designed and implemented new feature for Multi - Room Confidential, which allow user from one room to view a recording from another room.
  • CSL component developer. Confidential Service Layer (CSL) utilizes OCAP middleware to provide Confidential specific service to application layer and utilize lower layer for networking and recording to hard drive.
  • SME (Subject Matter Expert) in multiple areas of CSL.
  • Assisted in the management and coordination of the Multi- Confidential project.
  • Provided, implemented, and documented APIs for other components to utilize.
  • Provided implementation to in corporate video streaming on CVP2 devices.
  • Designed and architected multiple features in SME.
  • Lead, trained, and guided team members.
  • Participated in code review of other team members that result in high quality of coding.
  • Participated in SCRUM/Agile development process.

Confidential, Costa Mesa, California

Senior Software Engineer


  • Designed and implemented new feature for Multi-Room Confidential, which allow customer from one room to view a recording from another room.
  • Implemented multiple new features including Home Networking, Publisher, Entitlements, Scheduler, Series Recording/Deleting, Auto-clipping of recordings, etc.
  • CSL component developer. Confidential Service Layer (CSL) utilizes OCAP middleware to provide Confidential specific service to application layer and utilize lower layer for networking and recording to hard drive.
  • Worked and incorporated other compoments including 3 rd party components to ensure the successful delivery of the product.



  • Worked on the Confidential component for the set top box for Confidential used. Provide technical solutions to the GUI issues, support the GUI by resolving problems and making enhancements, approach new development by creating efficient, structured and logical order, unit testing and debugging of the entire system.
  • Collaborated/Incorporated with other components in the system.
  • Read C/C++ code and work with other components’ owner to resolve issue.
  • Refactored Java code for common used among multiple platforms.
  • Wrote JUnit test case and Acceptance testing in Eclipse using FIT.
  • Participated in SCRUM/Agile development process.

Confidential, Long Beach, California



  • Designed, developed, implemented, and tested the Boeing Part Structure Navigator (PSN), a secure web portal that provides one-stop access to all engineering design data (PDF, scanned images, XML, text files, and many other data formats) for assembling military aircrafts. This web portal won the customers satisfaction and led to the Boeing Silver Eagle award.
  • Boeing PSN was a large-scale project that utilized Java servlets, JSP, C/C++, Perl, and Javascript to integrate with several custom-built applications including the Product Data Manager mainframe server and other data display utilities (CAD, UG, IGES, etc.).
  • Internal users and approved suppliers can search and retrieved all relevant engineering design data for each part number or drawing number. The system performed searches across multiple data repositories. It also allowed the user to view and download all related engineering data.
  • Supported intelligent detection and notification of product change activities with support for multiple BOM effectivity dates.
  • Integrated with Boeing LDAP server to provide secure access control.
  • Access to sensitive data were logged for auditing purposes and automatically verified against the Export Control System.

Confidential, Santa Ana, California

Technical Consultant


  • Implemented Java-based AS2 supply chain connectivity server to allow retailers and their suppliers to exchange Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) over the Internet.
  • Provided integration services to connect AS2 server with other network components such as web/email/FTP servers and EDI translators on Windows, IBM AS/400 and Sun Solaris.
  • Service demand driven largely due to major initiatives from Wal-mart, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Meijer, AAFES and other large retailers to revamp their supply chain systems.
  • Successfully completed over 75 implementations with very high customer satisfaction.

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