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Sr. Java/ J2ee Full Stack Developer Resume

Kansas City, MO


  • Over 8 years of strong software experience in Developing, Testing, Implementing Enterprise Applications using Java/J2EE platform and web - based applications using Object Oriented Analysis and Design(OOAD).
  • Experienced on various SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) like Waterfall, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Agile (SCRUM) models.
  • Strong experience in User Interface development using web technologies like HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, CSS3(SAAS/LESS), Bootstrap, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, AJAX.
  • Experienced in MVVM Client-side JavaScript frameworks like Angular 2.0/4.0and MVC frameworks like Backbone JS, EmberHandlebar JS and Knockout JS.
  • Experience in React JS which is JavaScript library used for building reusable UI components
  • Implemented React JS and worked with Redux and Fluxarchitecture.
  • Experience in developing Angular 4 advanced features such as Interfaces, nested components, services, routing and modules.
  • Extensively worked with Angular 4Pipes, Observables, directives like ngfor, ngifelse.
  • Extensively used Angular 4 for developing single page Applications and usedrouters to develop customized components
  • Extensive experience with Core Java, Multithreading, Transaction Management, Exception Handling, Concurrency, Collections, Data Structures, Lambda Expressions, Functional Interfaces and JDBC
  • Extensive working experience with various J2EE Frameworks like EJB, Struts, JSF, JSP, JSI (Prime Faces).
  • Expert level skills in spring framework modules like Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring JTA, Spring AOP, Spring Core.
  • Handsonexperienceindevelopingserver-sideJavaScriptframeworksusingNodeJS ( Hapi JS, Express JS, Handlebar JS).
  • Worked with Spring Cloud Config, Hystrix Circuit Breaker, Ribbon, Apigee API- gateway and Zuul API-Gateway in the Spring Cloud and Netflix Eureka service to provide weighted load balancing based on several factors like traffic, resource usage and implemented security functionality OAuth 2.0, Spring security (User Access Management, JWT), SSL and SiteMinder (SSO).
  • Worked on WSDL and WADL implementing SOAP services using Axis-2 and Apache CXF (JAX-WSframeworks).
  • Developed Restful web services using JAX-RS in JERSEY, Apache CXF to expose the data to springmodule.
  • Extensively worked on Micro Services with Spring Boot and created dynamic documentation for RESTful webservice usingSwagger.
  • Integrated Micro Services with Hibernate ORM using Spring Boot and wrote HQL queries for data access.
  • Experience with SQL and PL/SQL to query various Relational Database Management Systems including Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2 and PostgreSQL and No SQL databases like Mongo DB, CouchDB,Cassandra, Dynamo DB andGraph DB.
  • ExperienceininteractingwithNoSQLdatabasesusingMongooseConnectorand Cassandra Node Driver.
  • Worked with Drools to provide Business Rules Management System (BRMS) solution that provides a core Business RulesEngine.
  • Hands on experience with build tools like ANT, Maven, Gradle and logging tools like Log4J.
  • GoodunderstandingofClient-sidebuildtoolslikeGulp,NPM,Webpack,Grunt,and Bower.
  • Strong experience in integration tools like Apache CXF, Apache Camel Spring Integration and Mule ESB to integrate the enterprise application technologies with existing JVMenvironment.
  • Experience in testing with JUnit Framework using Mockito and Easy Mock, Spring Junit Runner,JMeter.
  • Worked on testing JavaScript structures utilizing Mocha and Chai, Protractor, Jasmine andKarma.
  • Strong Knowledge on automated java based behavioral testing and integration testing of the applications using Cucumber and Seleniumrespectively.
  • Experience in building and deployment of EAR, WAR, JAR files on different environments in IBM WebSphere Application Serverv7.
  • Experience in deploying and configuring application servers such as Oracle WebLogic, Glassfish, IBM WebSphere, Jboss and ApacheTomcat.
  • Sound learning on consistent mix and persistent improvement devices like Jenkins, Hudson, Puppet andBamboo.
  • Experience in Unix and Shell Scriptingwhich allows the user to interact with OS.
  • Good knowledge in building real time dashboard applications using Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) to profile and monitor the streaming data of theapplication.
  • ExperienceinWindowsAzureserviceslikePAAS,IAASandworkedonstorageslike Blob and SQL Azure.
  • Professional experience in Log4J for extensible logging, debugging and errortracing.
  • Good Knowledge in Amazon Web Services (Amazon SQS, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Simple DB, Amazon EBS, Amazon Lambda and Amazon CloudFront).
  • Hands on experience in implementation of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) services such as Pivotal Container Service, Pivotal Application Service and Pivotal Functional Service.
  • Good experience using Docker for installing, upgrading, testing, removing and running softwareapplications.
  • Good understanding of OpenShift platform in managing Docker containersand Kubernetes Clusters.
  • Made use of Apache Kafka, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, IBM MQ as a Message Oriented Middleware for coordinatingapplications.
  • UsedvariousversioncontrolsoftwaresuchasGIT,GITLAB,SVN,CVS,BigBucket for maintaining code repositories.


Programming: C, C++, Java JDK 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7 , PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Script

Java/J2EE: Servlets, JDBC, JSP, JSTL, JMS, JPA JNDI, RMI, EJB, JFC/Swing, AWT, Java

Beans, Applets, Java Networking, Multi: threading, Web Services, HibernateSpring, SOAP, RESTFUL

Application/Web: Oracle/BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere 8.x/6.x, JBoss, Apache Tomcat

Servers: 8.0/7.x/6.x, Jetty Server, jerkins, AEM, Nginx.

Frameworks: Struts 2.x/1.x, Spring 3.x/4.x/5/x, Hibernate, JSF, iBatis, Angular Ionic, RCP

DevOps Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, Amazon Web Services (EC2, EBS, EKS), Jenkins

Web technologies: HTML, HTML5, CSS/CSS3, AJAX, Bootstrap, XML

JavaScript: Angular 4, AngularJS, Angular 2, JQuery, Node.js, Backbone.js, Hapi.js

Frameworks: React.js, Express.js, Ember.js, Handlebars.js

JAXWS, JAXRPC, JAX: RS, Apache CXF, Axis, Jersey

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, RUP, TDD, OOAD, SDLC Waterfall model

Messaging: JMS (Java Message Service), IBM MQ, Apache Active MQ, Apache Kafka

Database Servers: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgre

Version Control: CVS, SVN, Clear Case, Git, Bitbucket

Build Tools: ANT, Maven 3.0, Gradle, NPM, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Jenkins

Cloud: Amazon Webservices (AWS) Cloud, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS and UNIX

Testing: JUnit, JMeter, Mockito, Cucumber, SPock, TestNg, Mocha, Chai, Karma

Technologies/tools Jasmine, Protractor:

Modeling Tools: UML, Rational Rose, Visio


Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Sr. Java/ J2EE Full Stack Developer


  • Developed the front-end featuring rich web interface implemented using HTML,CSS3, Angular, React JSand Bootstrapfor responsivedesign.
  • Developed multiple Angular 2.0 components which are compatible with latest versions of typescript, angularCLI.
  • Lazy Loaded the application using Angular 2for performanceoptimization.
  • Configured React-Redux for state management and React-Router for programmatic navigation.
  • Implemented Store-Redux for holding the whole state tree of application and Reducer-Redux for describing action.
  • Developed various Typescripts (ES6) objects including Components,ngModules, Providers, Services and Classes using arrow functions and optionaltypes.
  • Developed various single page applications (SPA) using REACT JS and used various components in the REDUXlibrary.
  • Closely worked with Application using React.JS and Node.JS libraries NPM,gulp directories to generate desired view and REDUX to root the URL's properly.
  • React JS Virtual DOM used for client-side view rendering services, React-Redux for statemanagement.
  • Used Node JS along with Express JS to achieve reusability and gain centralizedlogic.
  • Implemented generating the verification hash code using crypto package on Node.JS and added user validations and user permissions by usingNode.JS
  • Worked with Node.JS framework including authoring complex directives, services, controllers andfilters.
  • Developed readable and writable streams of Node JS to process the data from external means of theapplication.
  • Configured Express JS node http framework to set up middle-wares to respond to HTTP requests and used its front-end tooling like web packs, starter packs, boiler plates efficiently.
  • At a later point, migrated from Express JS to Hapi JS which is configured on top of Node JS to attain better performance, to use built in authentication and authorization techniques.
  • Migrating existing application into REST based Microservices to provide all theCRUDcapabilities using Spring Boot.
  • Designed and developed RESTfulweb services using Spring Boot andJersey framework.
  • Used Spring Boot which removes boilerplate configuration and makes application faster.
  • Developed some standalone Micro services using Spring Boot micro service architectural patterns
  • Developed the micro services using Spring Boot to get range of non-functional features and using spring rest to create rest producers and rest. Clients using spring rest temple.
  • Used Swagger specification for documenting REST API's which exposes description of a RESTful web services to differentclients.
  • Used Apache Kafka to handle data pipeline for high speed filtering, pattern matching and for monitoring data pipelines.
  • Implemented Spring Cloud- Netflix ZUUL to building micro services to communicate with each other.
  • Implementation of Hystrix circuit breaker to avoid loss of messages during handling of messages at the consumer level.
  • UsedSpringDataJPAastheORMframeworktoconnectwithMYSQLdatabaseand Cassandra data node to connect with Cassandra database.
  • Verified data integrity on Cassandra cluster while batchloading.
  • Configured Docker container service and build pipe line Jenkins CI/CD tool for continuous integrating and deploying application onservers.
  • Worked on Docker hub, creating Docker images and handling multipleimages primarily for middleware installations and domainconfigurations.
  • Extensively used Orchestration container Kubernetes for load balancing and to schedule the tasks across the computer cluster and load balancers for backend API services
  • Authenticating Users and to provide the security to RESTful web servicesusing OAUTH 2.0.
  • Implemented Spunk dash board and log management with ELK (Logstash serves as data ingestion engine).
  • Good understanding of PAAS platforms like Openshift and Pivotal Cloud Foundry native service cloud architecture for deploying Micro Services.
  • Used Pivotal Cloud Foundry, service binding details are injectedfromthe deployed cloud platform itself.
  • Automated different Unit Test Cases using Jasmine and Karma Testing Frameworkson Angular and made use of Mocha and Chai for React JS.
  • Used Mockito, Junit, Mock MVC and thereby achieving Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Used JIRA as the bug tracking system to track and maintain the history of bugs/issueson everydaybasis.

Environment: Angular 4.0, React JS, Cassandra DB, MySQL DB, HTML, CSS3, Typescript, Angular CLI, Redux, NPM, Spring, Docker, Jenkins, REST, Spring Boot, Jersey, Jasmine, Karma, Mocha, Chai, AWS, RabbitMQ, JIRA

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed the web application based on the MEAN Stack using Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular2and NodeJS.
  • Developed dynamic and responsive Web pages from scratch using HTML5, CSS3(using SASS)and JavaScript.
  • Used Angular 2.0 forms like Template Driven forms and Modern Driven (Reactive) forms to performform validations both on server and client side
  • Implemented form validation on HTML forms using the built-in validation properties andmethods in Angular 2.0.
  • Worked with Lazy loading technique in Angular that allows you to load JavaScript components asynchronously
  • Developed pages using Angular2.0 directives, expressions, routing capabilities for bookmarking, filters, validations and Angular UI components such as grid, buttonscarousels, date pickers, modal dialogs and other input components.
  • Experience in developing client-side validations using Angular 2.0 and developing custompipes, Shadow DOM.
  • Delivering a login page using Angular 2.0, where it uses JWT to prevent Cross-site request forgery (XSRF or CSRF) where it is a method of attacking a Web site in which an intruder masquerades as a legitimate and trusted user.
  • Used Axios AJAX request to data from back-end based on user interface input and post updated data back tobackend.
  • Created the Application using Angularand Node.js libraries NPM (Node Package Manager), to generate desired view to root the URL's properly.
  • Implemented JSON web tokens mechanism for authentication and authorization security configurations usingNode.js.
  • Implemented modules into Node JS to coordinate with plans andnecessities.
  • Implemented Node.js router to make cross-domain requests to API services like GitHub API,MongoDB
  • Worked on Mongo DB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, Sharding, replication, schema design,etc.
  • Created a pipeline from Mongo DB cluster by configuring MongooseConnector.
  • Implemented Elastic Search in Mongo DB for synchronization of data in thedatabase.
  • Used Express JS which is fast, assertive, essential and moderate web frameworkof Node.js that helps manage a sever and routes.
  • Implemented a metrics collection mechanism for the server by utilizing Apache Kafka to stream server-side events.
  • Design and develop a gateway interface for Order processing using Spring Boot, Spring Integration and RabbitMQ messaging middleware and ensuring security using OAuth.
  • Used continuous build using Jenkins and supported the Application for production deployment and postproduction.
  • Implemented Netflix Zuul API gateway for all the requests from the devices and websites by registering services to Eureka.
  • Implemented Kibana for centralized logging and monitoring that builds on Elastic search of the application data for analytics and visualization of the user's login.
  • Designed, built and deployed application using the AWS stack (Including EC2, Mongo DB, Docker, Kubernetes Orchestration container (EKS)) focusing on high- availability, fault tolerance and auto-scaling.
  • Implemented cloud automation using AWS Cloud Formation Templates, Chef and Puppet.
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for promoting code in variousEnvironments.
  • Deployed EC2 instances provisioning on AWS environment and implemented security groups, administered Amazon VPCs.
  • Implemented Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication using CA Site Minder for cross browser logging and social loginsauthorization.
  • Developed unit test cases using Mocha and Chai as unit test runner to test various React JS components.
  • Developed Test classes using Junit and Easy Mock and test coverage using EMMA plug-in.
  • Developed the ANT scripts for preparing WAR files used to deploy J2EE components.

Environment: Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS, View, Flux, Mongoose, Apache Kafka, HTML, CSS3, Typescript, EKS, JSON, Redux, NPM, Chef, Puppet, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Jenkins, Mocha, Chai, AWS, Single Sign On, CA Site Minder

Confidential, Houston, TX

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in the life cycle of the software design process including requirement definition, prototype design, design, interface implementations, unit testing andmaintenance.
  • Developed dynamic web pages using HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Less,CSS3(SASS) and AJAX.
  • UsedAngularJStocreateviewstohookupmodelstotheDOMandsynchronize data with server as a Single Page Applications.
  • UsedmanyAngularJS-1.xdirectiveswhichallowdevelopingmanycustomand reusable HTML for data binding and behavior of components.
  • Implemented ng-controller directive to create controller object using Angular Controller Function.
  • Involved in developing components on Reporting Dashboard with Spring MVCand Hibernate.
  • Worked with Spring Batch to convert xml files to data base records using Quartz Scheduler and to create custom readers and writers to work with theapplication.
  • Implemented Spring MVC framework which includes writing Controller classes for handling requests, processing form submissions and performed validations using Commonsvalidator.
  • Developed application modules utilizing J2EE technologies like JSP to develop view and model parts of MVCframeworks.
  • Used Spring IOC framework to enable the interactions between JSP/View layer and implemented distinctive design patterns with J2EE and XMLtechnology.
  • Involved in development of Spring DAO layer which invoked databasequeries.
  • DB2 database used to load the application data and written PL/SQL procedures, complex queries to perform various dataoperations.
  • Used spring as middle tier application framework, persistence strategy using spring support to IBatis and declarative transaction management.
  • Design and development of business components using Spring AOP and Authentication, Authorization using SpringSecurity.
  • Responsible for creating Model/Value Objects in MVC Design Pattern.
  • Involved in writing Spring Container and Controllerclasses.
  • Worked on Spring Framework handling major concepts like Dependency Injections, Transaction Management Declaratives (annotationsbased).
  • Implemented Spring Batch to run daily and monthlybatches.
  • Message broker services are achieved in the application using Active MQ withJMS framework
  • Integration of automation batch run job with JENKINS. Worked with Jenkins Continuous Integrationtool.
  • Wrote and integrated with the business validations for the application in the Droolslayer.
  • Developed test framework in Selenium for UI Regression Test Automation and when necessary, and potentially execute Unit Test automation(Junit).

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Less, CSS3(SASS), AJAX, Angular JS -1.x, DOM, Angular Controller Function, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Rest Controller, DAO Classes, Spring IOC, JSP/View, J2EE, XML, Spring DAO, DB2, PL/SQLSpring Cloud, Spring AOP, MVC, Spring Container, Controller classes, DependencyInjections, Transaction Management Declaratives, Spring Batch, Message broker services, Active MQ, JMS, JENKINS, Drools,Selenium

Confidential, San Diego, California

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Involved in analysis, specification, design, and implementation and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and used agile methodology (SCRUM) for developingapplication.
  • Created responsive UI modules using Backbone JS with hard codeddependency of Underscore JS in combination with Handlebar JS for templating.
  • Used Backbone JS to utilize its rendering functions and create controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request toserver.
  • Implemented the application using Java Server Faces (JSF) which is based on Model View Controller designpattern.
  • Build web application using JSF Prime Faces by assembling reusable UI components in a page and wiring the client generated events to server-side eventhandlers.
  • Configured faces-config.xml and applicationcontext.xml for JSFIntegration.
  • Dependency Injection for managing the components and bean life cycle is achieved in the application using SpringIOC.
  • Used Spring AOP Module to implement logging in the application to know the applicationstatus.
  • Used Spring AOP module to handle transaction management services for objects in any Spring-basedapplication.
  • Developed SOAP web services using Apache-CXF which would be available for other local OSGibundles.
  • Developed Several SOAP based JAX-WS Web Service interfaces for integrating multiple systems, codere-usability.
  • Used SOA Architecture to Develop REST Web services, generated WADL and consume theservices.
  • Modeled the resources provided by the service layer and the relationships between them usingWADL.
  • Wrote stored procedures, complex queries using PL/SQL to extract data from the database, delete data and reload data on Oracle DB.
  • Followed Test Driven Development (g) and wrote server-side test cases usingJunit.
  • Worked on creating the persistence layer using Hibernate ORM framework. This involves developing mapping files and Hibernate (POJOs/DAOs).
  • Used Maven build tool to deploy the application on web servers i.e.JBoss.
  • Involved in creating unit testing of various layers using JUnit and created automated test scripts for integration testing usingSelenium.

Environment: Backbone JS, Underscore JS, Handlebar JS, Java Server Faces, Spring IOC, Spring AOP, SOAP, Apache-CXF, JAX-WS, WADL, PL/SQL, Oracle DB, Hibernate, Maven, JBoss, Junit, Selenium


Associate Software Engineer


  • Designed and developed web interfaces and business logic using Jakarta Struts Framework (MVC architecture), JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, JDBC, AJAX, Java Script, HTML, DHTML and XMLTechnologies.
  • Development of Action Forms, Action Servlets, Action and Validating Action Formsin Struts framework.
  • Implemented the MVC pattern by using Struts with help of controller servlet. Action mappings, actions and global forwards are defined in struts-config xml file and method call implementations are developed inAction.
  • Integrated Struts with Hibernate and used ORM tool hibernate to interact withdatabase.
  • UsedHibernateformappingjavaclasseswithdatabaseandcreatedquerieswith Hibernate query language (HQL) and integrated business layer with DAO layer.
  • Used Hibernate as an Object-Relational Mapping ORM tool to store the persistent data and for communicating with Oracle database and to customize the data for newapplications.
  • Planned, Scheduled and Implemented on Linux boxes as part of proactive maintenanceandSecure Shell (SSH) Implementation.
  • Created and scheduled Batch process using Java Batch and Spring Batch and implemented job throttling for spring batchprocess.
  • Used Spring Batch to develop batch processing to handle bulk requests from theclients.
  • Used Maven as build tool to build artifacts on the sourcecode.
  • Installed and configured IBM Web Sphere application server and http web server for development and production environment and used Web Sphere message broker and Web Sphere Message Queue for route, transform, migrate and enhancedata.
  • Develop and implement patch deployment plans used to patch development and production Linux and Windowsservers.
  • Modified Korn and Bourne shell scripts to automate administration tasks like customizing user environment and performancemonitoring.
  • Used Drools rules engine for defining business rules andValidations.
  • Implemented Multithreading feature for processing the multiple requests to achieve high performance.
  • Worked with Core Java concepts like Collections Framework, Multithreading,and Memorymanagement.
  • Used Log4J to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions, monitored error logsand fixed theproblems.

Environment: Struts 2.2, Spring 3.1, Spring IOC, Maven, Spring MVC, iBatis, SQL, IBM Web Sphere, Web Sphere Message Broker, Web Sphere Message Queue, Linux, Drools, Multithreading and Log4j.


Java Developer


  • TheapplicationisdesignedusingJ2EEdesignpatternsandtechnologiesbasedonMVC architecture.
  • Responsible for developing GUI / user interfaces using JSP, CSS & HTML part of view development for the new enhancements or new modules. Also carried out validations of user requests usingJavaScript.
  • Functionalitieslikeautocompletionofformsanduservalidationareimplementedusing jQuery.
  • Implemented forms and action classes for the application using EJB and StrutsFramework.
  • Developed EJB deployment descriptor using XML and used JAXB components for transferring the objects between the application and thedatabase.
  • Used Multithreading concept to post data from files to tables involving transformation of file from one format toanother.
  • Successfully wrote and implemented SQL Queries, Stored procedures and Triggers in SQL SERVER.
  • Implemented JDBC for database connectivity with MySQLServer.
  • Developed and implemented the MVC Architectural pattern using STRUTS framework including JSP andServlets
  • Developed dynamic web pages using JSP and used Struts Validation framework to perform inputvalidation.
  • Developed Ant scripts and developed builds using ApacheANT.
  • Used Clear Case for source codemaintenance.

Environment: Java/J2EE, JSP, CSS, HTML, Servlets, JDBC, JavaScript, EJB, RESTful Web Service, SQL loader, ANT, Struts 2.0 framework

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